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Chapter 4:

Sam sucks in a deep breath; consciousness hitting him like someone just dropped a particularly large book on his chest. "Ah," a small, gravely groan managers to escape his parched lips, the sudden intake of air sending flames of pain lapping across his shoulder and tearing down his neck. He arches his body up as though trying to lift it away from the pain, his foggy mind unable to focus or even begin to comprehend where he is or how he got there.

"Dean," he calls out, not really realising he did it, but a small part of his subconscious knowing it was only logical for his brother to be close. But he's not. Sam receives no answer, no big brother running instantly to his side, and that fact slowly begins to pull the hunter from his haze.

Dean's not here! Sam blinks rapidly, trying to erase the blurriness from his eyes in an attempt to make out his surroundings. He searches his mind frantically trying to find an answer to what's going on, but time and time again he comes up blank. His fear isn't stilled in the slightest as the four white walls of a hospital room, come brightly screaming into his sight. A hospital, was Dean hurt too? Ignoring all pain flying through his exhausted body, the young Winchester, heaves himself into a sitting position, and tossing the covers off him, he swings his legs over the side of the bed. He's got to get out; he's got to find Dean.

Yanking the I.V roughly from his wrist, Sam climbs unsteadily to his feet, gripping the bed tightly to stop his shaky legs from giving out. Once satisfied that he's not doing to make a face dive, the hunter proceeds to take a few small steps towards the door, but quickly stops as dizzying nausea threatens to overcome him, sending his head into another spinning mess. Taking a few deep breaths, Sam waits for the world to stand still, his eyes scanning the wobbling room once again. His sight lands upon a duffle bag, and immediately confusion fills his mind. That's his duffle, did Dean bring it here? Carefully scuffing his feet along the ground, not wanting to make any sudden or quick moments, Sam reaches out to the bag, and opening it up is surprised to find his clothes in there, maybe Dean has been here. Sam turns around, giving the room another once over, looking for any sign that his brother had been there, but other than the bag, nothing stands out to the hunter's trained eyes.

Getting dressed while using only one hand –Sam's attempt at not jolting his shoulder- proved an extremely difficult and painful job, and he was very thankful by the time he finished that he still hadn't thrown up. Leaving the duffle where it lay, with the hospital gown discarded on top, the hunter begins his slow and cautious journey in search of his brother.


Dean rubs a hand over his tired features; it's been a rough two days and the middle Winchester can't wait until they are finally over. Sammy has been in the hospital for a little under 24 hours now and is yet to wake. The doctor assured him that it was perfectly normal and that his brother will wake in his own time. Dean's never been one for waiting and no matter what the doctor says, screw the medical degree, the hunter knows he's not going to be happy, that he's not going to feel the slightest bit of relief until Sammy opens his eyes and Dean can take his baby brother out of here, away from this shit hole of a town, and far, far away from her.

The hunter is pretty eager to search for Sadie, he's still got to kill her and he can't wait to do it. It's his duty, he's got to show her you don't mess with a Winchester, he's got to enforce brutal punishment and he's going to find such delight in delivering it. Nothing, not demon or human, alive or dead can miss with his little brother and get away with it. It will forever stay that way, and just because Sadie got away this time does not mean that she'll keep her head next time they cross paths. Dean has Sam to worry about right now, getting him better, and then he can deal with the vampire bitch.

After their arrival at the hospital, Bobby had left the older brother in the waiting room, while he returned to the forest in search of Sadie. Needless to say he came up empty handed, she'd long gone, but that doesn't mean Dean can breathe easy. Once they'd taken Sam out of surgery, which to the big brother's relief went extremely well, the bullet missing any main arteries, Dean was too afraid to leave Sam's side. A hospital isn't a private place, a vampire doesn't need to be invited in, which means Sammy is vulnerable here, she can easily get to him. Good old Bobby came up with a solution to that problem with a simple protection spell on the threshold, -Dean would have preferred salt, but that's not as subtle and would no doubt draw unwanted attention.

That brings Dean back to the reason he is currently walking towards Sam's room, having just gone to retrieve the Impala and parted ways with Bobby. Whether the older hunter is returning home, or tracking Sadie, Dean doesn't know, but he secretly hopes it's the former, wanting the glory of her death on his name. He'd felt comfortable enough to leave a few times, but only briefly, returning to their motel to grab a shower and pick up Sam's clothes, going on half a dozen coffee trips, and of course saying his goodbyes and thanks to Bobby. But every time he walks into Sam's room, he finds himself self-consciously holding his breath, why, he's not really sure, but maybe he's just being paranoid thinking he might walk in to find Sam dead or dying again. He's knows that it can't happen, the spell can keep demons out, and now that Sam's had a blood transfusion he's not in a life threatening condition anymore.

Strolling straight through the door, the hunter once again repeats his subconscious action, but this time, to his absolute horror, he finds himself unable to let his breath go.

"Sammy?" Rushing further into the room, the older brother immediately checks the bathroom, praying that Sam's just woken up and that he'll pop his shaggy head around the door wondering what all the fuss is about. But no such luck. Panic grips him, his mind screaming at him to breathe, but his body not complying. She got him, oh god, she took him! His eyes dart frantically round the room and come to a stop on the hospital gown. Dashing over to the clothing item, he picks it up, instantly noticing the empty duffle underneath. Sam left.

"He'll realise soon enough, he'll come to me, or I'll come back for him." Sadie's words ring through the older brother's head, taunting him with a horrifying truth. No, he was fine, he wouldn't do that. The scared brother tries to rationalise his thoughts, he can't believe that Sam would just leave, not after how happy he was that Dean found him. No, there has to be another reason. His eyes catch the discarded I.V tube and the truth hits him. Sammy's still hurt, he woke up alone, he's probably still groggy from the drugs the doctor pumped into him, and maybe he was scared. Guilt floods into Dean as he realises he should have been there when Sam woke up, but he doesn't have time to dwell. Feeling kind of light-headed, the hunter finally takes in a deep breath and speeds off down the corridor.

It doesn't take him long to find his brother. Relief sweeps through him as he takes in Sam's tall figure hunched up in one of the chairs along the deserted corridor. His relief however is short-lived as he notices the intense stare his brother his giving his hand, watching with some kind of fascination as the blood from where the I.V was pulled out trickles down his fingers.

"Sammy?" Dean calls out, effectively grabbing his brother's attention, the blood instantly forgotten.

"Dean!" Sam smiles up at his brother, but makes no move to climb to his feet. "I was looking for you."

Dean takes a seat next to Sam; unable to hide his amused grin at his brother's doped up, child-like tone.

"Well you found me, you ok Sammy?"

Sam nods his head, the smile still firmly in place. "I got tired."

"Well let's get you back to bed then." Dean stands, and holds out his hand to heave Sam up.

Sam just stares blankly at the offered hand, then back up at Dean, the smile replaced by a look of confusion.

"Shit Sammy, what'd they give you?"

Sam shrugs his shoulders, causing Dean to involuntarily flinch, but Sam seems unfazed by the movement. No wonder he's dopey if he couldn't feel that, rolling the very shoulder that has the gun shot wound that Dean inflicted.

"It hurt, I sat down cause it hurt," Sam explains, as though reading Dean's unspoken question, although more than likely he's just blurting out random information.

Dean frowns, and takes his seat once more. "But it doesn't now?"

"Nope, can't feel a thing," and as to emphasise his point, the younger hunter, pokes two fingers hard against the wound.

"Whoa, don't do that," Dean grabs his brother's hand, preventing him from repeating the action, "I believe you."

"Mr. Dorman!" A worn looking man calls from down the hall, immediately rushing towards the brothers. "You gave us quite a scare there," Sam's doctor explains, obviously having met the same empty bed as Dean.

"Yeah, sorry about that Doc, he went looking for me," Dean fills in at Sam's lack of reply, as the younger man just stares silently at the stranger in front of him.

"I'm a bit surprised myself, the nurse only gave him something for the pain a few minutes ago, but I'm guessing it's kicked in now?"

"Oh yeah." Dean spares another glance at his zoned out sibling, "definitely kicked in."

The doctor leans down in front of Sam, causing the younger man to instantly pull away, his back, hitting the seat with a hard thump.

Dean's arms quickly restrain his brother, worried that any more impact could agitate his wound. "Easy Sammy, he just wants to check you out," Dean coaxes, surprised by the sudden action.

At Dean's words, Sam's gaze drops from the doctor to a spot on the floor, and his tense muscles relax against his big brother's grip. Slowly Dean releases him, and let's the doctor look over him.

"Alright, well, from what I can see he seems to be fine, but we'll need to keep him in longer to monitor the bullet wound, and the police are going to want to talk to him."

Dean nods, knowing full well they are not going to be sticking around for the cops. They'd already had a chat with him, and he'd simply told them he'd found Sam like that. He's not sure if they actually brought it, but who cares, they can think what they like.

"Does he need some prescription meds?"

"Yes he will, but I'll give you all that when we are ready to discharge Sam."

"Can I have it now, so I can have them ready for him when he gets out?" The doctor looks as though he's about to refuse, so Dean puts on his best exhausted, hopeful expression, which actually isn't that fake, and the doctor relents.

"Alright, but we'll get Sam here back to bed first." He makes a move to grab Sam's arm, but again the youngest Winchester pulls away, casting an icy glare towards the doctor.

"You might be lying."

"Excuse me?" The doctor asks, looking generally taken aback by the accusation.

"Drugs first, then I'll go," Sam commands, leaving no room for argument.

Again Dean tries to hide his amusement, especially after the confused glance he receives from the doctor.

The man in question hesitantly nods, and leaves under his patients orders.

"Little bit of a junkie there, dude?"

Sam turns to look at him, a smile once again on his face, probably not hearing a word Dean just said, or else not understanding. The older brother just shakes his head, a genuine laugh escaping his lips.

Minutes later the doctor returns and hands Dean the prescription, which he quickly pockets. The older man's sight flicks between the two brothers, but this time, he makes no movement towards Sam.

After a moment of silence, the Doc finally speaks, "so, we should get him to bed now," he tells Dean, thinking better of talking to Sam.

At this, the youngest sends another death glare, making Dean wonder why his brother has taken such a dislike to the man trying to help him. The doctor gets the message.

"Are you alright with him, do you need me to help?"

"Na, we'll be right, won't we Sammy?"

"Yep," he replies, his tone tight with anger, note to self, do not piss doped up Sammy off.

The doctor forces a smile to his face. "Alright, I'll send a nurse into assist when you've got him back." And with that he walks off, probably more than happy to get away from his ungrateful patient.

"Can we go now?"

Dean studies his little brother, he still appears exhausted, and he's way too pale for Dean's liking, but it'll be so much easier to look after him back at the motel. "Yeah I guess, it'll be easier to skip out on the hospital bills."

"Good." Sam immediately moves to stand up now that he has his own way, and Dean quickly jumps to his own feet as he notices the gentle swaying of Sam's body, making him rethink his decision to leave. But Sam's already moving towards the elevator, and if this is how it's going to be, Sam deciding what he wants and just going, it really is in both brothers' best interest to go. There's no way Dean wants to lose track of Sam again.

"Wait!" His brother's voice snaps him from his thoughts.


"You forgot my duffle," Sam declares as though it's some great sin.

"Forget it, it's empty now anyway," Dean tries to convince him, wondering how the hell he managed to remember the bag, when everything else in his head seems to be a complete mess.

No, go get my duffle," Sam orders, taking on the same tone he used on the doctor, only not as harsh.

Dean blinks at him, completely dumfounded. "Sammy, are you serious?"

The younger sibling pauses as though really considering his answer, but soon a smile forms on his face and he quickly shakes his head. "No."

Dean rolls his eyes, "you know at times like this, having a camera handy would be great," he mumbles under his breath, guiding his brother into the lift, and onwards to the Impala.

The ride back was hell; for once it was Dean who switched off the radio. Sam had decided that he could sing better so preceded to prove it, but not knowing half the words, he just slurred along, singing louder every time he actually knew a word.

Helping Sam into the motel, Dean lowers him onto a bed, where Sam instantly sprawls out, exhaustion finally getting the better of him and within seconds he's out.

Dean smirks down at his brother's sleeping form, thankful for the peace and quiet, and vowing never to let his brother near heavy duty painkillers again, at least not the syringe filled kind, he amends, pulling out the doctor's prescription. He should probably get these now why Sam's still asleep, but the older brother is suddenly very reluctant to leave. Last time he left and Sam woke up, he decided that going to look for Dean was a good idea, and by no means does the middle Winchester want to come back and find his brother gone again. Once was enough, and three times is far too many. But will it be worse if he leaves it and Sam wakes up in agony tomorrow? Signing in frustration, he quickly salts all the windows and the door, and scribbles a note to Sam, placing it right on the bedside table so he can't miss it. Hopefully that will prevent anything from getting in and Sam from getting out.

Driving now in silence, Dean's left with only his thoughts. While waiting for Sam to get out of surgery and then waiting even longer for him to wake up, the older brother hadn't allowed himself to think. He'd been constantly trying to keep his mind busy, whether filling out hospital forms, talking to Bobby or playing revenge scenarios in his head, Dean hadn't let himself think about what happened, about what he'd done. He couldn't allow himself to feel self-pity, not while Sammy was hurt, not while he needed him. But now it's over, and all he's left with are his thoughts.

He hurt Sammy; he shot his little brother. At the time Sam didn't seem to care, too happy that his brother was actually there. That thought only excels his guilt; Sam had been with those demons, knowing his only hope is that Dean will find him, praying for nothing more then to see his brother's face, and finally he got his wish, Dean was there, everything would be ok. And then he shot him. He never wants to know what was going through his brother's head in that moment, the shock and the absolute betrayal looming in his mind. Of course he'd experienced the same thing, his little brother had shot him, but that was a different situation. Sam wasn't himself, even if some of those feelings were real, the action was by no means something that Sam could be capable of, or even think about doing.

Pulling up to drug store, Dean climbs out of the Impala, marching quickly into the shop. He wants to get back to Sam as soon as possible, still not completely comfortable with leaving the younger man alone, salt or not.

Not ten minutes later, Dean quietly opens the door to the motel, once again subconsciously holding his breath. Relief swarms through him at the sight of his baby brother still fast asleep on the bed. Releasing his breath, he takes a seat on the opposite bed, carefully studying Sam's features, checking for any sign of distress or discomfort, and happy to find none.

In a matter of hours Sam will be awake again, awake and coherent, which means he's going to remember everything that happened. While blissfully ignorant in his drugged up state, that will all change, having long since worn off by the time consciousness reclaims him. Dean knows that he's going to have to talk to Sam about what happened with the vampires, to find out if he has any idea where Sadie would have fled. It's hard to imagine that Sam was so drugged up that he couldn't remember anything of what happened. If a vampire sucks out your blood, surely that's going to be something that'll scar in your mind, no matter what your condition, but apparently not. Maybe that's for the best; Sam didn't need to remember that bitch in his state, hell the doctor was making him nervous.

Dean's mind flicks back to the forest, to the moment just before he shot Sam. He was watching while that female vamp was all over his little brother, and Sam just let her. He didn't pull away, he didn't try to push her back, it's liked he'd given up. Maybe he had tried to get away, the blood loss was probably messing with him. But the way he just stared up at the sky, his face a void of any expression, it scared Dean then, almost like it confirmed his fear, that his Sammy was actually gone, and replace by something that wasn't human. Looking back at it now, it still scares Dean, his face was so vacant, had he given up, was he just going to let those vamps do whatever they wanted to him? It doesn't sound like something Sam would do, and in any other situation Dean would have simply dismissed the theory, but this was different, that stare was different. While at the hospital, in one of the many moments when Sam had spaced out, he'd just stare at one spot, looking just as vacant. Maybe he did remember, maybe it has something to do with his reaction to the doctor; being around strangers and not knowing their true intentions. Hopefully there will be no long term effects, no emotional scars, and that he'll get over whatever mistrust issues he was earlier displaying. Dean can only guess until Sam wakes up and fills in the blanks.

Lying back on his bed, he closes his eyes; words swirling around in his mind, not being able to believe Sammy would let himself die.

"My plan worked."

"What plan was that?"

"To stay alive until you got here."

No, he was wrong, Sam never gave up.


A burning pain heaves Sam from the comfy darkness of sleep, piercing light, cutting its way into his dark familiar eyes, momentarily blinding him from his surroundings. He bits his lip, not waiting for the room to settle or the throbbing pain to calm; he pushes his body into a sitting position, his eyes unseeingly sweeping the area. A soft snoring reaches his ears, drawing his attention to a blurry figure lying still in a bed opposite him. "Dean?" he calls out, his instincts telling him he's right, but he needs to be sure.

Instantly the figure stirs, and shoots upright. "Sammy?"

A sigh of relief escapes the hunter's mouth at the sound of his brother's voice. He can't seem to grasp why it was so important that his brother be there, but the relief's there all the same.

Dean climbs out of the bed, and grabs something from the table, as well as a bottle of water, and sits down on the bed next to Sam. "Here, take these," he holds out two pills and unscrews the water, handing it to Sam as well. "How're you feeling?"

Sam blinks rapidly, trying to clear his vision before he takes the meds and water, gulping them back quickly. Handing the bottle back, he squints at the face in front of him, finally able to make out his brother's worried expression.

"I'm alright."

Dean appears unsatisfied by the reply but nods all the same. "Do you know what happened?"

Sam stares at his brother, random thoughts racing through his head, his memory trying to put together the pieces. "Sadie," he pauses, more memories floating back, "oh, I'm alive."

Dean gives him a strange look, which Sam can't seem to process. "You could sound a little more enthusiastic there, Sammy."

"I am, it's just, man, you left it a little late didn't you," Sam jokes, but suddenly turns serious at the glum, guilt filled grimace on Dean's features. "You ok?"

"I shot you."

"So, I shot you," Sam counters, Dean doesn't need to explain himself, he gets it, "besides, it's not like you tried to kill me, since when do you miss?"

Dean just nods, clearly having more to say but not wanting to deepen the fast approaching chick-flick moment.

"What about Sadie," Sam asks, attempting to tug his brother's thoughts away from their path of guilt, "did you get her?"

A dark shadow passes over Dean's face. "No," he replies, a heavy determination settling over his tone, "not yet."

"Can't remember anything after you showed up," Sam admits, wondering if he missed anything important. The whole incident, is blurry in Sam's mind, he can only remember small pieces of what happened. He remembers meeting Sadie at the club, he remembers fighting her at the motel, her friends, and Dean shooting him, but everything after that moment is a complete blur, he can't recall anything, he's not even sure how much time has past since then.

"Not much to tell, just heaved your heavy ass to the car, and then back here after you woke up at…" Dean suddenly stops talking, as though something's just occurred to him, causing Sam to look up and meet his brother's gaze, watching as a cheeky smirk spreading its way over his face. "Hey, Sammy, want to watch a video?" He pulls his cell phone from his pocket, taking all too much joy in handing it over to his brother. "Just a little something from the ride here."

Dean watches in delight as his little brother's expression goes from curious suspicion to completely horrified, and he can't help but laugh at Sam's expense.

It's pretty clear that Sam can't recall Sadie's departing words; he probably didn't even hear them. The older brother knows that he should tell him, but the part of him that just wants to protect his little brother in any way he can, won't let him. He can't add to Sam's growing list of worries, especially with the vampire's vague words.

"He'll realise soon enough, he'll come to me, or I'll come back for him."

But Dean won't let that happen. He'll kill her the moment he spots her, Sadie will not get anywhere near his baby brother again. And that's a promise.


Music thumps heavily through the small club, strobe lights flickering sharply across the room, highlighting the many bodies cramped together on the dance floor. A lone figure strolls casually across the room, taking in all the sights and smells that assault their senses. Finally their eyes come to rest on another unaccompanied figure, a man sitting silently at the bar, nursing some half full beverage. Slowly the figure makes their way over to the man, and stepping up to the dimly lit bar, a ruthless smirk can be seen, spreading its way over her pretty features.

"Hi," she greets. The man turns around and instantly the cocky smirk is replaced with a small, timid smile. "Do you mind if I sit with you?"


And as these days watch over time

And as these days watch over us tonight

I'll never let them, I'll never let them

I'll never let them hurt you now tonight

I'll never let them, I can't forget them

I'll never let them hurt you, I promise.


Finished! It's like one of those annoying horror movie endings lol. I really had fun writing this! I hope everyone enjoyed it, please let me know what you think.

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