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Summary: A little bit about the lives of Alviss and Dorothy. Please be gentle. Slight DoroxAl. One-shot.


Dorothy; the witch from the magic country Kaldea and the sister of the notorious Chess Queen.

Alviss; the youngest member of Cross Guard and the person responsible for summoning Ginta into MÄR Heaven.

The witch, Dorothy, is one that is gifted with beauty.

Always cheerful and energetic, she is always high-spirited and doesn't give up easily.

Despite all that she has gone through, Dorothy remains a kind and loving person.

Alviss, the MÄR version of Peter Pan, is very much unlike the legendary boy who never grows up.

Handsome and cool, Alviss represents a mixture of masculine elegance and maturity.

This self-composed boy enjoys his own company and prefers to spend time in solitude.

Alviss has a brilliant mind and to call him clever would be an understatement.

He is very true to himself and is adept at handling himself in battle.

Two characters, two hearts, two different personalities.

Even though their personalities are different, they have one thing in common.

They share the same dream.

The same goals!

The same target!

Which is to eliminate a certain person…

The two fought countless battles, having through many adventures and finally managed to fulfill their mission.


What do they got in return?

What are the consequences they have to face because of their actions?

Nothing but loneliness and sufferings.

The death of the important one causes this to happen.

Now, that those times have moved on and the world is still revolving…..

What has become of our dear friends, Dorothy and Alviss?

What has happened to them since?

After all the ordeals they have faced, Dorothy and Alviss have grown to become adults with maturity intact.

The wound in their hearts has not yet healed but can they still go on with the courage to face every other day straight on?

Could they?...


Of course they could!

They were after all a part of the sacred and mighty warriors that fought to protect MÄR Heaven!

Dorothy and Alviss…..

Will destiny unite them?

"Hmm, I wonder….."


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