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Chapter 1

Rain. I hate rain. I hate rain. Hate, hate, hate. Why does rain exist? I don't have real big problem with it. It's just that I hate it and that's all there is to it.

"Hn. Now where is that house?" As soon as I get out of this rain I'm going to curse it. Then I'll curse myself. Then I'll curse HIM.

I utterly despise him.

So happy, always smiling, and walking around not realizing that he catches the attention of every girl he passes. He makes me sick.

"It's raining…I wonder how he's going to get out of this haha." Smiling slightly, he returned his attention to his homework.

"Okaa-san hasn't returned from her family visit. I hope she gets back safely…" A few minutes passed and he finished the last bit of his homework. The phone rang. "I'm coming…" The boy walked downstairs silently and picked up the phone.

"Moshi moshi? Oh okaa-san…I'm fine. Oh? Of course. I'll see you tomorrow then. Yes, of course. Goodbye." He sighed. "It's so quiet…"

He heard a knock. "Eh?" Then came more persistent knocks. Kurama checked the door, "No one…I wonder…" He walked back to his room and found that a black figure was sitting outside his window.

"I knew it! Haha." Opening the window, a flash of black zipped past him. "Welcome to my room Hiei." Hiei glared, "Hn."

He smiled and closed his window. Hiei began to fidget, "I'm wet fox." "I see that." Kurama smiled. 'That could have meant something else but I better not tell Hiei I think like that.' Kurama took a towel from his closet and gave it to Hiei, who proceeded to dry himself off.

One could say both were very handsome young men. Kurama looked a bit feminine but still attractive. His emerald eyes and red hair complimented him greatly. As cunning as a fox and loyalty to friends unmatchable, Kurama's aura poured warmth with every smile.

Hiei looked rather aggressive and one wouldn't go near him too easily. His ruby red eyes were usually glaring at someone. Looking at past records one wouldn't trust him immediately but once you earn his respect this apparition would be loyal to the very end.

"Hiei what brings you here?" Kurama smiled. Hiei twitched, "It's raining." Kurama continued to smile, "I see that." His constant smiling was getting on Hiei' s nerves.

Kurama sat on the bed and smiled, this time with slight sadness in his eyes. This did not go unnoticed by Hiei, but he chose to ignore it. Hiei took a spot near the window and sat there looking out the window waiting for it to stop. Kurama watched him, no longer smiling but rather with a contented look.


Hiei turned his head slightly at his name, "What?"

Kurama gave a surprised look and shook his head, hair flailing about, "Eh…it's nothing! Nothing at all haha!" Hiei stared for a few seconds and then dismissed the behavior as stupidity. A few minutes passed in silence and Kurama was beginning to feel tired. He plopped down on his bed and whispered, "Good night Hiei."

Hiei didn't move his head this time and just managed a quiet, "Hn."


Hey I found one of my really old fiics that got buried in my computer folders. I looked it over and I said to myself, "Why can't I write like this anymore!?" By the way about their eyes.. I really like gems so I kind of want their eyes to be that color. I'll just post these up..