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Chapter 6

Hiei groaned as light showered his vulnerable face. He heard some soft laughter from somewhere along the area of the bedroom door. He shot out of the bed and tripped over the sheets sending him off the side of the bed.

The laughter continued except louder and more obvious as to where it came from.

Hiei grabbed a side of the bed and glared at the red head framed in the doorway. Kurama smiled brightly at him and waved at him, motioning him to follow.

After Kurama had disappeared downstairs Hiei stood up and brushed himself off. Before leaving he briefly stopped and stared at the bed. A small smile escaped him.


Hiei found Kurama in the kitchen humming and making pancakes. After a few moments the fox finally realized his presence and laughed to himself.

"Good morning love."

Hiei stared and nodded, light blush gracing his cheeks.

Kurama placed a plate of pancakes in front of Hiei, "Eat up!" Hiei nodded and picked at it. Kurama watched his poking for a moment before grabbing a fork and picking up a piece. He grabbed Hiei's chin and lifted it up, "Say ah…"

"Ah? Mmph." Hiei squirmed as Kurama crammed pancakes down his throat.

"I'm going to die…" Hiei whispered to himself, clutching his stomach.

Kurama laughed and finished off his portion, "It's not my fault you were too scared to eat it."


Kurama was busting his gut laughing now, "Sure…ahahaha!"

"Dammit I was not scared of that…" He pointed at the remains of his portion, "That…that…yellow…round…squishy…stuff…" His finger faltered, "It looks weird…"

Kurama pounded his fist on the table while clutching his stomach, laughing hysterically.

After what seemed like forever, Kurama calmed down and smiled at his love, "But didn't it taste nice?"

Hiei stared at Kurama.

Minutes pass.

He continued staring.

'Do I dare?' Hiei walked up to Kurama and stood so that his face was mere inches from the red head's.

Kurama was suddenly aware of the closeness and blushed deeply.

Hiei tilted his head to the side and smirked, "I'd rather eat something else, and decide if that tastes good.

Kurama's eyes widened as he clutched the table for some sort of support, "Hiei…"

"SHUICHI!!!" a feminine yell came from the front.

Hiei's eye twitched in irritation, 'Why is it always that woman…'

Kurama gave Hiei a peck on the cheek and ran to the front, asking if anything was wrong.

Hiei followed, a black and dangerously angry aura, so strong that you could sense it for miles, human or not, radiated off of him. Shuichi's mother smiled warmly and wavered slightly at the 'death to all who see me' look on the small boy's face.

Kurama laughed nervously and told his mother that his friends would stay over with him so he wouldn't get lonely.

Shuichi's mother smiled at Hiei, "A friend?"

Hiei hmphed and turned away.

"Alright. It's fine then. I'll be back in a month or so. I just need to check on some relatives." She smiled.

Kurama nodded and waved as she left in a cab. After the cab had disappeared from view Kurama turned to his little koibito and frowned, "Why were you so angry?"

Hiei's eye twitched, "I was unsatisfied."

Kurama kept his defiant frown and set his fists on his hips, "What is that supposed to mean? You had no right to get angry at my mother."

"Why are you so mad?" Hiei asked in exasperation.

"Because you took it out on my mom!"

"I did not!"

"Yes you did so apologize!"

"Ok I'm sorry!"

"No you're not!"

"What makes you think not!?"

"Because you don't care about anything!"

"FINE!" Hiei grabbed his cloak from nearby and marched out the door. He stopped before leaving and whispered, "I'm not caring." And he disappeared.

Kurama sighed, "I didn't think he was childish."

He cleaned the dishes silently and thought to himself, 'Did he mean it when he said he was sorry?'

He felt that he had done something childish himself, by yelling things he knew had no supporting facts behind them.

Kurama picked up the sword that Hiei failed to remember to take and fingered it gently, "It's pretty heavy…"

He fell into a depressed state of not knowing what to do.

A shimmer of light caught his eye and he walked over to examine the source.

Next to the door, where Hiei had stood lay a small gem. He felt something constrict in his chest, "I said something…uncalled for…"

The doorbell rang for two seconds before the door banged open. Botan stood in all her glory huffing from using too much energy, "KURAMA!"

He stood up in surprise and slipped the gem in his pocket, "Y-Yes?" Grim reaper or not, Botan never looked the part, and today wasn't an exception.

She had decided to wear normal clothing instead of a kimono, a large print cotton dress with a flower wreath on her head, her ore still in hand.

"There's a demon on the loose and I was sent to check if you were all alright and send you all to Koenma immediately."

Kurama nodded and followed her out. She glanced back at him and asked innocently, "By the way. Where's Hiei?" Kurama fell into silence and she questioned him no further.

'What's wrong with that fox?' Hiei found a tree to rest in for the night and began to make himself comfortable. 'I honestly didn't do anything wrong. I just decided I didn't want to answer her.'

He growled and kicked the tree, 'what the fuck…you don't care about anything? What the hell was that? I admit I love him and he still thinks I don't care?' the kicking had become a continuous series of destruction to the tree.

A dark figure stood behind him for a few moments and smirked when Hiei finally realized it.

"Who are you!?" He snapped and reached for his sword. His hand met air. 'Ah…shit I left it at his house.'

"Well feisty aren't we? I was just seeing who was destroying a tree." The figure laughed.

"Youkai?" Hiei growled, and kicked dirt at the figure.

The dark figure stopped laughing and walked into the light, "Well then. We have a feisty apparition on our hands, and I don't like it one bit."

"Here? The forest? It'll take forever to find a demon who has concealed his aura in this!" Kuwabara complained.

"Shut your trap and start looking." Yusuke snapped.

Kurama laughed lightly and watched the forest intently.

"Where's Hiei man?" Kuwabara asked.

"Not here dip shit." Yusuke retorted.

" I see that dammit!"

"Really? Then why'd you ask?"

"Damn you Uremeshi…one day…"

Kurama coughed to get their attention, "Hiei will show up when he will. We have to search the forest."

"No need to search." A distant echoing voice told them.

"That's creepy." Kuwabara whispered.

"Typical bad guy, scary voice and everything." Yusuke commented.

"A welcoming gift." The voice laughed.

Suddenly a flash of black shot from the forest and fell to the floor in a heap.

"Hiei!" Kurama yelled.

"What the fuck did you do to him!?" Yusuke yelled at the forest.

Kuwabara got his attention and whispered, "He has to use some power to send his voice out. Try to find it when he talks again."

"Smartest thing you said all day." Yusuke replied. Kuwabara twitched in response.

"Poor thing had no weapon, and in no mental condition to fight."

Yusuke and Kuwabara located the demon when he spoke and set chase.

Kurama stayed behind to tend to Hiei, who thankfully enough had no serious wounds.

After about three hours, Kurama had finished healing small cuts and bandaging larger ones, and Yusuke and Kuwabara had finished murdering the Youkai and dragging his corpse along as a trophy.

"We're going to report to the brat. Is Hiei ok?"

Kurama nodded and lifted his lover bridal style. "I'm going to take him home."

The other two nodded and called Botan.

Upon arriving home Hiei woke up, "Shit my body aches."

Kurama laughed and lay him down on the bed, "Good morning love."

There was an awkward silence as they tried to word their thoughts.

Kurama beat him, "Sorry."


"For saying you didn't care about anything."


More silence.

"I love you."

Hiei shifted a little and whispered quietly, "I love you too…"

Kurama laughed, tears making a trail down his face, "Thank god you weren't hurt too bad."

"You could use a little beating up though…"

Hiei watched Kurama sob quietly between small chuckles.

"Come here."

Kurama looked up and locked eyes with him.

Hiei stared him down and repeated, "Come here."

As if in a trance Kurama nodded and slowly made his way to the bed, where he sat and continued to stare at Hiei.

"Sleep with me?" Hiei asked.

He was pulled awkwardly into a hug and squeezed gently, "You're too cute."

A blush tinted Hiei's cheeks, as he nuzzled his nose in the red hair once more.

Hiei interlocked fingers with Kurama, "Are we together?"

Kurama smiled and kissed him and pulled him into a warm hug, "Forever."


Hey people guess what? This was really funny. On Friday 25th. During Fanime.. I was running outside toward my friends and I ran in front of some people. I guess they were looking at something so I turned to look and I stopped in my tracks. Frozen in mid run. All I saw was Sasuke and Naruto making out and I just like "WTF OMG WHAT AM I SEEING!?" It turned out to be two chicks cosplaying as them making out but I totally went O.O Ya don't see that everyday you know? Kudos to those two! -heart- I also got to touch one of those Yaoi paddles.. It was really cool, thanks to the girl who let me and meh master mess with it.