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Warnings: Adult stuff (…2 graphic scenes, I think, and a bit of swearing). Some would consider "slash" a warning, too.

A/N: Alright, I still have twenty minutes to upload everything on so I'm very stressed and won't write a lot of Author Notes, even though I love to do that. This story is written for a contest on the Third Floor Corridor (check link for profile), and, unfortunately, I am not happy with it. Curse not enough time! Prompt: The war is over. Harry managed to destroy the Dementors along with Voldemort (good riddance) but now the Ministry in it's infinite wisdom cough has decided that Azkaban is no longer enough of a punishment for the remaining Death Eaters. Considering they're not paying off their debt to society in pain and misery, it is decided they should pay it off by working. All imprisoned Death Eaters are to be enslaved. And Harry, being the war hero that he is, gets first dibs. Privately invited to Azkaban, he gets to take the Death Eater of his choice home as his personal slave and heap pain and misery upon him/her instead. What Death Eater does Harry choose? And what will Harry do? Revenge or rehabilitation?



"Cell 76."

The large door was slowly opened and Harry stepped through. He looked around and saw a small room, with a washbasin, a chair and a bed. A man was sitting on the bed, almost holding himself, but still too dignified to do that.

Harry looked at him, and knew that he had chosen the right one. He walked to him, and looked at the black eyes that were staring at him through a greasy curtain of hair.

"Show some respect to your superior, Snape," a guard snapped.

Harry saw that Severus Snape wanted to get up, but he stopped him quickly.

"It's alright," he said softly. "Take your time to stand up, you're leaving this place."

Severus looked at him strangely, and slowly got up. The difference in their heights had greatly lessened since the last time they had seen each other.

Harry nodded at him, and walked out of the cell. When he heard no one following him, he turned around and saw that Severus was still standing on the same spot. Harry walked back, and looked Severus straight in his eyes, not daring to grab his hands in fear of making him flinch and embarrassing him.

"It's alright, I promise. I'm taking you out of here, to my place."

"What's going on?" was the reply in a raspy voice.

"I'll explain to you at my home. If you want to get out of this place, then trust me and come with me."

Harry saw the doubt in Severus' eyes, and he smiled when Severus followed him when Harry walked out of the stinking cell.