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Warnings: Adult stuff (…2 graphic scenes, I think, and a bit of swearing). Some would consider "slash" a warning, too.


Today there were one month together! Harry had been looking forward to this, and he couldn't wait to do everything he had planned. He had made sure that he wouldn't have to go to work today.

"Severus?" Harry asked at an early lunch.


"Could you go to the nearest city and buy some of that special parchment for me today?"

"You do realise that the nearest city is one hour away?"


"I see. I'll go," Severus said, causing Harry to grin. Severus was up to something, too, or else he wouldn't have agreed this fast.

He sent Severus away as soon as he could, and he was busy all day with preparing everything.

At 6 PM, he heard the front door, just as he was ready. He ran to Severus and gave him a long kiss.

"Follow me," he whispered, and almost skipped to the dining room. When he opened the door, he saw Severus' eyes become big in amazement.

The whole room was semi-dark, as only the candles on the table gave some light. Harry had closed the curtains. There was a big meal waiting for them on the table, and there were rose petals everywhere, making the room smell like roses.

"What do you think?" Harry asked nervously.

"This room just screams romance," Severus said, smiling. "It's wonderful, Harry." He gave a small kiss on the top of his head.

"Good," Harry sighed, relieved.

"I have something small for you," Severus said, grabbing something out of his pocket, and he gave it to Harry, who was grinning widely. He unwrapped it, and in his hands lay a small figurine of a roaring lion.

"Awww, thank you!" Harry squealed, and he kissed Severus.

"Are you sure it's alright? I searched the –"

"I love it," Harry cut him off. He walked to the table and put the lion next to his glass.

"So… hope you're hungry!" he said, making Severus laugh and feel more comfortable again.

"It looks delicious."


"You prepared this yourself?"

"Of course!"

They sat down next to each other, and Harry raised his glass.

"To us," he said, and he clinked his glass with Severus' one.

They dined for a couple of hours, laughing a lot, and sharing each other's plate. Harry managed to feed Severus, even though it was under great protest at first. It was dark outside when they finished, and Harry smiled secretively at Severus.

"There's something else, isn't it?" he asked, laughing.

"Follow the rose petals," was the only hint.

"You're really romantic," Severus said, kissing Harry. "Only if you come with me."

"Of course," Harry said, standing up.

They followed the petals and ended up in Harry's bedroom.

"Such a surprise," Severus said sarcastically.

"Oh, hush," Harry whispered, and he leaned in to kiss Severus.

He almost ripped his short off, and quickly unbuttoned his own, too. With bare chests they fell on Harry's bed, and he immediately pulled Severus' pants off, undressing him as fast as he could. He had waited so long for this moment.

"I'm not going to be the only one naked here," Severus hissed, and he undressed Harry. He licked his chest, causing Harry to shiver. He in turn straddled Severus, and starting licking a nipple, biting it softly, while playing with the other one with his hands. He grinned against the skin when he heard Severus gasp, and he moved downwards, all the while licking and touching everything he could reach, except for Severus' penis, carefully avoiding it.

"Just… oh… touch it… already…" Severus managed to bring out. Harry gave a small tick on it, making Severus shiver along his whole body and gasping, before moving down to Severus' knees. He tickled his feet, but apparently he wasn't ticklish, because he kept begging for a blowjob. Harry smiled for a moment, and while he gave a small kiss on the tip, he searched for the knife he had put under the mattress that afternoon. All the while kissing and slowly giving some licks, he tried to find it, and he smirked in triumph when he felt a cold blade underneath his fingers. He grabbed it, and held it loosely in his right hand. He moved upwards with his mouth, making Severus groan.

"Please…" he begged, and Harry knew he was close to an orgasm, but he ignored the begging. Instead, he let the knife slide over Severus' thigh, making him flinch because of the sudden cold, but he didn't know what it was.

"Please… almost…" he kept on gasping, but Harry cut him off. The knife was now on his hip.

"Remember me saying that I forgave you?" he whispered.

"Yes, now, please…"

"I lied."

Severus eyes flew open, and he looked bewildered at Harry.

"What –"

"You betrayed everyone. You killed my best friend."

He finally made a deep cut with his knife, making Severus flinch badly.

"You –" he was able to bring out.

"Shhhh, honey, now it's my turn to betray…" Harry whispered, clamping his left hand over Severus' mouth. He made another cut, and watched the blood pour out of the wounds.

"I never forgave you."







The End

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