Well, all good things must come to an end. Starlight" was my first ever fanfiction and it's the dearest to my heart because of that. I ended up sympathizing with Alexander and pretty much detesting Raven by the end of this. And the irony of this is that my screen name is "RavenMadisonfan." Just go and dump her sorry butt, Alexander! You deserve much better.

This story was started in January, 2007, I believe. –whistles- I can't believe it took so long! I'm so proud, and yet so sad to see it done and over with.

I'd like to dedicate this fanfiction to all people who have ever felt like outsiders and found someone who could love a monster. I found several of them upon reading and writing this, actually; it's all thanks to Alexander that I found my inner-self and found peace along with it. Psycho-chan, Paulomy and all my friends who encouraged me the most throughout this book, you rock!!

Stay tuned for the sequel—"Kissing Coffins: Shadows."

Alexander Sterling thought that the vampire feud was over. He was dead wrong. Jagger Maxwell is back with bite! What happens when he threatens the girl Alexander loves? Will Raven become a vampire and join the Damned?