A thing of the past…

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Natalie gets tired of Rex feeling sorry for him, so she calls in a back up girl from NY, the very first girl he loved. Jennifer Lyons

"Listen, you can't tell him that I called you. I'm just tired of him moaning about his ex, it is worse than when I thought Christian died."

" Natalie, no worries, honey look if Rex needs a pick me up I can do that, remember when I took that Popsicle from him was he was four…. He ripped it out of my hands and cried like a baby. He ran away when Roxy asked him what he did, made him kiss my cheek. Hey hang on I think the picture you said you were sending is coming through…"

Natalie sat quietly while the girl on the other end of her cell phone, checked her email, Natalie has sent a newer picture to Jenn of her brother.

Natalie chuckled " I know, he works out now, so Jennifer, are you interested in coming down and cheering up my poor brother?"

"Hmmm, let me think about it…."

A knock at Natalie's door startled her, she started to laugh, as she stood up to see who was on the other side of the large oak door. She knew her best friend pretty, well; the woman could balance a laptop, a cell-phone, and a coffee while standing up. Natalie was right, as she opened, to find a woman balancing a small laptop, a cop of coffee and she upgraded to a blue-tooth in her ear.

" Oh my God Lyons, what the hell are you doing here, I sent that email last night?" Natalie laughed, as she stepped aside to let her long time friend in.

" Well, the minute you started telling me about Rex's problems, last week I did some thinking and then well last night I received this hot picture of Rex. I had to look twice before deciding to get in my car with no cloths, no money, nothing but my laptop, coffee and cell phone."

Natalie stared at her friend in disbelief "What? No money, no clothes, what were you thinking Jenn? Do you even have a plan?"

" Well, I figured that we would go shopping at least for a little, bit and don't worry about my money problems, I can have Jack just wire me some by tonight, for now, say hello to my little friend. AS for a plan, we are going to dinner tonight."

Jenn placed her things on top of Natalie's desk; she looked around the room, and smiled " So where is the best place to stay for a few nights, just until I find some place a little more permanent."

" You can stay here at with me as long as you like, I'm sure my mom won't mind at all..."

"Won't mind what honey?" Vikki asked as she picked up her car keys, she looked at her daughter and the girl standing next to her, they looked very similar , almost like sisters, same height, same face , same hair color.

" I'm sorry , where are my manners ?" Vikki stuck out her hand to Jennifer" Hello, I'm Natalie's mom Vikki Davidson, how are you?",

"Good, I'm Jennifer Lyons, Jack Lyons daughter, and Natalie's best friend " she shook Vikki's hand .

" Lyons? Lyons, as in the writer Jack Lyons?"

" Yes , that is my pop. Jack, anyway Natalie needed my help with a brotherly problem and I was hoping to be able to stay here until I find some place else to stay, like a hotel" Jenn explained.

Natalie , gave her mother a hopefully ,pleading look. Vikki smiled "Sure , why not , Natalie , what problem do you have with Rex?"

" Oh , it isn't a problem, really I just figured , he would like to see Jenn" Natalie saw the look her mom gave her. " Anyway I will show Jenn where she can sleep and we will talk later " Natalie kissed her mom's cheek ,then pulled her friend up the stairs .

Vikki wondered silently to herself , what her daughter was up to, she was a good kid , now but some times Vikki wondered ,when that kid that first came into town would rear her ugly head. She couldn't worry about it right now , she was on her way t o see her other daughter , who tomorrow was going to be coming home. Upstairs , Natalie , placed her friends things on the bed , Jennifer was looking around the room, it was a lot bigger than her room at her house. Her father never believe in large houses, after her mom passed , her dad sold plenty of stories to build a family house. Granted she did have homes all over the place , but nothing huge.

" So Natalie, is this your sister , you've been telling me about ?" Jenn asked picking up a picture of Jessica.

" Yep, that is Jessica , she is coming home tomorrow some time , believe me she won't mind you coming here to live for a while. So what do you want to do first?"

" Eat , I'm starved ,where is your kitchen? "

Natalie laughed " We don't cook here , but feel free to use the kitchen , come on I'll take you to my ex husbands mother's diner."

Natalie led Jenn down the stairs , she was in time to see her brother strolling through the front door. She stopped quickly ,causing Jenn to push her a step down.

Rex looked up at the two girls on the stairs , he had come over t o hang out with Natalie , but some one else caught his eye. Someone that he hadn't seen in a very long time.

" Hey , Nat where are you going ? I though we were going to hang and watch a cheesy movie this afternoon."

" Rex, um yea , we were but look who came to visit for a little while? I called her a few days ago and she came right over here."

Rex looked over at the woman who stepped out from behind Natalie " Look, why don't we just order take out , go to where ever you watch TV in this house , pop a bottle of something and it will be like old times . I can go shopping tomorrow. What do you say Rex?"

Natalie shrugged as if it was fine with her , she walked into the kitchen to get out the take out menus that she and Vikki kept in the drawer of the knife chest. When Jessica first became sick . Jenn smiled at Rex ,trying to keep the first reaction not to show through.

" So Rex, how have you been ?"

" Good, I'm an private investigator now, how bout you? Are you still writing like your dad?

" Yes, as a matter of fact I'm working on a novel now, maybe you'll want to take a look at it later. Alright Bossom ,what kind of chick flick did you bring over?"

" You know me so well Jenn" Rex chuckled. He silently admitted to himself that she looked like she was doing well and looked great. He looked down at the movie he had in his hand . He lifted his hand up and Jenn laughed " When Harry met Sally ? wow , who are you brooding over?"

Before he could answer Natalie came back into the living room " Her name is Adrianna, she is dating Tate Harmon."

Jenn's eyes widened "As in the baseball player Tate?"

" Yea , that one , but there is something that doesn't seem right about him" Rex piped in. Natalie rolled her eyes at her brother .

"Rex, we are not going to talk about this right now, so Chinese, or Mexican ?"

"Both" Jenn said, when it came to food , picky she was not.

"Alright Rex, set the VCR up . I don't know why you just won't buy the DVD, I'll call for the food , Jenn you man the drinks, everything is over there , blender is in the kitchen , I'll show you." As Natalie started t o walk away from him, Rex ,grabbed her arm and pulled her closer . He leaned into whisper in her ear.

" Natalie , nice try ,but I love Adrainna , this isn't going to work". He let go of his sister's arm and kissed her cheek, before heading off to do his job of manning the VCR. Jenn followed Natalie back into the kitchen.

"What was that all about Nat."

"Oh he just said nice try , but I saw him look at you all glad to see you ,so use that"

" Nat , look at who you are talking to ,he'll be putty in my hand when I'm done, I just have to make sure I don't get too close" Jenn muttered under her breath. Natalie looked over at her friend , she knew Jenn had lingering feelings for her brother , she just hoped she hadn't made a mistake calling her.

"Ladies the movie is ready" Rex called from the living room.

A minute later the girls joined Rex with mixed drinks, they snuggled next together and Rex hit the play button.

I'm hoping you at least liked part of this….