One more time – chapter 3

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"And so after 3 months we got married"

"Um 12 years and 3 months "Sally interrupted.

Natalie looked over at her brother and her friend, the sight made her smile. Rex had his head on her shoulder, and had a content look on his face. Natalie reached over to pick up the remote to stop the movie.

" Okay now what guys, since I have nothing to do we can go shopping or we can go to a bar and have a few cocktails or we can go to the hotel and pretend like we are important people . I'm sure Asa won't mind and Renee would love to see you Rex."

Rex looked up at his sister "Hmmm looks like you guys have a big night that you have to plan, so I will go home and that way I won't be bringing you guys down. Jenn" he patted her leg "It was great to see you I'm sure I'll see you around some time. " Rex stood up and head towards the door, when Natalie stopped him.

" Rex, wait why don't you and Jenn go out , I'm taking her shopping tomorrow and you are going to find Todd in a few days so I thought you'd like to spend time with her . "

Jenn stood up and stared at Rex, she tried to pull her eyes away but found it was a little more difficult than she was letting on. She smiled at him.

"Yes I think, we should go out I mean from what I remember you are a light weight"

"I am not a light weight; I've built my tolerance up and can drink you under the table now. You know I'll be back later we will go out for a while. Natalie thanks for the dinner and I'll call you later. Jenn, do you think that you can find some thing to wear in Nat's closet and be ready in an hour?"

"I think so."

Natalie could hardly contain the smile that was on her face as Jenn went up the stairs to the spare bedroom, as Rex walked over to the door.

"Natalie, not a word, and I k now what you are trying to do, but it is not going to work. I love Adrianna"

Natalie gave him a innocent look, " Rex, I'm not trying to do anything ,Jenn called me out of the blue and said she needed a place to write her next book I told her she could come here. If you have a problem with it, it is not my problem" Natalie kissed his cheek as he walked out the door. She watched until he was in his car, then she sprinted up the stairs to the spare bed room where Jenn was getting out of the bathroom.

"So, what did you think?" Natalie asked excitedly.

"Rex hasn't changed a bit, but why did you insist that we go out tonight?"

"Because I know for a fact that Adrianna and Tate will be at the bar, tonight is her premiere for a new line. I'm going later but I thought that if she saw Rex with you it would be good for him. Now come on, what size are you an 8 or 10?"

Jenn watched quietly as Natalie went threw her closet and pulled out a black tank top that looked a lot like a corset, and a pair of jeans. It scared her a little at the lengths Natalie was going to take care of Rex, when not so long ago Natalie was this hateful, vengeful person. Jenn guessed Vikki Davidson did some good for her friend.

"So, try this outfit on I'm sure it will look great, I'll help you with the make-up and hair" Jenn glared at her friend "Or not I'll leave you alone to get dressed."

Natalie closed the door behind her. Natalie prayed that her plan would work.