The Tudors-

While King Henry struggles with his feelings for Anne Boleyn, the Queen is pregnant with his child after a night for wine and music.

Meanwhile Charles meets a commoner with in the castle walls and his fondness for her angers Henry.

Fog, lifts off the ground as Henry looks out side his window. This couldn't be true not after what the mid-wives told him when his daughter was born. Queen Katherine shouldn't try to carry another baby full term. Henry was worried about the Queen, on top if his fling with Anne. He was not too sure what he was going to do, if Queen Katherine was having a baby.

All it took was one night of drinking and fighting, to make Henry fall into his Queen's bed. He knew she loved him more than her own life and more than once did one of her maids come to him telling him that when she was at church praying. She would pray to have another child, a boy.

Henry turned back to the dark haired woman in his bed chambers, he strolled over to where she lay, and he reached out one hand and shook her until her blue eyes fluttered open. A smile crept over her face as she lazily each out a hand to him.

"My majesty you wear me out"

" Get dressed and leave my bed for tonight , I need my sleep " Henry frowned when he saw the sad look on her face, he was the one to invite her to his bed chamber after months of flirting and pushing the Queen further away.

Anne sat up and stared at the mighty man before her, ever since the news of Queen Kathrine being with child, it was messing up the plans of the take over.

"My lord, you were not tired a few moments ago, maybe I could …"

He cut off her protest "Anne, please go I will send for you later."

The young woman only nodded as she slipped from under his bed's covers, he watched place a silk white robe around her fit body and she left him along in the dark to his own troubling thoughts.


She was new at the tavern, he could tell the way her face looked tired of the drunken, naval officers and knights placed orders with her. Charles watched with great interest as she sat down at a table and rubbed her face with her calloused hands. She turned to face him, catching him watching her, she assumed he needed a drink and she walked over to him.

"What can I fetch for you my Lord?" She was a commoner, he knew her father, and a blacksmith lived on the out skirts of the King's castle.

" Nothing , I was just admiring you is all my Lady, I notice how hard you work in here and can not help but wonder why?"

A small smile played on her pale features, the freckles danced upon her cheeks as if they had minds of their own. Charles couldn't help but smile back.

"My father had fallen ill, for some time and now that he is better, well most of his customers went else where and have not come back. Money is hard to come by these days with the taxes rising. So to help out, since my mother died by the hands of her lover, my brother and I we looked for jobs. We are now just getting by, with the grace of God of course."

Charles, nodded he hated to see anyone suffering, even though he might not always so the caring side of himself.

" I may be able to help you, the King and I are close friends, perhaps I can get a job for your father and brother inside the castle . I'm sure Queen Katherine, can use extra help."

The girl backed away from him, with a frightened look in her eye "Sir, please I know what goes on behind the walls of the castle; I could never be a mistress of any one. I am grateful you would consider this but I must ask you not to mention this to the King. Now I must go back to my work."

Charles watched the young woman place a fake smile on her face before returning to the counter of the bar. He wondered what happened to the girl and her family that she would refuse help from the King. He had planned on asking Henry about her, surely he hadn't done anything to this family. Although he did not have a name to call her by.

The bar keep walked over to Charles "Ava, Ava Marie Malloy. Her father use to be the best until he fell ill, his wife had another lover who worked for the King. I'm not un- loyal but I hear it was the Cardinal who was the death of the woman. Found her mother drown in a lake by their home. Such a sad story."

The bar keep left Charles to his thoughts and how to help this girl. Charles walked over to the bar keep to pay his amount he owed the bar keep. He caught the woman looking over at him, he gave her a small smile. She smiled back at him before turning back to the customer . He winked at the bar keep as he left , letting the bar keep that he would take of this poor girls woes.

The bar keep turned his attention back to Ava , she was a very pretty girl. Pretty and smart enough to maybe one day work for the Queen, seeing as the rumor was that the Queen was having a baby. Maybe that dog of a friend to the King could help Ava.