Ava , did how ever hear the king's comment to his best friend , and was grateful that Charles didn't give him an answer. She had to admit the Duke was very handsome , but no she was not going to starting thinking about that , she was going to go and talk to Mary and Anne. As she got closer to the grove where they were talking she could over hear Anne asking Mary about her . The last thing she needed was for the Queen's aide to know too much about her. She plastered a smile on her face and greeted the women.

" My Lady Anne , I am sure whatever you would like to know you can ask me . There is no need to put your sister in such a postion to devolge my personal information"

Anne looked at her sister's friend and smiled apologetically to the woman "Forgive me Ava, you are right it is not my place to ask my sister private information about yourself . How about lunch tomorrow. I am sure Queen Katherine will agree to allow me a few moments for lunch with a friend. I do hope we can be friends since you are fond of my sister."

Ava studied Anne ,she reminded her of a sneaky weasel who looked all sweet but was only waiting to strike at her . " I would like that Lady Anne ."

Before Anne could say anything the King and Charles walked under the shaded area, both grinning as if they knew the answer to the meaning of life "Ladies will you allow the King and his best mate to join you for some small talk and wine ?" Henry inquired.

It was Mary ,who answered readily to accept a distraction to a possible argument. " My Lords please join us we can talk of the lovely lands in which we live " she babbled as she gestured to the ground under the shade. Henry took his place beside Anne , while Charles sat next Mary , which confused her some what . Ava tried not to look at the rakishly handsome man whom almost every night had a tavern maiden sitting upon his lap Something pulled her eyes to him as he was talking to Anne. Suddenly she realized that he was making a pass at Anne. Anne smiled sweetly at him then blushed.

" Mr. Brandon, I am a lady and I remind you to watch what you suggest in front of the King "

" Why Anne, it isn't anything I wouldn't say" Henry retorted back at her as he kissed her . Charles looked away and over to Ava and wished he could kiss her as the King was to Anne . He looked at the skyline ,which decided to become later in the afternoon to remind them how long they had been escaping life.