Additional notes: This is rather AU-tish because Sasuke and Neji and Kakashi were never from Konoha at all. So just assume that's the only factor that changed, and that Itachi and Orochimaru are dead and Akatsuki disbanded. Thank you.

Author's notes: By now you should know I don't like a lot of action and I love to just cut to the romance, herm, well yes in this case I think that's what happening in this story too.

Inspired: I was inspired by one fanart I saw with a Sasuke… wearing some… outfit with an ANBU Naruto in his hands. So POOF, xD

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Warning: Shonen-ai and maybe some language! Read at your own risk! Oh, and the rating may go up!

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Capture Me Captive

By: Hiki-chan

/Blah/ - Naruto mental-link to Gaara

//blah// - Gaara mental-link to Naruto

Blah Kyuubi's voice

Blah – Shukaku's voice

Prologue: Captured

"Our mission is to go to Sound and spy on the two top main powers there, the Otokage himself and the second in command to make sure that Sound is not planning any attacks on Konoha or Sand and stop them at all cost." Naruto told his best friend before he opened a notebook.


Uchiha Sasuke, age 19, current Otokage of Sound. Target has dark cold obsidian eyes and midnight black hair that sticks out at the back. Is usually cold, dominant and cruel as a killer and was the one who killed ex-Otokage Orochimaru and Uchiha Itachi from Akatsuki. Also the one who killed most Akatsuki members leading to their end. Only one close to target now is other target, Hyuuga Neji. Target is also the target of millions of adoring fangirls who worships the ground he steps on.

"What the hell…" Naruto murmured softly as he took in the last line.

Uchiha's have a bloodline limit called the Sharingan which can also be called the copy wheel eye. Target is able to copy and memorize any technique that it has been a witness to including nijutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu techniques. Sharingan also possesses power to hypnotize.

Naruto closed the notebook in his hand with a soft 'floop', "Man, this guy sounds like a total bastard." Blue eyes went over to pale green ones before he tossed the book over. The other caught it and flipped it open.


Hyuuga Neji, age 19, the second in command in Sound. Target has pale white eyes and dark long hair. Target is heir to the Hyuuga clan is cool, calm and collected and is known to be a non-merciful killer and has also slaughtered members of Akatsuki causing organization to disband. Target is best friend to Otokage, Uchiha Sasuke and is also a target of millions of adoring fangirls.

Hyuuga's have a bloodline limit called the Byakugan which can also be called the evil white eyes. Target is able to Byakugan activated it's user has the ability to detect anything that moves around them in a 50 foot radius, also see through solid matter and the inner coil of the enemies system and specializes in the ability to block chakra points.

Gaara growled lowly, "What's with the screaming fans part? Only thing useful is knowing about their bloodline"

"You can always don't come along you know, Gaara."

"And let you go alone, I don't think so."

"You have your Kazekage duties to Sand."

"Temari is taking care of them."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "You're letting your sister take your place as Kazekage?"

"She can really frighten those old goons."

"I see your point."

Gaara rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to the report in his hands and glaring at it like it did something awful, "What's the point of this mission?"

"It's been said that Sound is becoming a very powerful country, we just need to go and snoop around a bit."

"The way you say it makes it sound so easy."

Cerulean eyes twinkled mischievously, "You're talking to the current ANBU leader and the next Hokage of Leaf, what do you expect?"

"Nothing less."


Uzumaki Naruto, age 18. Current ANBU leader and has been said to be the next Hokage of Leaf. He had messy golden blond hair that spiked up in every direction, the most mesmerizing clear blue eyes and three whiskered marks on each cheek. Also known to be the Vessel of the nine-tailed powerful Demon Fox, Kyuubi in Konoha.

Sabaku Gaara, age 18. Actually Kazekage of Sand but for now is accompanying his best friend Uzumaki Naruto for a dangerous mission. He has dark blood red hair and pale green eyes with dark linings around them, he also has a Kanji of the word 'Ai' meaning love on his forehead. Also known to be the Vessel of the powerful one tail Demon, Shukaku in Sand.

Naruto adjusted the fox mask on his face before he turned to his best friend, "Alright then Gaara, let's go!"

"Only the two of us?" Gaara was a bit taken back, for missions like this to snoop around, wasn't it better to have a few more people just to get it done and over with?

"Missions like these require stealth, not manpower." Naruto told Gaara before he packed the notebook in his back pocket and sealed it with some chakra. "Did you see the last part at the bottom of the page?"

"Yeah, these two would be a bit hard to find information on."

"If they plan to attack Konoha or Sand we have to stop them every chance we get."

Sound wasn't exactly in the best of relations with Konoha or Sand especially after since ex-Otokage Orochimaru killed their Sandaime. Sneaking in and being found out would be a bit of a problem for them…

Gaara sighed softly, this mission was going to be such a chore, but he couldn't let Naruto go alone. It was either he go or Naruto's a one man show. He knew somehow this wasn't going to be as easy as Naruto made it sound and he knew Naruto knew it as well.

The line on the bottom page was,

Take precaution, both targets have been said to be geniuses.

"Let's leave before Iruka-sensei comes, he'd have a fit if he knew what my mission was."

The Kazekage snorted.

With a sudden flare of chakra, both nins left Naruto's apartment after forming a teleport jutsu and didn't notice a small piece of paper that had fallen out of the book.

It was another profile of another person that went by the name, Hatake Kakashi.

-Time Skip-

/Gaara, do you think this mission will go alright?/ Naruto asked through his mental-link with Gaara. It was a special link that they were able to form when practicing some chakra, it was also due to demon in their bodies.

The Kazekage of Sand could sense his friend's worry. This mission wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Then again, no ANBU mission was. However, this mission was quite a big deal because it was only a two-man mission where the risk was extremely high. //It's going to be if we get caught.//

Naruto kept his ANBU mask in place and glanced around the empty street before he and Gaara took off again in a blur.

They bounded towards the palace where the Otokage and the second in command lived silently. It was a good thing they had demons sealed inside them, it made them unnaturally fast and they were able to make it to Sound in only a day. It was only nearing mid morning the day after they left when they reached their destination.

//Be careful, Naruto. Since The Otokage and his second in command were the ones who took down the whole organization of Akatsuki, they have to be as powerful as they claim to be.//

Even more powerful than me? A voice teased, coming from Naruto's mind.

Or me? Another voice teased, this time coming from his own mind.

Naruto mentally rolled his eyes/You two, this isn't a good time… I'm actually getting a little freaked out at this city, I mean, I thought this was a poor city!/

Gaara mentally snorted as his eyes took in the palace in front of him//I'd say this stupid place is richer than Konoha and Sand combined…//

/What else can they be hiding?!/ Naruto almost screamed in frustration before he snuck to the side of the palace with Gaara next to him, so far so good…

/Which room do you think belongs to the Otokage or second in command?/

//Keep searching I'm sure we'd find them in one of the hundreds of rooms.// Gaara replied back, mental voice laced with sarcasm.

It always surprised Naruto how much more human like Gaara was like through their mind-link than in real life.

Naruto's keen fox ears picked up onto voices before he slowly backed away.

//Naruto, watch out!//

Then suddenly everything went blank.


"Two lost ANBU members, Neji." The Otokage drawled slowly as he shifted the boy in his arms. Blond, from what he could see. "What do you think we should do?"

The second in command smirked lightly as he stared at the raccoon masked boy in his own arms, "What we always do when we find lost animals, Sasuke."

Sasuke licked his dry lips, "Play with them then kill them? Or maybe just kill them."

"You're the Otokage." Neji shrugged as he ran one hand through the silky red hair. "Mm… Different."

"Indeed?" Sasuke laid the blond in the middle of the cage while Neji followed suit.

"Are we playing first?" The white-eyed man asked his best friend, his hands itching to remove the mask.

Dark eyes rested on the blond figure before he snapped his fingers and a cage appeared around their two captives. "I'd like to know their real intentions first."

"They're from Konoha Sasuke, I thought your family was from Konoha long ago."

"Aren't half of yours there as well?"

White eyes glinted dangerously. "Fine, we'll find out their real intentions then we'll see."

Sasuke and Neji backed towards a shadowed area of the empty room. Both had their eyes rested on respectively captives while they remained silent. Both didn't need to say it, but somehow they knew something was about to change, big.

End Prologue

I'd been dying to touch on Gaara and Naruto's deep friendship and this is the perfect opportunity! Bwakakaka! Also have been dying to write a story as Sasuke as Otokage! Wheeeee! NO GaaNaru or NejiSasu! Actually this was an idea that I toyed from the moment I saw that picture… And yes, NejiGaa is a main pairing in this story just like SasuNaru. But I would touch on SasuNaru just a little more.

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