Capture Me Captive

By: Hiki-chan

"So... What now?" Iruka asked, his question directed towards Sasuke.

Sasuke made a sound at the back of his throat, "I suppose you would be fine under Kakashi just like how the dobe is under me."

"Teme!" Then he let the words sink in, "No! You can't place Iruka-sensei under Kakashi!"

Iruka agreed to an extend but did not understand why Naruto was so against it.

"Why?" Neji asked.

"Because Kakashi is a pervert!" Naruto proclaimed loudly and pointed to the man, "He reads Ero-sennin's books!"

"Ero-sennin..." Iruka tried to comprehend before it hit him. So that orange book he saw that time... "Oh."

Sasuke's expression didn't change, "But you don't have a choice."

Naruto glared darkly, "You're such a bastard! My Iruka-sensei is going to get molested by your father!"

Iruka flushed lightly. What was Naruto saying?!

Blue eyes met unwavering black ones. Naruto had a discussion with Kyuubi just now and it seemed like the fox picked up interest signals coming from Kakashi. There was no way Naruto was going to allow his foster father to get molested!

"Why do you think my father would molest your father?!" Sasuke demanded, taking a quick glance at Kakashi who seemed rather blur. Too blur...

"Because he reads gay porn!"

Gaara rubbed his temples.

"Icha Icha Paradise isn't gay porn..." Kakashi said slowly, this time really confused.

Neji glanced at an exasperated Gaara and hid a chuckle.

Iruka seemed caught in the middle.

"See, Kakashi says it isn't gay porn!" Sasuke defended his father. Sure his father was a pervert but he didn't need Naruto being all dobe-ish and proclaiming that to everyone. Besides, as far as Sasuke knew, his father seemed rather asexual.

"What edition are you on?!" Naruto peered at the orange book. "Oh, it's the old edition."

Gaara put a hand on Naruto's shoulder, "Baka, the one the old man shoved in our faces was the current one he was writing..." A light blush was visible on Gaara's face, "Yaoi edition."

Now Naruto blushed lightly as he remembered what he glanced through. "Ah..."

Sasuke and Gaara hid smiles at the sight of two ANBU members blushing because of a book. Sasuke couldn't help but tease, "Never knew you were the shy type, dobe."

"I'm not! And you dare don't call me that!" Was the blonde's immediate reply. "Besides... it was very... explicit."

"You read through it too?" Neji said to Gaara, his tone too teasingly.

The redhead glared, refusing to sputter. "He shoved it in my face!"

Kakashi stared at all four of them engaged in a battle and said to Iruka with a soft laugh, "I'm impressed, this is the first time Sasuke or Neji acting like real humans."

Chocolate-brown eyes trained on Gaara momentarily, "Yeah, Gaara too."

"They sound like bickering old couples." Kakashi's only eye curved.

Iruka couldn't have but laugh softly, currently forgetting who he was talking to. "You're right."


Dinner that night was very eventful with Neji or Sasuke occasionally making cracks about the yaoi edition of Icha Icha Paradise where then Gaara and Naruto would retaliate viciously and blushingly.

Iruka was laughing softly when he found out about the time Naruto dived towards the ramen even though they called it 'slave' food. He himself didn't mind eating ramen.

About half-way through the dinner, Neji asked. "Naruto-san,"

"Please don't call me that." Naruto gave Neji a look.

"Naruto," Neji corrected himself with a light smile, "by any chance, do you know a girl in Konoha by the name of Hinata?"

Blue eyes blinked, "Hinata? You mean Hyuuga Hinata?"

Neji cocked an eyebrow, "Ah... Hyuuga Hinata."

Suddenly Naruto slammed his hand on the table, "Why didn't I notice it before?! Hinata has the same surname as Neji!"

Gaara inwardly rolled his eyes.

"Hinata is a nice girl, Neji. But I think there's something wrong with her."

Now, Neji frowned lightly. "What's wrong?"

"She's always stuttering around me. Getting all red and weird. She's a nice girl, but kind of odd." Naruto continued, scratching his chin thoughtfully before shrugging and taking a slurp of ramen.

Gaara stopped eating, "That's Hinata?" he raised an eyebrow at Naruto, "The one who's always stuttering?"

"Mm hmm." Naruto nodded before he gulped the rest of his ramen down. "That's her all right. Weird right?"

Iruka shook his head and ruffled Naruto's hair. "You were always so dense."


"It's obvious she likes you, baka." Green eyes rolled again.

Naruto openly gaped for a moment before he protested loudly. "She does not! Hinata's just a friend!"

"Che... right." Gaara mumbled, earning a glare from Naruto. "But you were so hung up on your Sakura-chan."

"Don't mock her!" Naruto immediately defended, "Besides, I got over her in the end, I hope she's doing okay with fuzzy-eyebrows."

Gaara shuddered visibly, "Don't talk about him."

"Or Gai." Iruka chirped in.

"I don't understand what's wrong with them!" Naruto whined, "Thick-eyebrows gave me his special spandex outfit when I was training last time! It's about time I wor-"

"Listen Naruto," Gaara muttered dangerously, "wear that and I'll cut it, burn it and shove the ashes down your throat."

Iruka nodded his head in agreement.

"Your reaction is like Ero-sennin!" Naruto complained, "I don't understand why!"

"It's green." Gaara hissed.

"So?" Naruto retorted with a small pout, "Besides! I learn a lot from them like this!" Naruto grinned brightly and did a nice-guy pose and his teeth sparkled.

Gaara capped his hand over Naruto's mouth, "Don't do that. You'd give me nightmares forever..."

Iruka started laughing while Sasuke, Neji and Kakashi just stared on and decided that they didn't really want to know.


The whole week passed without much things happening. Though Kakashi, Sasuke and Neji wouldn't admit that their palace now seemed much more livelier than before and that they liked the change.

With all three of them allowed to roam around the palace, more palace maids and servants got to know them. It was quite obvious many liked all three of them even though Gaara was usually silent.

It was a slow process but they eventually got to know each other a little better.

But today, today was the beginning of a special week. Sasuke the Otokage had decided to allow all three 'slaves' to go out of the palace. Since the collars would keep them in Sound.

So now, Naruto, Gaara and Iruka were out in the streets of Sound just plain looking around and observing live in this country.

"It's very quaint, like a postcard." Naruto observed, grinning at passing children.

Iruka hummed in approval. "The people here look quite happy."

"I agree... but it could be because we are at the main streets." Gaara said softly.

Naruto smiled lightly at Gaara's stubborn attitude but knew he was like that as well. Blue eyes scanned his surroundings before they landed on a running child.


Kakashi grinned at the Otokage and the second in command who were sitting in the living room having their usual afternoon tea. They were both staring aimlessly into space with an odd air around them. Unable to pass up this opportunity to tease, he said. "Miss them already?"

Dark eyes furrowed while pale eyes widened. "What are you talking about, Kakashi?" Sasuke's tone underlining that Kakashi had better stop now or face the consequences.

"Aww," Kakashi grinned, obviously not getting the threat. "I understand. I miss my dolphin-chan as well!"

Neji managed swallow his sip without choking. "I would like to know, Kakashi, why you call him that, especially since he's only forgiven you recently."

"Cause he's cute, and his name actually means dolphin."

"Like yours means scarecrow." Sasuke snorted.

Kakashi just continued grinning, "Exactly. But anyway, if you two are so worried, won't it be best if we check up on them if they're in any trouble?"

"Their collars would alert us if they are in danger, you just want to see if they go to the Onsen because you want to see Iruka naked." Sasuke simply said as he took another sip.

"Ah Sasuke, you talk so much more than you did last time."

Neji hid a snort, although he had to agree with Kakashi about Sasuke being more open to talking, he also agreed with his best friend and knew that Kakashi was a pervert at heart. And the thing was that he also wanted to see how all three of them were doing outside.

"Sasuke, maybe we should just take a look." Sasuke gave him an incredulous look while Kakashi's eye sparkled with an unknown glint. Before either could say anything, Neji quickly continued. "I just want to see how the people in the streets are. We don't go out often enough anyway."

Sasuke knew Neji wasn't a pervert like Kakashi. Besides, what he said was true. Becoming Otokage, Sasuke had changed Sound for the better, but even though Sound was now a peaceful country, he didn't know how his citizens were. With a soft sigh, the Otokage obliged. "Alright then."

With that, they all left their drinks on the table and headed to the study room. Upon reaching the room, they settled on the seats surrounding the ball.


Naruto turned his full attention on the child before he saw an older man and woman running after the small child. Blue eyes narrowed when the older man caught hold of the child's hand and roughly pulled him back.

"Wait, don't hurt him!" The woman tried to plead to the man. "He's just a child! They do reckless things all the time!"

"This one is always doing restless things, he deserves a beating." The man stared at the woman squarely in the eye, "And don't even bother trying to help Maria, don't forget your position."

The woman flinched and turned away, glaring at the ground.

Gaara's eyebrows furrowed together in disapproval.

"Let go of me you big disgusting man!" The little boy cried as he struggled with all his might. "Next time the Jinchuuriki would so kick your butt!"

All three pairs of eyes widened.

"I'd teach you, you insolent little brat!" The man roared, raising his hand before he brought it down with a huge force only to be stopped by Naruto who glared heatedly at the man. The woman let out a sigh of relief.

The big bulky man stared at Naruto and snarled, pulling his hand away. "What do you think you're doing you punk?"

"I don't think you should be laying a finger on a child." Naruto said evenly, danger dripping from each word.

"Why you little punk!" The large man snarled again before he withdrew his hand into a fist and aimed for Naruto only to be stopped again.

"I don't think anyone would appreciate knowing that you're hurting your own child." Iruka said in a pleasantly scary tone as he held the bulky man's wrist firmly. He was smiling but Naruto knew that his teacher was not happy.

The man pulled his hand away again. "Don't even claim that this little vermin is my son." He glared at them again. "If you busy-bodies want to know so much, I'll tell you. He's an orphan, a dirty good-for-nothing orphan."

Gaara watched Naruto clench his fist before he walked up to them as well.

"He's going to grow up to be nothing so you'll have to inculcate it to them when they're young."

"How dare you?" Naruto hissed, blue eyes darkening dangerously, "How dare you say such things about them?"

"Tch, what are you anyway." The man didn't let go of the child before he continued, "He has no manners at all, he thinks the demon holders Jinchuuriki's to be some kind of heroes. But what does he know? Everyone knows the Jinchuuriki's are demons!"

He then took in Naruto's appearance before his eyes landed on the collar with the Uchiha symbol. There, he did a double-take. "O-Otokage-sama."

The woman now tilted her head to the side curiously. She eyed the collar around Naruto's neck and put a hand to her mouth. "Otokage-sama."

Both didn't know what the collar meant but the fact that the Uchiha symbol was on it made it a known fact that this boy was directly connected to the Otokage himself.

Naruto blinked, shocked at that revealed piece of information. Was that what everyone saw Gaara and him as?! Sure he knew that beforehand but somehow to hear it come out from this mans mouth struck a cord. Then he glared at the man again. "I can't believe the Otokage can let assholes like you run the orphanage!"

"Why you-" The man had half a mind of just beating up the boy, despite him being somehow connected to the Otokage.

But someone else stepped in line with Naruto and he stopped. Gaara glared at the man, his eyes narrowed dangerously, as if asking the man to go on but face the consequences. The man's eyes widened at the sight of the other collar that held the Hyuuga curse symbol. Gaara could feel his own aura heating up at what the man said about the Jinchuuriki's.

Trying to save his own pride as a male, the man continued, trying not to shudder under that intense and angry gaze of the redhead. "The Jinchuuriki are demons, you should know that. That's why Sound doesn't want to ally with Sand or Konoha. The demons are still residing in those countries!"

Gaara seethed, "I suggest you stop now, before I rip you limb from limb."

The bulky man shivered, he knew that tone of voice clearly meant the redhead would go through with it and he couldn't fight against all three of them. So instead, he pushed the kid away and ran.

The young boy gasped as he was pushed forward towards the woman whom immediately embraced him. Once the man was out of sight, she started thanking all three of them. "Thank you, oh thank you so much. I can't stop him at all because he's the head of the orphanage while I'm just a helper."

"I understand." Iruka smiled at the woman, making her blush lightly.

"How can the Otokage let a man like that be in charge of the orphanage?!" Naruto demanded glaring at the direction where the man ran off to.

"Please don't blame Otokage-sama," The woman immediately pleaded, making Naruto, Iruka and Gaara look at her weirdly.

"We're not blaming anyone madam," Iruka responded kindly. "but maybe you can explain to us?"

The woman looked around before she nodded once, bending down she told the little boy. "Go back alright, I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Hai, Maria-chan!" The boy grinned at the woman.

"Do you really think the Jinchuuriki's as heroes?" Naruto couldn't help but ask, ignore the look Gaara gave him.

The boy turned to Naruto, Iruka and Gaara and his grinned widened, "Of course! They may have demons inside, but they are who they are. Plus with demons, they fight better! They're COOL!"

Gaara felt his lips twitch while Naruto grinned back. "I'm sure one of these days, you'd meet one of them."

"Do you really think so nii-chan?!" The boy continued grinning. "I really hope so! I'll tell them I want to grow up to be just like them!" He bowed once, "Bye bye then! And arigato!" then he ran off.

Naruto smiled lightly, he always had a soft spot for kids. They usually could understand emotions so much better. Speaking of kids, he wondered how Konohamaru and gang were doing...

The woman bowed to them lightly, "Hai, let's go to ramen store."

Blue eyes immediately brightened.

To be continued

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