1st chapter – Tears and kisses

Brennan angrily tapped her pen against her desk and sighed loudly out of frustration. Her eyes were blood shot and puffy, a mixture of constant crying and lack of sleep. Maybe Hodgins was right and there was a conspiracy to hide evidence and destroy cases, she wondered. How did they expect her to concentrate and fill out this form when… And here it came again, the familiar wave of sorrow and anxiousness tinged with guilt that occurred every time she thought about her father's upcoming court date. Her eyes started to fill with tears. The report would have to wait, she needed to get out of here.

Booth arrived just in time to see his partner storm out the front doors towards the multi-storey car park. She appeared to be crying. He knew why, Max's trial started tomorrow and to make matters worse, the evidence she had uncovered was to be used in court against him. So instead of entering the Jeffersonian and handing in new evidence on their current case, he followed her. It was getting late anyway, the news could wait another hour or two and it won't be much use without Bones there, he reasoned.

Bones' hands were shaking so much she dropped her keys while trying to open her car, Booth observed. She picked them up again and tried to open the door a second time, but then suddenly just lost whatever resistance she had had towards braking down. She fell to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. She didn't register Booth's hands pulling her up until she was actually standing, crying into his shoulder. He was whispering in her ear, telling her it was all going to be okay, and they just stood there, her crying and him holding, comforting, her, for several seconds. Then, when her weeping had calmed a little, he pulled away, locking his dark brown eyes onto hers.

His fantastic, simple plan that he had formed when she had collapsed, crying, was about to go spectacularly wrong. Stage one, which had been to pick her up and help her stop crying, had gone well. But stages two and three, offer to and drive her home and leave her at her apartment, were forgotten when his eyes accidentally met hers and he felt the familiar pull of attraction. He knew it was wrong, but as he tried to talk he realised his mouth was travelling in a completely different direction and his voice box seemed to be broken. His bottom lip brushed hers and he felt a thrill rush through him. It had lasted one second, maybe less, but he wanted more than anything to kiss her again. Her eyes were closed; he ran a hand down her arm, their lips just millimetres apart. He saw she was on the verge of re-opening her eyes and kissed her again, not like before, not a brush of lips but passionately and directly.

When their lips touched all the breath was knocked from her body. She felt his hands slide up and down her frame and she ran her fingers through his hair, down his shirt and across the buttons and brightly coloured tie. His body felt so good against hers, she felt safe in his strong arms, his tongue running across her lips and the occasional gentle kisses he placed on her neck and face.

But all good things come to an end. Somewhere in the parking complex a car door slammed shut, forcing them, at least Brennan, to come back to their (her) sences. She broke away looking at the floor, quickly turning away and getting into her car with a confused expression on her face. Booth stayed rooted to the spot. He didn't try to stop her as she drove away, just stared at where she'd been. Once she was gone he walked to a wall of the car park and, his back leaning against it, slide to the floor, his shirt still half open from where she'd undone it. He looked up. It had been a bad idea, she'd been upset and he'd taken advantage but… it had felt – good.

He closed his eyes and slightly shook his head. He whispered in and exasperated and annoyed voice what he'd been thinking for the last five minutes – "Oh GOD!"

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