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Chapter 4 – More Tears and Less Kisses

He waited outside her apartment for her to answer the door, dreading what he was about to do next.

Booth had been battling with the thought ever since he realised he loved Brennan, a whole week ago. He had come to her flat multiple times; each time he lost the courage to go through with his plan. He was already starting to have doubts about this. Shit, why did he sleep with her, date her, fall in fucking love with her? Shit!

"Hey!" she said cheerily as she opened the door. "What are you doing here?" Then a look of concern descended onto her face. "Are you okay? You look really pale."

Was it that obvious?

"Yeah, I'm fine." She nodded her head and let him pass into her apartment.

His mouth was dry and he felt claustrophobic. How high was the heating in here? He was starting to sweat and he wasn't sure it had anything to do with the insanely high room temperature. Maybe he was imagining the heat because it wasn't affecting her.

"Seriously Booth, are you okay?" He nodded his head furiously but his enthusiasm seemed to unnerve her even more.

"We need to talk." His voice was slightly higher that usual and he was speaking very fast. Great, he thought, I sound like I've been castrated.

"Okay." She sat down on the cream coloured sofa but he remained standing, knowing it was taking almost all his will power not to run out the room and an even larger amount not to kiss her.

"I've got some bad news," he started. "I love you."

Brennan looked so surprised that he thought she was going to faint. "Wow," she said simply, looking at the floor. Well, he thought, at least she's not getting up to hug me and saying I love you too.

"Umm, how is that bad news Booth?" she enquired, finally speaking and looking at him again.

"Well…" This was the hard part. "It means I need to break up with you."

"Heard from Angela and Hodgins?" Cam asked cheerfully as she entered Brennan's office.

"Yeah, I got a postcard, the honeymoon's going great," Bones replied dryly as she looked up to answer the other woman. Inside she was trying to decide why she was here, she didn't think Cam was interested in the newlywed's holiday and if she was Brennan assumed she would ask Zach.

"Brennan… Temperance… I never know what to call you?"

"Brennan," Bones answered, sensing that wasn't all Cam needed to talk about.

"Right. Brennan, are you okay?"

"Yes," said Temperance, slightly taken aback at the other woman's question.

Cam took a step closer to the desk. "It's just you looked like you'd been crying when you came in this morning and you won't look anyone in the eye and you seem to be avoiding Booth… This could all be because of hay fever or something, I'm just concerned, that's all."

Brennan felt her jaw slacken. It had been just over a week since Booth had just broken up with her and things had been awkward between them since but not horribly so, and she had redrawn from people slightly, but again it wasn't a drastic difference. She was astounded by Cam's observation and even more so by her concern that she felt her eyes grow damp, and this time not from hay fever which was why she'd been crying earlier that day.

Oh, great, she thought sarcastically, now whenever someone shows concern you're going to cry? Fantastic!

"I'm fine," she managed between sobs but before she knew it she was crying into Cam's shoulder like a child.

"Shh," soothed Cam. "It's okay."

Brennan eventually pulled back and wiped her tears away with the back of her hand, no mascara rivers to clean up.

"Do you wanna take a walk?" asked Cam gently and Brennan nodded slowly.

Once outside Cam lead the other woman with her to a bench and they sat down, Cam turned to face Temperance and the latter looking straight ahead into the distance. Brennan had calmed down a bit and she started to vent, obviously annoyed that she hadn't been able to before then.

"I was seeing this guy. This really great guy. We'd been dating for about two months and everything was going great." Brennan realised how weird it was that she was telling Cam everything seeing as the women hardly ever talked about anything other than work, she hadn't even talked to Ange about it, but somehow it wasn't weird.

"I mean obviously we had the normal problems that come with a relationship but nothing serious. Then last week, all of a sudden and completely out of the blue, he breaks up with me and do you know what his excuse was?" She heard her voice level rising as she asked the rhetorical question, the anger seeping through her. "He said he had to break up with me because he loved me! What sort of excuse it that? I mean," she heard her tone lowering, "I guess…" She looked down at her hands and she could feel the tears coming again and suddenly Cam knew the real reason for her being so upset was about to be revealed.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked suddenly, turning to face Cam at last.

The other woman, taken aback by the off subject question, answered in a strong voice. "Nothing, why would you think that? If he said that to you, he's wrong."

Brennan shook her head. "No he never said that. But… He said he loved me, and he could see himself spending the rest of his life with me, but… he wants children. And I don't." She hung her head again, and Cam immediately felt sympathy for the woman. "He said it's better to end it now before anyone else gets hurt." The last word was caught in a sob and she fell onto Cam's shoulder again.

"… Okay, so if Stacy was the murderer all along that would explain why her body was different to all the others – someone else had found out what we couldn't and had killed the murderer. But then Michael Davis was killed."

Everyone nodded at Brennan's speech. She had just recalled all the murdered victims and their details. They had all heard it so many times before, each time ending it in an awkward silence, as if they hoped that hearing the speech one more time would bring forward a conclusion to the case. It never did and this time was no exception.

"Jesus, it's been almost three months!" Cam exclaimed angrily.

"Maybe he's stopped killing," Angela added hopefully, her now extremely tanned skin reflecting the light and presenting the effect the honeymoon sun had done to her skin.

"Why he?" asked Hodgins. "We thought Stacy was the murderer, didn't we?"

"A serial killer is extremely rare, a female one is even rarer," informed Zach, sounding geeky as normal.

"Haven't you guys been watching CSI?" said a well-known voice behind them.

They looked round to see a familiar figure, so tanned from the sun he'd been receiving that it rivalled Angela's and his hair visibly lighter, bleached from the light also.

"Sully?" asked Brennan, delight in her voice.

"Hey Tempe!"

She rushed down the steps to greet him, as did the rest of the team, minus Cam, who was reading the case notes, and Booth, who currently hand his hands curled into fists beneath his jacket sleeves. They watched them swap pleasantries and catch up, the attraction between the two of them obvious as sparks started flying once more.

"She deserves a good guy."

Booth looked round to Cam who still hadn't looked up from the notes, making him wonder if he'd imagined the statement.

"Did you say something?" Cam finally looked up from the red file, her brown eyes taking him and his question in.

"She deserves a nice guy. I'm assuming that you've heard about her idiot that she had been seeing?" Booth nodded, relieved that Cam didn't know the idiot was him. "Well, last week," Cam continued, "me and Brennan were talking and she said that this guy had… wait, I shouldn't be telling you this."

"I've already heard, what, two days ago," Booth lied smoothly, wondering what she'd been saying to others.

"It's just, he made her feel so bad about not wanting kids."

"Yeah." Booth pretended to agree, while inside he was cringing, a sensation that only increased when Bones kissed Sully on the cheek as he left.

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