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Notes In Potions

L- James Harry Potter I will hex you into the next millennium if you don't stop staring at me.

J- Lily, Lily, Lily. Why do you say such things when I already know how you feel about me?

L- And how do I feel about you Potter? Please, enlighten me.

J- You…Lily Evans…Are in love with me.

L- Really? Is wanting to hex your tiny brain inside out love? Wow, I really must be in love with you!

S- What did you just write? You love James? Since when? Holy fuck this is good! Remus, come and read this!

R- Unlike you I am actually trying to learn something. Care to not throw pieces of paper at my head?

S- But Lily just confessed she was in love with James! Read it, it's right above!

R- I believe she was using sarcasm Sirius. For example, Sirius you are so smart. See the sarcasm?

L- Thank you Remus, I believe I was.

R- No problem Lily, do you have a Potion's partner yet?

L- I was rather hoping that you would be my partner, seeing as we seem to be the only two who even remotely understand the subject.

J- Just wait one tiny little millisecond there Lils. Why can't I be your Potions partner?

L- Because you're an idiot.

J- Hey! I got seventy percent on the last class test we had!

L- Without cheating?

J- …

R- I was wondering how you had done so well.

L- So Remus, care to be my partner?

R- I'd love to.

J- Back off Remus! You know this chick is mine!

L- Chick?

R- Yours?

J- One smart person at a time! Lily, you are my chick and I am your…erm…Rooster?

L- That's slightly perverted James. I'm a baby chick and you, the full grown rooster, are hitting on me? You have a sick mind Potter.

S- Yes James, you really must get that sick mind seen to. It's getting disturbing.

L- Oh please, don't even get me started on your sick mind, Sirius!

S- And what is that supposed to mean?

L- I heard what you asked Sarah Thompson to do in Defense Against the Dark Arts yesterday. If she hadn't have slapped you, I would have.

S- That slap really hurt actually, more than the last time she slapped me when we were in Potions and I asked her to-

R- I don't want to know.

J- Stay out of this traitor.

R- Shut up Rooster.

L- laughs

J- Lily, why won't you just go out with me? I don't see why not.

L- You don't? Let me put it into simple text then. I hate you.

J- No you don't. you love me, and I love you. We're going to go out with each other until we leave school and then I am going to ask you to marry me. And you're going to say yes and we'll have a huge wedding. Then we're going to have kids, lots of them, and we'll love and look after each and every one of them. And then they'll grow up and move away, but we'll grow old together and our love will continue to grow until our very last breath.

R- Impressive speech.

S- If I told Sarah that speech she'd definitely-

R- Sirius!

J- Why thank you, it was rather impressive. And I meant every word of it.

L- Yes, very impressive, but I bet I am not the first girl to have heard it before.

J- I promise you that you are the first and only girl to ever hear it.

L- So what are you saying then, Potter?

J- That I love you.

L- And why do I not believe you?

J- Because you don't want to believe me. But I swear it's true. Ask anyone and they'll tell you I'm not lying.

L- Remus?

R- Yes, it's definitely true. The fact he won't shut up about you every second of every minute of every day slightly gives it away.

S- And the fact I heard him moaning you're name last night when he was in his bed and-

J- Sirius!

S- Bad time? Sorry.

L- What if I don't like you back, Potter? What if I'm not interested in you at all and never will be?

J- I wouldn't stop loving you whether you reject me or not. Just…Just give me one chance. One. And if you don't like being with me then you can break it off straight away.

R- I can't believe you're hesitating Lily. Just turn him down quickly and painfully. I mean- quickly and painlessly.

S- I'm hungry.

R- Not the time Sirius.

S- Have you got any food on you?

R- We had lunch an hour ago!

S- But I'm hungry! Have you not even got Every Flavor Beans? Chocolate Frogs? Anything?

R- I have peppermint laces, but they've been in my bag for a few days and-

S- Give me them.

R- They're a bit off color.

S- Remus, I am going to starve to death if you do not feed me right now.

R- Fine, have them. But if you get food poisoning, don't blame me.

S- Shut up Remus, they taste fine.

L- One chance?

J- One chance.

L- I don't know…

J- I'm not forcing you into anything, don't feel like you have to accept. This is the last time I'm ever asking.

S- Bollocks.

J- Shut it.

L- I am so going to regret this, but what the hell. I'll go out with you James.


R- Merlin, calm down! The victory dance is a bit much is it not?

J- God, I LOVE Potions!

S- I don't.

J- Me neither actually, I just love the fact Lily is only one desk away from me.

S- Don't go sappy on us James or we won't hang out with you anymore, right Remus?

R- Well, actually, James isn't the only one with a girlfriend…

J- What?!

S- So Professor McGonagall finally said yes did she? Good for you mate.

R- Hahaha, shut up Single git.

S- Hey!

J- Who is she? Another smart ass?

R- Tasha Wilkens.

S- Fuck off! The fit one?!

R- Yep.

S- Lucky bastard.

J- Not as lucky as me.

R- We should stop writing notes now.

S- But it was just getting fun!

J- Yeah! Fun wrecker!

R- Fine, but I'm not writing anymore.

S- Mr. Prefect.

J- Why not?

R- You'll see.

"Boys? May I see that note?"

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