Where and when- what should have happened next

Cassy and Tom decided it was time to leave, and headed down to the car. "Cassy, are you sure your okay?" Tom asked, as he held the car door open for her. Cassy sat down in the passenger seat of their department issued car. She just nodded and continued to stare at the house. When Tom got in the drivers side, she had not moved. "Cassy, you have been acting strange ever since we got this case. What are you not telling me?" Tom questioned her. Cassy turned to look at her concerned partner. 'Tom has always been so sweet and caring.' Cassy thought to herself. "You know how I said that something 'wonderful and sad' happened in that house? I know what happened. I saw it, I was there." Cassy said with the same eerie look in her eyes, as when she first told Tom about her visions. "My name was Sarah." She continued. "I know that Sarah would sneak down to the guest house to meet up with a man named James. Sarah and James were lovers. They were so in love with each other. I could feel it." Cassy smiled brightly. "And all this time I thought I was the hopeless romantic." Tom said, with a smile as bright as Cassy's. "I guess after all these years you are starting to rub off on me, Ryan." Cassy said jokingly. "Anyway, what I kept seeing was the last time they came to meet each other. James asked Sarah to marry him." Cassy paused. "That's sweet Cassy. What's so sad about getting married?" Tom asked. Cassy turned back to looked back up at the guest house. "She said no. She broke both of their hearts." Tome rested his arms on the steering wheel, and stared at the house as well. Cassy turned to look at Tom. Knowing what he was thinking, because she had thought the same thing. Cassy was feeling so many things; she needed time to sort them out. "Let's just go." She said to Tom. Tom started the car, and headed back to the station.

It was late, but Cassy just couldn't close her eyes. She couldn't stop thinking about the events of the past few days. She thought about how much hers and Tom's past was like Sarah and James's. Another thought that wouldn't leave her alone, was that she had thrown love away in two lifetimes. Cassy wondered if Sarah continued to love James like she still loved Tom. That thought brought back a question Cassy had been trying to ignore for years, why if they weren't meant to be together, did she still love Tom?

Tom sat on his couch with his guitar resting on his lap. Tom couldn't sleep. Tom couldn't stop thinking about what Cassy said in the car. He knew he shouldn't think about his relationship with Cassy, it will only hurt him again. He wondered if Cassy saw the same similarities between their lives, and Sarah and James's. He knew how James must have felt. Tom is still hurting from Cassy breaking his heart. It seemed she had a pattern of breaking hearts in every life. Tom smiled. "This would make a really good song." He said out loud, and started strumming his guitar.

I don't know if anyone still reads stories here, but I found this in a old notebook, and thought I might as well put it up.