Disclaimer- Owning stuff is hard. S.E. Hinton must be worn out from owning The Outsiders.

Dear Johnny,

I wonder how letters get to people in Heaven. I don't know, but I hope letters can get to people in Heaven, somehow, someway because I really want you to get this one.

Johnny, I've been trying to stay gold, just like you told me, but it's hard, Johnny, it's really hard.

Everyone's so shook up about yours and Dally's deaths, but I think I'm shook up the most, Johnny. I lost my best friend! Remember all the good times we had together?

I'm glad you think saving those kids was worth it because it was. It totally was. Those kids woulda died if it wasn't for us, and they had so much to live for. I bet most of them hadn't even seen the second grade yet, or they were just small for their ages. It was the best thing I did, saving those kids lives, because now they can grow up and learn about everything we already did.

I still wish you hadn't died, but I hope you're happy up there with Dallas. I hope Dallas is happy, too. I know he is, Johnny because he's with you. Dally died, Johnny, because he couldn't live without you.

Soda's gone off to Vietnam. He was drafted, and left yesterday. Darry's as torn up as I am, cuz we don't want to lose our brother.

That's why I'm writing you, Johnny. Could you just look after Soda and make sure he's okay? Thanks.

Stay Gold. Johnny.


Ponyboy Curtis