"Oh my dear," Mr. Hayes hurried over to where Amanda was lying on the floor. Seeing her unconscious he hurried to the back of the shop and got a wet wash cloth and brought it to her prone body. He then gently started wiping her face trying to revive her. As Amanda started coming around he helped her to a sitting position.

"Are you alright Miss Andrews?"

"Oh no please don't tell me that I fainted."

"I'm afraid that you did."

"I've never fainted before in my…" suddenly she got a stricken look on her face. Bringing her hand up to her mouth Mr. Hayes could see the noticeable shaking in her fingers.

"I think that you should take a break or something my dear, something has really upset you."

"No I'm alright, it's just that…I should have realized…Oh never mind."

Mr. Hayes looked at her strangely trying to figure out what she was talking about,

"Believe me I will be fine." Amanda got up and smiled at him. "See all better there's nothing wrong with me I probably just have to eat."

"Then I think you should stop and eat something. I just might have something in the back that will do the trick."

"Oh no, I'll go out and get something. There is a fast food restaurant just down the street."

"I won't hear of it." When Amanda started to protest again, he held up a hand stopping her, "Please indulge a lonely old man who doesn't get to spend much time with young beautiful women," he smiled sweetly at her. What could she say, so she agreed.

"Good I will order us some food to be delivered from across the street," with a smile he went to the phone. While he was ordering the food Amanda sat back down at the table looking at the journal entry. It didn't say he was dead! Amanda read the entry again and sure enough it didn't confirm that he had died only that he was seriously injured.

"Well, the food should be here soon. Now tell me what had made you so upset?" Mr. Hayes came walking towards her.

"You wouldn't believe me."

"Try me," he sat down at the end of the small table and gave her a friendly smile. She hadn't told anyone of what happened to her and didn't know if she should but Mr. Hayes had such a genuine friendly smile that she just started pouring out the whole story starting with the phone call from the lawyers. Mr. Hayes was a good listener and didn't really say anything; he only made noise to show that he was listening and sometime during the telling the food had arrived.

By the time she was done tears were silently falling down her cheeks. "You see I probably over reacted. He could have survived those wounds; it didn't say he was dead.

"My dear you know he would have to have died at some time. He couldn't live forever and you know that."

"I know, I just had never thought about it," Amanda hung her head hiding her tears.

"So tell me, if you had a chance to go back would you?"

"Oh yes I would; leave it to me to fall in love with a man that lived 286 years ago. It's a hard life but the freedom I felt while on the Pearl was indescribable and being with Jack made it even better."

"Then if it was me I would find out a way to get back to him."

"What if I do find a way to go back and he has died. I could be there forever without the person I went back to be with."

"You have to decide if the risk is worth taking." Mr. Hayes got up and started clearing away the remnants of their dinner. Amanda stood and helped him and once they were done she neatly put the journals back in order and handed them to him.

"Thank you for letting me see these and also thank you for letting me talk with you. You are the first person that I had told this to."

"I could tell that you needed to talk with someone and I had the time. If you ever need someone to talk to again give me a call and I'll listen." He walked over to the counter where his cash register was and picking up a business card handed it to her.

"Thank you, you are so kind," she smiled at Mr. Hayes and then left the small shop. When she got back to her motel she decided to spend one last night and leave back home in the morning determined to find a way to be back with Jack.

Amanda tossed and turned that night with weird dreams of Jack dieing and calling out for her. Several times she woke up swearing that she had heard his voice. But upon opening her eyes she was alone.

"When she got back to the house everything was the same as when she left for the main land. With determination she started looking for any hints for finding the chest Jack left with Elizabeth. First she started going through all of the diaries. When she didn't find anything she started searching the house, which was really futile since this wasn't the original house that Will and Elizabeth lived in. In fact it was built a couple of hundred years later then the original house.

With a sigh Amanda flopped down on the sofa, she felt herself falling further and further into depression. With determination she shook herself and sat up straighter, "Now where could Jack have told Elizabeth and Will to hide that chest?" she mumbled to herself. Dragging herself off of the couch she went and picked up the journals, again, to see if later in time any mention was given about the chest.

After many hours of scanning and reading she couldn't find the chest mentioned again anywhere so she started her thought process all over again. "Now why would Jack give Will and Elizabeth the chest in the first place?" All of a sudden it hit her, he new that she had found Elizabeth's journals and were reading them and that it was a given that

Elizabeth would mention the chest. So if Jack had assumed she would read the journals then he probably would have had her hide the chest somewhere that she would think to look.

Amanda started thinking of all the places Jack could have hidden the chest that she would think about. The first place she thought of was the bath tub. That was the first place that she ever saw Jack but obviously it wasn't in the house so she started thinking about things outside. She also saw him on the beach but because of the risk of high water that wouldn't work. Amanda sighed this was hard every place she thought about wouldn't work. There wasn't even that many places to look. Thinking that a walk on the beach might help Amanda went outside and making her way down the beach just started walking and thinking. She fondly remembered all the places that she and Jack and been together at. She was at the end of the beach against the cliff, the spot where she was taken back to the 17th century. Looking around all she could see was sand; the cliff was scarred from the actions of the waves during storms over all the centuries. Suddenly Amanda knew where the chest was hidden. Running back across the beach she went into the shed and came out with a shovel and made her way to the top of the cliff.

It ended up being a large open expanse and she didn't have the faintest idea where to begin. Going over to the edge she looked down and found the spot where she and Jack had stood when she went back in time. Looking along the top of the cliff there was a tree standing alone above where she thought the location was. The tree was bent and twisted from the centuries of pounding it received from the winds. Amanda walked over to the tree and placed her hand on the trunk.

"Hey old guy I bet you've seen a lot of history?" she said to the tree. Just then there was a gust of wind that blew the dry leaves around making a rustling noise like the tree was trying to speak to her. The wind made the branches move and something whispered to her to look up. Without thinking Amanda did and saw a place on the bark that was worn away. She felt that she had to see what made the bark different there but it was too high for her. She looked around for a something to stand on. Seeing nothing that she could hope to move she went back to the house.

Finding a ladder in the garage she lugged it back to the cliff and placed it against the tree. Without a thought she started climbing the ladder. After a few steps she stopped and looked down and then looking up continued to climb. When she made it to the spot she couldn't quit make out what was there. Brushing her hand across the area she felt a tingle in her fingers which made her quickly move her hand away. She carefully put her hand back and she had the same sensation but this time she didn't move her hand away. There was something carved on the trunk of the tree leaning closer she tried to make it out. Suddenly there was a gust of wind making the branches move and a shaft of sunlight hit the spot and that's when she was able to make out what was there.

Amanda burst into tears when she saw what had been carved into the tree. There was a sparrow in flight and under it were the initials of AA, her initials. When she was finally able to compose herself she looked down directly below the carving. Without thinking she climbed down the ladder and grabbing the shovel started digging. It was hard work and the tree had grown a lot since the carving had been made. After a bit she stopped for a breather. She hadn't made much headway; the tree had an extensive root system and she had to fight with it. The thought went through her head that the tree could have grown enough that the chest was now under it but with a shake of her head she continued digging.

She was just about to give up when the shovel hit something with a thud. Scraping the shovel around she was able to see the outline of a small chest. It was a few more minutes before she could get enough dirt cleared from around it to grab a hold of it. It was heavy and she had to use all her strength to pull it free of the dirt that had protected it for centuries. Amanda reached around her neck pulling the key from inside the neckline of her shirt. Before she had left for the main land she had threaded the key on a chain to be worn around her neck all the time for safe keeping.

With a deep breath she placed the key in the lock and tried turning it. At first the key wouldn't budge but with some jiggling it started to move. Then with a click the lock sprang free. Amanda reached around and with a creak of old hinges lifted the lid. What she saw inside made her gasp. The chest was filled with a small treasure. There were gold coins and jewelry but the biggest treasure of all was the folded piece of parchment on the top.

Carefully Amanda pulled the paper out and opened it:

My dearest luv,

If you are reading this then I know that I wasn't able to join you and missed the opportunity to tell you how much I love you and will always love you. Even though I never told you I do truly love you. I would give up everything for the chance to be with you. Everything that seemed so important to me became insignificant the moment I met you. I was a stupid fool for not realizing that if I just swallowed my foolish pride then I might have been able to go with you. Since you left I don't have anything to live for and miss you terribly.

When I gave the chest to Will and Elizabeth I told them of the spot I wanted it to be buried hoping that you would discover it. Did you see the mark on the tree trunk? Surely you did for you found the chest, didn't you?

Hopefully the trinkets and coin in the chest will be worth something in your time. I wanted to be able to provide for you and this was the only way that I could.

Have a wonderful life and I will wait for you until we can be together again.

Forever with love,


Amanda clutched the letter to her chest sobbing just knowing that Jack was lost to her forever. She laid down in the grass beside the chest crying.


When the sword went through Jack everyone was stunned. Quickly the crew gathered up their fallen captain and rushed him back onto his beloved Pearl. Taking him to his cabin the ship surgeon, McKee, was called. Jack was gently placed on his bunk; he was breathing but they didn't know for how long. He grimaced in pain looking at his gathered crew.

"Get…the…Pearl…out…of…range." He spoke so low that everyone leaned forward to hear him.

"Aye capt'n it is bein' done as we speak."

"Ya…are…a…good…first…mate." Jack tried to raise his hand and Gibbs took and squeezed it.

The doctor came in pushing everyone out of the way, "Too many people in here come on now ya all get."

The crew started filing out but a few who've know jack the longest stayed, "Well Jack, it looks like ya done ya self up good this time."

"I…can…already…tell…ya…there…be…nothin'…ya…can…do." Jack was having trouble catching his breath.

"Now don't ya be sayin' that, let me look at ya." The doctor started taking off all of Jack's effects laying them on the floor out of the way. Once he got Jack's coat and vest off he gently started cutting away his shirt. He tried hard to keep his expression bland but the sight of the grievous wound made him blanch.

"See…I…tol…ya…" Jack coughed making everyone wench.

"Save ya breath. First I need ta clean ya wound, Mr. Gibbs bring me some of his rum."


"I tol ya ta be quiet," McKee scolded him. "Now as ya know this is gonna hurt like hell."

When the rum hit the open wound Jack yelled and passed out. "Good I was hopin' he would do that," the doctor stated to no one in particular. McKee finished disinfecting the wound and then started stitching it closed. When done he turned towards Gibbs. "Well that's all I can do for him. He might make it if that wound doesn't get an infection. Someone should stay with him at all times and if'n he starts ta feel warm come and get me, immediately."

Jack regained consciousness for a bit and they gave him some rum for the pain and he immediately slipped back into unconsciousness. The crew took turns staying with him and it was Gibbs who spotted the first signs of a fever.

"Someone get McKee, now!" Gibbs had hurried to the door and yelled the order.

It didn't take long and the doctor was coming through the door. He put his hand out and started feeling Jack.

"Someone get ma some water we hav ta keep his temperature down."

During the long night Jack's temperature spiked really high and he started hallucinating and calling for Amanda. When told she was gone he would yell and struggle. They ended up having to tie him down so he wouldn't reopen his wound.

Right before morning he opened his eyes and was aware of the people around him.

"I was stupid ya know," he whispered to the McKee and Gibbs. "I lost her I don wanta be without her. I love her ya know?"

"Yes Jack we could all tell tha ya loved her."

"The Pearl…she's yours." Jack looked at his old friend, Gibbs; closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

"Jack…JACK!" Gibbs started shaking him but the doctor stopped him.

"There's no use, he's gone now."


A storm came howling across the Caribbean making temperatures drop and also dumping a torrent of rain. The surf pounded the shore causing damage some residents had to be rescued from their homes along the coast. When a rescue crew came by the house to check on Amanda they found the door to the garage blowing in the wind but the car was still in the garage.

Checking the house they found it unlocked and walked inside calling her name. With the car still there she had to be around. They went back outside and started looking for her. The storm had been raging all night and half the next day before it started to let up. There was a lot of debris and they were afraid that she had went out to check the house and was struck by some of it. When they didn't find her they started searching wider and that's when someone spotted a figure under the tree on the cliff.

"I'VE FOUND HER!" one of the men shouted running up to her. He bent down and found a faint pulse. "WE NEED AN AMBULANCE NOW!" He took off his coat and placed it over her body.

They found her lying in the grass clutching a piece of paper. Her body temperature was dangerously low and she was barely breathing. Next to her was an old chest. Upon opening it they found a treasure beyond compare. The men closed the chest to make sure no one else saw it. When the ambulance got there they bundled her into blankets; loaded her on a gurney and put her in it. As the ambulance sped off with sirens blaring the rescue workers took the chest back to the house and taking the keys off the hook on the wall locked the door.

The EMT's tried their best to save Amanda but the will to live wasn't there. When she arrived at the hospital they were trying to revive her with no success. She was pronounced dead at 1:30 p.m.

Upon hearing how she died and where she was found it was decided to burying her under that tree.


They wrapped Jack's body in the Jolly Roger that had flown above his beloved Black Pearl and tying weights onto his body he was slipped into the Caribbean.


It was a bright and beautiful day, the day the buried Amanda. Even though she was new to the area everyone came to her funeral even though they didn't know her. They just wanted to pay their respects and they all knew her aunt.

As they lowered the coffin in the ground more then one person swore they heard the laughter of a man and woman on the beach. Looking over the side nothing could be seen but a few swear that out of the corner of their eye they saw a woman and a pirate running down the beach hand in hand.


Well everyone I hope that this ending affected you as much as it affected me. If it did I am handing out tissue because you probably need it right now.

I would like to thank everyone for reading this; I appreciate you all.

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