My name's Gene Hunt, I 'ad an accident and I woke up in 2007. Am I mad, in a coma, or forward in time? What ever 'appened it's like I've landed on a different planet. Now maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get 'ome.

What if the Gene Genie and Sam where to trade places? Gene Hunt get shot forward in time instead of Sammy-boy getting thrown back in time? Well, let's find out. This is set to be an epic, but it'll be interesting to see where it goes!

As usual, credit where credits due. I don't own Life on Mars and I fear that Gene Hunt would come round my house and stamp on my toys if I did try and take credit. (More likely my latest fanfiction doodles, but hay!)


The screeching of breaks and blare of police sirens marked the start of a police raid two months in the making. Heading the team was DCI Gene Hunt, Manchester A Division's finest, in his unashamedly gold Ford Cortina. Several cars full of plods and plonks jumped out of a half dozen squad cars and surrounded the area. DC Chris Skelton and DS Ray Carling climbed out of the back of the Cortina and the trio marched up to the front door.

It had taken CID long enough to track down the 'Bastard'. Gene was eager, maybe too eager to get the guilty party behind bars. It had taken more door-to-door enquiries, and following more obscure leads than he could have stomached. But now he had a twenty-four carat tip-off, and his gut-feeling alarm bell was a church peel.

This was it.

"Kramer!" Gene yelled and getting no instant reply threw his weight at the door making the lock jump and the door swing cleanly open. "Kramer!" Gene bellowed over the sound of heavy bass and inaudible lyrics. Spotting a dark figure down the end of the hallway Gene made a run at him and Kramer headed for the back door.

Gene sped after him, almost instantly out of breath, ruddy cigarettes! Hunt thought to himself and he began to gain on Kramer. "Stop you bastard!" Gene yelled but Kramer didn't take the hint and ran towards the main road. Somewhere, drifting from one of the houses, David Bowie was singing about Jean Genie, but neither the pursued nor the pursuer noticed. Kramer dashed across the road and Gene followed in hot pursuit

Gene heard the screech of breaks, the crack of bones, his own. Then the blackness consumed him.

Ok, I know it's short, but as you can see I'm just setting the scene, consider it the bit before the credits in a TV show! Please review though!

Chapter One to come soon. If you are a avid reader of my fics you will be aware that I am, at the mo, in the dieing chapters of Seeing Double so I may not be very quick about the up-dates until I finish that.

Ta for reading.