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Chapter One: White Doom

Three years later…

When I was five I received my first kiss, no, no, not that kind of kiss.

We were at his house when it happened.

I've been going to Sasuke's house so we could hang out and not be in the sun all day, mom used to tell us not to train so much in the sun so she made us stay at the house some of the afternoons.

But the truth was that I always stayed in the shade unless I had sunscreen on, Sasuke was the dork that always stayed in the sun, he used to say the sun on his skin made him feel alive (he never got a tan it didn't matter how many hours he stayed in the sun, he would never get darker), I never understood it, to this day I still don't.

Well, when Sasuke's Dad was home his mom was different. She'd smile more, laugh louder, her eye's showed how happy she was to see him, and the way she moved, everything was different when her husband was there. She moved as if she was dancing, it was graceful and just plain beautiful. But when he was there they'd always touch a finger to a wrist, a hand on a waist, or a shoulder, a pat on the butt, a hip to a hip, anything they could reach they'd touch, just to be able to touch one another, almost as if to make sure they were still there. But what I liked the most was when they thought we weren't looking they'd kiss, not a deep kiss but a little peck on the lips; they would always steal one from one another. Mom would blush and swat him on his shoulder but you could see it in her eyes that she loved it.

Or when they'd whisper "I love you" to one another, Itachi would always scowled them saying they aren't young so they shouldn't be acting like that. They didn't care they'd still do it and I thought it was romantic.

Sasuke and I were sitting at the table watching as his parents moved around the kitchen. Mr. Uchiha grabbed mom by the waist and turned her around to face him then they began to dance, mom giggling, it sounded magical he would start to hum a song only they knew as they danced.

"They are such kids," Sasuke would tell me.

"Yeah but, it's really romantic," I sigh as I rest my chin in my palm with my elbow on the table watching them moving around the kitchen in perfect sync.

"Well…you're a kid, too," he tells me in that tone that makes him more "superior" then me.

"I don't care as long as I have that kind of love nothing else would matter," I tell him.

"Really?" I nod. "Do you love someone already?"

"No, you?" I ask not interested, I watch as Mr. Uchiha dipped mom, she was giggling like a little girl as he kisses her neck.

"NO, I don't love anyone," he answers my question, he looks down at the table and I see him move his legs as if he's on a swing.

"Really?" I ask him excited. "That's cool!" I tell him as I continue to watch his parents continuing their dance as he begins to kiss, mom on the forehead.

"I said I don't love anyone, are you listening to me?" he asks me, I shake my head not looking at him, I let out a sigh as Mr. Uchiha brings mom closer to him.

"Hinata!" he calls me, but, I ignore him as I watch mom rest her head on his chest she closes her eyes and has a silly smile on her lips.

"Hinata!!" I turn around and I watch as Sasuke leans in and gives me a peck on the lips. I see him blush as he leans back and look at the table. I put my fingers to my lips.

"S-Sasuke?" I whisper. He continues to look at the table his face turning redder. "What was that for?" I whisper my question.

"You weren't paying attention to me so I did that, so you could!" he says to me as he continues to look at the table.

"Sasuke," I whisper, after a while he looks up uncertain. "I think I do love someone," I confess to him, he looks at me his eyes growing bigger, eyebrows going up and his mouth open in the shape of an "o" but, then his lips form the same kind of silly smile his mom has on her lips.

I was later told by Sasuke that I had the same smile as I continued to watch his parents, with my fingers to my lips remembering the feeling of his lips on mine.

Even now I find my fingers touching my lips remembering his lips on mine; I remove them off my lips angry that I could still remember that stupid moment.

If Master Itachi were here I wouldn't be remembering these stupid memories, the Leader sent him on a different mission with Master Kisame so I'm to take care of this mission on my own. Its okay, I'm used to doing mission on my own, I'm better alone.

I walk along the lonely trail, grass and trees on either side of me, every once in a while I hear a bird sing but, other then that it's completely silent. I don't know if I like this silence but, I've grown accustomed to it.

I hear my feet as they land on a few pebbles but once I reach my destination there will be no noise out of me, the only thing they will hear is my swords cutting them down.

It two years I've mastered the art of the silent kill.

No one hears me come and no one is left to see or hear me leave.

Many different village's call me the Killing Princess, Bloody Snow or my favorite White Doom.

I've gotten the last two because of what I wear, when my Master Itachi or Akatsuki sends me out to assassinate I always wear a plain white short kimono, it lands two inches above my knees. I actually wear two kimono's they have the long traditional sleeves and under them I wear some white short, shorts so I won't flash them when I jump around. I wear a blood-red belt that starts under my breasts and it reaches my waist with a bow in the back, I have both of my swords crisscrossing one another in the back of my belt. On my right thigh I have a pouch full of kunai and shuriken. But all I use to kill are Attainment and Annihilation.

I continue to walk as I near the gate, I create mist and I activate my Byakugan. I see two guards below and four above, I've also earned the nickname The White Light, I received it from my Master Itachi because, he says that when he see's me in action all he see's is a white light.

I quickly do some hand seals to create two clones; they gather chakra to their feet and walk on the wall to take care of the four guards up on the wall. I take care of the two guards quickly by slitting their throats with a kunai; I see their dead expression of surprise.

It reminds me of someone else I've killed and he had that expression on his face too, I smile as I remember. I quickly forget my memories as my two clones open the gate from the inside.

They go to the village to slaughter every single person there be it women, man, child, old or young they will kill every last villager, quickly and silently.

I make my way to the castle up on the mountain that looks down at the village.

My target is in there being guarded by one hundred of their villages best shinobi, I snicker, if the there was four hundred then they might have had a chance.

I let out a sigh and I pout, I thought today might have been a challenge but, I was sadly mistaken.

As I reach the entrance of the castle I begin my hand seals and create a great big fireball that burns all ten guards to a crisp, they burn so fast that there was no cry of agony. It also burns down the entrance it starts to eat away the rest of the castle, I better make this quick or else the castle will burn down.

I run up the stairs and start to kill the men and women who come at me, I defeat them all, quickly. I reach the hallway and I sense danger so I create a shadow clone and sure enough it's attacked by lightning.

I grab Annihilation and send chakra into the hilt and stick it into the floor and I create trees, they each hold in one shinobi into a different tree.

I've mastered both swords so I could use any element I want, plus I don't have to use dirt anymore for the earth element.

I stop at each tree and cut their heads off with Attainment, I near the room that the man I must kill is in, some thirty more shinobi come at me but they all stop as I put them in a paralyzing jutsu, I make them all look at me in the eyes and they see their deaths, I see them all shake violently, some fall to their knees crying, and other's stay standing but start to vomit, every single one of them take their own lives by slitting their throats.

I stand at the open door of the room ant the rest of the shinobi are there surrounding their leader.

I quickly send some chakra into the hilt of Annihilation and fire starts to swirl around the blade and in the opposite direction lightning starts to crackle and swirl up the blade, I start to stab, cut, slice shinobi down, I use Attainment to suck their chakra away so they won't be able to use any jutsus, I watch as legs go flying as do arms, hands, I hear as all the shinobi yell out in pain.

The way I move is like my own dance, I've been told by Master Kisame I have the grace and beauty of a ballerina but I have a way to me that when I move to kill no one else could have that kind of skill, he told me that when I kill it's like an art, an art that no one is able to duplicate, even Master Deidara agrees, as much as he denied it at first but, he has said that my art is almost as good as his.

As I kill them I show no emotion or make no sound, all I do is kill, kill until there is no one left but, the leader of their village.

I got careless and got stabbed on my left side but, I feel nothing, no pain or anything, I turn around to face the girl who stabbed me, she starts to back away, she suddenly tries to runaway but I stand before her in a flash, she begins to cry.

"No, please, I'm-" but she didn't finish because I cut her in half length wise from her head down, I hear all the rest of the shinobi take in a breath, they all look at me with fear burning in their eyes, I see some try to flee but, before they could even breath I cut them down, I watch as one by one they fall to the floor, they all lay there dead.

Once I killed the very last shinobi I make my way to the leader of this hidden village. He starts to back away until his back meets the wall.

His eyes are also burning with fear and he starts to beg for his life he goes on his knees.

"Please, please let me live, p-please, I-I'll do anything, j-just p-please," he says to me in an anxious, shaky voice. I see the blood tickle down his face from my bloody one.

"Where is it?" I ask him in a completely emotionless voice and I look at him nothing showing in my blank eyes.

"How could you be so heartless?" he yells at me his anger giving him strength, he then spits on my face, I could see his face become white, I see as his eyes become wide and they fill up with tears. I put Attainment to his throat.

"Where are they?" I say this time a bit more loudly.

"I-it's i-in the n-next room," he says to me his voice shaking with fear once more. I lean my face into his and tell him.

"This is what you get for crossing Akatsuki and becoming allies with Orochimaru," I say to him in a low-rage filled voice as I bend on one knee and cut off his head, I watch as the blood gushes out up towards the ceiling, I close my eyes so that the blood won't go in my eyes, I open them after I hear a thump and I watch as the blood continues to spill onto the floor, actually I can't see none of the wood floor because it's covered in blood and dead bodies.

I grab his head and take it with me as I feel his warm blood dripping down my leg. I go into the hallway and enter the room next door, I leave my Byakugan activated and I find the five scrolls that I came for and I also find two briefcases filled with money. I put the scrolls inside my belt, in one hand I hold the head by the hair and in the other are the two briefcases.

I exit the castle, I drop all three items on the ground and do the appropriate hand seals and do and even bigger fireball to burn down the rest of the castle.

I pick up the items and make my way down the mountain leaving behind anything I might have felt while killing all those people along with the castle, I burn down any and all remorse along with it.

As I walk by the village I see that my clones burnt down the village.

I walk out the open gates and use the same trail I used to arrive, about one mile away from the hidden village I sit on the ground, I put the head on ground, face down and put the briefcases along with it. On my other side I remove my two swords and let them rest there, I lay down and wait.

I bend my knees up and cross one leg over the other, I feel something warm on my left side, then I remembered that I got stabbed, my once white kimono is now the same color as my belt, blood red. I take out the scrolls from my belt and set them next to my swords. I then untie the bow from the back and remove my belt. I take my arms out of the sleeves and let the top fall on my waist I look at my side to see that the cut isn't too deep but it is bleeding quite a bit. I don't look up to see Zetsu along with Tobi.

"Is that the head you wanted?" I ask him as I open my wound to look inside it. I see his hand from the corner of my eye as he reaches down to get the head by the hair.

"It's not deep is it?" Tobi asks me as he goes behind me and examines the wound for himself.

"No, I just need to close it before it bleeds anymore," I say to him as I look up at Zetsu.

"Yeah, it's the mother fucken bastard," one side says.

"You did a good job, like always, Hinata," the other says.

"Actually I found two briefcases full of money so I brought those along, he was probably going to pay Orochimaru for something," I tell him my suspicion.

"They were probably planning something," the white side said.

"Hey Hinata is there any dead bodies we could dispose of?"

"Only if you like burnt bones," I say to him as I feel Tobi cleaning my wound; I look back at the masked man.

"Tobi, do you know what you are doing?" I ask him.

"Yes, I was taught the basics," he says to me.

"Oh, I thought you just wanted to touch me," I tease the guy.

"Yeah, that too," he says quietly, I was about to tell him off until Zetsu cut me off.

"Here, I bought you some new clothes, just so you know Kakuzu is angry because you are always wasting money on your kimonos," the white side of Zetsu tells me.

"I know, I know he lectured me before I left," I say, I reach over for the scrolls and hand them to Zetsu.

"Did you read them?" the black side asks me in an angry tone.

"No, that wasn't part of my mission," I say then I look back at him. "What are they? Are you allowed to tell me?" I ask him.

"Quit being so fucken nosy!" Zetsu's black side says in a menacing tone.

"No, its okay, I'll tell you. Three of the scrolls have the location to the last three tailed beast, one scroll has all of Orochimaru's hideouts and the last one is the agreement the village had with him," he says.

So one of those scrolls could tell me where Sasuke is at, I think but, on the outside I act as if I have no interest in the matter.

I've been too busy to really think about either of the two boys I used to love. They've always been at the back of my mind but, I just haven't had the time or energy to think about them, too much.

"You've grown awfully quiet Hinata," Zetsu says to me.

"I'm sorry, I was just imagining the different was I'm going to kill the Snake," I smile up at him.

"Okay, I' am done patching you up," Tobi says to me. "Try not to get it wet," he tells me as he gets up. I put my arms through each of the sleeves to put it back on.

"How am I supposed to wash off all the blood?" I whine at him.

"If you want I could give you a sponge bath," Tobi offers me.

"I'm barely fifteen, how old are you?" I ask him.

"Old enough?"

"Sorry but, not interested. Well I'm going to go take a bath in the lake; I'll meet you back at the base."

"Why do you need to bathe?" Tobi asks me, I look back at him showing my surprise that he doesn't know why.

"I can't go walking around in my bloody kimono and dry blood, with stuff that I rather not think about stuck in my hair or skin, what will people think if they see me like this?" I ask him.

"Oh yeah," he says finally getting it he turns around to face Zetsu. "Master Zetsu, I'll stay to help Hinata bathe," Tobi says as he starts to walk over to me as I stop to look back at him.

"Don't even think about it, you pervert, didn't you get enough by looking at my breasts?" I yell.

"No," he whines, "It doesn't count because you have a bra on," he tells me as he begins to make his way over to me but Zetsu grab's Tobi's collar of his cloak.

"Do you want to die so young?" Zetsu asks him.

"Yeah, you dumbass do you want Itachi to kill you because you touched his precious student?" Zetsu's black side asks Tobi and he continues. "Do you want to die a slow and painful death by Uchiha?"

"Now, that you mention it, I'll see you at the base, later," Tobi yells to me as he starts to runaway. I snicker at him, and then I bow at Zetsu.

"Thank you, Master Zetsu for lying," I was about to leave but then I heard him say.

"Who said I was lying?" I look at him my eyes big and mouth wide open. "Oh and another thing do you believe you are the only one who wants to kill Orochimaru?"

"No, but, I'll be the one who will cut him into little pieces and keep his head as a souvenir, you know to keep the rats and cockroaches away," I say to him as he gives me his back and walks away laughing.

I too leave, making my way to the lake to wash off all the blood on my body.

I will be the one to kill Orochimaru since I already killed his right hand man, I smile at the memory.

Two years before…

We were leaving the Grass Village after our fight with some of their most powerful shinobi. My kimono drenched in blood.

"I still don't understand how my two Master never get bloody like me," I tell them as I sigh and pout looking at my once white kimono.

"In a year, you'll be able to be like us and not get bloody," Kisame tells me. I run up to him and clutch my hands together between my breasts with tears glistening in my eyes.

"Really!!! Master Kisame, do you really believe it?" I ask him using my "puppy dog-eyes".

"Yes, I really do," he tells me as he pats me on the head and smiles down at me. "Right, Itachi?" he asks him, I look at my Master's back waiting for him to answer.

"She still needs much work," he says quietly, I slump my shoulders and begin to drag my feet, feeling as if I've been stabbed in my back.

"Don't listen to him Hinata, he's just jealous at how good you've gotten your better then him when he was your age," he whisper's, I stand up straight and look at him with my tears glistening my eyes once more.

"I heard you," Itachi says in a low-deadly tone, I let out a little yelp of surprise as Kisame clears his throat and coughs a bit.

"He has the ears of an owl," I whisper behind my hand at Kisame, he nods.

"I heard that Hinata," he says to me in a warning tone as he looks over his shoulder to look at me, I gaze at the grass.

"I'm sorry, Master Itachi, I promise never to compare your unhealthy-abnormal-freaky hearing to anymore animals," I tell him as I bow at his back, I hear Kisame chuckle then just snicker behind his hand, I hold my giggle in but, I do smile unable to stop myself. I look over at Master Kisame deciding to give Master Itachi a break.

"Did I tell you Master Kisame, I saw that new action movie you've been wanting to see," I tell him in a sing-song voice as I begin to skip before him with my hands folded behind my back whistling.

"How? When? Why? Why would you do this? How were you able to?" he asks me baffled at what I've told him. I face him and I snicker behind my hand, and give him an evil smile.

"Master Zetsu taught me this ultra-awesome jutsu-"but I wasn't able to finish because I was interrupted.

"The Leader gave her permission," Itachi tells Kisame, I fall to the ground face first, tripping on my own two feet. I look up at Itachi's back and begin to wail.

"Your so meannnnn…Master Itachi hates meeeeeee... Master Itachi didn't let me lieeeeeee…" I yell up at the sky continuing to cry with one hand to my eyes and one to mouth I sob, and begin to hiccup. "I wanted to tell Master Kisame about the jutsu Master Zetsu taught meeeeeee…" I yell out at Itachi but then I sense someone and I wipe away my fake tears and get up to stand behind my two Master's to wait until they tell me what they would like me to do. I look to notice that it was him

"Well, well look at what we have here," he says at he puts his glasses higher up his nose. "Who, but, none other then Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki and Hinata Hyuga, who would've thought she joined forces with her boyfriend's, brother, Hinata does Sasuke know about this?" he asks me, in the tone a teacher uses to scowled a student he, ignores my two Master's giving all his attention to me.

"What does that twerp have to do with our Hinata?" Kisame asks him as he rests his sword over his shoulder.

"Nothing much now, but, they used to be such close friends. Isn't that right Itachi?" my Master just looks at Kabuto his sharingan rotating, I feel Kabuto's gaze on me once more. "Hinata don't you want to know about your friend?" he asks me, I just look at him not showing any interest because, I really don't want to talk about him, my wounds still haven't completely healed, it's been two years but they still hurt, not my body wounds but the one's to my soul and heart.

"What do you want?" the usually quiet Itachi asks Kabuto.

"I was sent by Lord Orochimaru to find out the identity of White Doom and imagine my surprise to find out that it's none other then Hinata Hyuga, who would've thought that? Ehh, Hinata?" he asks me smiling, I see something in his eyes that interests me. "He also told me that if I find White Doom that I should kill him, well I guess you could say her, right Hinata?" he asks me as he laughs. I watch as Master Itachi and Master Kisame get ready to fight, Master Kisame brings down his sword in front of him. I quickly step before them and bow on one knee as I ask them.

"Please Master Kisame, Master Itachi, let me fight this man alone," I tell them bowing my head at them, I watch as Itachi feet start to move toward some trees, I look up at Kisame, he comes closer to me.

"Hinata make me proud," he says to me as he pats me on the top of my head, as he too walks towards Itachi and sits down next to him and nods at me, I look up at Master Itachi as he just looks at me with his sharingan eyes, I nod and stand up to face Kabuto.

"Well your going to take me on by yourself, how brave, yet stupid," he tells me with a laugh. "I just hope you don't break down like the time I told you about the Third's death," he says to me as he comes closer, smiling at me.

"Was it not you who left running, no actually did you not jump out the window out of fear of me?" I ask him, I see his eyes change as he looks down at me.

"What could you have done, you were frozen in fear out of your beloved Hokage's death by Orochimaru," he says to me, I stiffen as he smiles, I slowly relax.

"I have no ties to Konoha anymore, so I care not for the death of said person," I tell him but, in my mind I ask the Third for forgiveness.

"You have no ties to your village, really? What of Naruto or Sasuke?" he asks me.

"What of them, one is the nine-tails and the other is a Traitor," I tell him hating myself for saying that about Naruto.

"I bet Sasuke will be heart broken once I tell him what you said about him," he says I stand right in front of him, he looks at me surprised that I'm so fast, I take out Attainment and begin to suck his chakra away.

"I don't care about anyone, except my two Master's and Akatsuki, my life is devoted to them, only them, I have no ties to anyone else, do you understand?" I ask him as I bring down Attainment on his arm and I cut into it and I slide it out of his cut arm and begins to bleed out, he gives out a small yell of pain, as he holds onto it, he looks at me, I look down at my kimono.

"Look what you did, now I'm going to wet it again with your blood," I whine at him he looks at me surprised, he jumps back away from me holding on to his arm, I watch as he tries to heal it, I look at his eyes as they grow bigger, I smile and ask him in an innocent voice. "Is something the matter Kabuto?"

"What did you do? How did you do it so that I can't heal my wound?" he asks me not being able to hide his surprise.

"You get 10 points for figuring it out," I say to him as I smile at him giving him a cold-deadly one, he starts to back away, he blinks and he doesn't see me before him, I stand behind him bending a bit forward towards him as I ask him in his ear. "Do you understand now?" he jumps back away from me he throws some kunai at me and I easily block them with Attainment actually more acutely cut them in half length-wise.

"Plus how do you plan to defeat me?" I ask him as I get closer to him. "Are you not merely a medical-nin? And the Snake's Bitch?" I ask him, I see him rise up of the ground as he looks at me with anger. "Does your ass hurt?" I ask him sounding concerned, and then I smile at him evilly. "What with Orochimaru fucking you in your ass," I laugh as does Kisame; he puts one hand on his stomach and the other is slapping his knee.

"Hinata, I never really thought you were that funny but I must admit that was the funniest thing I've heard yet," he says to me between loud laughs.

I stand behind Kabuto and lean on his back with my own but he quickly jumps away. I begin to blush and put a hand to my cheek.

"Did I really make you laugh Master Kisame?" I ask him all innocent and batting my eyelashes at him.

"Of course wait until the rest of the guys hear it they'll laugh just as hard and long," he tells me as he continues to laugh.

"Oh, Master Kisame you're the greatest," I say then I turn to look at Master Itachi. "Your just as great my Master, even if you aren't laughing," I tell him letting him hear my hurt in my voice.

"I'm laughing on the inside, Hinata," he tells me as he gives me half a smile, I continue to blush.

"Oh, Master Itachi-" but I wasn't able to finish because a huge fireball with lightning in it is coming at me, if I move away it'll get my masters so I stand in place waiting, smoke surrounds me as the fire and lightning are right before me, I put both my hands into it, I separate both elements from each other as the smoke begins to clear, I look at Kabuto both elements in each hand as they slowly begin to dissipate in each, I look into his wide-eye-surprised eyes, I go at him with Attainment.

"How dare you try to kill my Masters," I yell at him as he try's to defend himself with two kunai, I put more weight on my sword and they are cut easily, the tip of Attainment cuts into his chest, I slide the sword towards the opposite direction, cutting into his chest it bleeds out, I close my eyes to avoid the blood. I wipe the blood away with my arm and I open them to look at the damage I've done. "You still haven't figured it out, have you Bitch?" I ask him he looks up at me. "Both my swords are special, if they cut someone, that person is unable to heal themselves, I use my chakra to disrupt your own, and not even the current Hokage could heal a wound from Attainment or Annihilation. Only I could heal the wounds given by my swords," I tell him with an evil smile. "Come now Kabuto fight me like that Bitch you are," I tell him, he comes at me, I laugh, I start to step back avoiding his blows but, I slowly gain the lead as I begin to make him step back away from me, I follow him and I start to whistle a random song as I cut into Kabuto's body, I only cut him deep enough to bleed but, not enough so he dies, right away, I continue to whistle as I go at him.

"She's toying with him now," Kisame tells Itachi.

"Yes, she is," Itachi says as he watches Hinata cut into Kabuto's shoulder.

"If she took this fight seriously she would not be whistling," Kisame continues.

"Yes, I believe she isn't having much fun," Itachi says to Kisame.

"True, because she's frowning, if she was having fun she'd be using that scary smile," he says. "Where did she learn it from?" he asks Itachi, he smiles that smile Kisame is talking about inside the collar of his cloak.

"I believe she said she got it from you," he says as he watches Kabuto fall back and Hinata cuts his side.

"I'll have to ask her to see if it's true."

I watch as I cut Kabuto's right hand off, his blood squirts out towards me, I feel as it begins to go through my kimono and onto my skin.

I look at him my guilt evident on my face and the tears threaten to fall. "Could you heal yourself, bitch?"

"You know I can't!" he yells out at me.

"You get ten more points for remembering," I tell him with my evil smile. I go at him again he quickly gets up and jumps away from me. I go behind him and whistle the song in his ear, he tries to slap me in my face with his only hand but I grab it and break a few fingers, he yells out and falls on his knees. I walk away from him and make my way towards my Master's.

"Master Kisame, I have a question for you," I say to him as I rest Attainment on my shoulder with the sharp-toothed edge, facing the sky.

"What is it Hinata?"

"Have you heard the song, I'm whistling, here listen to it," I begin to whistle it. "It's like I remember it but then I don't, you know, I know I've heard it before, but I can't seem to remember it," I tell him as I rest my chin on two fingers.

"I've never heard it before," he says to me as I try to think where I've heard it. "Hinata it seems Orochimaru's bitch is running away." I look back and sure enough Kabuto is trying to runaway. I let out a little yelp of surprise as I go after him, in two seconds I stand in front of him blocking his attempt to escape.

I look at him with my big puppy dog eyes, pouting and ask him in a sad tone. "Snake Bitch are you not having fun?" I ask him still pouting but then an idea comes to my mind and I smile at him. "I know," I put my hand in front of me and rest my index finger on the corner of my lips. "I'll make it much more fun so you could stay and play with me longer," I tell him in a happy voice, much like child's

I look at her wondering how she could have gotten so good, I look over at Itachi and try to imagine what kind of training he put her through in order for her to get this quick. She's quicker then Sasuke and that's saying a lot. She hasn't used any other ninja arts then taijutsu and her sword. It's really quite amazing, I had to give Sasuke different types of drugs to get him at the level he's at, did Itachi do the same? I look at her she's much better then Sasuke, she's not even winded while I'm out of breathe feeling as if my lungs are on fire and she's been running around much more faster then me. Who the hell is this Hinata? The whole time we've been fighting she's never been afraid, she doesn't show anything she doesn't want to let anyone else see. I've got to get away and inform Lord Orochimaru of this new development.

I watched him silently as he was watching me, he was probably thinking things over, for a minute I saw his fear take over. But, now I see that in his eyes they say he's ready to fight once more.

"So you've decided it's time to die?" I ask him, he doesn't say anything as he stands up he reaches behind him to his pouch and takes out a pill and begins to eat it. "You've lost too much blood, even with that plasma pill it will not be enough to regain all the blood," I tell him. I see something in his hand as he throw's it at me, I evade it but it hits the ground and smoke surrounds me, I begin to cough. I activate my Byakugan and watch as he runs away, I sigh, and he looks behind him to see if I'm chasing him.

I stand next to him and bring my foot out causing him to fall face first into the dirt. I pout at him as he looks back, up at me.

"Why are you using such cheap tricks? Can't you think of anything much more creative?" I ask using an accusing tone.

"I can't you took all my chakra!!" he yells at me as he gets up to face me, I watch him out of breath he take in big ones trying to get his lungs full. I let out a huff and fold my arms across my chest letting Attainment stuck in the ground, I pout again.

"You don't have to be such a meanie about it now you've made me mad," I tell him as I run at him with Attainment.

I begin to cut him in all the place's I've already cut him, I make them deeper, I feel the wetness of his blood on my hardened kimono. I cut into his right elbow letting hang on by a vein, he yells out in pain as he holds on to it, I watch the blood squirts out, I begin to giggle like a maniac at his pain. He looks pale; he's wobbly on his feet as he start to runaway dripping his blood where he goes. I go after him, whistling a new song.

"Finish it," I hear Itachi say.

"Yes Master," I yell out loud. I go in front of Kabuto and before he could see what I'm about to do I cut him on his left side and slide the sword towards the right. I cut him in half at the waist.

"You could have done that from the start," Itachi says to me as he begins to walk over to me.

"Yes, Master that's true but, it wouldn't have been any fun but then again it wasn't that much of a challenge," I tell him as I look down at Kabuto's surprised look on his face. "Why is it that everyone I kill always has a look of surprise on their face?" I ask my two Master's as I look down at Kabuto.

"It's because you look weak," Itachi says to me. "But you aren't," he says as he walks away.

"Master Kisame?" I call out to him as I watch Itachi's back. "Was that just a compliment from Master Itachi?" I ask.

"It would appear so," he answers me from over at his place where he is still sitting. I start to giggle like a little girl and put my hands to my mouth as I begin to say really loud, sounding and being happy.

"Ahh…Master Itachi just tries to be a meanie about everything but he's the nicest man I know," I look back at Kisame and smile at him. "Other then you Master Kisame," I face forward looking at Itachi. "Under that cold exterior lays a man who is waiting to be loved by the right women," I say fully understanding that I'm irritating Itachi, I stop before any real harm comes to me.

I look down at Kabuto and an idea comes to my mind, I smile wickedly, surprised at my own evilness, I look back at Kisame.

"Master Kisame I have a favor to ask of you," I tell him as I look over to him.

"What kind of favor?" he asks me uncertain as he makes his way over to me.

"It has to do with this piece of shit," I tell him as we both look down at Kabuto's body.

"What does that have to do with the favor?" he asks me.

"I want to give a certain someone a present," I tell him as I look up at him and smile, he looks down at me understanding what I'm getting at. He smiles down at me with a wide knowing smile.

"I get it, Hinata, it'd my pleasure to assist you."

"Oh, Master Kisame you're the greatest," I tell him as I clap my hands together. I look behind me to yell out at Itachi. "You're just as great my number one Master," I remove my hands from around my mouth.

He just continues to walk away.

I still remember the first time she told me she loves me.

For the first time since we met we weren't in the forest, in my house or at the Academy.

She'd been saying that she wanted to go pick some flowers at the meadow, to this day I still don't know why I agreed.

As we were making our way to the meadow she got a hold of my hand and we walking hand in hand all the way. I heard her humming a song she got from my dad.

When we got there she let go of me and went running into it, she was giggling as she ran, and her face was flushed with a silly-wide-happy smile on her lips.

She had on a dress today, it reached her knees and it had little thin straps on her shoulders the color was white with light blue, the skirt was kind of puffy. So as she twirled, laughing with that smile on her lips her eye's dancing with delight, the bottom of her dress twirled along with her.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she yells at me breathless and smiling still twirling.

"Yes, it is," I whisper as I go over to her.

There were many different colors of flowers some were white, or purple, pink, yellow, red, orange, in different shades of each color, there was a pale yellow, a bright pink, or an almost blue-purple, a white with purple on the ends of the petal, a beautiful orange or a peach.

She told me the names of each flower but, I wasn't paying attention all I could do is watch and hear her talk to the flowers.

"My you've grown so beautiful, but don't you worry I'll love you a lot!" she told one.

"You are too pretty to cut," she tells another.

"I'll love you even more," she continued to say to one.

"You are one of the best!" she told them all.

I sat under a tree as I watched her mesmerized by her grace and beauty. I love Hinata sure, but, this was the moment that I fell in love with Hinata Hyuga.

There in the meadow, in my heart I knew I could not live without her, I knew I would make Hinata my wife and that I would make her the happiest women in the village, much happier then my mom.

I was five and I was already deeply in love with her.

It was not her beauty that I fell for but, her kindness, patience, how she has something nice to say about everyone, how she is always concerned about me, how hard she trains to show her dad wrong, how she doesn't act like all the girls, then there's also the fact that she never asks of anything of me all she wants is my friendship nothing more and how she always has a smile for me.

I look at her surrounded by flowers, she looks like she's home, butterflies are flying around her as are humming birds, it's almost as if they know Hinata will not harm them, like they trust her. She smiles at them.

She looks down to look at me. "Sasuke?" she calls out to me, I look at her waiting for her to continue. "Could I ask you something?" I nod. She comes closer and I see that her eyebrows are kind of down and her upper teeth are biting down on her lower lip.

"Would it be okay to tell you I love you?" she asks me softly the wind carried her words to me, I look at her surprised, it's like she could read my mind. She gives me a smile as he continues; she tilts her head to the side as her eyes show how honest she is that she is speaking with her heart. "It's fine if you don't love me because I have enough love for the both of us to last a life time." I can't form words or anything I'm too happy to say anything, she keeps smiling at me. She walks away from me back to the flowers. She doesn't look sad or anything.

"I couldn't keep it inside anymore," she tells me as she continues walking.

"It's okay," I say to her, she looks back at me puzzled.

"What's okay?" she asks me not understanding what I'm trying to say. I sigh as I shake my head.

"It's okay to love me, I give you special permission," I say to her, she giggles.

"Thank you!" she shouts at me with her eyes closed and her upper body kind of bending forward and her arms straight behind her, her hands made into tiny fists. She continues to giggle and looks really happy.

"I love you, too, Hinata," I whisper to myself.

I sit up from the bed.

"Shit!" I say out loud.

Why do I always have to remember that day? Why can't I forget it!! That was so long ago, a lifetime ago, everything's changed.

Some days when I try to go to sleep that memory becomes a dream. I feel the slight breeze, smell the sweet scent of the flowers and grass, I feel her small-delicate hand in my but most of all I feel her love.

How I hate it.

I hate that I remember every detail of all of our conversation's especially the last one; the onethat I broke her heart in a million pieces's and participated in kicking her ass.

I could and never will forgive myself for what I did to her but; her last words still haunt me.

"Uchiha, I will hunt you down and do what Itachi failed to do, I'll kill you with my own hands, and I'll burn you with the flames of Hell until there's nothing left of you except dust. Mark my words Traitor, I will kill you." She said to me before she blacked out.

I look down at my burnt arm, to think the same girl who told me she loves me enough for the both of us, threatened to kill me, who would've thought that would happen?

But I never wanted to hurt her but, she would not let me leave so I had to do something.

I really do hate that memory because it makes me think of others, the one's that I used to tell her that I loved her and wanted to marry her. I was so stupid when I was young.

When I'm alone in my room at whatever hideout of Orochimaru's we are in, I get lost in the past.

I start to remember my past promises to her and hers to me.

I remember all those times we were in my house watching my mom and dad, act like teenagers in love, then looking over at Hinata waiting for the day I could do that with her.

Why do I do this to myself?

By now she's probably forgotten about me and is most likely with Naruto.

Why do I even care what she's doing?

How I hate being lost in my memories. There's a knock on the door.

"What?" I say irritated.

"Sasuke may I come in?" I hear a girl's voice on the other side of the door.

"Fine," I say, I see a girl that's skinny but with a great body, a big rack and a nice looking ass. "Take off your clothes and come over here, no talking or I'll kill you," I threaten the girl I don't even know. She does as she's told and lies on the bed.

Today I'm not in the mood to please her I drive into her, using her like she wanted to use me, I close my eyes and imagine a girl with dark blue hair and light blue eyes.

I wonder what she's doing. She's probably hanging out with Naruto and them.

But, I was about to find out that she is far from the village and close to my enemy the one I swore to kill, at all costs…

I walk into Orochimaru's office waiting for some kind of news that he wanted me to hear, I stay in the shadows waiting. Finally after sometime a Sound Jonin comes in and says something to Orochimaru, he bursts out angry.

"That fucking bitch!" he yells as he turns back at the man who gave him the news. "Are you sure it was her?" he asks the Jonin.

"Yes, the Sound shinobi you sent found her leaving the secret village with a head and two briefcases."

"What about the scrolls?"

"The one survivor said he didn't see them," I see as Orochimaru begins to think things over.

"Only one of the ten I sent survived?"

"Actually no, once the man told us what she told him to tell you then he died."

"What did she say?"

"That you and the Uchiha are next."

"I doubt Akatsuki will allow it," he says as he keeps silent but the Jonin begins to ask questions, never a good thing.

"Is she not the one that killed Kabuto? Did she not kill him and send you pieces of him then at the end she sent you his head," Orochimaru looks up to look at the Jonin, he grabs a kunai and throws it at his forehead. The Jonin falls to the ground with a thud.

"Get in here and take this piece of shit with you," he yells at the guards behind his door they come in and drag the body away and close the door behind them.

"And you say I have a problem with my temper," I tell him.

"What the hell is wrong with that stupid bitch?" he asks out loud but he's actually talking to himself.

"Who are you talking about?" I ask him.

"White Doom," he says.

Ah, the elusive White Doom, I've heard stories about this Shinobi. It's been recently discovered that she is a female and she is a part of the organization Itachi is in. I've been hearing about her for the past two years, that she is a cold-blooded killer, and she is one of the most feared criminals the Shinobi world has seen in a long time. In all those years she's killed and she's never left one person alive to talk about how she kills, every once in awhile she leaves one alive so they could talk about how she slaughters, but soon after they finish talking they die. Most of them say that the scary thing is that she has or shows no emotion as she kills that once she's done her white kimono becomes a blood red, and she never shows mercy, it doesn't matter how young they are she kills everyone.

"What does she have against me?' I ask Orochimaru he looks up at me and smiles.

"Don't you know the identity of White Doom?" he asks me in that ugly voice of his I just look at him waiting for him to continue. "None other then your dear friend Hinata Hyuga," he tells me in a malevolent voice, I feel my eyes grow big and my mouth open but, I quickly close it and show my cold exterior, he begins to laugh. I feel my hands clench into fists at my sides.

Who would've thought that sweet little Hinata would've turned into White Doom, I sure as hell wouldn't have imagined it and her joining Akatsuki, I look up at him showing nothing as I ask him.

"Who has she been learning under?"

"Can't you guess?" he asks me as he licks his lips, I just look into his eyes with my sharingan eyes waiting for him to answer, he smiles. "She's learning under your dear brother, Itachi," Orochimaru tells me in a malicious voice; I give him my back as I look at the door. I digest the news, Hinata is learning under Itachi. The same man who never wanted to train me is training her. My body becomes stiff and I feel my knuckles lose their circulation as they turn white.

"Didn't I ever mention it to you before?" he asks me as I look back at him my face giving nothing away as I look away from him and think about everything.

She is learning under the same man she always used to warn me about, the same one she never trusted, the one she would always try to turn me against. I can't believe, no, I don't want to believe that she's joined forces with my one and only enemy the one I swore to kill. How could she do this to me? She knows how much I hate him, why would she join him willingly? How could she betray me like this?

God, I hate her, I hate her so much, but, just the thought of her being by my brother's side this whole time while she left me alone, it hurts, my heart hurts, it makes me jealous. I can't but I do believe she joined him, after what I did, what better revenge on me then to join my brother.

But how could he have turned her into a shinobi like White Doom, how could she become like that, how is it possible for her not to feel guilt? But, then I remembered what she said to me that she has no heart.

"Each time I think about the way she killed Kabuto it makes me want to kill her even more. But then again she could be an interesting test subject but, an even better ally," I watch as he thinks things over. No, I rather kill her myself then let Orochimaru get his filthy hands on her. "I'm going to do things to her so she could regret ever making an enemy out of me," he licks his lips in anticipation.

Two years before, in whatever hideout they were in…

"Lord Orochimaru, something arrived for you," a Jonin says as he knocks on his door, then enters the room. Inside the office is Orochimaru and his student Sasuke Uchiha, the Jonin sets the box on his desk and looks up to await his orders.

"Any news on Kabuto?" Lord Orochimaru asks irritated and angry at said person.

"No, my Lord, the four platoons you sent out to search for him have found nothing, no traces of him whatsoever," the Jonin says.

"He's probably left, he couldn't take your shit anymore," Sasuke says, Orochimaru decides to ignore him.

"Keep looking for him, send more platoons, I don't want them to return without any news!!" he yells angry.

"Yes, my Lord," the Jonin says as he leaves.

Orochimaru begins to open the box to see what's inside, as he begins to open it he smells something rotting. He looks inside, surprised at what he finds, he sees a note and take's it out so he could read it.

Do you recognize these? Of course you do!! Since they (well one of them)

Was in your ass, or was it the other way around?

I don't know if I should feel sad about killing your bitch, now whose going

to fuck, the disgusting Snake? Oh well, you might as well find a new one!!

Your friend for life,

White Doom

P.S: If you're nice enough, I might send you his ass so you could continue to fuck him without having to talk about your feelings.

"What is it?" Sasuke asks but then he gets irritated and goes take a look for himself, he looks inside and he can't hide his disgust. "Hoy shit that's…" he says as he steps away from the box.

"Who the fuck is White Doom?" Orochimaru yells as he turns the not into a ball and throws it against the wall.

"Who do those belong to?" Sasuke asks sounding uninterested.

"Kabuto's," Orochimaru says to Sasuke, he does not want to know how he knows this.

"Who killed him?"

"White Doom."

"And that is…" he says.

"I don't know but I'll find out and they'll be sorry for ever messing with me," he says in a low-angry filled voice. He slams his fists onto his desk. "I will find out!!"

I hold in my disgust, I will not let him see how his words affect me.

I look over my shoulder and tell him. "I want you to teach me that jutsu." I say as I begin to walk away.

"Don't you want to talk about your old friend?' he asks me. I send him a chilling glare as I look over my shoulder to look at him and in an unattached voice I tell him.

"I have no friends. I don't have all day," I say to him as I walk out of his office and make my way to the training area.

In Konoha…

"Hokage, Hokage, we just got some information that you must hear at once," someone yells as they barge the Hokage's office who is not alone. With her is the rest of the rookie nine except the three old friends and Gai's former team. "It's classified information," the Jonin says.

"It's fine, tell me what's new," the Jonin seems hesitant at first but, then continues.

"It seems that the secret village that only a few people know about has been burned down by, one person alone."

"Was it Sasuke?" Sakura and Ino yell out together.

"No it was Hinata Hyuga or as she's been called White Doom."

"You're kidding! Hinata is White Doom, the most feared criminal? You must have the wrong information," Sakura says.

"He's not," they all turn to look at their Hokage. "I've known for sometime that our very own Hinata is that criminal. As you all know she joined Akatsuki to be taught by Itachi Uchiha and I'm sure he is not her only teacher, I' am almost one hundred percent sure that she's been taught by all the members." She let's that sink in, and then she continues. "I'm afraid the Hinata you all knew does not exists," she tells them in a quiet voice, she then looks over at the Jonin. "Is there anything else?"

"As you know she wiped out every villager and Shinobi in that village there are no survivors whatsoever. Also it seems that the village had some sort of agreement with Orochimaru; there are also reports that the village had some scroll that had every hideout of Orochimaru's."

The Hokage nods and the Jonin leaves and he close's the door behind him. The room is dead quiet they are all trying to take this in but Neji Hyuga asks the Hokage.

"How strong is she?"

"Let me put it this way if you were to all attack her at once then she would surely be able to kill you without breaking a sweat," the Hokage sighs as she leans back in her chair.

"Does Naruto know about this?" Shikamaru asks.

"I doubt it," she answers.

"How will we kill her?" Sakura asks.

"I don't know but, I doubt we'll have a chance?" the Hokage says.

"What do you mean?" Chouji asks.

"Technically she has done no harm to our village plus she has Akatsuki backing her up, I don't think they want their precious student dead. She helps them out a lot and there is always one member with her."

"I doubt they care about her that much," Ino says.

"Have you forgotten, Hinata can befriend anyone even S-class criminals, I highly doubt that's changed," Kiba tells everyone.

"I want you guys to steer clear of her if you see her run away do not engage in a fight with her. Until she becomes a real threat to our village you may not kill her," the Hokage orders everyone.

"But aren't S-class criminals a threat to every village," Shino says.

"True but, let ANBU take care of it," the Hokage then dismisses everyone and she is left alone.

She gets up and walks over to her window and looks down watching the village people go about their daily life.

"Oh, Hinata what have you become?" the Hokage whispers into the silent room.

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