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Chapter 22: Prologue: Dreams do come true (eventually…)

Four years later…

"Come on we're going to be late!" I shout at my family, Itachi stands next to me.

"Its fine dad, we already have our seats reserved," my son tells me, I put my arm around his shoulders.

"I know but I still want to get there early, your Godfather is probably having a panic attack because we aren't there." I say to my son.

"Yeah, he probably is…but you know why they are taking so long?" Itachi asks me; I cringe.

"Don't remind me. She's too young to even think of him like that," I say still pissed that my nine-year old daughter is in love with her godfather. "He better get married soon."

Hanabi is taking long because she's making herself even prettier just for Naruto, whose ceremony is about to start. In just four years Kakashi made Konoha better and is passing the seat of Hokage over to Naruto. Everyone including the past Hokage Tsunade, Jiraiya and Kakashi himself believe in Naruto. They all agree that he is ready to lead the village. When Naruto heard he sobbed like a baby. Speaking of baby I look down at my one year old son who's asleep in my arms while our three-year old identical twin daughters run around the living room.

It seems the Fifth Hokage lied to Hinata; she can have kids just fine even now she's pregnant again and we couldn't be happier.

"Itachi go collect your sisters while I go investigate your mother and sisters disappearance," I say to him. He nods seriously and runs after his overly active sisters.

"Can't you guys be patient?" I hear my wife's voice. I look down the hall to see her waddle towards me, I keep my snicker in. if I laugh at her in her current condition she'll cry and say that she doesn't want to be seen by anyone…my wife the drama queen…

She is the first female Hyuga clan leader and the very first to not live in the Hyuga compound. We as a family live in what used to be the Uchiha compound. As a whole we decided to break down the out walls of the Uchiha compound and allow anyone to rent a house or a business space. Most of our friends live in here except Neji who now lives in the Main Branch house. He takes care of it for Hinata.

Hinata's usually slim face has gotten fuller and her long hair is up with gold ornaments decorated in her hair. She has on a traditional long kimono made of the finest silks that have probably been passed down by her very rich family. It's a lavender color on the top but as it goes down it changes into bright and vibrant colors with butterflies and water lilies all around it. She smiles at me and I grin back at her.

"Itachi onii-sama!" the twin girls named: Sakuya and Kaguya say in unison. They too are dressed in kimonos and their long hair is fashioned similar to Hinata's. They hold onto Itachi's hand, each on either side of my son. "Play with us!"

It seems my three daughters have an older brother complex, I'm sure my son: Hiruzen will be the same.

"Where is Hanabi?" I ask Hinata as she stands next to me.

"She's coming, it's hard to walk in these sandals," Hinata says drawing in a deep breath.

"You should stay; you're going to get really tired. The doctor told you to stay in bed," I tell her becoming somewhat panicked.

"Are you kidding?! It would mean that I'd miss watching Naruto become Hokage! We promised to be there for him!" she whines.

"Look, I rather have you safe at home then keeping a promise to stupid Naruto. I'll video tape it for you, I want you here at home," I tell her seriously. She rolls her eyes and sighs.

"It won't be the same, I want to go and that's final!" she shouts. I was about to carry her away but then Hanabi walks in. She slowly makes her way watching the floor and her hands hold up the bottom of her kimono. I look at my oldest daughter; the gold ornaments make a similar sound like bells. Her kimono is traditionally long with sleeves that cover her hands. The kimono is a cerulean similar to Naruto's eye color and at the middle of it, there are humming birds flying around with other colorful birds. Some are on trees while others fly under Sakura's that fall from the trees. She looks up and that's when I notice the make-up.

"NO! Go back and wash your face! You are too young to wear it!" Both Itachi and I shout. Her eyes become watery and her light pink glossy lips tremble.

"Shut up! It's only a little and as her mother I allow it! Do any of you wish to defy me? If so I'll-I'll…" Hinata says close to tears herself, her lips begin to tremble.

The guilt I feel at almost making my daughter and pregnant wife cry makes me feel guilty.

"Sorry…" both Itachi and I whisper as we hang our heads down.

I look over at Hanabi and wink as both Itachi and Sasuke look down. She smiles at me with a wink. Yes, Hanabi and I are a team!

When she turns eighteen she'll definitely marry Naruto, I'll see to it! Naruto may not know it but it'll happen, I'll make sure of it! After all it's only a fifteen year difference, if it was twenty that would be a different matter.

I know how Hanabi feels for Naruto and I support the love she feels.

"Shouldn't we leave the twins and Hiruzen with a baby sitter?" Sasuke asks me avoiding the subject of Hanabi. Yes, I have my husband wrapped around my finger.

"No, they are well-behaved plus they'll listen to Itachi-chan," that way Hanabi can talk to Naruto for a bit. The twins will keep Itachi distracted if I promise them candy and I'll keep Sasuke busy.

With time Naruto won't know what hit him!

"Come on, why are we standing around?" I ask walking ahead. "We're going to get to the ceremony late because of you! My best friend is making his dream come true I want to be there!" I hear a collective sigh from my family. I look down accusingly at my three-year old daughters, even they sighed…

I'm the only one who is sitting down and one of our maids holds an umbrella over my head. I told her I can hold it up myself but Sasuke ordered her not to listen to me. I punched him hard on his arm but he just laughed kissing my forehead.

I silently watch Naruto as he stands next to Hokage Kakashi who is speaking to the village. I knew he would become Hokage, I always did. He looks back at me and his grin is the widest I've ever seen it. I grin back at him feeling my tears sting my eyes.

I'm so proud right now, I'm chocking up. I feel Sasuke's arm go around my shoulder, I lean against him. "I told you so," I say to him.

"I know," Sasuke says. "You called it from the start. I never believed it because he was so stupid."

"Sasuke!" I shout.

"Daddy!" Hanabi shouts angrily.

"Its true but I admit he's smarter now," Sasuke admits to us.

"Before everyone who stands here, I would like to present to you the new Hokage: Naruto Uzumaki-sama! He will do a better job than all previous Hokage's. The Seventh Hokage-sama now has a few words." The sixth Hokage says bowing and walking away to leave Naruto alone, so that he can speak to the village.

I look down at the village people. I smile down at them.

"As Hokage, I will fulfill my duties and I will bring peace to this Hidden Village. It's a promise of a lifetime!" I tell them, all of them shout and applaud. I laugh, I couldn't be happier.

"Hokage-sama, congratulations," I hear the voice of my goddaughter Hanabi. I look back to find her bowing. I smile down at the pretty little girl.

"Look at you Hanabi, all dressed up like an adult! If I didn't know any better I would think you got all pretty for a guy!" I say with a chuckle.

"Dad was wrong, you aren't smart at all," I hear Itachi's tired voice say. I glare down at him.

"Is that anyway to speak to your Hokage-sama?" I ask him in serious mode.

"Yes, because to me you'll always be the dope," both father and son say in unison. They always do this…

"Hokage-sama turn around and wave to the people," Hinata says as she reaches my side. I nod grabbing a hold of her and making her stand next to me. I wave just as they shoot fireworks and confetti I laugh with Hinata.

"If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten here," I whisper to her.

"No, Hokage-sama got here by his hard-work and determination; I had nothing to do with it." Hinata tells me. "I just always believed in you and never had any doubts," she whispers with tears sliding down her chubby cheeks.

"Hey! What are you whispering about?" I hear stupid Sasuke ask.

"Or plan so that Hinata can leave you and marry me," I joke around but Sasuke doesn't find it so funny.

"Hanabi come stand next to Hokage-sama, I'll go with your father," Hinata says taking my arm off her shoulder.

A timid Hanabi stands next to me, I smile down and I was about to rest my arm on her small shoulders but I find Itachi next to me instead.

"Onii-sama!" Hanabi cries out in a whiny tone.

"Dope, I saw that! Don't you think you're a little too old to even think of-" but he stops as his mom calls out to him.

"Itachi-chan, the twins are running around!" she says in a pretend worried voice, I'm sure Itachi can tell but he looks back and doesn't see them.

"Hn!" he says before spotting them giggling as they run.

"Why would he react like that? I'm just your Godfather," I say as I look down at an embarrassed Hanabi, she keeps her gaze down on the ground.

"Eh? Onii-sama is really…" but she stops herself, she looks up at me. Her small face reminds me of Hinata when we were kids, I smile down remembering back to those days. Hanabi's own face turns bright red, and a few tears glisten in her eyes, they widen and her hands form fists. "Actually-y Ho-Hokage-sama, there's s-something-g…I want-t to confess-s something-g. I love you-u!" she shouts out of nowhere.

What?! How could this child?! But I love her too, not in the same manner but still, I shouldn't break her young heart. Maybe I shouldn't do this but…

I kneel down in front of her; I rest my forefinger under her chin and force her face up. Her face is impossibly red, and silent tears fall down her cute face, she is really cute…

I kiss her forehead and I hear her take in a deep breath.

"I'll wait…" is what I say and a shy smile comes onto her lips. Her eyes close and she falls back but I catch her. Did she just faint? I look at her happy expression, that silly smile on her lips make my own form a smile.

"Naruto!" Sasuke yells out but I grab the back of his kimono.

"Leave them," I order my husband. I close my eyes not wanting to see his angry expression.

"Hn!! Didn't you see, or hear?! He just! I'm going to kill that asshole!!!" he yells loudly, I sigh opening my eyes to finding everyone watching us. Our say starts to cry in his arms.

"You will do no such thing, killing the Hokage-sama is bad!" I tell him angrily.

"Hinata!" he shouts at me whirling around to face me as he rocks our son.

"Sasuke!" I shout back. He glares down at me and I glare up at him. His eyes grow wide as if he just realized something now.

"Hinata!!!!" he whispers in a shocked voice, the little color he had on his face begins to drain, he looks like he's going to faint.

"Sasuke!!!!!" I whisper back covering my open mouth with my hand.

"Hinata!" he says stomping his foot.

"Sasuke! Are we going to do this all day?" I ask him growing tired.

"If I didn't know any better-" I cut him off with an evil grin, I lean forward towards him.

"You know nothing, honey!" I say playfully. He narrows his eyes at me, watching me closely. "Now face forward and wave to the people, you are the Uchiha Clan Leader," I say distracting him. He does as he's told but his eyes don't change.

I step back and search for my daughters. I find them hiding behind Sakura and Kiba who are talking with Shino. My girls look over at me and grin. I bring the bag of candies out to show them. Their smiles grow bigger, I nod and they nod back with a mischievous grin on their tiny lips. They take in a deep breath.

"Onii-sama!!" they shout. Itachi jumps up and they take off in separate directions. I hold in my laugh.

My head turns over to look at Naruto who is holding a fainted Hanabi in his arms.

"Hana! Hana! I'm sorry," he shouts panicking. I grin up at the sky.

Thank you…Itachi…I grab my husband's arm and lean against him.

"I'm so happy…" I whisper to him. He leans down and kisses the top of my head.

"I know, as am I," he whispers. "I can't wish for more…"

That's true…we have each other…we have our kids…our health…our friends…we have everything…

"Just you Hinata…" he whispers, I nod.

"Mama," I hear our daughter whisper to me. I look down next to me; her face is so red… "Hokage-sama wants you and daddy next to him," she says. Sasuke hands her Hiruzen and she carries her fully awake brother.

Before I always had to stand between the two boys but now Sasuke goes to Naruto's right and I stand on his left. Naruto wrests his arms over our shoulders.

"Who ever thought the punk, the failure and the misfit would become such powerful figures in the village Hidden in the Leaves?" Naruto asks. I look over at Sasuke as he avoids my glare.

"It's because of a certain guy's betrayal that drove us!" I say as I feel my daughter stand next to me.

"You act as if it was bad, look it was just a betrayal!" Sasuke says in a flippant manner.

"Oh, he says that now!" Naruto shouts with a smile.

"Whatever loser, look just act smart and leave it as that; wave to your people!" Sasuke orders Naruto.

"Someone is sleeping on a sofa tonight!" I joke.

"You betrayed me too!" Sasuke shouts.

"Look punk, you too should pretend to be smart and keep that pretty mouth shut," Naruto offers his own advice.

Sasuke quickly tightens his lips.

"No, Hokage-sama, the punk has a point I did betray him. After all remember we did have sex," I lie, Sasuke eyes grow huge.

"I thought you wanted to keep it a secret! Remember that's why he's raising our twin daughters," Naruto says in a exaggerated tone.

"You weren't supposed to say it!" I shout mortified.

"Yeah, see I've outgrown you two idiots: intellectually, physically, and mentally. This little game won't work on me." Sasuke tells us in a snobbish manner.

Before I can say anything Naruto kisses me on my lips. I stand here shocked, I don't push him away and just let him kiss me.

"You idiot!" I hear both son and father shout. "I'm so going to kill you!!!!"

Then Naruto hides behind me, both of us grin at Sasuke.

"What was that?" Naruto asks Sasuke; my husband really does look like he wants to kill Naruto. Even Itachi who caught Sakuya and Kaguya looks pissed beyond words. "That you wouldn't fall for it because, what did he say Hinata?" Naruto asks leaning on my back.

"That he has outgrown the two of us: intellectually, physically and mentally, I believe Hokage-sama," I respond.

"Hinata!" Sasuke shouts.

"I'm telling you, leave him and marry me," Naruto jokes but Sasuke doesn't take it as such.

"Come on Sasuke, Hokage-sama is just joking," I say.

"One thing is to joke behind my back but to do it like this in front of me and our kids! Plus he actually kissed you and you let him!" Sasuke continues to shout.

Oh, well, I guess it's come to this.

"I-I'm s-sorry!" I say crying, I gasp. "I-I never thought-t you would get-t this-s-s angry-y…Should I just join my s-sensei-i?" I ask. Sasuke quickly changes his expression; he rushes over to me and grabs me in a hug.

"Oh, no my love! Don't you ever say such a thing! I can't live if you aren't by my side!" Sasuke proclaims.

"So you won't kill the Hokage?" I ask pulling away from him to stare up into his eyes.

"NO! For you I won't do it! I'll never do it!" I sadly smile nodding.

"Thank you, I knew you were mature. I love you Sasuke," I pretend to be shy. My cheeks grow hot, I shyly look up at him, I flutter my eyelashes and his face becomes red. He crushes me against him.

"You are just so cute! I love you!" Sasuke yells I grin. This really is the man I love…

"I really thought Sasuke was smarter…" I find myself telling Itachi and Hanabi.

"I think it's romantic!" The young girl says with a sigh as she dreamily watches her parents confess how much they love one another.

"Dad is smart but not when it comes to my mom," Itachi responds.

"Onii-sama!" the twins say in delight, do they not know any other words?

"If what I heard was true then you'd be the same way," I hear Itachi murmur.

"Oh, you mean about how I used to like your mom? That was long!" I say with a chuckle. Itachi looks at Hanabi and Hanabi looks at Itachi. Just now! That look of disbelief has me wondering if they respect me at all…

"Yeah…" they murmur. I feel my face turn bright red.

"Sh-shut up!" I shout at the kids. Poor Hanabi shows that she pities me and Itachi smirks. Even the twin girls look sorry for me. I walk away from them.

I hate them all!

"Do you think he's going to go cry?" I hear Itachi ask.

"Onii-sama! He's the Hokage be respectful!" Hanabi is a good-kid…

"What a cry baby, right Onii-sama?" I hear the twin girls ask together.

"You guys!" Hanabi is a defender…

"They are right…" Itachi says.

"NO, Hokage-sama is a great man!" Hanabi the champion of justice proclaims.

I stand far enough to see them but not to hear what they say.

If I was with Hinata I wouldn't make her as happy as Sasuke is making her.

True I love Hinata but I rather have her, a happy women then a sad one by my side.

"Oi! Naruto are you imagining how your life would've been if Hinata picked you?" I hear my mentor ask me.

"First of all Perverted Sannin I'm Hokage-sama to you and no, I'm happy with my life as it is," I confess honestly. He doesn't respond instead he pulls me to him, I'm shocked, he's hugging me…

"I'm proud, really proud of you Naruto. It's like I'm seeing Minato again…" I hear the perverted Sannin murmur to me. I smile as I just stand here.

"Thank you…I always wanted you to be here to watch me become Hokage…I'm really happy…" I won't cry if I do what Itachi and the demon twin girls said would be true…

"I must admit, I'm proud of Naruto, just don't tell him," I say to Hinata, she just smirks.

"And I'm proud of the two of you. Who would've thought it? I never would've imagined I'd be this happy to be here," Hinata tells me. I hug her harder to me. It was because of me. "No, it wasn't," Hinata murmurs. "It was thanks to you that I was able to live. If you hadn't gotten me pregnant with the twins, I would've given up…" she confesses to me softly as she rests her head on my arm.

"I feel the same way if I really would've lost you, I would've killed myself. I can't picture life without you." I say to the woman who is my life.

"Eh?! Such morbid words!" the noisy Naruto shouts from behind. "Come on! We should be happy I'm finally your Hokage! Is that any way to treat your pride?!" Naruto asks with a huge grin on his stupid face.

"Didn't I tell you that Naruto was behind you when you told me that?" Hinata asks me in a innocent voice, I glare down at my smiling wife.

"Actually my first order of business is to get rid of those two old geezers who are 'advisors.' Since the Sixth Hokage-sama already took care of Danzo and disbanded Root; now it's my duty to take care of those two bastards! And guess who I'll name in their place?" he asks coming between Hinata and me hugging us around our shoulders.

"NO! I would never work for such an idiot Hokage!"

"Eh?! He did…what did he just call me?" Naruto shouts his question at Hinata, I feel my face become really red, I look away.

"I think he just called you 'Hokage!'" Hinata says.

"Dad you have disappointed me…" Itachi says looking down at the floor.

"NO!" I say heartbroken.

"Daddy, ignore Onii-sama! I'm really proud! I hope you accept my future husband with such enthusiasm!" my little Hana says. NO, she can't mean…I watch her and she glances over at a happy Naruto.

He would never…

"I'll never accept any guy! No man is good enough for my Hana!"

"Oh, daddy!" all the women I love say with blushes, "neither for you Sakuya and Kaguya!"

"We only want Onii-sama!" the two girls shout clutching onto a sighing Itachi.

"It kind of makes me want to marry into your family…" Naruto whispers.

That's it! I run to him and he screams running away.

"Don't…YOU…DARE!!!" I scream out.

"But why daddy?" he shouts laughing. How dare he? I'm going to tear him from limp to limp!!

"You are so DEAD!"

"Killing Hokage-sama is bad Sasuke! It means we won't be named advisors!" Hinata yells after us.

"I don't give a fuck!" I shout back.

"Daddy you just cussed," my whole family yells, including Naruto.

He is just making me madder on purpose! I'm so going to get him!

"Don't worry Hana, I'll make daddy accept Hokage-sama as your husband!" I say to my daughter.

"How did you figure it out?" she asks me shocked, I smile down at her and wink. She really is just like me.

"I'm going to tell daddy that the woman he loves is deceiving him and plans to allow his daughter to marry an old man," I evilly grin down at my son.

"Oh?" I ask surprised as I look behind him. "Hello Kurenai-sensei! Is that Mui there? Itachi-chan look it's Mui!" I say, his face turns bright red and he whirls around with a silly smile on his young face. I snort, as he realizes I tricked him. He faces me with an embarrassed face but his eyes show his anger.

Mui is Asuma-sensei and Kurenai-sensei's daughter, and my son has a crush on the girl.

"What was that Itachi-chan?" I ask him with a triumphant grin, he glares up at me.

"How is it that such an evil women is my mother?" I lean down to hug him to me.

"You know you love me, but keep quiet about my plan or I'll see to it that Mui finds out…" I threaten Itachi.

He rolls his eyes but says nothing.

"Mama bad news! Hokage-sama and daddy were caught by the Fifth Hokage-sama what should we do?" Hana asks in a panicked voice.

"Let them get punished," I say walking a back to my chair and sit down.

My feet are really swollen; I can feel it even though I can't see them!

But I don't mind it one bit, since I'm carrying Sasuke's and my third son. I haven't told him that I'm expecting a boy, I'll surprise him.

I wonder though, what would be a good name for him? I guess I should let Sasuke decide since I've named all our children.

Really, this life of mine is so much better than I expected.

I just wish there was one man who could be here with us. But just as Itachi (my son) said; I just have to move forward and continue to live without looking back…

I have done that and will continue for my small world…

I'm sure Itachi-sensei wanted this for me…

I look over to find Sasuke kneeling next to Hokage-sama. Both men look down at the ground as Lady Hokage yells at them.

Almost as if sensing my eyes on him, he looks up at me and freely smiles at me.

My heart begins to beat quickly. Now Sasuke can smile without holding back. He isn't afraid to laugh either; this is the Sasuke I've always wanted.

I smile back, and that magical laugh of his is heard, I laugh too. I watch as Lady Hokage slaps him behind his head and yells at him.

I'm so happy…

I look over and find my five kids together; they smile over at me, Hiruzen raises his arms out towards me and giggles.

Hana walks over to me and hands me Hiruzen, she stays next to me and the rest follow.

I'm sure him and our unborn son will be close. Just like Itachi-sensei and Sasuke. The tragedy won't occur but the love for one another will be similar.

I'll make it happen, even if it's just a thought now it'll become a reality soon enough.

I couldn't be happier…

I wouldn't change any of my past actions, none of them…

All of that lead me to live this peaceful life…

To me it doesn't matter how it ends but now I live this life until it comes to an end…