Pretty Boy

Chapter 55

The End

"When do you think they will back?" asked Sirius curiously, pacing back and forth in his office. The Ministry of magic had undergone serious changes, and much to Sirius' embarrassment. They were saying he was leading them into their golden era. Arthur Weasley's department had been moved, given a much larger space and more employees. They weren't just charged with protecting Magic, but also the Muggle born children. They were to keep an eye on them, make sure they weren't mistreated. Much to Sirius' anger, two children had already been brought to the Ministry. They had been healed, and were temporarily staying with Molly Weasley until Harry got back. The Orphanage was unplottable, nobody could find it, anyone wanting to adopt would have to come through the Ministry. They would be fine with Molly, who was all too happy to take up to six children if required. Sirius of course paid her for their food, clothes and lodging. Molly was unable to refuse, since she was trying to get the money her two children had wrongfully taken, saved up. She and Arthur had never been more ashamed in their life. They were determined to do the right thing, and pay Harry back with what they spent. Which thankfully, considering the circumstances could have been a lot more. Ronald, Sara and Hermione had all received six months in Azkaban for their part in aiding and abetting Ginny's actions. Ginny herself had received one year six months, they were already on the island.

"They've only been gone a fortnight," grinned Remus wryly, honestly, Sirius was like a child without his mother. He'd been asking that question for hours already, and truth be told it was getting on the werewolf's nerves.

"It's the longest I've gone without seeing him," said Sirius sitting down in his chair. His office was sparsely furnished. It was an office nothing more; he didn't have a million things in it just to make himself look better. Although he had the items that would, down in the Black vaults. He did have a picture though, of his godsons wedding on display. He had actually grinned; he still didn't know what surprised him more. Lily appearing or Harry actually listening to her. He certainly didn't listen to anyone else, or do what he was told.

"It's their honeymoon, they won't leave until they are ready, and it's not as if it's a package holiday, Sirius. They could decide to stay there for another few weeks, if they put their mind to it." said Remus.

"True, but I hope not," said Sirius.

A knock at the door disturbed their quietness.

"Come in," said Sirius curiously.

"We've found three children to have magic in St. Mary's Orphanage in Muggle London. What do you want us to do about it?" asked Arthur staring at Sirius respectfully. Old friend or not, Sirius was the Minister of magic, and it was a position that demanded respect. He smiled and nodded at Remus, nobody bothered anymore, since they were used to Remus being with Sirius at odd times of the day. In fact Remus actually did odd jobs around the Ministry, especially those requiring information from books.

"How did you find them?" asked Sirius curiously, Harry wasn't back yet, he was planning on asking him to find a way to give locations of all Muggle Born's. He wasn't sure if it was possible, but if anyone could do it Harry could. The book of magical children had been very handy, but they hadn't got around every Muggle born child yet. They were still getting the hang of the new regime.

"Accidental magic records," said Arthur feeling rather smug, his idea had actually panned out. He had gone down with not much hope, yet he'd succeeded, he went through twenty years of records. There was just no point in going through more, since they were too old. Passed graduating age for Hogwarts at least anyway.

"Placing them against the magic book?" asked Remus his amber eyes twinkling brightly.

"Yes, I noticed their guardians were all the same, despite the different names - the caretaker in the Orphanage." said Arthur.

"What are their ages?" asked Remus.

"Six, Seven and nine." said Arthur, "What do we do?"

"Bring them home, where they will be accepted and learn their crafts." said Sirius grimly. It would be a huge cultural shock, but its would be better this way, at least they'd be wanted, know about their history and perhaps even find parents who were also magical.

"Shall I take them home to the Borrow? At least until the orphanage is open?" asked Arthur, his wife was perfectly happy to take them on. She missed having people to dote on, although it's him who did the explaining.

"Harry will be returning today, but yes take them to the Borrow just in case. They can stay there for the night. Plans will be made for them as soon as possible. Has the social worker moved the files up yet?" asked Sirius. They had only one social worker, because adoption was rare in the magical world. That would change now, especially with an orphanage in their world.

"Yes she's settled in, seems very excited as well." said Arthur nodding in understanding.

"There will be three more employed, ask her to see about it, but they must be appropriately qualified. I will be doing the interviews myself, but I'd like her to be present." said Sirius, he hated speaking so properly, but it was a must when holding a position as Minster.

"Of course, I'll let her know right away." said Arthur, "Shall we advertise in the paper?"

"Yes," said Sirius.

"Very well, consider it done." said Arthur before turning and leaving. He held no anger at Sirius, or even Harry over his daughter's actions. He was baffled, even to this day what had caused her to go of the rails so badly. Trying to feed a potions masters lover a love potion! What part of her thought that it would really work? Never mind actually attempting it. They'd had proof, so it was irrefutable. Her magic was imbedded in a sweet, which was given as evidence since Harry was on his honeymoon.

"Finally!" cried Sirius, pulling his head out of the fire before Flooing over to Snape Manor.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Harry smirking in amusement. Being fire called for him to say finally and leave again? Then the fire flared to life, and Sirius stepped out and once again embraced Harry in a huge hug.

"Alright, stop it!" said Harry shoving him away, shaking his head.

"What have you done to your hair?" asked Sirius wide eyed, there was like a million pleats with green and silver beads at the bottom. He looked like he'd gone native while he was over there.

"Do you like it?" asked Harry, a grin on his face.

"It's different," admitted Sirius, Slytherin colours why wasn't he surprised? Then again Harry had been meant for Slytherin. Remus appeared in the room a few seconds later.

"Did you both have a good time?" asked Remus sitting down.

"Yes, we went to all the other islands, it was absolutely amazing, and Severus' translator spell made them all sound as if they were speaking English! When we spoke English they thought we were tourists who understood their tongue." said Harry explaining in happiness, he loved that spell.

"Other than the fact he couldn't keep anything down, he must have caught some sort of bug while eating their food." said Severus, hiding his concern, but they all knew he was worried.

"I'm fine," said Harry rolling his eyes, although it was unusual, the only time he was sick was when he'd been connected to Voldemort through the link. It certainly wasn't normal behaviour for him, but he had been eating strange foods, obviously something had disagreed with him.

Harry was of course unaware of the life growing inside of him, but he would be alerted of the fact all too soon.

"Oh, that reminds me," said Harry handing over gifts notably Muggle in nature, but Remus and Sirius didn't care. He had thought of them on his honeymoon, it meant more than anything else in the world. They loved Harry, and sometimes they wondered if he loved them. Yet it was instances like this that made them realize yes, he did love them.

"Thank you," said Sirius nosing around, magnets, Muggle playing cards, cups, odd foreign sweets. Pencils, pens, even small mini flags, from places he couldn't name, and a few things he didn't recognize.

"A bandana? I've never had one of those," said Remus grinning wryly, realizing what was on them. Marijuana, it would have given away the fact the bandana was bought in Jamaica. Without the flag printed in the background. Harry certainly did have a sense of humour, buried under his armour.

"Smart isn't it?" said Harry his lips pursed as he tried to keep himself looking normal. "I've got one, its being washed through." two weeks of sweat, - not good. They'd changed into their normal clothes upon getting back. Even with the fire and heating spells, it was freezing compared to the Caribbean.

"Why the flags?" asked Sirius curiously.

"It's every island we went to visit, I have a set for myself," said Harry smugly.

"How is everything?" asked Severus, obviously wanting to get down to business.

"How ready is the orphanage?" asked Sirius, he in all honesty didn't know, Harry hadn't been forthcoming about it.

"Why?" asked Harry frowning, Severus had his eyes narrowed, he didn't like being ignored.

"We have four children in need of a place to stay, they can't remain with Molly Weasley forever." said Sirius.

Severus snorted, "You think she'll let them go? Oh no, you don't have a chance. Those four children will end up adopted by her." Molly Weasley was the most infuriating motherly woman he'd ever met. She was admittedly one of the few he'd actually trust. Despite the fact Ron and Ginny had turned out so…diabolical. Unfortunately the blame wasn't solely Molly's, it was Dumbledore's, and he'd had access to the kids since they were eleven. With Molly's adoration for Dumbledore…they had no reason not to believe him. There would never be another Dumbledore, if the Ministry always remained cautious.

"I have everything I need; it's full of everything they will need. There's a lot of Muggle stuff to help them integrate easier. Just because they are magical it doesn't mean they should forget the Muggle world." said Harry.

"Everything?" asked Sirius wondering why he was surprised.

"Yes, a lot of people donated, when I say a lot of people I mean it. The house elves had to go through the mail for days apparently. Dividing it into different sections, toy's, educational games, books, clothes and of course stuff unsuitable for children." said Harry, "There was also a lot of money, which has already been deposited into the account that's been set up for the orphanage."

"Including wages?" asked Sirius, the Ministry was going to deposit a certain amount each month as well.

"Yes," said Severus, "We have a full staff ready to get started, things will be slow for a while but it will pick up. Only then we will have to employ more staff."

"Are you going to run it Harry?" asked Remus.

"Behind the scenes, I was hoping someone would want to." said Harry dropping hints.

"I could do it." stated Remus; it would be nice to have a steady job.

"Really?" asked Harry, inwardly smirking, he'd got his way.

"Of course," said Remus.

"Brilliant one less thing to worry about," said Harry.

Severus just smirked behind his coffee cup, Gryffindor's; they just didn't know when they got played.

"This is the location and coordinates, only you get to see them." said Harry handing over a piece of paper. Location so he knew where it was and coordinates so he could set Portkey's up.

"Best hold of on that just in case Molly does want them all!" exclaimed Sirius wryly.

"Indeed," said Severus wryly.

"What happened to Draco and Narcissa? They were different than I've ever seen them?" asked Sirius changing the subject.

"Narcissa put her foot down, she stopped his money, and he was forced to get a job. He learned just how normal Muggles got by and ended up respecting them I think. It's a nice change; at least he has some self respect. Hopefully it will remain behind despite them being back here." said Severus.

"Where did they go?" asked Sirius.

"Italy, it's the only home Lucius didn't brag about. Its in a Muggle neighbourhood, the last Malfoy to use it was six centuries ago before they moved here." said Severus wryly, the move to Italy had only been temporarily, since they'd originally come from France.

"He was more tolerable," agreed Harry grudgingly. Then suddenly he slammed his hand over his mouth and bolted out of the room.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Remus standing up ready to go after him.

"Leave him be, he won't appreciate you hounding him," said Severus gesturing for him to sit back down.

"He might be sick Severus, you should go see a doctor." said Remus.

"I did a diagnostic, nothing seems wrong," said Severus, but both men could see he was deeply conflicted.

"Its better safe than sorry," said Sirius.

"Perhaps." said Severus his eyes clouded.

One week later, Harry was sitting on a chair in the waiting room of St. Mungo's sulking. He had refused to come, repeatedly, until today when Severus practically dragged him here. Of course they'd said they didn't have any free appointments until they caught sight of Harry's scar. Harry had been quite happy with that, but no, they had to go and give him special treatment.

"Mr. Potter-Snape?" called a Medi-Witch staring around the waiting room.

"Come on," said Severus hoisting Harry up and guiding him towards the Medi-Witch and the room he'd be examined in. Harry grumbled under his breath the entire way, unable to believe he was being forced into this. "Can you give us a minute please?" asked Severus as they reached the door.

"You can use my office if you like," said the Medi-Witch in understanding.

"Its fine, I'll stay out here." said Severus, telling her without saying anything that he wanted her to leave them alone, now.

"Very well, just come in when you are ready," she said before disappearing into the room, closing the door with a click.

"Harry, you need to stop being petulant! You haven't kept anything down in nearly four weeks! You are loosing weight and none of my potions are working! If you are sick we need to know…" said Severus irritated, "I'm worried about you dammit!"

"Alright," said Harry sheepishly, he knew he'd been acting immature, which by the way was very odd for him. He put it down to having never been before, it's not as if the Dursley's had taken him. He had never gone, even after he'd left the Dursley's and the magical world behind.

"Then let's get this over with," said Severus, "I don't want to be here any more than you do."

"Good morning, so what can I do for you gentlemen?" asked the Medi-Witch professionally.

"I've been getting sick for weeks, at first I thought it was something I ate on my honeymoon." said Harry impassively.

"I see," she said nodding.

"I've ran basic diagnostics on him, but nothing is showing up. He's not been able to keep anything down, he's loosing weight." said Severus adding his own opinion.

"Let's see if we can find out," she said smiling reassuringly at Harry, before she began scanning him, in a long complicated motion. It wasn't the one Severus had used, or the one Poppy even used.

"I see what you mean," she nodded in agreement; the Medi-Witch scanned her findings, eyes rolling down the list from the parchment that flowed from her wand. She could see nothing on the list at all, it wasn't normal for anyone to constantly sick up their food for so long. "I'll give you a prescription for stomach soothers and nutrition potions. With a bit of luck that will work."

"Neither are working, I am a potions Master." said Severus feeling insulted that she'd think him incapable of giving him such things.

"I see, with your permission I'd like to take some blood and get it checked," said the Medi-Witch; most purebloods didn't allow that practise. Although half blood's and Muggle born's weren't as fussy. "You have my word that it will be banished as soon as we are finished with It." it was standard procedure to destroy all blood works; it was too dangerous to leave lying around.

"Very well," said Harry, he just wanted to get home.

"It won't hurt a bit," said the Medi-Witch, tapping his hand, a small incision appeared. The blood was drawn up her wand, before being placed in a vial from her cupboard. It was named and dated, stamped urgent. "I will have the results back to you as soon as possible, would you like the potions until then?"

"No, I have what he needs." said Severus curtly.

"Very well," she said, replacing her prescription pad back into its drawer.

"How long will it take?" asked Harry bluntly.

"You should know by the end of tonight," she said smiling kindly at him.

"Alright." said Harry getting up grateful to be going.

Later That Night

Harry looked up when a nondescript owl started pecking at the window. Waving his hand he opened it, and allowed the owl to land on his arm. Taking the envelope, it was from St. Mungo's he could tell by the insignia. Taking a deep breath, he knew Severus was just over reacting, he just had to be. There was nothing wrong with him; he'd never gotten sick - ever.

Opening it up, he began to read it, his breathing hitched as his eyes widened comically. Blinking as if suspecting it to be a joke, or some weird strange dream. It was neither, and Harry could do nothing but pale drastically. The letter floated to the floor his fingers numbly dropping it.

His mother's words echoed around his head, dumbly 'Don't worry, you will be the perfect father, and Severus will be to once he get his head around it.'

Picking up the letter, he blankly made his way to the potions lab where Severus was currently brewing. Well here goes nothing, thought Harry feeling as if he'd just been transported into an Alternative Universe where he was secretly a girl.

"Severus…can men get pregnant?" asked Harry; how he kept his voice even he did not know.

"Of course, but its extremely rare," said Severus without looking up. "Why do you ask?"

"The results are back," said Harry, "I'm apparently pregnant."

Severus dropped too much of the powder and cursed hastily, banishing the potion before it blew up, just in the nick of time. He stared at Harry as if he'd never seen him before. He closed his eyes and groaned, he too remembered Lily's words - after all they'd been uttered only just a fortnight ago. Don't worry you are going to bring him up wonderfully. A son? He swallowed thickly, he could barely believe it. She'd known Lily had known…what had she seen? Oh Merlin he wished he could go back and find out exactly what she saw. He'd assumed she meant a child they'd adopt like ten years down the line.

"Severus?" asked Harry, his voice filled with fear, something Severus had never heard before.

Snapping into action he hugged Harry close, Harry was probably feeling it ten times worse than him. He was the one with the child growing inside of him, their child. Their son, oh Merlin, he had never suspected or expected to have a real family. The Potter and Snape name would live on, in their child. He'd never heard Harry so vulnerable before, perhaps because he'd been faced with uncertainty. Despite his own feelings on the matter, Harry would need his love and assurances more than ever. No wonder his emotions had been all over the place. Plucking the letter from his hand he read it over. Two months, he'd been pregnant while fighting the Dark Lord, Merlin that thought left him cold. They could have done damage to their son. "Lily told me this was going to happen." murmured Severus soothing

"You too?" he asked wryly, shaking his head.

"Indeed." said Severus dryly. "We will get through this, I promise you."

Seven Months later

Molly had indeed taken on the four children, but she couldn't take on them all. The orphanage was up and running, with plenty of children waiting on being adopted. With Harry Potter at the helm, a surprising number had stepped forward. Only the best got to adopt the children.

Draco was working in the Potions lab in St. Mungo's helping to brew the potions for the sick and injured. Despite the fact he now had his full inheritance back, as always Severus Snape knew best.

Of course a few other surprising events had happened, including another marriage. Sirius and Remus' actually, although their wedding was a lot bigger than Severus and Harry's.

Ronald, Sara, Hermione had been released from Prison, but they weren't welcomed by Wizarding society, inevitably they left the magical world altogether, choosing to remain in Muggle world. Easier for Sara and Hermione than it was for Ron, who took months upon months to adapt.

"Well how is he?" exclaimed Sirius rushing into the room, out of breath and frazzled. Remus as always, walked calmly in beside him, grinning at his husband's antics. They had married six months ago, just as Harry had begun to show. They were godfathers to their little boy. Apparently the only ones they actually really trusted, but their bond had started upon meeting Harry and slowly got stronger as they created a world they could safely live in. It was by no means legal, but those four - they hadn't cared. Even less now knowing that this little boy sleeping in his daddies arms would never know the touch of evil. He would have the childhood both Severus and Harry had been denied, innocence, purity, happiness, love and to love. Freely allowed to use magic and never be made to feel inferior.

"I'm fine," said Harry dryly, looking rather pale.

Oh yes he was fine, if he was being sarcastic there was definitely nothing wrong with him. He'd been amusing for the past five months, temper tantrums, crying, shouting. So out of character for Harry that he couldn't help but laugh. Which only ended him in trouble, never mess with a pregnant person. Never laugh at them either, otherwise you just got hexed. Remus had refused to help him, getting enjoyment out of his suffering.

"Say hello to Kellan Severus Harry Potter-Snape." said Harry, holding his son close, leaning into Severus who was sitting at the top of his bed. He'd been given a Caesarean section; there was after all no other way to get the child out. He'd been asleep through the entire thing, wakening up in this room. The first thing he saw was Severus sitting on the chair calmly talking to his little boy.

"Can I hold him?" asked Sirius, when he was given permission he held the baby delicately. Merlin he hadn't held a baby this way since Harry was a one himself. Twenty two years ago, such a long time, yet it came naturally to him.

"You are a pretty boy, yes you are." cooed Sirius. He was going to be one protected and loved little boy.

"He is that." said Remus. Pretty boy indeed.


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