Lunar Requiem


The wolves closed in on the two teens. Their mouths were half open and saliva was dripping from the top half like slime in a sewage pipe. Kagome took a step back with fear in her eyes.

It was not a good day. First, she was stuck with the one person in school she did not want to be stuck with as her sketching partner and now, they were getting attacked by wolves because he didn't like the view and decided to go outside the designated boundaries. 'His going to run away any moment now, I just know it,' she thought.

Inuyasha's dark eyes narrowed at his two adversaries. His dark black hair flipped in the air as he took another step back. The school's number 1 gangster was about to be tested on his fighting skills and it was a test he couldn't afford to fail. He reached back and pulled his hair back where he tied it into a ponytail with a rubber band from his pocket. "I'm sorry Kagome," he mumbled behind.

'I knew it,' the girl prepared herself for her betrayal.

"I got us into this mess, I didn't want it to go this way," he chuckled.

'Here it comes,' the girl sighed.

"I want you to run as fast as you can," he nudged to the path behind them.

"Eh?" it was not the answer she was expecting.

"Do it Kagome! Run and don't stop. That road should take you back to our camp sight."

"What about you?"

"Someone's gotta hold them off right?" he laughed.

"You're going to fight two wolves? On your own?!" she gasped, "Are you insane? I don't care how strong you are at school but there's just no way!"

"They're just stupid animals. Start running Kagome or it'll be too late!"

The girl's arms tightened against her sketchbook.

"Hurry up!" Inuyasha shouted, "Don't you see that you're just going to get in the way here? I can't be protecting you as I fight so get out of here!"

"This isn't some sort of test of strength for your ego given by God Inuyasha!"

"Maybe not to you?" he mocked, "you'll be alright," he said softly, just barely audible to the girl.

Kagome bit her lips with frustration. "You hard headed idiot! Do what you want!" she turned and ran as instructed with anger. 'What is he trying to pull, does he really expect to win? It's two wolves! Two hungry wild fully grown wolves!'

Inuyasha listened to his partner's footsteps drawing further back behind him and smirked to the two hounds. One shifted its attention to the girl but Inuyasha quickly extended both his arms and took back its focus to him. "You ain't going anywhere big fella. Bring it on!"

Kagome's feet never slowed but her anger had been replaced by worry. Even if he was someone in school she had avoided with everything she had, he was still her classmate and she could not just abandon him back there. 'I have to get help,' she looked up at the opening where she could see some people walking back and forth through the trees.


When help finally arrived for Inuyasha, he was sitting against a tree. Scratch marks and bit marks bruised his body but he was still breathing. The wolves were no where to be seen "Hey, you're back," he laughed weakly as Kagome ran to his side.

"Oh my god, are you alright?" she chocked with horror, "Mrs. Takemori, his over here!" she called behind.

"I won," he managed before close his eyes.

A moment of terror struck Kagome's chest but when she noticed that the boy was still breathing, she released her breath with relief. Inuyasha was carried off by the teachers and the other students had crowded around the exit path of the camp ground wondering what had happened. Just when Kagome was about to follow them to the exit, she found something on the ground. It was his sketchbook. Curious, she took it to her hand and opened it to the first page. When the content was revealed, she gasped. It was a picture of her, beautifully drawn against the lake where they had been sketching before the return trip where they ran into the wolves. Her picture held a graceful smile. Wind laced through her hair and a general gentle atmosphere came from the drawing.

Suddenly, she realized that she was blushing and shook her head. It was then that his words hit her like a ton of bricks. 'I didn't want it to go this way,' 'You'll be alright.' In fact, in his entire conversation, he never spoke of anything regarding his own well being.

Kagome found herself at a full dash toward the ambulance where the boy was just rolled on but before she could reach it, the doors closed and he was carried off with the fading sirens.


Night arrived. A sudden jolt of pain awakened the teenage boy from his hospital bed. There was a burning sensation in his chest as though his bones were melting and a splitting headache was throbbing his head. The Lunar light slit through the blinds and beamed across his silhouette dimly but to him, they felt almost blinding. Suddenly, he felt a shock up his spine, making him twitch up. 'What the hell is this,' he cursed as another pain squeezed the air from his lungs, forcing him to bring a hand to the location of his pain.

For an entire 15minutes, the pain came in waves. He was on the verge of loosing consciousness again when he noticed a change. His hands twitched and his nails seemed to grow to a point like claws. Another surge made him stretch his back straight. His black hair gave an instant flash of silver but it was gone as quickly as it came. He gasped for air as his hair flopped back down to his sides. "What's happening to me," he growled with a wince.

One last scream of pain was heard from the hospital before its original silence returned. When the doctors bursted through the doors, they found their patient laying asleep in his bed just as they had left him.