Title: The Android's Tears

Author: Flower in a Cage

Summary: Amidst the cluster of androids, Anzu Mazaki is actually a human so lost that she acts like one of them. Anzu x Atemu

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns Yu-Gi-Oh.

A/N: Someone wanted me to write a happy Anzu x Atemu story but if I write 'happy' stories, I would write a humor fic. Right now I am sick of writing the same kind of stories so I wrote this sad story-type poem instead. I hope you enjoy it.

Fingertips touch reflected fingertips.

The android with the empty blue eyes peer into the mirror.

She cannot see her own soul.

It died a long time ago along with her sanity and happiness.

She, herself, died when he walked away without a backward glance.

Her tearducts dried out days, weeks, months and years after he left.

She had no idea he was her life support.

He was always there at night.

When she reached out for him, he'd disappear in a cloud of dust.

Her dark eyelashes cast a shadow on her smooth skin as she closed her eyes slowly to open them again.

Her fingers touch the cool glass tracing the outline of her mouth.

When was the last time she smiled for her friends and family?

Without him there, smiling felt like a chore.

Her friends and family, they called out her name.

She doesn't know her own name anymore.

For a long time, she'd just sit on her bed and stare at the wall until darkness surrounded her.

Her friends, she'd forgotten all of their names.

They would visit her in an attempt to wake her up.

She remembered a short boy crying on her lap.

She had tilted her head, wondering why he was so sad.

By that time, her heart had already numbed, not being able to feel a thing.

Those people then gave up on her, they left her in peace.

A human so devoid of emotion.

What else was she but an android now?

She can still dream of him and cry.

She is the only android who can shed tears.

The android snapped out of her reverie.

Her face reflected in the mirror.

Looking around in confusion, she wondered if someone said a name.

Was it her name?

A long tear trailed down her cheek.

She knew it was him.