A/N; Hi! I know I said I wouldnt write another fic till i finished my Ouran High one but Im swarmed with ideas for a Chrno one! I think its from watching the whole thing over for the 5th time God bless friends that buy dvds! It save's you money/space on your craptop(laptop)/PC. Most of these ideas actually came to me while I was standing in my work like a space-cadet cause I was a tad annoyed (its not fun having to hoover the same room more than once thanks to drunken gits!) Bet you can't guess what kinda place I work in.Yes this chapter is quite short but I promise this is just to get started.

Disclaimer; I own nothing except the story line AND the additional characters.

My Time.

Chapter One;

She Awakens

Her eyes began to flutter open but she quickly closed them again in fear of the light. She went to squeeze his hand tighter only to find she was holding on to nothing. She slowly raised from wherever it was she was sitting. She opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. She stared out at the small forest and slowly turned her head to see the bench she had sat upon moments before. I died here. She looked up at the cottage where she had spent her final days with him.

Where was he now? And why wasn't he here when she woke up? After all they had lived here together and they had died here together, so shouldn't her hand have still been clutched in his? Shouldn't they have been leaning on each other? Had he not died with her? Had he merely faked the whole thing. All his feelings for her? No. He hadn't. He wouldn't have.

She longed for answers to many questions but one kept circling her head. Where was he if he wasn't here? She shakily tried to walk off the small veranda onto the green grass but her legs wouldn't allow it. They caved in from not being used in so long. She sat there for a moment blinking into space before she began to sob quietly. What exactly happened? And why was she still alive?

She took in a deep breath and steadily eased herself up using the banister of the veranda. Once she was sure she wouldn't fall again she slowly walked towards the small forest hoping that she hadn't been gone too long and a lot hadn't changed.