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"I said GO!"

11-year old Remus Lupin lay crumpled on the dirty floor of the Shrieking Shack, while his new friends stared at him with the utmost horror in their eyes. Remus wailed painfully as the sharp claws grew out of his fingers, pushing his nails down into his sore skin. Sirius took a step back, almost losing his balance, but James caught his fall.


The three boys looking at the horrible transformation turned towards the door and ran, little Peter dragging along behind. The two more brawn boys were halfway down the stairs when they heard a howl, followed by a panicked scream.

"Peter!" James shouted to Sirius over the creaking of the swaying floorboards. The boys hurried back up to meet the terrible sight of a full sized, amber brown werewolf.

"Rem…" Sirius choked as James heaved Peter off the floor with great effort. James shouted at the dark haired boy to hurry, but Sirius didn't budge. Not until he saw the wet patches on either side of the top of the wolf's snout. He then turned and hurried down the stairs and out the tunnel of the screeching house. They all winced at one last howl before setting off towards the castle, both working simultaneously to lug the chubby blonde, pink with exertion, to the safety of Gryffindor Common Room.


Breakfast was awkward the next few mornings. Remus was absent for obvious purposes and the three remaining boys began to wonder if he would ever come back. He had never been gone more than 3 days each time. Sirius jumped whenever anyone disturbed the dense silence and Peter hadn't spoke a word since the evening of Tuesday…the evening of the full moon.

Most of Sunday went by without a worry…mainly because by 1:00, no one in the boys' 1st year dormitory had woken. Remus sneaked in and crept quietly to his bed, stumbling once, but recovering before he made too much of any noise.

"We've been worried about you…" Sirius jolted awake at the sound of Peter's voice. He scrambled out of bed and ran over to him, not bothering to out on his robe first. He didn't even notice.

"Pete…mate!" Sirius laughed, almost hugging Peter, but thought better and restrained himself. "There's that squeaky voice we missed!" Sirius ruffled Peter's short scruffy hair. Remus coughed lightly from the bed diagonal from them. Sirius jerked his head towards him, and his eyes went cold. He didn't want it to look mean. He just couldn't understand how such a fragile, kind boy had turned into that…that…

"Rem…" Sirius choked on the simple nickname. It didn't sound the same anymore. That's when Remus started crying. Sirius jumped up and ran over to him, bumping James' bed on the way, waking him up. James quickly joined Sirius at Remus' bedside.

"Remus…mate…oh, don't cry." James said tenderly, rubbing the length of Remus' back. The werewolf cringed under the touch.

Sirius hesitantly ruffled his hair…a sign of forgiveness that told him to discard the whole incident.

"I…I wanted to tell you be-before you found out this w-way." Remus sobbed into James' square shoulder. "I thought y-you wouldn't l-l-like me anymore if you knew wh-what I was…I thought you would run and never t-talk to me. Or t-tell everyone."

"We would never do that, Rem." Sirius reassured, sliding his hands over the blanket to smooth it out. He lifted a hand to absent-mindedly trace a scar that ran from Remus' elbow all the way up to his ear that hid behind his sandy hair that drooped over his eyebrows.

"You've only know me for four or five months. I'm a…a…"

"Werewolf?" James offered and sighed when Remus nodded. "You think we'd ditch you because you're different. Look at Sirius, for Merlin's sake! I'd call that more different than a werewolf!"

Sirius bit his tongue and pointed his index finger at James. "You're feet smell." He added, making Remus chuckle.

"Thanks, you guys…" Peter joined them, tying his robe tightly around his pudgy stomach. He averted his eyes to Remus.


It was a question all in itself. A request for him to put it behind them. Remus smiled brightly when Peter nodded timidly.

Sirius jumped. "But what are we going to do now that we know? We can't just sit around once a month while you go through with that." Sirius gestured towards the abusive willow, its branches playing in the night. It was as if it were trying to capture the moon.

"You'll have to. The wolf will rip you to shreds. I'm not used to having the scent of humans near when I transform. That's why I was gone so long." Remus lifted his shirt up a bit past his belly button, showing them the fresh gash, mended with a putrid yellow paste. He lowered his shirt.

"Maybe you won't have to smell human…"

"That's bloody absurd, James. What are we going to do? Rub some essence of animal on us?" Sirius snapped, exasperated at the dim-witted suggestion.

"No." James got up and paced. "No…Even better."

"Oh gods…here it comes…" Sirius groaned.

James pointed his finger high towards the ceiling and smiled. "I have an idea!"

Yeah we all know it's terrible when James gets an idea. I DESPISE Peter with every bone in my body, but back then he wasn't a murderer…he was their friend. I kinda want to show that bond because not many people do anymore. So bare with me, I hate Peter too.

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