A World We All Live In


All the others except Jak had left the Nest. I smiled over at him as he walked up next to me. We were just about to leave when somebody called to me from behind.

"Jenny, where do you think you're going? I haven't congratulated you two yet on a job well done!"

I smiled turning around to face Alastar. He floated down to eye level and stared at both of us. Jak stared at Alastar then looked at me, then back to Alastar.

"Jenny, we have another mission for you," I began to get teary eyed thinking I'd have to leave Jak… "No, no. You'll be back before your 17th birthday. We need you to go back in time, when Jak was only a baby, and protect him from whatever may happen."

"You mean the baron taking over," I stated and the Precursor nodded "When do I leave?"

"In a week is what the Elders decided," he paused putting a hand on my shoulder "They wanted to give you time to prepare this time and say goodbye to everybody. Last time if we'd allowed you to say goodbye to your family and friends you wouldn't have come and Jak and Dax would be a pile of mush on the bottom of Kor's foot."

I looked over at Jak and saw that he was looking at me. I smiled and gave his hand a little squeeze before turning back to Alastar.

I nodded then spoke, "That's fine with me. Just don't through me in prison again, please!"

"Your not getting thrown in Jail," I jumped up and cheered while Alastar and Jak laughed at me "No you will be treated like a noble man's daughter. I won't say anymore… I don't want to ruin all the surprise," he paused going dead serious now "Jenny, many secrets that have been hidden for years will revile themselves to you soon. You must not let it get the better of you and make you choose what you want and what needs to be done. Your goal is to protect young Jak and that is all, do you understand?"

I nodded and Alastar continued, "Here let me go ahead and change your hair back to normal," I stared wide eyed as my hair turned back to it's natural color then began to flow down my back "I will meet you both here in a week at midnight. You may go rest now."

Alastar was about to leave but I quickly pulled him back and into a hug. He patted me on the back gently then pulled away and disappeared.

I looked over at Jak then we walked towards the exit of the Nest. No metalheads entered our path as we walked back the way we came. It didn't take very long to get passed Mar's Gun and then to the Air Train. Once there, the door opened up and we walked inside and plopped down on the seat. It was early morning now.

I leaned against Jak as the Air Train lifted off the ground and headed back to Haven. Half way back Jak's comm., which I was surprised to see hadn't broke, floated out of his pocket with Daxter's face on it.

"Hey guys how's it going? Are you two on your way back to Haven yet? Jenny I thought your hair was short and black?" the little rodent asked.

"It's a long story I'll tell you later and yes Dax were on our way back" I said still leaning against Jak.

"Good," he paused thinking "by the way in a week I'm having a celebration party at the brand new Naughty Ottsel"

"That's nice Daxter," I paused trying to hold back a laugh "Do you ever sleep?"

"Occasionally, anyways you two have to come. You both our Guests of Honor. So are you two coming?" he questioned almost bouncing up a down.

"Yeah I'll come" I said then looked up at Jak.

"I guess I'll come too" he stated, rolling his eyes.

Daxter cheered and hung up before I could ask how he got a bar in the first place. It's probably just the Hip Hog with a new name and a new sign. I also didn't get to tell him not to promise people that we were going to do something we wouldn't agree to. Knowing Daxter, he probably would.

I sighed and continued to stare at the ground the entire time back to Haven. When we finally landed I quickly jumped up, waking Jak who had dozed off. He stood up and followed me out of the Air Train. He walked over to a zoomer and was about to climb on when I stopped him.

"I think I'll drive," I said swinging my leg over the seat "We just survived battling the Metalhead Leader wouldn't it be ironic if we died in a zoomer wreck?"

Jak just laughed a little then climbed on behind me. I was about to take off when Torn contacted me on my comm.

"Jenny, Jak come to the palace. Now that the baron is dead Ashelin is running the place and she's allowing the Underground to stay at the palace, she already as a room ready for you two," he paused thinking "Jenny I thought your hair was short and black?"

"I'll tell you about it later" I said rolling my eyes.

"By the way, good work soldiers. Samos told me all about it. See you two later."

"Bye, Torny" I said with a smiled and I saw him roll his eyes before he hung up. He seemed a lot happier now that the civil war was over.

I drove towards the palace and everywhere people murmured and pointed at us. I took a short detour where the Hip Hog was and looked at the front door.

And there it was a sign saying that the place was now under new management and would be having it's Grand Opening in a week. There was also an old wanted picture of Jak, Daxter, and I but instead of it being a wanted sign, it said something about the great protectors of Haven.

I blinked then looked over my shoulder at Jak, he was laughing quietly and shaking his head. I quickly pulled away from the soon to be Naughty Ottsel and headed back to the palace. Guards stopped us at the entrance but they quickly recognized us and let us in.

We were escorted to the Throne Room where Torn and Ashelin were sitting on the stairs discussing something. Jak and I walked in and one of the guards announced we were here. Ashelin and Torn stood and walked down the stairs and over to us.

Jak and Torn shook hands then Torn paused in front of me. I held out my hand but he just pulled me into a quick hug. I smiled and patted him on the back. Torn pulled away then spoke.

"How is it you can go against Aaron and get stabbed in the side but go defeat the Metalhead Leader and have only a few cuts?" he questioned and I shrugged.

"Most of these cuts are from when Jak and I went up against Krew," I stated, then yawned "hey Ash, where can we crash."

Ashelin didn't smile but she did roll her eyes, "I'll get a guard to escort you there."

A KG walked over to us then motioned us to follow him. This place was huge, I'd probably get lost more than once. Though it still didn't take long to get to our room. The guard pushed open the door then quickly ran off. Just as I was about to go in, I saw a familiar face come around the corner.

The guard that had escorted us here spoke quietly to the general then ran off back towards the throne room. The general looked in my direction then started walking towards me. I turned to Jak and saw that he hadn't forgotten the general either. I pushed him into the room then closed the door and turned to face Johnathon.

We just stared at each other for a moment until Johnathon spoke, "I was wrong about you. Congratulations on the defeat of the Metalhead Leader, congratulate Jak for me."

He turned to leave as I spoke, "Johnathon, why?"

He knew what I was talking about and just looked over his shoulder as he spoke, "I didn't have a choice."

I sighed then pushed the door open and walked into the room. The room itself was huge. There was a large bathroom off to the left and two closets to the left and right of the bed which was on the right side. The floor was a light creamy colored tile that filled the entire room. The walls were, thank the Precursors, a light blue. I was afraid it was going to be red and black like the rest of the palace. The entire back wall was glass. There was a door leading out onto a balcony. White curtains hide most of the glass wall.

I looked and saw Jak sitting in a large armchair next to a fire place. He had changed into a black tank and a pair of tan khakis. There was another seat and I walked over and sat in it. I stared at the crackling flame as Jak spoke.

"So what did Black want?" Jak questioned, leaning forward in his seat.

"He just said he was wrong about me and congratulated us on defeating Kor" I said looking away from the fire and at Jak.

He nodded then stood up. I stood up also and walked over to one of the closets. I looked inside and saw it had some women's clothes in it. I walked inside and rummaged through the clothes. I ended up pulling out just a tank and a pair of short shorts.

I walked out of the closet and sat the clothes on the bed and began to change. I head water running and figure Jak was in the shower. I sighed throwing the torn up racing suit in a hamper near the bathroom. I pushed my boots and effects under the bed then laid down to tired to wait for Jak to get done and go take a shower myself. I reached over to the nightstand and pulled open the drawer. I sat up as I pulled something out of it. A brush and a rubber band.

I began to quickly brush my long brown hair then quickly pulled it into a loose bun that flopped against the base of my neck. I was just putting the brush up when Jak walked back into the room. He'd pulled back on the black tank and khakis.

Looking over my shoulder I saw him walking over to the bed then lay down next to me. There was plenty of room for both of us to have our own space but Jak pulled me back against his chest in the center of the bed. I rolled over and faced him then snuggled into his warm chest. It wasn't long before I dozed off to sleep.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night. I blinked looking around the dark room for what woke me. There was a maid quietly tending to the fire on the other side of the room. She quickly got it going then left without a word.

Once she was gone, I gently pulled away from Jak and got up from the bed. Jak mumbled something in his sleep and moved from sleeping on his side to on his back. I sighed and tip-toed away from the warm bed.

I walked into the closet and found a warm looking robe and quickly pulled it on then headed over to the glass door that led to the balcony. I pushed the door open then quietly stepped outside and closed the door gently behind me so I wouldn't wake Jak.

I walked over to the edge of the balcony and leaned against the railing. I looked down at the city lights and all the tiny dots that were zoomers move through the streets. I sighed and climbed up onto the railing. I let my feet dangle over the edge.

I held on tightly to the railing with my hands as I sat there. I swung my feet back and forth in the cold night wind. A breeze blew over me and I shivered.

I heard the door open then close behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Jak walking over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. We sat in silence for a long time. I continued to look down at the city and let my feet dangle.

Jak finally spoke, "What are you doing out here, you should be resting?"

"I should ask you the same thing," I said the continued "I woke up and just came out here to think."

"About what?" Jak questioned.

"My next mission," I sighed, bowing my head "Alastar said I have to look after you when you're a baby. That means I'll meet your mother and father most likely."

Jak thought about it a bit, "But what if Alastar tell you not to tell me who they are when you get back?"

"Well then I wont tell you no matter how many times you ask" I stated then turned around on the railing and faced Jak.

He pulled me into a quick kiss, then pulled me off the railing, "Come on we both should be getting some sleep."

I nodded in agreement and followed him back inside. I held his hand all the way back to the bed until I went to lay down. Once he'd settled I laid my head on his chest. He fell asleep quickly but I didn't. I just laid there and let my head rise and fall with his chest.

Finally, I grew tired and yawned then fell into a peaceful sleep in Jak's arms.

The End

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