Author's Notes: I wrote this a long time ago but it was taken off FF.N and I never got around to re-uploading it. This was written back before book five was revealed so this is an offical Alternate Universe now. My writing style has improve alot since I wrote this five years or so ago and I almost didn't want to put it back up... But since the new Harry Potter book and movie is coming out, I thought what the hay, why not? So here it is, My old "Breath of Fire" Epicly long fanfic. I'll post more chapters on it soon, so far it's over 100,000 words long.

Harry grinned to himself as he stood. He was seventeen now, and it showed as he walked over to his window and let the owls into him room at the Dursleys. He had grown several inches over the years and now stood at six feet tall, towering over almost all his friends. Ron was one of the few that was still a few inches taller than him, but he was made to feel better by his other friend, Hermione, who only came to his shoulder.

Three owls sheltered in his room, mainly perching on his bed. With an apologetic look towards Hedwig, Harry gave the birds some owl treats while unloading their burden. After closing his window, Harry unwrapped the first package from Sirius. It was a small book and a letter.

Breath of Fire




I hope you can use this book as much as we did. Happy Birthday


Harry opened the book and read the first page, as the rest were apparently blank.

Welcome, Dear Reader! The book instantly greeted him in a scribbled handwriting that look like Sirius' Behold, our greatest feat as to date!

Save it, Padfoot, another handwriting now just tell them how to work this thing.

Once again it changed. Don't be so rude, Prongs. You always were quick to get to show off your newest gadget.

Sirius wrote again. Anyway, My good friend Prongs here made this with a little help from us. It's a book that will tell you your friend's thoughts!

Prongs was writing again. Just write the name of the person at the upper right hand corner of the page and BAM! You have thoughts!

A familiar handwriting here. Maybe Lupin? Take note that it will only work for people close to you. I'd get into how exactly this works, but I'm sure you're not interested

Anyway! Prongs again. Take care of the book!

Yours in mischief





Harry laughed and put it to the side to look at after his other gifts. The one from Hermione was light, so he went ahead and opened it, smiling at her pretty handwriting.


Hey! How's it going? I hope the people that call themselves your aunt and uncle aren't being too mean to you? Well in two weeks we'll meet at the burrow so hang in there! As for my gift, I can't send it by owl; you'll have to wait until you get here. But, until then, I sent you a picture that was taken on my summer vacation to a beach! I'll tell you all about it when you get here!

Love from,


Harry looked in the envelope and pulled out a picture. If he was expecting to see Hermione in her usual fashion sense, he was dead wrong. The picture was a muggle photograph, but still made a very large amount of mental images run through Harry's mind. She was kneeling in the sand, legs more apart than necessary, and both arms were bent at their elbows and behind her head in a stretch (Making her breast seem to draw attention) If that wasn't enough to send the boy into fits, she was wearing a two piece bathing suite. No, not a bathing suite. It was floss, yes that's what it was. The black fabric covered her nipples and little else. Her bottom could put a thong to shame.

Harry was still staring after a long minute before his mouth finally spoke his mind. "Oh. My. God."

Tearing his eyes from the picture, he set it aside and shook his head to clear it. Hastily, he moved to open Ron's present, pleased as several small packages slipped out of it. He snagged Ron's first, opening his gift to find a piece of clothing that seemed to fit on his arm of all places. Seeing the note, he read to see if it offered an explanation.


Hey mate! Life treating you good? Hope so! Like my present? I saw it and thought it'd be just the thing you'd use. You don't even know what it is do you? Thought not- but, hey, what are friends for? I'll tell you before Hermione does. (Here Ron drew a little smiley face and Harry thought for a brief moment that he was in an AOL commercial gone horribly wrong). It's a wand holder. Slide it over your arm and your wand into the sleeve that is on it. This way you can save time from reaching into your robe and fishing it from your pocket. Wicked isn't it? Can't wait to see you again. Happy Birthday!


Harry grinned and tried it on, pleased that his wand fit in it perfectly. At the flick of his wrist, his wand would shoot out and into his awaiting hand. With a huge smile, Harry opened the next present, this one from Ginny.


Hiya! What'cha doing? Happy Birthday! I won't bother you long because you're probably ogling over that picture Hermione sent you (Yes I know about it and yes, I know you probably opened HERS first, didn't you? Thought so.) Anyway, don't think too bad thoughts- she is your good friend, if not more. I hope you like your present, I knew it was you the moment I saw it. Do you even wear necklaces? I hope so; I'll be disappointed if your not wearing it when you come home. Just so you know, it has special powers, but I haven't been able to tell what they are. I hope you do.

With love - and a little embarrassment-,


Harry grinned at her letter and opened the wrapped present. A small necklace fell into his lap and he picked it up to examine it. The charm glinted in the moonlight, catching it perfectly. It was polished to perfection and contained one of the most beautiful design he had ever seen on it. It was a dragon perched on a dagger with it's tail circling the blade and it's wings stretched out as if to take flight. All in all, it was only three inches high and across, but he was sure it cost her most of her paycheck. She had gotten a job in Hogsmeade of all places.

Putting it on, he turned to Mrs. Weasley's gift and grinned. It came with a short note that read "Happy Birthday, Harry" and a black silk button up Chinese shirt. Where she had gotten it, he wasn't sure, but he awed at the white, gold, green, and red design of a dragon on it. Every now and then the dragon would look around, almost as if it was alive. Also, he found a cake she had baked for him and put it under his bed, under the floorboard, for breakfast the next morning.

The twins came next, and Harry found his eyes going wide and a grin plastering his face at the sight of it. An entire box of pranks and candy. A small note was attached to the top of the box.


The co-owner of Weasley's Stuff You Never Knew Existed and Things You Can't Possible Live Without!

Enjoy the tricks, just don't let Mum and Dad find out about them or we'll all be in trouble! See you in a few weeks! (Hide the box in your trunk!) An explanation is attached to everything, so be sure and read what it does.


Founding Fathers of SYNKEATYCPLW

P.S Some things are experimental, please write down if anything goes wrong.

Harry rooted through his new treasure for a few moments before breaking into a helpless fit of laughter. The twins made so many new things it was stupid. Rocking Rollers (which turned you into a perfectly round stone when you stepped on a staircase so you would roll down it), Insta kiss (which made you kiss the first thing in your vision, Male or female) and Harry favourite, Frantic Ferret (which made the user turn into a ferret and bounce a few times)

All in all it seemed to be a good birthday.

"You really racked it in, didn't you?"

Harry spun on his heels. Looking around his room. "Who's there!?"

"Me, of course."

"Who!?" Harry was slowly circling, wand already shot from his holster and into his hand.

"Not a very bright one, are you?" Harry suddenly realized that the sound was coming from his chest. Looking down, he saw the tiny dragon looking up at him. Her wings were retracted against her back and her tail left the dagger. After a hop and a few flaps of its wings, it perched on a frozen Harry's shoulder.

"Nice to meet you." The silver dragon told him, a small bit of smoke coming from its nostrils. "My name is Celestial." The voice was somehow feminine. "What's yours?"

"H-Harry. Harry Potter."

"Well then, H-Harry," She joked up at him. "Nice to make your acquaintance."

Harry took a breath to calm down from the sudden shock of his necklace coming to life. "This must be the necklace's magical powers." He mused to himself, looking at the dragon.

"Actually, I have many powers." Celestial explained up to him. "Would you like to hear a story, dear?"

Harry sat on his bed. "Sure." It would be nice to get to know his new friend at least.

"Well, you see, I was once a really big dragon, Over twenty feet tall!"

"What happened?"

The dragon sent a small-annoyed flame out of her right nostril. "Don't interrupt, my boy," She scolded him much like Hermione would. "As I was saying, I was once known by everyone. That is until a powerful wizard came after me. His name was Voldemort." Harry opened his mouth to comment, but shut it almost as soon as it was opened. The dragon gave a nod of appreciation and continued her tale.

"I protected a village of wizards." She added. "I have been doing so for as long as I could remember. It could have been almost five hounded years I suppose." Harry's eyes told her that he was clearly impressed. "When I battled Voldemort, I managed to take a nice little chunk of his invading army, but I was weakened by steady attacks for a week. The last thing I can recall is being hit by a silver light and when I could think again, I was imprisoned in a necklace format."

"That must have been hard…" Harry spoke softly.

"It was, but I became used to it." Celestial agreed. "But we dragons take what is thrown at us with great stride. Soon I was able to work most of my magic again."

"What can you do?"

"Well, for one, I absorb magic from anything I touch." Harry visibly flinched at this. "Oh calm down dear, I only took enough from you to be able to talk again."

"Sorry for being rude," Harry began, a little weary. "But I don't like the idea of something sucking my magical powers…"

"I store power, sweetie, not sap." She seemed to be smiling. "In fact, I have quite a bit from a girl named Ginny, who gave me to you. Would you like to feel?"

Before Harry could respond, his body suddenly started to tingle all over and the scent of strawberries filled his nose. His vision went a little blurry and a second later it was as if she could see Ginny's hands putting the necklace in a little package. "I hope Harry likes this." Ginny spoke, sounding far away.

The feeling was cut almost as fast as it was given. "Well?" Celestial asked, with a smug sounding voice.

"Wow…" Harry was breathing harder than normal.

"I thrive off magical powers I take and store." Celestial went on. "Don't worry, Harry, I have taken enough from you to be able to move and speak, but do you feel any drain?" He was forced to admit he didn't. "I can give you back power at any time, but since you would have already recovered it, it would be like an extra boost."

"I like this."

"I'm sure you would, dear." Celestial agreed. "More shall be explained later, for now I need some rest." And with that, the dragon flew to her dagger perch and landed, tail winding down the blade. When Harry reached down to touch it, he felt warm silver, as if it had never been alive to begin with.

"What a weird night." He mused, sitting on his bed. A few moments later he was lying down and fast asleep, surrounded by presents of his closest friends.

"Wake up, Harry." Harry groaned lightly, rolling over in his bed and trying to get the light away from his eyes. "Come on, dear, wake up." The voice spoke again in his mind. Slowly Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes, reaching for his glasses and putting them on. The room was quite blurry. Blinking, Harry took off his glasses to clean them, but was surprised to find them in sharp focus.

"What the…?"

"Harry, sweetie, do you know nothing about dragons?" Harry looked down to his chest, where Celestial was still perched on her dagger. "Dragon powers rub off on people the bond to." She explained, but mouth not moving. Harry was going to ask, but she stopped him. "I can speak into your mind, Harry." She explained. "And I can hear your thoughts as you are hearing mine."

"My thoughts?" Harry spoke aloud, confused. "You can hear my thoughts?"

"Yes." She told his mind. "I decided that you was a nice young man last night and chose you as a friend. When I found out your vision wasn't good, I gave you the vision of a dragon."

"Vision of a dragon…" Harry spoke again, this time in a whisper. He remembered studying about dragons with Hermione for the first task. The dragon's eyesight was enough to spot a mouse from the air. Testingly, he looked at his hand, amazed at how detailed it was. "Wicked."

He heard a small giggle in the back of him mind. It seemed that Celestial was almost like a human female at times. "Shouldn't you get down for breakfast?" She asked him.

"Huh? No, no I don't go down for food, they bring it up here."

"Well, how nice of them."

Harry smirked just as a pounding was heard on his door and his aunt's voice screeched at him. "Wake up boy!" She demanded, sliding a place with two pieces of toast on it under the door. "Eat!"

Celestial was taken aback at this. "What is this!?" She demanded, looking at the scarce food. "Do they not feed you more than that!?"

"Actually," Harry informed. "That's more than I usually get. I'm not allowed out of the room for most of the summer. They caught me doing some small magic last week and I haven't been out since."

"That's absurd! You should talk to them about it!"

Harry bit into the burnt dry toast and chewed. "Nah, I'd just get yelled at some more. My real food is hidden under my bed." To prove his point, he removed the loose floorboard and pulled out some cake. "This is breakfast!" He cut the cake with a small plastic knife he had and bit into it. "Mm, dang this is good."

"I don't understand, Harry, Why don't you complain? Move out?"

"It's my last year of school, Cecilia." Harry replied around a piece of cake, taking a liking to the nickname he just came up with. "I'll leave in about two weeks and after that, will never have to come back." He could feel Celestial's aggravation, but she didn't comment on it anymore. "I never did thank you for the enhanced vision," Harry mused, licking his fingers. "Thanks."

"It was my pleasure, Harry, but why the nickname?"

"Ah, I just think 'Cecilia' is easier to say in conversation than 'Celestial', that's all"

"Well, that's okay then. I was just wondering because that's what my friends used to call me…"

Two weeks late the doorbell rang, getting Vernon's attention. "Who in blazes would be calling on us at eight in the morning on a Sunday?" He complained, walking to the door and opening it. "Whatever it is, we don't want any!" He yelled.

"We're here for Harry." Ron stated flatly, next to Hermione (who had rang the doorbell). The twins were behind them.

"He's not going anywhere!" Vernon shouted, red in the face. "Not with any of you freaks!" The door slammed in their faces.

"Fred," Hermione grinned. "George." She added. "You're up."

Fred grinned and took out his wand, swishing it like a conductor. "A one, and a two, and an Alohamora!"

George opened the door and stode in like he owned the place. "Terribly sorry for the intrusion!" He called out, walking past the kitchen where the family was eating. "No, don't get up, I know my way around!" Dudley almost passed out, but Vernon stood, opening his mouth to yell at them some more.

"He said," Ron told, throwing a piece of candy into Vernon's openmouthed. "Don't get up!" And with that, Harry's uncle turned into a canary.

"Bloody nice shot!" Fred congratulated, patting him on the back.

Hermione ignored them and went up the stairs with George, who had to cast five unlocking spells on Harry's door before they could get in.

"Harry?" She asked, opening the door.

"About time," Harry grinned, leaning against the far wall. His room was stripped almost completely and his trunk was in front of him ,where he had one foot on.

"…Harry…?" Hermione stepped in slowly, looking at him. He was wearing a tight black shirt that clearly showed well-developed muscles. His arms were equally as muscled. The jeans he was wearing seemed to mold to his legs, showing that they, too, were defined. He wore a belt for a fashion statement and his necklace was on the outside of his shirt. Hermione walked up to him slowly and placed her hands on his chest, as if unbelieving that it looked like it did. Also she noticed that he wasn't wearing his glasses and his hair was in long spikes, sticking backwards.

"Yeah, it's me." He stated with a grin. "Don't I get a hug? I haven't seen you all summer!"

Hermione gasped as she was picked up like she was nothing and hugged against him. "Wow." She breathed, looking him over one more time. "What have you been eating?"

"Whatever it is, I want some!" Ron spoke, walking in the room. "Harry! Looking sharp man! Been exercising?"

"Something like that." He admitted; hugging Ron as well, quickly as to not destroy their manly image. "Shall we go?"

"Let's shall."

Harry called over his shoulder to his panicking guardians as he left. "Bye guys! Thanks for the last seventeen years, I'll never forget them no matter how I try!" He waved, lot looking. "I won't come back, so don't wait up!"

Harry put his trunk into the back of the van and opened the door for Hermione, letting her in before him. She giggled and said her thanks. When he was about to step in after her, Fred jumped in, followed by George. "Thank you, chap!" One of them said.

"Mighty fine boy, that one." The other added.

Harry smirked and then got in, letting Ron close the door behind him "Thanks for coming to get me."

"Anytime." Ron grinned.

Harry looked up at the front seats. "Thank you, Mr. , Mrs. Granger!"

"Don't mention it, Harry!" It seemed they had decided to use Muggle methods as to blend in better.

As it turned out to be quite cramped, Hermione found herself to be sitting in Harry's lap for the ride to the Burrow. She sat sideways, so her back was against the window and her feet were across Ron's lap.

"She's quite the beauty." Celestial told him as Harry found his arms going around her waist and her's over his shoulder to get more comfortable. "You're girlfriend?"

"Nah," Harry replied, not thinking that it was out loud.

"What was that?" Ron looked

"I said that Hermione's not my…-er, nothing Ron." Hermione gave him a weird look, and Ron just shrugged.

"You almost slipped up, sweetie." Celestial told him with a laughing voice.

'Yeah, I know. Sorry, I'm not used to …thinking to you, I guess.'

"I tried to get you into the habit of it at your house, but did you listen to me? Nooo, You just wanted to learn some more magic from me."

'Well, I have a dragon for a friend who shares my thoughts, so I thought I could at least learn some things from everything that you know.'

"Harry, are you okay?" Hermione ran a hand through his hair, amazed at how silky it felt despite the spikes. "You look like your really concentrating on something?" Her hand ran over the side of his face. "And where are your glasses?"

"Yeah, I meant to ask you about that too. Did you break them again?" Ron was looking interested. "You know Hermione can fix them."

"Er, I fixed them." Harry said lamely.

"Your glasses?" Hermione was eyeing him skeptically. "Harry, you're not making sense."

"No, my eyes."

"Your eyes!?" Hermione gasped, grabbing his cheeks and peering into his green orbs. Well, orbs weren't really the correct word for it anymore. When looking closely, Hermione could make out that his pupils were slightly thinner at the top, almost like they tried to form a cat's eye. It was so slight, however, that no one would notice unless they were examining him like she was right now. "Harry…" she began slowly. "Did you cast a spell on your own eyes?"

Ron looked impressed. "Way to go mate!"

Hermione kicked him before turning her attention back to Harry, speaking gently to him. "Harry, what if you messed up? You could have really hurt yourself…" She looked scared and subconsciously rubbed her thumb across his cheek, making him blush.

"She likes you."


Hermione's eyes went wide with hurt. " I.."

Harry quickly realized his mistake. "No, not you! I was talking to Cecilia!"



Celestial sighed to herself. "Harry, Harry, Harry, what am I going to do with you? Hmm?"

Harry looked at her apologetically and used a bump in the road to draw her near so he could whisper in her ear. "I'll tell you later." He said hastily and let her fall back after the jerk of the van was over.

"Sorry about that!" Mr.Granger apologized. "Pot hole."

"S'kay!" Ron replied, looking over at his friends.

Harry grabbed his trunk from the back of the van and let Ron help him with it as they walked to the burrow.

Harry grinned as Mrs. Weasley hugged him tight and welcomed him to his 'home'. Ginny met him next and flung her arms around his neck when she saw that he was wearing the necklace.

"Welcome home, Harry." She whispered into his ear, holding the hug a little longer than necessary. Harry hugged her back tightly.

"Thanks for the necklace." He whispered back softly. "It means a lot to me."

"I'm glad you like it." They parted slowly and Ginny felt herself being let down onto the grass. She only came up to his shoulder as well. "Wow." She breathed, getting a good look at him. "You look… good."

"Don't I?" Harry joked, winking at a slightly irritated Hermione.

Ron smacked him on the head. "Save it, Slowmeo, we need to get the things upstairs to our room."

"That's 'Romeo'." Harry corrected. "And I'm not flirting or anything."


Harry turned to Hermione. "Was I?"

"I wouldn't know." She replied indignantly, turning on her heel to follow Ron. "Was I?" He looked at a blushing Ginny, who was in shock staring at his muscles. "Oh boy…"

Harry stopped Ron as he exited the bathroom later that night. "Ron, wanna play a game of Wizard chess after I get dressed?" He had just gotten out of the shower and was only wearing a towel at the current moment. The towel and his necklace.

"Sounds fun, but I'll decline tonight." Ron grinned and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't pass out, mate." And with that, he went down the hall and down the stairs.

'Don't pass out?'

"He is referring to your room."

' Are you looking into the future again?' Harry started to walk to his and Ron's room, wondering why the door was closed.

"I already told you, sweetie, I can't do that."

'Yeah, yeah, can feel the auras around people and feel emotions, I know. Still, it creeps me out how you're always right.'

Harry opened the door to his and Ron's room and almost let his towel fall down from shock. Hermione was on his bed wearing one of his shirts that she probably nipped from his trunk. Candles were lit around his bed and there were a few plastic bottles on his nightstand. There was a smell of incense that made his head a little fuzzy with warm feelings.


Hermione smiled up at him. "Ready for your birthday present?"

Harry smirked. "I'm getting a strip tease?"

Hermione smacked him across the head when he sat next to her. "No you are most definitely not getting a strip tease!" She scolded him, amazed at how her hand hurt after she hit him. "I'm going to give you a massage!"

It clicked. "Oh yeah! You learned how over the summer, right?"

Hermione nodded, pushing him down on the bed. "Yeah, I did. That's why I couldn't give it to you through owl post."

Harry smiled and laid face down on his bed, turning his head sideways on a pillow. "I take it I won't get many of these then?"

Hermione giggled and put some lotion on her hands. "I don't think you'll ever get another one, hon." She pulled on his towel to get it untucked from underneath him and laid across his backside, folded once so she could do all of his legs. "You know I don't care about seeing each other without much cloths on after all these years, but… it's still embarrassing."

"It's just me, Herms." Harry comforted, blushing himself.

Hermione smiled gently down at him, placing her hot hands on his back. "It's because it's you, Harry." She whispered, rubbing. The lotion made his back feel comfortably hot, making him moan a little in pleasure.

"That feels really nice…" He mummer into the pillow.

"Doesn't it, though?" She asked, smiling. "I read it in a book over the summer. I figured it would do you good after quidditch practice, but when I kept reading, it turns out that it's more of a…sensual massage than one for relaxation…"

"Whatever it is, I like it…" Harry was already under a spell it seemed. His eyes were closed lightly and his breathing was slow. The muscles on his back were loose from her rubbing and he seemed perfectly at peace.

Hermione smiled to herself at the power she had over him. Just a little rubbing and he was already at peace. Truth be told, she looked up on how to give a massage just for him. After his nightmares last night year at school, it tore her apart from the insides out that she couldn't do anything to calm him enough for a peaceful night's sleep. True, the pair had ended up falling asleep together on the couch a few nights, giving Harry pleasant dreams while she was there, but that plan fell apart faster than it was made the morning that Colin had found them still asleep. He had taken several pictures before waking them up. The next day, everyone in the common room had found out about the two sleeping together. Boy that didn't go so well…

" 'Mione?"

Hermione blinked, realizing that she stopped when she went so deep in thought. "Sorry." She spoke, smiling gently down at his confused face, and before she could help it, bent down and kissed his cheek. "Close your eyes again."

"Hmm." He did just that and Hermione began to run his arms

"Can you believe that it's our last year of school?" She asked, not expecting to get a reply. "I mean, after this what are we going to do? I was thinking of maybe getting a job teaching wizard kindergarten. Do you think I'd make a good teacher?"

Harry nodded lightly, still enjoying her touch too much to think of anything logical to say. "Sure thing 'Mione."

Hermione ran a finger down his back, getting a shiver from him. "Turn over" she commanded in a soft voice that she didn't remember having. Harry complied and turned onto his back, making sure the towel covered the important parts.

"My front too?" He asked, smiling at her.

Hermione blushed, but placed her wet hands on his chest. "Rather me not?" She tilted her head to one side and stuck out her bottom lip.

"By all means." Harry replied, pulling her to sit on his waist. Hermione complied, but arched an eyebrow after Harry took a sharp breath when she sat on his waist, above his towel. "H-Hermione!"

"Hmm?" She purred, stroking his chest. The incense was starting to cloud her mind and rational thinking wasn't a thing she was currently worrying about.

'Oh dear god, she's not wearing anything under that shirt!' Harry's mind was screaming. 'Cecilia! What do I do!?' Her hands were starting to make him feel a little more invigorated on his front.

"This is none of my business." Celestial told him with a sly tone to her voice. "Be responsible, Harry. I'll talk to you in the morning." And with that, Celestial's presence was gone. She had gone to sleep, becoming once more a normal necklace.

Harry groaned, finally giving into the pleasure of Hermione's hands and the damned incense that wouldn't stop clouding his mind. Hermione smiled down triumphantly at him.

Next Morning

"Ginny, be a dear and go fetch Harry and Ron would you please?" Mrs. Weasley asked as she put a plate of toast on the table.

"Sure Mum."

Ginny raised her hand to knock on Harry and Ron's door, but a voice caught her attention. Harry was talking to someone.

"Cecilia, I told you, we didn't do anything!" There was a pause. "I know, I know, I was responsible!" Another pause. "Yes, I know, you can feel it can't you?" and a third. "Ginny, I know you're out there."

Ginny sheepishly opened the door and poked her head in. "Whom was you talking to?"

Harry seemed to consider the question. "No one."

"Uh-huh, so you're hearing voices?"

He gave her his classic goofy grin. "Something like that, yes." She blinked at him. "Is that scrambled eggs I smell? Sounds tasty!" And with that, he walked to her, picked her up and lung her over his shoulder and carried her downstairs, laughing at her screeches and demands to be put down.

"You boys sure you'll be fine by yourselves?" Mrs. Weasley asked, looking at the line of seventeen (and one sixteen) year olds in front of her. They were all in robes.

"Yes Mum." Ron, Ginny, and Harry answered at the same time.

"Yes, Mrs. Weasley." Hermione chimed in, elbowing a grinning Harry.

"Very well then, have fun in Diagon Ally. Be sure not to spend too much, understand?" She looked at Ginny. "Ginny, dear, I know you had a job over the summer break, but don't go spending all your savings at once, you hear me?"

"Yes, Mum." But her voice sounded a little annoyed.

"We better go then." Ron spoke up, grabbing a pinch of flu powder and tossing it into the fireplace. "Diagon Ally!" And he was gone.

Harry stepped out of the fireplace in the Leaky Cauldron and smirked. "Ahh, feels good to be back in the wizarding world fully again."

Ron punched him in the arm playfully. "What, my house not enough wizarding for you?"

"Come on, boys." Hermione ushered. "We said we wouldn't dally around until after we finished our school shopping."

"Yes, Mum." Harry and Ron said smoothly at the same time, getting smacked by an indignant Granger for their troubles.

Ginny just shook he head and laughed.

"Hold still, Harry." The lady asked for the fifth time while measuring him. "If you don't hold still, I'll full body bind you!"

"Do it!" Ron grinned; getting measured himself for new robes. "I wanna see that!"

"Boys, behave!" Hermione growled, getting into her lecturing voice. "Let them do their job!"

"Lighten up, Hermione." Ginny laughed, poking her friend on the arm. They had been measured first, and in half the time of the boys. "Let them have some fun."

"Yeah!" Harry agreed, crossing his arms and looking over at them.

"That does it!" the lady said, pulling her wand. "Imobila!" Harry instantly went stiff from the neck down. "Ah, much better." The lady pulled his arm from his chest with the greatest of ease and it stayed wherever she moved it.

Hermione and Ginny were laughing heartily while Ron was doing his best not to laugh, in fear of moving too much and getting the same fate as his friend.

"I can not believe they had to stun you before they could measure you, Harry!" Celestial scolded him. "I did not teach you to behave in order for you to make me look bad!"

'Calm down, Cecilia!' Harry thought to her. 'I'm sorry, I'll be good, I swear. Besides, no one knows you are trying to teach me proper edict!'

" You'll thank me when you find yourself at a nice restaurant for a formal occasion and know how to act!"

'Please. Me? Formal? I told you about the Yule Ball didn't I?'

"No, but from the way you feel, I can tell you had a blast. Probably ditched your date and hung out with Ron, didn't you?"

'Ah, Cecilia, you know me all too well.'

"Harry, mate, come on!" Ron shouted at him. "You've been staring at that candy for the past five minutes, buy it or not, we need to get our books!"

Hermione grabbed his hand and lead him away. "Harry, you are not buying anything until we have all of our books."

"Sorry, Herms." Harry muttered, following her, noticing she hadn't let go of his hand. "But you don't have to drag me." Hermione flushed and tried to let go of his hand, but found that he didn't want to. "But you don't have to let go, either." He added as an afterthought, winking. Her flush turned to an outright blush as she laced their fingers.

"Come on." She told the ground, not looking at him. "We need our books."

"Lead the way." He teased.

Harry froze as he passed by a row of books. His eyes fixed on the single hardback book and no matter how he tried, he could not pull them away. "I want this…" His voice came out of his mouth, catching Hermione's attention. What had made her look was not the fact that Harry Potter wanted a book that wasn't needed for school, but it was the fact that his voice was feminine.

"Harry?" She asked tentatively. "Is something wrong."

"I need to get this." He replied, voice still light, sounding almost hypnotized.


As soon as Harry touched the book, he shook his head to clear it. With a fluid motion he de-shelved it and flipped to the front page. "Hermione, I think I'll get this too." He said casually, his voice his own again. With a slight nod, he closed it and handed it to her. "Hold this for me while I find my other books?"

Hermione nodded and took it from him, holding back a gasp at his eyes. They were fully like dragon eyes, but were quickly reverting back to normal. When he rounded a corner, she looked to see what had caught his attention so much.

Advanced Sorcery: A Guide to Dragon's Magic and How To Use It.

By: Orphen

"…Why on earth would he want a book a dragon magic?" She asked herself, putting her books down and flipping threw it. "These spells can't be done by a human…" Her eyes darted over the front page. "The brother book Dragon Bonding and How to Achieve It was published before this one, please read it before attempting anything in this volume."

Hermione closed the book and skimmed her hand over the rest of the section, finding the other book mentioned and placed it in her own stack. "You're up to something, Harry." She told herself. "I'll find out what it is."

"AlllllRighty then!" Harry spoke, opening the bags at the Burrow. "First up, robes!" He reached into the large back holding all their robes. "Size seven, female!"

"Me." Ginny grinned and held out her arm for her robe, but found it tossed into her face, over Harry's shoulder.

"Size nine, male!" Harry looked up. "That's Ron!" He tossed him the robe and pulled out another. "Size seven, male. My, my, must be mine." He put it over his shoulder. "Size six, female!" He held up the robe and looked from Ginny to Hermione. "What's the difference? You both look the same?"

Hermione blushed scarlet and snatched her robe, turning to put it on the couch where she would pile her other things. Ron came to his aid by whispering into his ear, low enough so no one else would hear. "Ginny's breast are bigger."

Harry flushed, getting a mental laugh from Celestial. "Oh…"

"Anyway!" Ron clapped his hands and opened the bag full of books, successfully turning Ginny's laughing face from Harry to him. "Standard book of spells, grade six." He handed it to Ginny. "Sevens for us three." He handed Harry two, in which he gave Hermione one. "Dragon sorcery?" There was a small pause. "Allo? Advanced sorcery, Dragon Magic and how to use it?"



"It's yours!"

Harry blinked. "No it isn't."

"Yes it is."

"Yes it is, sweetie."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot." Harry muttered, grabbing his book. 'Cecilia?'

Harry totally missed Hermione getting the brother book as he listened to his counterpart talking to him. "I got you to buy it." She explained to him. "It'll help you understand things from the human point of view that I can't teach you."

'Ah.' He thought, putting it down and grabbing another book chunked his way. 'Thanks I guess, but next time, let me know when you decide to take me over? It's kind of unnerving…'

"Sorry, sweetie, you're right of course."

Hermione watched Harry while Ron finished sorting out books and moved on to other random things like quills and parchment. She held a small smug look on her face. Yes, Harry was definitely acting strangely. 'Well, Harry,' She thought to herself, still watching him. 'I'll find out why you are so interested in dragons all of a sudden. It can't be because of a single necklace, even Ron could see that…She glanced at Ron. 'Well, maybe not Ron. He hasn't noticed anything at all yet…'