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Harry rolled over in his bed and groaned lightly. Although he had been fully healed by Madam Pomfrey, he was still asked to stay in the hospital wing overnight and part of the next day so he could be tested for any type of drugs or mind altering spells. Harry, of course, agreed to it (although none- too thrilled about the idea) and soon found himself unable to sleep.

"Still awake?"

Harry turned to the side and looked around. "Who's there!?"

"Shush! You'll get us caught." Came another voice, this one female. A second later, two people came into view as a cloak was thrown off of them. "Hey Harry."

"Hermione, Ron! You two…"

"Brought cookies." Ron finished for him, jumping up on the bed and making himself at home. Harry sat up and crossed his legs, making room for Hermione as well. The red head of the group put down a plate of cookies in the middle of the bed and Hermione sat down three glasses of milk and took the tops off of the cups.

"I don't know what I would do without you." Harry said, grinning like an idiot as he snagged a chocolate chip cookie and took a bite. "Mmm….. Freshly baked?" He took a sip of milk.

"Dobby made them when we told him we were going to see you." Hermione explained. "He knows we always do this when one of us has to stay all night for no reason."

"Speaking of no reason, you sure you're okay?" Ron asked, looking him over. "You exhausted your magical powers didn't you?"

"Kind of." Harry admitted, reaching to his right and grabbing his wand. "Lumos!" a dull yellow light came to his call, pathetically lighting a little area around him. "Nox." The light quickly as snuffed out. "I'll have to recover my energy before I can do anything else."

Ron nodded and talked around a bite of a cookie. "So, mate, what happened while you were there?"

"Yeah." Hermione agreed, leaning forward and snatching a raisin oatmeal cookie. Dobby never had any quarrels about making three different types of cookies for his friends. "They didn't torture you or anything did they?" Harry gave her a small lopsided smile, which made her bring her hand to her mouth. "Oh no…"

"I never knew how the death eaters took out so many places, or got away with the things they did." Ron spoke during a small silence. "I always though, 'hey, it's a group of ten people, surely a group of fifteen aurors can take them out, right?' But when I actually fought against them…. I mean I know they cast the forbidden spells but…"

"Never knew they called them out so easily, huh?" Hermione finished up for him, getting a nod.

"The way has started." Harry spoke, idoly biting a cookie. "I was going to be the first to die. That would have destroyed moral for everyone."


Ron sighed and took a drink. "That's not the point right now." He grabbed another cookie. "A toast to getting our best friend back in one piece."

"Cheers!" His two friends gladly accepted the toast and change of subject.

"Thanks for coming guys." Harry told them after a bit. "Means a lot to me to have such great friends."

"Ah, whatever. You just wanted cookies!"

Hermione laughed at Ron but nodded at Harry at the same time. "We should be getting back, though. It'll be a rough day for all of us. Harry will be pestered about what happened until Madam Pomfrey-"

"Or Ginny"

"Or Ginny," Hermione added with a laugh. "And then the people will come to us to find out anything they couldn't get from Harry."

"Come visit me sometime okay?" Harry asked, watch the two stand and hop off his bed.

"Sure thing, mate." Ron whipped the cloak over him.

"Oh, Hermione!"

"Yeah?" she paused before stepping under with Ron.

"Would you wear this for me please?" He held out his necklace. "I'm weak on power and…"

"Sure." She took it and Ron blinked at them.

Harry nodded at him. "You're not an idiot Ron."

He smirked. "If you weren't going to tell me, I wasn't going to pry."

Hermione looked between the two. "What did I miss?"

Ron shook his head. "After all these years, your still underestimate how I can pick up on things." He nodded to the necklace. "The sudden change in looks, the new magic, Harry talking to himself, his refusal to take it off unless you're wearing it… It wasn't that hard to figure out that the necklace was what caused it all. Besides, Harry rarely wears a necklace unless he's on a date."

Hermione beamed up at him. "You impress me every day, did you know that?"

Harry grinned as Ron laughed and draped his arm over her with the cloak. "Let's get out of here."

Harry looked up from his book when the curtains around his bed slid open, revealing Ginny to him. "Hellooooooo nurse." He teased, getting a light smack on the head. "Can I leave yet, doctor?"

"Nope." Ginny answered, looking at the clipboard by his bed. "You have to put up with me for a while. Classes are done for the day so I'm doing my Wing duties." She held out a thermometer. "Say 'ahh'"

"Ahhh" he held open his mouth and let her place it under his tongue. "Good boy." She patted him on the head, making him glare. "You hurt anywhere?" Harry shook his head 'no' before she went on with the questions. "Are you tired, any aches, a weird feeling, or mind feel hazy?" Harry shook his head negative to all of them, making her smile. "Good." She reached for the thermometer and he let her pull it from his mouth. Looking at it, she grinned. "According to your build, height, grades in class, and all that junk, this tells us how full your magical powers are.

"Normally a person can't exhaust their magical energy, but it can still be done if pushed far enough. Kind of like how the body gets weak after too much work or exercise, the mind gets weak from too much stress that comes with magic."

Harry nodded in a way that meant that that much was obvious, but clearly did not understand a thing she just said. "So am I okay or what?"

"You need help, just not the kind I can offer." She teased, tapping his head."


Ginny laughed and dodged a swat from his hand. "Anyway, you seem to be about one third of your 'normal' self. Keep in mind that being 'normal' doesn't mean being at your peak. Casting spells in school all day and doing homework and such drains your powers still. You won't be 'full' until you go home for the summer." Harry gave her a weird look, to which she laughed. "I read it in the book."

Harry laughed lightly and shook his head. "So I can't leave until I'm 'normal'?"

"You'll never be normal, Harry."

"Ginny! Come on!"

She laughed. "Sorry, sorry. I just never get a chance to tease you. But yes, that's right. Stay in bed, blah, blah, blah, drink lots of fluids, blah, blah, blah, you know the drill."

"Yeah yeah. Take it easy and don't do anything stupid. Madam Pomfrey tells me that every time I see her."

"Yup." Ginny scribbled down something on the clipboard. "You can leave to go get dinner, but that's a few hours away. Bed rest until then. Visitors for one hour now."

Harry grinned. "All right! Is Hermione out there?"

"No making out in the hospital Wing!"


"So there we were…" Ron said, as the people around him at the lunch table leaned in. "surrounded by at least fifty death eaters."

"There were seven, Ron." Hermione corrected as she ate her sandwich and talked mentally to Celestial.

"Okay, okay, seven of them." Ron went on. "Anyway, they were armed to the teeth! Swords, nun chucks and all that! And each one had at least three wands!" Hermione raised an eyebrow, but kept silent that time. "And then, out of nowhere, there was this huge thundering sound!" Here Ron smacked the table, making the first years jump in shock. "Harry was fighting this giant person with blue hair that was in a Mohawk! He deflected Harry's attacks and slammed him against the wall!"

"Oh no!" a small girl gasped before blushing at her outburst. It was obvious she had a crush on Harry… Her and every other first, second, third and fourth year girl in Gryffindor. It was a known fact they al adored both Ron and Harry.

"And then I jumped in and saved the day!" Ron added, making half the girls sigh in admiration.

"Ron." Hermione said, crossing her arms and resting them on his head while leaning over him. "Honey, didn't you knock out one of the death eaters before we all scrambled out of that place while we were still alive?"

"Which brings me to my point." Ron said to the boys of the group. "As long as you're running faster than the person beside you, you'll be okay."


"Oh come on Herms." Ron said while they walked to the hospital wing. He was carrying her book bag over his shoulder and she had an arm through his in a friendly manor as they walked. "It's not like I lied to them... Well, not too much!"

She sighed. "Ron, you're too much sometimes."

"I know."

Hermione punched him in the arm with her free hand, getting a laugh. "You're so full of yourself!"

"I rule, I know."

Hermione rolled her eyes as they walked to the hospital wing door. "Better watch out not to hit your head, Ron." She smirked. "With my high heels on and your ego, we may not make it!"


"Hey Harry!" Hermione greeted, giving him a quick peck on the forehead. "How are you?"

"Good and you three?" He asked his two best friends.

"Good." Ron answered, hopping up on the bed.

"Fine, and 'getting there'" Hermione replied, fingering the necklace out of habit when she talked to it. "You too terribly bored?"

"Extremely." He agreed, moving his legs so Hermione could sit on the bed as well. "Ginny's taken to teasing me non-stop lately, though. Really quite annoying. I mean, I knew she could talk your ear off but man…"

Hermione laughed while Ron just shook his head. "Figured you'd be bored, so I brought this." He held out his small portable chess set. "A good game will make an hour or so fly by!"

"All right!"

"And I knew he would do that so I brought my books to study while you two goofed off."

"That's our Hermione." The boys both chorused at the same time.

"Not dead yet, I see."

The trio turned to see Draco standing by the bed. "Malfoy?" Ron asked, amazed.

"Just want to…make sure he would be okay, you know, for the upcoming match we have in a few weeks, that's all."

Harry smirked. "I'll live, Draco."

The boy nodded once before turning and walking away, pausing to speak to Ginny for a moment, and then leaving the Wing.

"That was weird." Hermione spoke aloud, looking at the door. "Who would have thought he'd worry about you of all people."

"I can't help but take a little offence to that!" Harry replied playfully.

"Oh hush; you know how I meant it." She humphed and opened her book, hopping off the bed in favour of a chair to sit in.

"More room for us." Ron grinned, letting the pieces fall.

"Finally." Harry breathed a sigh of relieve as he walked out of the hospital wing. "I'm starving!"

"Harry!" Lupin greeted, walking over to him. "Could you come to my office for a bit?" He saw Madam Pomfrey out of the corner of his eye. "It's about your assignments you missed."

Harry sighed. "Professor, I'm really hungry right now, could we-"

"You missed a lot Harry." Lupin said in a firm tone.

Harry took the hint. "Yes sir, now's okay."

"Sorry about that, Harry." Lupin said as they sat down in his office. To Harry's surprise there was a large amount of food on several platters on the desk. "I asked the house elves to make us a small snack while we talked, but this one named Dobby seemed to make a little too much…"

"This is a small snack for me." Harry grinned, grabbing an apple and eating it in almost five bites. "I'm starved!"

Lupin shook his head. "Yes, I know how you eat." He watched him shovel down the food. "I wanted to let you know Sirius has made it to safety."

"All right!" Harry cried out around a mouthful of bread. "When can I talk to him?"

"Personally? In a few days. Technically, any time you want."

"What do you mean?" Harry actually slowed down his inhalation of food, showing he was confused.

Lupin tapped his head before handing Harry the book of thoughts. "We copied it and transfused the power into a vial of liquid. Now me and Sirius can talk to each other in our minds, almost like we can in our animal forms."

"Your Animal forms can talk mentally?"

"Yeah. Don't ask me how because it's complicated. We used those principles to create this book." He nodded to the thought book. "I also wanted to ask you if you heard anything while being captured. Ryoko has already been sentenced and is in Azkaban."

Harry shook his head Voldemort was only there for a bit. He put me under the cruciatus curse and then left. I escaped a little later thanks to Ron's Christmas present, the dagger in my shoe."

"I see…" Lupin folded his hands together and looked at Harry. And how are your nightmares?"

"I haven't had a bad one since that time I saw the future."

"Harry, it wasn't the future, it was just something that meant to tell you something. Besides, Sirius and I don't own any cloths like the ones you mentioned us wearing."


"One more thing that has been bothering me… It's Malfoy."

"Draco or Lucius?"


"What about him?"

"I've seen his Angel Wing transformation, and I have heard by a few people in Hogsmeade of a person who had Feather wings and looked like a demon, but helped people… is there anything about him that you should tell me? I know it was Draco. The other people don't know him, that's why it hasn't gotten into the press yet."

"Draco is… well…"

"Are you sure you can't tell me?"

Harry sighed, knowing that Lupin could read him too well. "I promised I wouldn't. I can tell you he's on our side, though."

"That's good enough for now I suppose."


"Now, about the work you missed…"

"Oh man…"

"Welcome back Harry!" The common room shouted as he walked through the portrait. Several people gave him hugs or shook his hand, congratulating him on escaping He-who-must-not-be-named." Some of the younger Gryffindors begged for stories of his adventures, and a few girls were all clinging for him.


The boy who lived looked up to the stairs, where Hermione was leaning over the railing. "Welcome back, love."

Harry grinned up at her and the public announcement of the pet name. "Hiya, Herms. Miss me?"

The first year girls all pouted at the love of Harry's life and went to go do other things while he walked to the stairs, waving over his shoulder to his friends.

"You okay?" She asked, giving him a hug before they went into their room.

"Yeah, peachy." He replied as he lay on his bed without getting changed. "But I'm tired. Even after being in the hospital Wing all day. Just walking to the tower and answering all those questions. Geese, I'm beat."

"Well, you did tax both your body and mind not too long ago. You're still too weak to even wear Celestial."

Harry gave a small lopsided smile. "How is she?"

Hermione paused a moment before replying. "She's worried about you too."

Harry sat up and looked at the necklace. "Don't worry, Cecilia, I'll make it." He could make out a small grin on the Dragon's face. She was still probably too weak to move around freely still.

"Anyway," Hermione began before taking off her shirt and rummaging threw her things. "I want to get some sleep." Her pants followed and she picked up a night shirt. She was about to put it on, but felt hands snake around her. "Harry! No! You're too tired, we need to rest…" A blush shot over her face. "Shouldn't you be tired from that 2 minute Crucio spell you were under?" Suddenly her legs became weak and she gave in to him. "I swear, the closer you come to death the more turned on you get later…."

Hermione sighed contently as she snuggled up closer to the person in her bed. Even though she was half naked, very tired, and dazed from just waking up, she felt like it would be a good day. Giving her boyfriend a kiss to the chest, she slid away from him and padded over to her trunk and picked out her pajama cloths and put them on, laughing lightly at last night. Harry had fallen asleep in the middle of a kiss. She thought it was funny, but if she told him, he would probably be embarrassed about it.

Singing to herself, she got her bath things ready and walked to the prefect's bathroom. Setting the taps, she striped herself of the cloths and slid in, pulling her hair into a tight bun so it wouldn't get wet. "A nice hot bath with a good book." She spoke aloud, shifting the dragon necklace so it went down her back instead of annoying her up front.

Hermione looked to the door as she heard it open. Harry stepped into the bathroom and gave her a small smile and a wave before putting his cloths on the shelf. Hermione was sitting against the corner of the bath in a place specially designed to be able to stretch out while sitting down. In her hand she held a book entitled "Advanced charms and how to perfect them."

Harry slipped into the hot water and sighed contently. Taking a breath, he dived under and swam around until he was forced to come back for air. "I swear Herms,"

"Hm?" She hummed, showing she was lending him an ear.

"One day, I'm going to steal some of that gillyweed or whatever it was called to grow some gills and I'm going to soak in the bath underwater for a full hour."

"That's nice, dear."

Harry rolled his eyes. "You're not even listening to me."


"Hermione, Draco just walked in."

"That's nice." She turned a page in her book and kept reading.

Harry swam up to her and blew in her ear, making her shrug a little before returning to her paragraph. Grinning, Harry snatched the book and pushed back before she could grab him. "Harry! Give that back!"

"No." He laughed as she tried to jump and grab it. "Ooh, bouncy, bouncy!"

"Pervert!" she accused but tried to grab the book again. "Come onnnnnn!"

"Kiss me."


"Kiss me and I'll give it back."

"Harold James Potter, you are so weird."

"Pucker up, Buttercup."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Promise to give me to the book?"

"Kiss me."

Hermione sighed and swam a step or two over to him before pecking his lips. "There, now give me the book."

"I lied." He tossed the book to the side of the bath and started tickling her.

"Harry! Haha, stop! I mean- haha- it!"

"Lighten up Herms." Harry told her happily. "I could have died a day ago, lets goof off for a day to celebrate!"

Hermione finally managed to pull away. "Okay okay, we'll goof today. Tomorrow we study, though."

"okay." He kissed her nose. "I want to do something."

"What?" she raised an eyebrow at him.

"This." Harry disappeared under the water before she could reply. A moment later she felt him come up under her and lift her over his shoulders.

"Harry!" She cried out, trying to find some way to steady herself.

"Going down." He told her playfully, falling backwards.

"Harr-" Her plea was cut off as she went under the water, lost in the suds.

Ron looked up from his meal when his friends sat in front of him. "Hey guys." He greeted with a nod before going back to inhaling his food.

The Hogwarts Press landed in Harry's lap a few moments later, catching his attention. Hedwig hooted at him and flew off after a scratch to her neck. "Blitz Team beat the Hokage." Harry mused, looking it over. "I completely forgot about the fight when I was captured."

"Same here." Ron thought aloud, snatching the Tournament section of the ever growing Hogwarts Press. "Wow, pretty rough. They had two 2-on-2 matches and then a 1-on-1 to settle it."

"Who's going next?" Hermione asked as she began to drink her pumpkin juice.

"N.W.O. and the Blitz team" Ron replied. "Whoa, tough break, two matches in a row."

"Don't forget Quidditch." Harry informed, looking over the rest of the newspaper. "This upcoming week is Gryffindor verses Hufflepuff."

"At least we don't fight again for at least a month." Ginny thought aloud as she passed them and claimed a seat next to Hermione. "Good morning guys."

There was a collective greeting for Ginny before everyone went back to eating and reading, talking about random things that went on.

Harry bit back a yell of pain as a bludger clipped his backside. Quickly straightening his grip on his trusted (if not a bit outdated) Firebolt, Harry righted his position and grinned to himself as the Snitch flew right in front of his face. Reaching out for it, he felt the wings flutter under his hand, but the glory was stolen from him as Allan, the new Hufflepuff seeker (a third year) flew madly and tried to grab it himself. This resulted in both loosing sight of the snitch.

"Aw man!" Allan groaned, "I could have sworn I would have caught it!" He angrily batted at the air.

"Hey, calm down." Harry coached to the newcomer. "This is your first real game, right?" Allan nodded at him. "You don't know how the snitch reacts to different on comings. The best, and almost only, way to grab it is directly from behind it, above, or below. Try it from the side and it'll feel your hand on the wings and zip away."

The two flew into the air and kept an eye out. "Why are you telling me this?"

Harry shrugged as he let his eyes scan. He still let Hermione Wear Celestial whenever he was playing. With his dragon vision and the power of the necklace, he would always know where the snitch was. Cheating wasn't one thing Harry liked doing. "It's your first time out here competing." Harry told the person next to him. "I've done it for seven years. I want to win, but I'm still a seeker at heart. I like to give advice on something I know about."

"You're a lot different than I thought you would be."

"Don't believe what you read in text books." Harry replied just before diving straight at the ground.

"Hey!" Allan roared after him, catching up on his Nimbus two-thousand and three. "I see it too!"

The pair raced straight to the ground at an alarming speed, Snitch just out of their reach. "When in doubt." Harry spoke aloud, more to himself. "Do something reckless!" Kicking forward, Harry jumped forward and kicked his shoe from his broomstick's front. With this new reach, Harry easily snagged the snitch. With his other hand, Harry grabbed his broomstick and pulled just hard enough so he wouldn't kill himself when he hit the ground a few seconds later.

Harry came in at an odd angle and bounce two times before losing his grip on his broom. He then skidding across the grass and into the sand pit below the scoring rings. After coming to a stop, he looked up weekly to see Allan above him, looking down. "Geeze, no wonder you almost always win!"

Harry gave him a weak lopsided smile. "Let me tell you something about winning." He said lightly as Colin Screamed out that Harry had indeed caught the snitch. "Winning hurts like hell."

Allan couldn't help the laugh that rang out then. A few moments later the Gryffindor team surrounded him and helped him up, getting a few pains of protest as they did so. Allan flew over to his team mates and shrugged helplessly. They, in kind, all congratulated their new seeker on the daring dive he did to try and win it for them.

"So doctor, will I live?" Harry asked Ginny as Ron carried him piggy back style to the hospital wing. Hermione laughed lightly, but Ginny sighed.

"I swear, you and Draco make up fifty percent of all the injuries I've ever had." The door to the hospital wing opened and they walked in. "Madam Pomfrey? Harry –idiot- Potter is back again!"

Madam Pomfrey walked up to them as Ron deposited his friend lightly on a bed. "Harry!" She greeted it's been almost three days since I saw you, I was wondering if you left school or something!"

"Nah," Harry grinned as he was scanned over with a wand. "Hermione here has kept me in the library almost all week."

"Well, miracles do happen." Ron spoke airily.

"Hardy-har-har-har." Hermione rolled her eyes. "Is he okay?" She asked, referring to Harry and ignoring the other comments made by Ron.

"Oh he'll be fine. Just his usual Quidditch injuries. You know, ninety percent bruised and banged up." He gave him a potion. "Drink this and take it easy for a day and you'll be as good as new."

"Thanks." Harry pinched his nose and gulped down the vinegar tasting potion he was given. "Ahhhhh" He licked his lips, playing like he enjoyed it. "That hit the spot."

"Considering you threw up the first time I gave it to you." Pomfrey smiled at him. "Now get out of here, I should have a dozen or so people complaining about bludger injuries after the parties die down."

"Thanks, bye!" Harry slid from the bed and walked gingerly to the door. "Those potions never work fast enough…"

"Hermionnnnnneeeeeeeee……" Harry leaned back in his chair. "I'm booorrrrreeeeddddd….. Can't I go play now?"

"No, we still have another half hour." Hermione replied easily, writing down something on a piece of parchment. "You'll thank me when the N.E.W.T.s comes."

Harry groaned and leaned back forward, looking back at the book on potions. "Snape'll fail me anyways…"

Ron gave him a small grin over the top of his Transfiguration book.

"All right!" Dean shouted as he entered the Common room. "N.W.O rules baby! Sweeeeeet!"

"Congratulations on beating the Blitz team." The first year Steve shouted out over the ruckus.

"Keep this up and we'll have to fight soon." Harry grinned, putting an arm around Seamus' neck and giving him a nuggie.

"Ah, we'll beat you any day!" Seamus pulled out of it and turned it into a headlock on Harry. "Give up!?"

"Ha ha, I give! I give!" Seamus let Harry go and the two grinned at each other and did a few playful jabs.

"I can't believe there are only three more months until the N.E.W.Ts!" Harry exclaimed at the library table. It was around seven at night, but the table held at least twenty five, if not thirsty people on it. "Where did the time go?"

"Right out the window." Ken, a seventh year Ravenclaw, said without really paying attention. "Yo, Ryu, how do you do this?" His friend looked at the book before taking out his wand and showing him how to transform a non living thing into a bird.

"This is rough…" Ron said worriedly; hand in his hair as he looked over his transfiguration book as well. "There's no way I can do this."

"Sure you can." Hermione encouraged, leaning over to look at what he was having problems with. "It's easy. You just need to remember…"

Harry sighed at his Divination book. Knowing neither Ron nor Hermione would be of help, and Celestial was already asleep after a long day of sorcerer training, Harry knew he would be on his own. Sighing, He scanned the long table for anyone who also had a Divination book out. Finding one, he got up and walked over to the girl. "Hey."

The girl jumped lightly before blushing at him. "Hi."

"I'm Harry." He said, sitting in front of her.

"I know. I'm Lina." She replied, still somewhat shocked Harry Potter would be talking to her. She wasn't the prettiest of girls after all.

"Lina, are you good in Divination?" He asked desperately, not noticing her embarrassment at being around him. "I'm lost."

"Huh? Yeah, sure, it's my best class."

"Really!?" He suddenly smiled happily. "'Cause I suck at it! Will you help me?"

She laughed. "Sure. What do you need help on?"

Harry looked slightly embarrassed. "Um, all of it?"

Lina gave him a small smile. "Come on now, really." The way that Harry kept that lopsided smile on his face told her that he wasn't kidding. "Oi! It's three months until the test and you really don't understand any of it!? Ho did you pass until now!?"

"Easy, I just predicted Voldemort's-" Lina gasped at the name, but Harry continued as if nothing happened. "Attacks and when he did, she passed me. It won't work on the N.E.W.Ts, though…"

"Okay, but this will take a while." Lina realized that he was just a student having problems, like anyone else. "Turn to page forty, that's where we can start."


"I see you made a new friend." Hermione said as they got ready for bed. "Lina, right? From Ravenclaw?"

"Yeah." He agreed, pulling off his robes and chunking them over his shoulder into his dirty cloths corner. "You would like her, she's really book smart."

"I've ran into her a few times at the library." Hermione admitted as she picked up the top half to Harry's favourite pajama set. "She's really shy and doesn't have many friends. Not really outgoing."

"Kind of like you was back in first year." Harry mused to himself, putting on the pajama pants. The two looked at each other and laughed at their appearance.

"Yes, I suppose so." Hermione sat on her bed and laid back. "She's like me in some ways…" He voice trailed off at the end.

"Jealous?" Harry asked, sitting at her feet and looking over at her.

"Me? Jealous? Ha!" He arched an eyebrow at her, making her sniff. "I know you would never cheat on me, but a girl can still worry, right?"

Harry laughed and lay on top of her, supporting himself with his arms on either side of her. "Don't worry." He bent down and kissed her neck, getting a purr.

"If I worry more, do I get another kiss?"

Harry laughed deep in his throat.

"Go-od mor-nig!" Harry sang/spoke as he walked into the seventh year dorms, greeting his friends. He was fresh out of the shower (having taken one in the Gryffindor bathroom instead of the prefects, as Hermione was having a before breakfast study group with a few girls in the tower) "Good morning to you!" he pointed to Ron. "And you!" Seamus. "And you and you!" Dean and Neville blinked.

"Why are you in such a good mood?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I dunno!" Harry grinned as he put on his pants and jumped, pulling them up. "Do I seem happy" he tossed the towel into Ron's hamper. "To you?"

"You're bouncing around like your Richard-freaking-Simons." Seamus informed him

"You do seem abnormally light hearted this morning, Harry." Neville chipped in.

"Maybe it's because I had the time of my life last night!" Harry beamed. "Twice!" he smacked Ron with his shirt before putting it on. "And once for this morning."

Dean leaned forward. "You had sex with Hermione!?" He shook his head. "Three times? No way."

"Not sex, but something just as good."

"And you came in here just to brag about it?"


Realization hit Seamus' eyes and he shook his head. "No way. Hermione? Never."

"Wanna bet?"

"Oh like I'm going to bet money on something you can't prove."

Harry grinned and looked to the wall that would connect to his room.

Ron quickly shot up on his bed. "You recorded Hermione's thoughts in the book, didn't you!?"

Instantly the group of friends darted to the door in hopes of getting the book from the prefect's room. "No! No, I didn't! GUYS!"

"Morning!" Hermione called happily to her friends at the breakfast table. "How is everyone today?" She sat down with a smile.

Neville blinked a few times, looking up at her. Leaning over to his side, he whispered to Seamus. "Does she look like she's glowing to you?"

Seamus looked over to Ron, who was also blinking at the cheery greeting. Upon closer inspection of his friend, Ron noticed something. "Hey Hermione…"

"Hmm?" She hummed happily as she took a drink of orange juice.

"Is that a hickey on your neck?"

Hermione spit out her drink and grabbed her neck. "No! Of course not! Why would you think that!?"

"Ewwwwww….." Dean and Seamus chorused at the same time, wiping spewed drink off them. "Gross!"

The other people around the girl laughed heartily, making her blush deep crimson.

"Oi, Harry, are you sure we should do this?" Ron asked as they ran through the underground passage to Hogsmeade. It was Wednesday, which meant both Harry and Ron were free for most of the day. Having nothing better to do, they decided to go to Hogsmeade. Upon hearing that, Harry decided to make it go a step farther and proclaimed they would sneak into Muggle London by flu.

"Sure I'm sure." Harry replied easily as they ran. The faster they made it to Hogsmeade, the longer that could stay in London.

"This is insane." Came another voice, following them.

"No one asked you to come, Malfoy." Ron quipped, but didn't sound as if he was annoyed. Although still on a last name basis, he respected him enough to make Ginny happy.

"No, I mean this passage! I never knew…"

"Oh yeah," Harry jumped a pot hole in the ground, as did Ron. Draco almost tripped in it, not being as familiar with the passage as the other two. "This is just our favourite one. You should see the other 3.

"There are four!?"

"Well, one is under the whomping willow." Ron mused. "And the other caved in. So in reality there are two. This just happens to be the best."

"You really have to let me borrow those glasses sometime." Draco mused as they slowed down. "Now what?"

"We're there." Harry replied, opening the trap door. "Now the fun part. We got to sneak out without being seen."


Harry turned, just in time to see Fred's face. "George?"



"No, I'm George." Came another voice.

"Using the passage I see." Came Fred's voice.

"Hey guys." Ron peeked his head out. "You never told me you got the job offer here."

"Started today." George grinned, helping them out of the trap door. Draco jumped up on his own. "You three off to stir up trouble.

"Oh yeah." Harry grinned. "We're going to muggle London!"

"We can help you there." Fred smirked. At the look on Ron and Harry's face, he raised an eyebrow. "Thought you three would be the first to sneak into London while you were at school?"


"Yeah, actually."


"I don't bloody believe it." Ron said as he looked around. "Who would have thought the ministry never found out about the un-used flu network opening in Hogsmeade!? It took us straight here!"

"This is muggle world, huh?" Draco asked, looking around. "What now?"

"First, we get cloths." He took out his wallet and counted his money. "I have enough to get Draco some jeans and a shirt. You can pay me back later."

The three began walking down the street. Draco got a lot of stares from people at his choice of clothing. It was already warm and the seventeen year old boy was wearing all black and a robe on top of it. Harry had put his robe in Zonko's cellar, as did Ron. He was clad in blue jean shorts with an untucked black shirt and his necklace. He wore his normal New Balance sneakers and ankle socks. Ron was sporting a maroon tank top that showed off his developed arms. He also wore shorts, but had on sandals. He kind of looked like a surfer. Luckily there was a lake nearby at the edge of town, so he wasn't given any looks (save a few girls)

"Let's go in here."

"The GAP?" Draco asked, walking in. "Weird name…"

"I feel like an idiot." Draco growled to Ron as they walked around. He was now clad in black skateboarding shots as well as a green tee shirt that had the sleeves 'torn' off to give the frayed look. Around his neck he wore a black and dark green beaded necklace and brand name sunglasses covered his eyes. He had his robe tied around his waist, making it look like a jacket. A little odd considering the warm weather, but still passed off easily as a fashion statement.

"You look like a skater boy." Harry grinned, trying to be sure to make it sound like a very good thing. "With the pony tail you're kind of punkish too."

"And that means…?"

"You look cool." Ron answered. "You don't hang out with Harry for years without learning a few things about muggles."

"And the first rule of that issssss?" Harry asked, looking at him.

"Keep everything wizarding away from site and don't refer to it or say 'muggle'"

"Exactly." Harry nodded, looking at Draco. "You do the same. Keep your wand in your pocket and cast no, I mean no magic. Don't even mention it."

"Right." Draco shrugged Harry away from him. "I'm not an idiot." Suddenly something caught his eye. "Hey, look, someone is trapped inside that box!"

"It's a T.V. Harry said, rolling his eyes. It shows movies and such. Entertainment."

"Cool, what's that?"

Ron sighed. "A radio. Like out wireless."

"And that!?"

"A skateboard."

"A skateboard, huh….?

"This is great!" Draco shouted out, as the three skateboarded through the street, getting many angry shouts. Even though the streets were practically empty (being as how most were still lat work), the few people scattered around gave the three 'punks' a glare when they passed.

"Now what?" Ron asked, kicking the ground and getting next to Harry. All three had taken to the boards with relative easy; being as how they balanced on a broomstick like it was second nature.

"We hit an arcade and blow all of the money we got transferred!"

"What's an arcade?"

Ron and Harry grinned.

"Are you sure this isn't magic?" Draco asked, looking at the massive arcade/fun land place they were in. It was called "Ultra Zone" or something like that. In the back was a laser tag arena.

"Nope." Harry grinned as he looked around. This is an arcade." He dropped his voice really low. "While our kind researched potions and new spells, the muggle word uses 'science' to make things. This is an entertainment part of that 'science'."

"I see." Draco and the rest put their skateboards by the entrance and walked around. "Weasley, you're used to this?"

"Huh?" he looked back after getting tokens for a bill. "Yeah. Harry takes Hermione and me places like this all the time during the summer." He pointed to his left, where a Dance Dance Revolution game was. "That's how I learned to dance, when the twins didn't teach me."

"You should see Hermione." Harry grinned, walking up to them. "She doesn't fast dance in front of people, but here she'll cut up like you wouldn't believe!"

"Granger?" He asked, amazed. "No way!"

"Shall we?" Ron asked, holding up a token.

"Let's shall!"

Draco watched as the two stood on the machine and put in their tokens. "Show me your best moves!" a voice suddenly called out. After a second, Draco realized the thing they were standing on had said it. "Show me your best mosh!" Intrigued at the device, Draco stood next to them and observed. "Heavy mode! Rocking!" the two looked through the list of songs and selected one. "Into the Night! Keep dancing baby!"

Draco stepped back as the screen the two were looking at started flashing with arrows, to which they dances to on the pad they were standing on. "By the three goddesses…" Draco muttered, watching. "Will wonders never cease!?"

"I'm getting kind of hungry." Ron said after a while.

Draco was currently playing (and actually doing pretty good) Street Fighter EX3. "Me too, actually." He admitted just as he lost a very close round against M. Bison. "Damn it!" he slammed his hands on the controls. "I swear, this thing is rigged!"

"Let's go get some food." Harry said, pulling Draco away from the game that taunted him with "Don't give up now! Continue!?"

Harry shoved Draco's skateboard onto his chest, making him forget about the game the now proudly flashed "GAME OVER!" in big red letters.

"How about that hamburger joint?" Ron asked as they skated outside and down the sidewalk.

"Maybe something a little more... appropriate since this is Draco's first time out in the world by himself?"

Ron grinned. "Pizza!"

"This is good?" Draco asked, looking at the large pizza placed in front of him. "You sure?"

"Yup." Ron took a slice, making the hot cheese stretch out. A quick swipe with his hand grabbed it and took it with him.

"What does it do?"

"Do?" Harry asked, grabbing a slice. "It doesn't do anything. You just eat it."

"It doesn't turn you into an animal or something?"

"No." Ron answered, taking a bite.

"It doesn't explode inside your stomach?"

"Nope." Harry ate some.

"You just… eat it?"

"Yup." They both answered at the same time. "No charms to make it taste better, nothing that keeps it warm, nothing to add different flavors. Just down home good food."

Draco took a slice and held it in his hands, blowing on it a bit to cool it. With one last look at the pair, he took a bite. "Ow! Hot!"

Harry laughed. "Cheese stick to the top of your mouth?"

Draco nodded, grabbing his drink and chugging some without even thinking. "Ah, that's better….hey this is good."

"It's called Dr Pepper." Harry nodded, drinking some Sprite. "It's a carbonated drink, that's why it looks like bubbles are in it."

"I see." Draco nodded, eating some more pizza. "This is nice."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Was I that bad?"

Harry smirked. "You were like a kid on Christmas morning the first time me and Herms took you out. Quite embarrassing really."

Ron looked offended. "Hey! I was only fifteen!"

Harry, and to their amazement, Draco laughed.

"So that's what a 'movie' is." Draco mused as they walked out of the theater after just seeing The Matrix. I didn't know people could do that!"

Harry laughed at him. "It was a movie, my friend." Draco was about to tell him that he knew that, but Harry continued in a lower voice. "Remember how I told you that muggles use science to do things?" Draco nodded at him. "They can edit what they video tape to make it look like that."

"So people really can't jump buildings, fly, or fight like that?"

"I'm sure we could if we had the right spell." Ron interrupted. "But Muggles, no."

"We should get back." Harry stated, looking up at the sky. "I'll get dark soon. We need to show up for dinner so nobody thinks anything about not seeing us all day."

"We just ate, man."

"Trust us." Ron put his hand on Draco's shoulder. "It's a Long walk, remember?"

But it, in fact, turned out to be a relatively short walk. With their skateboards, the group made it back to the fireplace and into Hogsmeade in record time. Running to Zonko's and ignoring the strange look on their clothing, they made their way back to the back of the store and grabbed their robes. Draco bit back an embarrassed look when he remembered he had his around his waist.

Now clad in wizarding looks once again, the trio slid into the cave and ran back towards the school.

"Hello guys." Hermione greeted them as they walked down the hallway. "On your way to dinner?"

"Er," Harry thought of something to say. "Actually, I need to …drop off some stuff in my room first. We'll be down in a bit."

"Oh nonsense." She told him, looking her arms through her two 'boyfriends'. "Come on, Malfoy, Ginny will be happy to see you. You have been gone all day."

Ron gave Harry the "We got to keep our robes on so no one will see our cloths" look, to which he nodded. Draco, it seemed, was aware of this as well.

The trio and the tag along friend-in-making entered the Great Hall a few moments later. Their friends waved to them as they walked along. Draco big them a farewell with a cut nod and made his way over to his table.

"Hey Draco." Jena greeted him, patting the place next to her.

"Hey Jena." He greeted weakly, making sure to cover his cloths with the robe he was wearing.

"Aren't you hot?" one of the girls next to Jena asked, raising an eyebrow. "You can take off your robe after classes, you know."

"Um, I'd rather not…I, er, spilled something on my shirt…"

"I can fix that, sweets." Jena said, taking out her wand. "Let me see."

"Don't call me sweets!"

Harry ate lightly, sweating a little as he did so. The great hall was rather warm that night thanks to a warm front that was passing through. Ron didn't look any better. Running through the stuffy passage didn't help them any either.

"Are you two okay?" Hermione asked, worried. She was sitting between the two like usual, giving them a worried look.

"Yeah," Lavender added, placing her hand over Ron's forehead. "You look a little hot, dear. Why not take off your robe for a bit?"

Ron looked over at Harry, who knew first hand what it was like to wear muggle clothing at Hogwarts. The only reason he kept his robes on was for Hermione. She knew he didn't wear shorts unless he was going outside to Hogsmeade or a marauding trip. Pair that with the fact Ron didn't want to take his robes off (Being a 'pure blood' family and not wearing muggle cloths), she would scold them for hours about sneaking off during school…..especially when they were supposed to have been In the library studying with her.

"I thought I was going to suffocate!" Ron exclaimed as he pulled off his robes when they were in the seventh year dorm room.

"Better than having Hermione yell about 'lack of responsibility'" Harry replied, pulling his off as well.

"You're lucky I don't scold you." Celestial told his mind. "You are so irresponsible."

Ron grits his teeth as he was blasted by another lightening spell. Instead of crying out, however, he ran forward and jumped on the peak of a random rock jutting out of the ground. With his new height advantage, He had a clear view of Goyle, who was below him. Landing a sharp kick, the Slytherin boy passed out easily and the mountain region around him faded.

The red head moved weakly to his team mates and nodded at them as they congratulated him on his fight. The score was most definitely not in their favour. One more win by the Dragon's Fang group and the Marauders would lose… and they still had two more fights to go if they were going to win. This was the semi finals and the stands were packed to the rim by wizards and witches. The tournament had become so famous that the ministry was issuing out port keys to people around the world. It was already being declared as "the next best thing to the Quidditch cup".

Harry stepped up to the stage and walked across it. Vincent walked up from the other side at the same time. "The Marauder's captain, Harry Potter," A large roar from the crowd rang out. "Against the Dragon's Fang's captain, Vincent!" Here there were several cheers but several boos as well. "Who will win this match!? Only time will tell!"

"This match will be on a controlled area. The stage will be smaller, to increase the chances of a ring out. Also, there will be no sound from the audience, as this platform supposedly takes place at a high altitude. Rand loss, ring out, or conscious loss are means for losing. As always, either player can give up if he or she wishes."

Harry nodded to Vincent, who smirked.


Instantly the air became thinner and the sounds of light moving wind went around him. Harry could no longer see the audience, as they were replaced with the sky. They were probably supposed to be simulating a mountain top battle. That would explain the thin air.

"I don't suppose this will be a clean fight, will it?" Harry asked, making Vincent laugh.

"Oh please, we always fight clean!"

"Che." Harry dipped into a fighting stance. "You don't stand a chance."

Vincent smirked. "It's you who doesn't stand a chance." He pulled his wand and a blade appeared at the end of it. "Ready?"

"Bring it."

Harry instantly found his left hand searing in pain. Bringing it to his right hand, he held it tightly and realized his palm held a nasty cut to it. "Grr…" He turned to see Vincent next to him. Luckily, Harry ducked just in time to avoid a swipe of the blade. "That's cheap!"

"Cheap huh? It's not my fault you can't see where I'm coming from."

Harry glared at him. 'He's so fast!' Harry thought, trying to keep his face calm. 'I literally didn't see him move!'

Vincent looked at Harry easily. "Your right shoulder."


Before he could react, he felt his right shoulder get gashed. Turning, he saw Vincent beside him in mid step, finishing his run over to him. Lashing out, Harry gave a sweep kick, but found it meeting air. Stumbling from the lack of resistance, Harry quickly stood and looked to his left, where Vincent was several paces away, standing easily.

'This is stupid.' Harry thought to his mind partner. 'Did you see him?'

"I cannot see, remember Harry?" She replied to him. "I go by your feelings."

"Left leg."

Harry's eyes went wide, meeting his, but found a stab in his left leg the very next instant. Yelling at the deep wound, Harry swung his fist downwards, and clipped him hard enough to knock him back. Running and pressing his advantage, He was prepared to leap, but found the space empty. Vincent was already across from the stage.

Harry leapt to the side, missing a slice. Then to the left, almost getting a new scar on his face. Three more times he narrowly escaped.


'I'm okay…' He thought weakly. 'He's trying for fatal moves almost as if he wants me to pass out or give up…' Harry met Vincent's eyes. 'Don't blink don't miss it. Don't blink!'

Vincent's body stood proud several paces in front of him. The clouds flew behind him slowly. The next thing Harry knew was him standing by his side, knife moving to his neck. Harry ducked and leapt backwards.

'The clouds jerked!' Harry realized.

"What's wrong?" Vincent asked smugly. "You're going to loose like this." Harry took a stead breath and closed his eyes for a moment. "What's he doing?" Vincent thought aloud. "Some kind of martial art? It won't help you!"

Harry gripped his hands tightly and glared at Vincent, who started to run to him. When Vincent was behind him and prepared to attack, he found Harry's eyes looking at him in a deathly serious way. Scrambling away, Vincent tried again, but found Harry's hand pointing at him, although he was still facing the other way.

"What!? HOW!?"

"Sensory paralysis." Harry said calmly.

"It should work whether you see me with your eyes or not!"

"I focused on a single feeling." Harry held up his hand, letting blood run down it freely. "Give up."

"Never!" Vincent silently cast the spell again and ran forward, but found Harry crouching and preparing for an attack. Now matter how much he willed it, Harry's eyes were serious.

"Sword of Light that I do Release!"

Vincent's eyes went wide as he screamed in pain, flying backwards by the spell. He flew easily from the platform and screamed like a little girl as he 'fell' from the mountain. It was a few moments later that he realized he was still alive and not plummeting to his death.

"Harry Potter wins!" Lupin shouted into his wand, making everyone cheer.

Harry limped over to his friends and smiled lightly. "Piece of cake."

Hermione hugged him. "Harry, you amaze me sometimes."

Ginny pulled Hermione away from him. "Let me see your hand." Harry slowly complied and everyone, save Draco, gasped. His reaction was more or a raised eyebrow. "That's pretty deep." Ginny told him. "I can't fix it here." She looked at his leg and felt woozy. There was too much blood to be healthy. "You should go to the Wing right now!"

"No, I'm staying." Harry said, determined. He took off his shirt and tied it around his leg tightly. "I'm not leaving until it's over."

"Well then, I better end it." Draco said, stepping up to the stage. "I haven't lost yet and I don't plan on doing it now."

"Famous last words." Harry grinned at him. "Win it for us."

Draco gave his trademark two finger wave over his shoulder.

"Hey." Draco greeted his opponent. A female again. She was the only other female on the team besides Pansy. He remembered that her name was Kimberly. A sixth year.

"Hello." She replied. "A nice clean match?"

Draco raised an eyebrow at her. "Your entire team fights dirty."

"I'm not like them." She promised, looking into his eyes. "Honestly!"

Draco nodded. "Okay. A nice clean match it is."

"This match will be a spectacular one!" Lupin screamed into his wand, making his voice reverb across the arena. "They will fight on a complete glass area!"

"Not just any glass!" Lee added in like a true sports caster.

"Too right you are, Lee!" Lupin agreed. "Reflective glass, just like mirrors! Since this is the deciding match on the semi-finals, there will be no ten second downs! The player must find a flag of the opponent and grasp it for five seconds!"

The rest of what was being said was cut off as Draco looked at the girl in front of him. Her eyes interested him. Although he couldn't tell what colour they were, he knew they were an opening into her mind. He could read her moves through her eyes.


Before his eyes, the arena changed into a maze of mirrors, each one taller than he was. Ignoring it, Draco ran forward and threw a punch, making the girl gasp. Draco then reared back in pain and glass shards shattered around his fist. Jerking his hand back, he slung it to make the glass leave his hand.

"That was stupid." Kimberly said light, looking over at him. "Could you not tell I moved?"

"Just a slip." Draco said, making himself stand normally, despite the stinging pain in his hand.

Kimberly shrugged. "If you say so."

Draco launched forward, seeing which one was real. Pulling his left hand back, he summoned his blue flame to it and punched. His hand was met with a wave of water from her wand, putting put his flame. The next thing he felt was a simple disarming spell cast into his stomach, making him fly back and crash into a mirror, breaking it. He slid down slowly, leaving blood stains on the broken glass.


"That must have hurt." Kimberly mused. "Are you okay?"

"ARE you okay?"

'I'm fine Christina.' He thought, standing. Shredding pain shot threw him as he stood up, showing him glass shards were embedded in his back. 'Although I hurt like hell…' He took a deep breath. "I'm fine." He spoke aloud. "Care for round two?"

She shrugged again, making Draco once more leap into an attack. Fire erupted from his fist and he broke another mirror. Disregarding the pain, he attacked again and again, shattering mirror after mirror as he ran through the maze of reflective glass. After a few moments of a rampage he sagged down, spent of power and hurt from more than 'several' wounds.

"You're getting reckless, not like you at all."

Draco snorted. "Gee, really!?"

"I should show you how to think calm." Before his very eyes, he saw several figured running at him. Now knowing which to defend, he put up a random stance and was soon hit in the chest by a water spell. Falling back, he didn't have enough time to recover before a sword of water was formed at the tip of Kimberly's wand. She slashed down, cutting him across the chest deeply. Stumbling more, Draco summoned power from Christina and thrust out his hand.

"Blazing heat!"

Kimberly simply doused the fire and continued to slice before hitting him with a hard wind spell. He flew head over heels and hit a mirror squarely with his head. A sickening wet sound was made as he sagged, leaving a trail of blood on the smooth surface.

'I'm going to die…' He thought sadly. 'I can't even hit her…'

"Draco! Don't give up!"

Easy for her to say.


"Ugh." He sat up slowly. "Tell me she's not singing out my name?"

"Ohhhhhh Ddddrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaacccccccoooooooo?"

"She is."

"I'm gonna kill her."

"It's against the ruuuuulllllleeeeesssssss."

'Oh STOP that!'

"Give up, Draco Malfoy?" Lupin's voice came into the arena.

"No!" He stood up quickly. "I do not!"

Draco looked around him. 'What do I do!? What do I DO!?' Kimberly came into his line of vision. Draco looked at her a moment before he started to chuckle to himself.

"What's so funny?" He continued to chuckle, now turning into a laugh. "Draco!?" his laughter was loud now as he threw his head back. "What!?"

He held up two fingers. "Two more." He said confidently. "Two more flames and you'll be beaten."

"You're kidding me?" Draco's face twisted into his smirk. "You're not… Okay. Two more flames. It's a deal."

Draco set his face and his eyes darkened. "Blaze of hell!" He clasped his hands in front of him and went to his knees, hitting the ground hard. A mere half second later, flames erupted all around him, heating and shattering the mirrors.

'I see.' Kimberly thought to herself, watching as she covered her eyes from the shards. 'His first flame was to get rid of the mirrors so he won't make the same mistake again…. And his second?'

Her question was answered as he ran forward, left hand engulfed in fire. Thinking fast, Kimberly brought up her hand and formed her water sword again. Draco's hand connected with the blade and Kimberly was forced to take a step backwards. "One thing you don't understand." Draco told her as he stepped forward, making her retreat more. "Water may be able to put out fire…"

'His blaze is getting stronger!'

The sword of water flickered lightly. The blaze on the boy's hand engulfed his entire arm as it flared out. "But!" He stepped forward again, making her sword start to bubble. "Fire can also…" The sword was now boiling and starting to steam. "Evaporate water!" The sword broke and Draco's blazing hand connected with her face, sending her reeling into the wall.

Draco watched her limp body hit the floor. Satisfied it was over; he managed to hold himself up by leaning against the wall, completely spent on his powers. "Now…" He breathed heavily. "I have to find that flag…" But before he could take three weak steps, the area started to fade out from around him. "What? What's going on!?"

"It seems that Kimberly is the winner." Lee said into his wand, a little upset but covering it well.

"Bloody hell no!" Draco cursed up at the announcer's box. "How!?

"It appears that Kimberly got the flag after being hit by Draco Malfoy's fire." Lupin said, trying hard to cover his rage. Rules were rules, and he couldn't afford to take sides publically.

Draco looked over at Kimberly, who had the flag in her unconscious hand. "No…" He said softly, falling to his knees. "No… that's not fair…" He soon felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning slowly, he looked up at Ginny. He almost had tears in his eyes, mixed with the blood that covered him. "I tried so hard, Ginny…" He told her, shaking his head softly. "How…why…?"

"The Marauders lose the round!" Lee called into his wand, getting cheers, but mostly boos.

Draco slammed his hand onto the stone slab under him, making blood splatter. He was in no type of situation do anything other than pass out. "Damn it all to hell!"

"Draco…" Ginny kneeled next to him and hugged him as best she could without making him wince in pain or get blood on her. "It's okay, don't worry."

"I lost it for us." He said sadly. "I let everyone down…"

"Let who down?" Harry asked, walking over to him. "Not me. I'm bloody impressed!"

"Yeah." Ron chipped in. "don't take this like we're good friends or anything but, dang man, I've never seen anyone kick so much butt in a single battle before! Not even Harry! That was intense!"

"You did great, Malfoy." Hermione said, looking down at him with a smile. "Now stand up. We all knew you won the match. And everyone else does too!"

To state her point, Hermione pointed to the crowd which was chanting "Marauders!" or "Draco!"

Draco shook his head lightly and stood up, getting cheers.

"An announcement!" Lupin said into his wand. "Because of the tie of matches won per team, we have reviewed the fights and scores of wins. The details will be printed in the Hogwarts Press, but for now the announcement stands as thus:" He cleared his throat. "In all of the battles fought, The Marauders and the N.W.O. have won the most. Therefore out of the three teams that only lost once; The Marauders, Dragon's Fang, and the N.W.O., the final match will take place in 2 weeks. The fighters……The Marauders and the N.W.O.!"

The crowd erupted into cheers, as well as the team that was standing on the field.

"We did it!" Harry shouted out, ignoring his wounds. "We're in the finals!"


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