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Cliché, Anyone?

.: Begin the WORST Fanfiction Ever :.


"I love you, Sasuke."

"I love you too."

This was the typical conversation for Sasuke and Naruto. It always started with the blonde saying something along the lines of, "You're a bastard, teme. I dislike you. This is me disliking you. See my face? This is my 'I dislike Sasuke' face, and it means that I dislike you, Sasuke.'

Sasuke would shrug it off with a "Hn," which no one really knew the meaning of. The Uchiha said it frequently, and yet no one bothered to break the news to him that it wasn't an existing word. It would break his poor heart, and he would have to start saying, "I don't really care about what you just said, and I would give a word expressing my feelings but sadly, there is none, so I'll just say 'I don't care.' Because, you know, I don't." You see? No one wants that.

Now, around this time, Naruto would get angry, annoyed, irritated- just because he knows that all of these are cool synonyms. "You teme!" He enjoyed saying that, even if technically 'teme' means 'you' in a derogatory way. But no one cared. They made up words all the time. "You're such an arrogant, haughty, stuck-up prick!" Oh, how we adore synonyms. Sasuke would look up at his comment and give an exaggerated sigh.

Exaggerated, meaning it was long and no one really sighs for more than three seconds. But not Sasuke. His sighs were exaggerated. "Dobe, go away. I hate you. I thought you said you disliked me. Go dislike me somewhere else- silently." Poor Sasuke needed a synonym for dislike very badly. But alas, Naruto had no word to fill his needs, so his just decided to not talk anymore.

"I-I… Oh, Sasuke!" Naruto would blurt out, leaping into the strong man's arms. "I don't dislike you! I actually the opposite of disliking you, which would be love! I love you, Sasuke! For no apparent, logical reason, I love you!" With this being said, he would lay a soft, tender kiss on the brunette's lips, and somewhere in the background mariachi bands began playing music. Sasuke would hesitate. After a moment of thinking absolutely nothing, he would then kiss back, stapling an index card with the word 'UKE' on it to Naruto's forehead.

That is when Sasuke would suddenly turn into a pervet/pedophile.

The blonde squealed with joy and wrote 'SEME' on Sasuke's arm with a black sharpie.

Then they would have hot sex because Sasuke magically always carried around a bottle of lube, and give birth to many babies, even if they were both guys.

It didn't matter.

Nothing in fan fiction ever matters.

That's why everyone always makes Sasuke seme, even if he's actually the girly one.


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