Sammy Finds Out (and so does the Demon)

Disclaimer: I have no claims to the show Supernatural, the characters or themes, I just like to play with the characters, tease, torture, caress and the rest!! Don't shoot the writer!

You don't have to read "The Truth about Dean Winchester" and "Elkins" as they are respectively parts 1 & 2 of this trilogy, but it really would help.

Now let's get one thing straight before I start this and that is Sam is a intelligent, resourceful and imaginative kid, but along with his problems and worries about going Dark Side and his developing abilities and the fact that now he knows that he has demon blood in him and that his mother knew the Demon, you would admit that he was a little busy mentally and therefore it can be expected that it would take him a few months to put together the truth about his brother.

For Sam the research started shortly after their father died, when he could not understand some small inconsistencies that his brother did, such as vanishing to go to a bar but not being able to remember the bar's name the following day. OK Once Sam put it down to being drunk, the next down to being busy raising money, but when Dean accidentally mumbled the name of a local hospital, Sam begun to be worried and that's when he started to notice other things. Things that he realized he should have noticed before. So being Sam and a college geek he started to put together a list (Yup a list you heard me) of all the things that had struck him as odd during his time with his brother. Here's the list:

Bloody Mary: Dean said "Now listen to me-—It wasn't your fault. If you wanna blame something, then blame the thing that killed her. Or hell, why don't you take a swing at me? I mean I'm the one that dragged you away from her in the first place." - Why would Dean expect me to blame him for Jess's death. It wasn't really the words but the look in his eyes as if he thought he was to blame for both Mum's and Jess's Death. Also why did Dean's eyes bleed?

Skin: I may have been out of it but the look Dean gave when he removed the amulet from the shifter neck and why would he miss going to his own funeral.

Home: She apologized to me but said nothing to Dean. How could the mother he adored so much have nothing to say to him. I know he was hurt but then why did she apologize to me.

Asylum: I try to forget but Dean seemed so sure that the gun would do him no damage, I tell myself that he know about the rock salt but then he handed me a gun, why that gun, it's only used for werewolves. I keep telling myself he knew it was empty but the look in his eyes, they where so hurt, as if he really wanted to die - thank God the gun was empty of it's usual silver bullets.

The Benders: Dean did not think I heard him but I did "He would kill them all" and I knew he meant it. I never heard him speak in that tone as if, no I'm being silly Dean doesn't kill people, he hunts evil.

Hell House: Pranks how he comes up with them I don't know which is another thing his memory for slight details, I mean who remembers a symbol on the cover of a record that he only glanced at.

Something Wicked: Why does Dean blame himself for the striga's attack on me, I don't. So he went to a shooting arcade. I know there is something more about that night that he did not tell me but what??? (Author's Note: Well we know true readers, don't we). Is this the reason why his eyes bleed when Mary attacked us.

Dead Man's Blood: Dean has decided to start keeping a little deadman's blood in the weapons box in case of more vampires, he tells me. I said there already was some in the boot, I found it while bringing in some guns to clean. I swear he went white as a sheet and mumbled forgot about that lot, but the more the better. Now if anything else that was strange my brother never forgets a weapon no matter what it is, so why had he forgotten the deadman's blood, unless it wasn't deadman's blood, but then why would Dean keep a supply of blood in the car??? More questions and still no answers.

Devil's Trap: Where do I start ... with Dean being scared of killing.. of the things he is willing to do to protect me and dad, why should he be scared. I haven't seen him that scared since, Sam paused a second, since and then he remembered, he remembered Dean disappearing, he remember the night Dean explained Dad was angry at him, very angry, a hunt messed up was the explanation later, much later when Dean had been found by Bobby, when Dean had recovered, when Dad had been too frightened to leave the room dean was in, when Bobby and Pastor Jim stole blood to make sure Dean had his replaced. The only time he could ever remember Pastor Jim being angry enough to hit anyone let alone John. A lot of strange things happened around that time Sam recalled. Sam closed his Journal and wondered where all this was taking him, but there was no need to worry about it now. Dean had just got the Impala running again and they where going on a hunt tomorrow at a circus of all places - Yuck was Sam's last thought before going to sleep.

Unfortunately for all the Demon half a continent away was thinking along the same lines and wondering why he had made such a gross error in that house so long ago. An error he only discovered while trying to tear Dean apart.

Next Chapter: Sam research continues and the Demon's wonders how he got it so wrong