Sammy Finds Out (and so does the Demon)

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You don't have to read "The Truth about Dean Winchester" and "Elkins" as they are respectively parts 1 & 2 of this trilogy, but it really would help.

Previously: He would save Sam by leaving now. It was with these thoughts going though his head that Dean, turned around to leave but stopped and looked back when he realized that Sam had grabbed him and turned him back. Dean looked at Sam and said "Sam, it's best that I go now". "No, Please" said Sam not daring to let go of his brother. The Sam realized that he would have to show Dean just how much he cared for him. Sam let go of Dean's jacket and fell to his knees, "Please Dean, stay. I can't live without you, I know that now. Please I'll be whatever you want, do whatever you say, become whatever you want, your food supply, a fellow vampire, or even (Sam paused did he really want to go this far and the answer was yes, anything for his brother), your slave". Sam hung his head and taking his knife cut across his wrists, then he stretched out his arms turning his now bleeding wrists towards Dean, "Please, your hungry, drink, (and Sam swallowed sadly, swallowing his pride for his brother) Master!

Dean was stunned, was he really hearing this, did his brother care for him that much that even being a dhampir could not separate them. He suddenly realized that Sam had stopped talking, had his brother just called him master. Dean raised his eyes from the carpet that had been so interesting only moments before and looked at Sam, there on his knees, blood dripping onto the floor and down his upheld arms. The bloodlust he had controlled all his life raised up like a wave and washed over him, blood, he could smell it, it promised, power, sweetness, the filling of the gaping hole in his stomach that had developed over the past few days when he refused both to leave Sam alone so that he could feed and refused to feed off Sam and here was Sam offering it to him, and it was so tempting, so sweet, so... trickling on the floor, flowing down Sam's arms, just like it had flowed down Bobby's arm so look ago. It was then that Dean snapped out of it, what was he thinking this was his brother and he had spent days refusing to feed off him so taking a deep breath he pushed the hungry down as he had pushed the hunger down all his life, he had to help his brother, he had to help Sam.

Turning around Dean snatched up a shirt, and tearing it into strips wound it round his brothers wrists. "Sit down on the Bed, Sam while I get the first aid kit." Sighing Dean added "and after I finish stitching you up, we are going to have a long talk about you thinking too much and not trusting your older brother." Sam watched with panic as Dean went to get a shirt and confusion while he wrapped up Sam's wrists to stop the bleeding. Was Dean that angry that he did not want anything to do with Sam, even when he was hungry. Sam sat on the edge of the bed and hung his head. His brother did not want him, not even as a snack. He was worthless, Dean was only here to stop him turning into something evil or to kill him just like Dad told him to do. Sam put his head in his hands, he figured he had lost his brother, his father, his mother (though he did not remember her), even Jess, he truly had nothing to live for. Sam raised his head when he heard Dean come back with the kit and made a decision. He would wait till Dean went out and then he would make sure the demon never won, he would not fail in that, like he had failed everyone else, no he would make sure that it was all over and then Dean would not have to worry about him turning into something evil, or worry about how to kill him if he did. Sam would take care of that himself.

Sam was so deep in his own thoughts that he did not hear most of the little Dean was trying to say. Oh he heard the odd word, "blood", "slave", "no", "hunger", "my brother", "protect you", "it will be ok", "stay", "girl". Sam looked up at his brother when he heard that and hope suddenly flared though him and he dared to ask "are you going to stay". Dean looked at him, "have you heard anything I have been saying Sam?". Sam lowered his head, "No Sir". Dean shook his head, it was just like his brother to feel his emotions so deeply that it cut everything else out, but seeing Sam like this, so broken, so needing someone to tell him everything would be ok just tore at Dean's heart. Dean also know that in this condition Sam was probably going to try something totally stupid and after they had both been though so much in the past few days, Dean realized that he might have to keep an eye on his brother, a very close eye. Dean Sighed and Sam looked at him, "All finished", "what" said Sam. "The wrists, I'm finished stitching them up". Dean lifted Sam's chin "Listen Sam, I know finding out that I'm a monster is a shock to you but maybe we can deal with it. All I know is that your right". "I'm right" Sam swallowed had he heard correctly Dean was agreeing with him??? "Yup, your right but don't expect me ever to repeat that again. Anyway the fact is that if you want me to stay I will. I know we can never really go back to how we where before, but I don't want to leave you. Your my brother, my younger brother and I have taken care of you since I was four. Your my responsibility. It's my job to make sure you are ok, and believe it or not and we are not having this conversation by the way." Sam actually started smiling at that, Dean paused trying to get the words out that he knew his brother had to hear, he had to hear the truth, "I like doing it, making sure that your ok, and that life goes on. When dad died you where the only thing keeping me sane, but if you want to leave I'll understand."

Sam shook his head "leave, you'd let me leave even after what dad told you and after you promised me, you'd just let me walk out the door. What happens if dad was right, what happens if I do turn evil" Dean stepped back "Dad was wrong. Sam is that what you think. Are you staying just so that I can kill you if something happens, well then you have a problem because I won't, I can't". Dean turned, but turned back when he felt Sam's hand on his shoulder, tears glistening in his eyes. "No, Dean, I'm staying because your my brother and where you go, I go. I stay because a part of me, a big part wants to prove all of them wrong the demon, dad, everyone who thinks I am going to turn dark side and your the only one who thinks I'm not, heck sometimes even I think I won't hold out, but mostly I stay because we're in this together and simply your my brother and I'd die for you." Dean smiled," We are so not having this conversation Jerk", "Ok Bitch" Sam laughed, "but just so that you know Dean, you are not a monster. You are my brother and more importantly your in control of.". Dean turned around "What do you mean in control, I nearly drained you Sam." "But you didn't, infact ask yourself how do you feel right now Dean. You have just finished stitching up my wrists. You have blood, my blood all over your fingers and after all your speech on how my blood made you feel, you haven't even licked your fingers. Dean what I'm saying is that right now I'm betting that blood is the furthest thing from your mind. Your not some crazed monster Dean, your totally in control and at the worst points, your controlling your bloodlust. For a dhampir that amazing and unheard of." Sam smiled, "You know I just hope I inherited half your will power because well if I did the demon has no chance of turning me dark side".

For the first time in days Dean smiled, maybe Sam was right. It was true dean had no urge to lick his fingers clean and right now all he wanted was to grab a burger. Life was good. Dean smiled "By the way..." he said. "Yup I know, we never had this talk" laughed Sam, "but seriously does anyone else know. I mean if other hunters find out, you'll be in the same position I am". Dean turned while starting to pack up their stuff, "Well Bobby is the only one still alive that knows, Pastor Jim knew but he's gone. Dean sighed, he missed Jim, "and well so what if other hunters find out, there's no place I'd rather be then guarding your back Sammy." Sam laughed, really laughed for the first time in days, it wouldn't be too bad, he just had to make sure to refill those bottles in the trunk of the car next time they where near a hospital or bloodbank. Shaking his head Sam turned to face dean, "So, how about a burger". Dean was at the door of the room, "Yup and make mine with extra onions". "What" said Sam while getting in the Impala, "no way I'm the one who has to stay with you in the car with your extra onions".

As the boys drove away, they turned and waved to Daisy who was by the next apartment, and she waved back and turned away. So the boys where going for a burger well, smiled Daisy I will have to join them. If I can't have Sam willingly when he's with his brother, I'm just going to have to take him away from his protective guardian angel. Daisy laughed and then stopped laughing and leaned heavily against the apartment, just after a thick cloud of black smoke left her mouth. Daisy breathed and wondered how she had got from her kitchen to the apartments, and why she seemed so out of breath and scared and why she kept thinking of a Winchester rifle. Right then and there she decided that she had been alone too long and that her brother was right this morning, family belonged together, she would have her brother and his entire family move in and help her run the apartments, maybe even expand them. She would also get herself a Winchester rifle. Henry was constantly telling her ideas, and plans for the apartments and that she should not be alone anymore. She never had the help to make those plans reality, (and was too stubborn to admit it), well now they would do it together, family belonged together, those boys had shown her that and she decided that she would thank them by from that moment on having a apartment for friends, two very special friends, just in case they ever came back.

The End