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Fourteen Years Ago...

A four year old boy was playing in a playground at about noontime. He had emerald-green eyes and candy-apple red hair. Angela, his babysitter, was sitting on a bench watching as the boy, who's name was Kole Anderson, played on the jungle gym. However, not even Dr. Fate could suspect that she and her two daughters would be the only witnesses to an event that would change Kole's life forever. Despite the huge shadow that loomed over the entire playground, he continued pretending to be Curious George. His twenty-three year old babysitter continued to watch in amusement. Even as the small playground in Salem, Massachusetts became as dark as the early evening, nobody thought anything of it. After telling her daughters to play nice, she looked back to where little Kole should have been and screamed. The boy was nowhere in sight.

Author's Note: This story is based as much on the comics as it is the TV series. Also, some characters' pasts are slightly altered, so if you don't like it, then stop here. Future chapters will be longer. Now push the review button and leave no flames.