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Across the Stars

Nine Years Later...

Thirteen year old Kole awoke from his night of fitful rest. Out of the twenty or so children the Gordanians had abducted for the Citadel Empire's purposes, he was the only one to survive both the genetic alterations and the horrific experiments that followed. Since then, Kole had been trained for combat, and was still in training. Today, he was supposed to fight a Tameranean girl. He was escorted through the labyrinthine corridors to the ship's arena where the fourteen year old red-head was waiting.

" Zorc ikh nard, chlorbag!" She shouted at him in her own tongue. Kole then received telepathic orders from a Gordanian leader: Kiss the girl. Swallowing his nerves and with a face the same color as his hair, Kole went over and did as commanded. After breaking the kiss, the girl shouted, "You worthless slime! How dare you kiss the princess of Tameran!" This time, however, although it was still in her native language, he understood every word.

"You"re a princess?!" Kole responded in the same alien language." Why are you here with the Gordanians? And why would they have ordered me to fight you?"

"I was given to the Citadel Empire along with my sister Komand'r as an offering to save my home planet," she answered solemnly.

"Listen, Princess, about earlier--"

"You don't need to apologize. The people of my planet learn new languages in much the same way." They were back in the ship's barracks now, each of them nursing minor injuries from their unwanted fight.

"We never got to formally introduce ourselves," Kole stated, "My name is Kole Anderson."

"And you may call me Koriand'r," replied the princess, "What planet are you from, Kole? I don't believe I am familiar with your race."

"Earth, and between me and you, it was a lot more pleasant than this hellhole," Kole answered bitterly. Koriand'r nodded. 

"Although I have only left Tameran a few days ago, I am already homesick for it," she sadly replied. Tears started to roll from her green eyes down her face. Kole took her into a comforting embrace and she flung her arms around him in response.

"I'll get us both out of this, Princess. I promise," Kole whispered in her ear. Upon hearing this, she tightened the embrace a little.

"Thank you."

Author's note: I want to nip a few questions you may have in the bud now. 1) No, this is not a Starfire/OC fanfic. 2) No, Starfire does not know english yet. She still learns that by kissing Robin. (for further detail, ask in a review) 3) Be patient and review. I'll not be updating this story this frequently.