A/N: I've discovered that the best way for me to get rid of writer's block is to write something completely different from whatever it is I'm stuck on. That's how this piece was born, sort of. I just couldn't help writing this one, I love The Last Battle, and when this popped into my head, it didn't want to go away. Narnia is not mine, and once again Aslan is not mine, but I am His.


I have not seen Him in this world. I know He is here, though. He has told me so. I have had to follow Him on faith, invisibly walking in front of me, showing me the way to go. And I have done my best to follow.

Sometimes, like Lucy, I have not thought myself able to do what is asked of me. It is then that I bury my head in his mane, and I can feel lion-strength going into me, giving me the strength I need to carry on. Other times, like Susan, I listen to fears, and to the world. It is then that I turn to him and let him breathe on me, and then I am brave again. I have never forgotten His sacrifice for my sake, as I am sure Edmund never forgot the sacrifice He made on his behalf. And there is so much more that He has done for me that I am not aware of, I am sure. He is at the back of my story, as He is at the back of all stories.

The day will come, though, when he will call me home. And when I hear that call, I will want to obey it, and no matter how many worlds or ages lay in between, I will be able to answer it. I will walk up to Him, the Great Lion Himself. And I will have no choice but to look him straight in the face. For one moment I will stare into those deep, golden eyes of His, and though I will most likely show some fear, I will love Him. He will draw me in through the door on His right, and bound off into the distance, calling for me to come further in.

And as I walk through this place, I will realize that it is indeed Home. It will be the place I have longed for all my life, though I will not have known it. I will see that the only reason I loved the Shadowlands was that it sometimes resembled this place.

And eventually, I will see Him again. And it is then that the things He will do will be so great I cannot even imagine. It is then that my life will truly begin. I will be Home, with the One who calls me His own, for all eternity.

So until then, I follow Him as best as I can, trying to do all that He asks of me, living my life on the title page His way, in the hopes that when Chapter One of the Great Story begins, I will hear the One I love so much utter the words I hope to hear:

"Well done, good and faithful servant."