TITLE: Tattoo

AUTHOR: Devylish



PAIRING: Buffy/Spike



SUMMARY: erh… it's a drabble using the word dominion or domain.

DISCLAIMER: Jess IS a god! HE owns Spike and Buffy… he's kind enough to let me play with them for limited amounts of time (as long as I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done). I own nothing so suing me would get you 'less than nothing'.

NOTE: Unbeta'd

NOTE2: submission for the Open On Sunday "Dominion/Domain" drabble


As his cock slid climactically between her wet, accepting folds, and his mouth lowered to her arched neck – his blunted human teeth extending into sharp fangs – she began to understand. He punctured the thin barrier of skin to capture the elixir that lay in her veins, and her heartbeat changed – tattooing in time with the seed he shot into her womb. And when he pulled his blood stained lips from her neck and bit into his wrist… holding it above her pale, parted lips, she understood completely: her body and her soul were now his dominion, his unbeating heart's domain.