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Wrath of Doom

Chapter 11-Separated

"Whatcha talkin' about, Matchstick? She didn't save your life! She shot you! Remember?" Ben hollered with clenched fists at his side.

"Ben, believe me. I remember that Frankie shot me. Before you got here though, she saved my life," Johnny replied holding his ground.

The Thing could care less whether Frankie had in fact saved the Human Torch's life. Whether she did or didn't, she still shot him before. She betrayed the Fantastic Four. One good deed does not make up for that. Although, he had to admit that it wasn't everyday that Johnny called him 'Ben.' Get out of the way flame boy! I can't trust her as far as I can throw her. I don't know what kind of mind games she's trying to pull, but I am not about to let her hurt you again, kid.

"He's telling the truth!" Captain Raye exclaimed.

To prove that she wasn't a threat to Johnny, Frankie lowered and put away her gun. Please believe me Ben! It's clear that we both care deeply about Johnny. I know I did a horrible thing in the past when I shot him and betrayed the four of you, but I will never hurt him again.

"Weaponless or not, let's get one thing straight—I don't trust you! No matter what you do, no matter what you say, I won't make the mistake of trusting you again regardless of how Johnny feels about you!" the Thing remarked.

Despite not putting any weight on his right leg, it gave out on Johnny nonetheless. He fell to the ground grabbing his injured knee in pain. Both Frankie and Ben were instantly at his side kneeling beside him. They saw him clench his fists and pound on the floor with them.

"Damn it! With my bad wheel, I feel so helpless!" the Human Torch screamed.

They both moved at the same time to help Johnny to his feet colliding with one another in the process. Ben and Frankie gave the other an 'I'll help Johnny' look, but neither of them backed down wanting them to be the one to help their comrade. Realizing that the other wasn't going to back away, they came to a compromise. Johnny had an arm draped around both Ben's shoulder and Frankie's shoulder as the two of them both helped him stand.

"C'mon kid. Let's go find your communicator," Ben said with a Cuz there's no way in hell I'm leavin' you alone with her left unsaid.


Reed gasped in horror when a Doombot brought his unconscious wife into Victor's office at Von Doom Industries. He could do nothing but watch as the Doombot put shackles around her wrists and ankles and shackled her to one of the four walls in Doom's office.

"What's going on?" Alicia asked her voice laced in fear.

"I'm afraid they got Sue too," Reed replied sadly.

Alicia had heard a noise of someone entering the office, but because of her handicap, she couldn't see who it was. She hated not knowing what was going on. She wasn't even sure if Victor was even still in the room. She didn't know where Ben was or even if he was okay, and that above all else was what worried Miss Masters the most.

"Sue! Wake up! Please wake up! Please be okay! You have to be okay!" Reed frantically shouted struggling against his manacles. However, that only resulted in them emitting a stream of electricity that shocked Mr. Fantastic. Reed's cries of agony echoed through the room.

Alicia squeezed her eyes shut and lowered her head trying not to hear the pain her friend was in. Try as she may, that was all she could hear. If she wasn't scared before, she definitely was now. Ben, wherever you are, please hurry!

Sue's eyes cracked open. She still felt a little bit dizzy. She quickly realized that she was chained to a wall. Looking at her surroundings, Sue gathered that she was in Victor's office at Von Doom Industries. I could've sworn I heard Reed screaming out in pain. Then she spotted her husband's prone, restrained form.

"Reed!" she yelled.

"Sue, thank goodness you're okay. I know it doesn't look like it now, but I promise you we'll get out of here." Reed said trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince his wife.

Sue had the utmost faith in Ben and Johnny, but she wondered if they even knew where she, Reed, and Alicia were at. Sue didn't know what Victor had in store for them, but she hoped that Ben and Johnny would get here before it was too late.

"Hey Reed, where's Victor?" Sue asked.

"I have no idea. He left about an hour before you got here." Reed replied.


In an abandoned house in a remote location, something filled the air with heart-wrenching screams of pain. A blinding, white light emanated from the house and then disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. The doors to a chamber opened and a figure peered in to see a slain occupant.

"Useless Skrulls!" Dr. Doom muttered to himself punting the corpse's face so hard that a loud snap was heard.

Victor had managed to recreate a machine not unlike the one Reed invented to change the Thing back into his human self. The machine relied on a contained cosmic storm. However, after countless attempts, the process was still a failure. The Skrulls didn't have any superpowers. They didn't even live through the cosmic storm exposure.

"Why isn't this working? Unlike Reed's sorry attempt at a machine, this one has ample power." Victor said.

He flung the dead weight of the Skrull over his shoulder, walked to a closet, opened, the door and threw the carcass on the ever-growing pile of Skrull carcasses. Each and every one of them had mouths gaping wide open and eyes still wide with terror. Some of their carcasses were bent at odd angles. Other carcasses had been burned right to the bone in several locations. The closet reeked of the smell of death and decay.

"There has to be some way to transfer superpowers to these pathetic Skrulls! The question is how? Once I figure out how, and I will figure out how, the Fantastic Four will be defeated by their very own powers!" Doom said pleased with the mere thought of that.

He got a briefcase and put it on a table before opening it. Inside, were four vials of a crimson liquid. Within these vials were blood samples taken from the Fantastic Four while they were under quarantine in one of Victor's medical facilities after the space station fiasco.

"If I can get a Skrull to accept the blood cells of the Fantastic Four as their own, then I will finally have succeeded in creating a Super Skrull." Dr. Doom stated.

After Victor was soundly defeated by Johnny with a little assist by Ben in Shanghai, he was inspired to create a being that had all four of the Fantastic Four's superpowers. Since he had an entire of army of Skrulls at his disposal, Victor thought they would make the perfect lab rats. Because this Skrull would have superpowers, Doom decided he would call such a Skrull a Super Skrull.

"You there! Get in the chamber now!" Victor ordered.

"Yes master," a Skrull had replied. It had a look of incomparable terror on its face after having watched numerous of his comrades be sacrificed by the mad Victor von Doom. The Skrull hoped he wouldn't meet the same fate as his comrades had.


After a half an hour search, Ben, Frankie, and Johnny had finally found the lost earpiece communicator. The Human Torch's room already looked a disaster area before they even begun their search, and now, it looked even worse if that was even possible.

"You know, we could have found your communicator much quicker if you actually cleaned your room every once in awhile!" Frankie remarked annoyed.

Johnny couldn't help but snicker. Captain Raye saw that even Ben had a trace of a smile on his rocky facial features.

"That sounds like something my sister would say," Johnny explained.

The thought of being anything like Sue made Frankie involuntarily shudder. It was no secret that Sue didn't care for Captain Raye. Thus, Frankie liked to think that she had nothing in common with Johnny's older sister.

"Susie, this is Ben. I'm with Matchstick. We finally found his earpiece communicator. Where are you?" the Thing asked speaking into his communicator. There was no answer.

"Hey sis, are you there? Do you copy?" Johnny inquired. Again, there was no response.

Ben saw Johnny try to put up a brave front, but he could tell that the Human Torch was worried about his sibling. Ben couldn't blame Johnny. Ben too was worried about Sue. He put a hand on his teammate's shoulder.

"Don't worry kid. We'll find your sister." Ben stated offering the younger male the best reassuring smile he could muster.

Once the three of them were in the lobby of the Baxter Building, they spotted a little six-year-old boy covered in dirt and cuts and bruises run through the revolving doors. He ran right up to Johnny and grabbed his hand.

"Mister Human Torch sir, you hafta help my mommy and daddy!" the boy said frantically.

The boy led them outside where they saw a smashed up car with a young man and woman trapped in the driver's seat and passenger's seat respectively.

"Flame on!"


The door to Victor's office opened and Doom stepped through only he was not alone. Following him was what at first glance looked like a Skrull. However, this Skrull had an elastic body and limbs, massive fists made of rock, and was engulfed in flames. In fact, the only thing that was Skrull-like in appearance was its head which still had the same green skin and corrugated chin of the other Skrulls.

"What the heck is that thing?" Sue shrieked.

"This is a Super Skrull." Doom answered.

"Incredible! This Skrull appears to have all of our superpowers except for yours Sue," Reed said before the Super Skrull vanished.

Suddenly Reed felt an intense heat encompass his body. However, as far as he could see, there wasn't anything remotely close to him. It wasn't long before the electric manacles restraining him were turned into a bubbling mess of scalding hot liquid. Reed felt his body elongate and he was unable to move. Reed screamed out in agony wishing desperately for the pain to cease.

"Reed!" Sue cried out tears stinging her eyes. She futilely struggled to break free from her shackles.

The Super Skrull turned visible again. It stood over the fallen Mr. Fantastic who had stopped screaming out in pain. It then did an about face and looked Sue right in the eyes. The Invisible Woman saw this and did the only thing she could think of—she turned herself invisible.

"Nice try, but that's not going to save you!" the Super Skrull exclaimed.

He walked over to the shackles and started pounding his fists on the area where Sue's head should be. After the first blow connected, Sue became visible once again. The sheer force from each blow knocked her head from side to side. Blood poured out of her nose. Sue didn't doubt that her nose was probably broken. There was a cut on her lip, and the Invisible Woman could taste the coppery taste of her own blood. The Super Skrull created a cut just above Sue's left eye. As blood seeped from the cut, it clouded her vision. After taking blow after blow to her right temple and the surrounding area, her right eye was soon swollen shut. The Super Skrull had strictly been using the Thing's powers against Sue. Soon, her head was slumped forward as was the rest of her body. Sue's world faded into darkness.

"So Susan, do you still think you made the right choice choosing Reed?" Doom asked.


"Frankie, you stay here with the boy. Ben and I will work on freeing his parents," Johnny said.

The Human Torch and the Thing made their way over to the wrecked car, which was about twenty feet away from the entrance into the Baxter Building. It looked as though the car crashed into a street lamp effectively smashing a good portion of the hood of the vehicle. Johnny tried to open the door on the driver's side, but it wouldn't budge.

"It's stuck!" the Human Torch reported.

"Not a problem. Stand back," the Thing commanded.

Johnny did as he was asked, and Ben ripped the driver's side door right off. With the door off, he got a better look at the condition of the vehicle's occupants. Both looked to be unconscious. The young man inside had blood running down his face from a gash on his forehead. The young woman's head was slumped forward.

"Johnny, could ya get him out of his seatbelt?" Ben asked stepping back to let his younger teammate in.

As Mr. Storm worked on the seatbelt he could hear the Thing furiously grumbling about 'stupid little buttons!' Johnny pushed on the button, but the young man still remained strapped in.

"What's going on? Are they all right? Is everything okay?" Frankie shouted.

The little boy looked up at her with an almost evil smile on his innocent looking face. It was creepy to say the least.

"I wouldn't worry about them. I would worry about you!" the boy said.

Captain Raye was caught off guard when the little boy revealed its true form—a Skrull. Before she could pull out her gun, the Skrull had blasted her in the chest with its laser blaster. Frankie flew backwards shattering the glass revolving doors of the Baxter Building.

Johnny had heard the sound of breaking glass and looked in Frankie's direction just in time to see her barreling through the revolving doors. He turned his attention away from the young man trapped in the car.

"Frankie!" Johnny screamed.

The young man in the driver's side transformed into a Skrull himself. His right limb was in the shape of a club. While the Human Torch's back was turned, the Skrull clubbed Johnny in the back of the head. He dropped to his knees, then was sprawled out face down on the street. The young woman on the passenger side revealed herself to be a Skrull too.

"This was a set up! Hang on Matchstick!" Ben exclaimed.

The Thing decked the male Skrull in the face before he could even fully get out of the car. The female Skrull had pulled out a laser blaster. Ben pulled the male Skrull in front of him just in time using him as a shield. He then shoved the male Skrull into the female Skrull. Both Skrulls fell out of the car with the male Skrull landing on top of the female Skrull trapping her underneath him. The Thing picked up the wrecked car and smashed it on top of the two of them. Ben fell to one knee after being blasted in the back by the Skrull child.

"Did you forget about me, big guy?" the Skrull asked.

"Come here you little brat!" Ben exclaimed.

As the Thing was about to make his way over to the Skrull youth, he heard a groan of pain come from his fallen teammate. Ben decided that Johnny needed him more, so he allowed the Skrull child to escape. Mr. Grimm rolled the Human Torch over so that he was on his back. The Thing noticed that Johnny's eyes were glazed over and they had a far away look in them. He was worried when his comrade's eyes started to close. Ben was no doctor, but he knew that after taking a blow to the back of his head, and from the distant look in his eyes, that Johnny was suffering from a concussion.

"Stay with me flame boy! I can't have you falling asleep on me now!" Ben said.

To Be Continued…

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