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Chapter 5:

A Nightmare

Freya sat chained to the stone wall. She could see nothing. The walls were stone and there were no windows. The floors, made of dirt, were damp.

In the distance, Freya could hear the moans and screams of other prisoners in the distance. She could hear footsteps heading toward her cell. She closed her eyes anticipating the arrival…she knew exactly who it was and why they were there.

"Freya…Freya," said a voice.

Freya felt two hands on her shoulders. She immediately tried to pull away, but could not.

"Fryea, shh…it's okay," said the voice.

Freya opened her eyes and saw Glinda kneeling there with her hands on her shoulders, again Freya pulled back.

"Freya, it was only a dream you're okay," said Glinda.

Freya finally recognized Glinda and collapsed into her arms sobbing. Glinda sat up on the couch with her and said, "What's wrong? What happened?"

Freya merely shook her head and buried her face into Glinda's shoulder.

Elphaba heard the commotion from the other room and got out of bed. She quickly rushed into the room and found Freya still in Glinda's arms.

"What happened?" asked Elphaba.

"She had a bad dream," said Glinda still comforting Freya.

Elphaba sat down on the other side of Freya and put her hand on Freya's back. Freya immediately recoiled deeper into Glinda's arms.

"Freya, it's just Elphie," said Glinda.

Freya still recoiled from Elphaba's touch. Elphaba didn't try anymore, she simply sat there. She was hurt, but was more concerned about her daughter.

Glinda looked up into Elphaba's hurt eyes and felt like crying herself. Elphaba mouthed, "It's okay," and Glinda refocused her attention back to Freya and after several minutes of consoling she was calm. Glinda continued to hold the exhausted girl in her arms.

"Freya," asked Glinda again, "What's wrong?"

Freya said nothing again just shaking her head.

"If you don't tell us what it is we can't help you," said Elphaba resting her hand on Freya's arm. Freya didn't pull back this time, but Elphaba felt her muscles tense. She looked back up to Glinda and shook her head.

Sensing that they would get nowhere with her in the room, Elphaba got up and said, "I'll be in our room Glinda." Glinda nodded and Elphaba left the room.

Glinda and Freya sat there for a few moments before Freya stood and grabbed her cloak.

"Where are you going?" asked Glinda.

"Out," said Freya simply.

"Freya I don't want you out this late," said Glinda.

Freya paid her no attention and headed for the door anyways.

"Freya," said Glinda in a more commanding tone.

Freya turned to her and said, "I'm going! Like it or not."

Before Glinda could say anything Freya was out of the door and gone. Glinda shook her head and sighed.

"And things were going so well," said Glinda to herself.

She turned and walked back into the bedroom to find Elphaba curled up on the bed crying.

"Oh Elphie," said Glinda, "I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault, maybe we just weren't meant to get along," said Elphaba.

Glinda took the green woman in her arms and said, "Elphie don't say that. She loves you…you can tell."

"You could have fooled me," said Elphaba defensively.

"Elphaba you know was well as me that she does love you," said Glinda sternly.

"How can you be so sure of that, we haven't exactly hit it off," said Elphaba.

"She stayed didn't she?" asked Glinda, "That shows that there is something there…there is no question in my mind that if she hated you she would be long gone."

"Yeah but she's gone now though," said Elphaba.

"Yes she is, but she'll be back…I just know it," said Glinda, "But please don't give up hope on her. I need you both, and you need each other just as much even if you can't see it."Glinda dried Elphaba's tears and then placed a gentle kiss on the green woman's forehead.

"I wish I shared your optimism," said Elphaba.

Glinda pulled Elphaba closer to her and said, "You'll see Elphie, you'll see."

Elphaba tried to re-adjust their normal sleeping position of her holding Glinda, but Glinda stopped her and said, "No Elphie, you're hurting. It's my turn to hold you. You need this…I need this."

"Okay," said Elphaba quietly knowing that Glinda was right. Glinda pulled the covers over both of them as they snuggled closer.

"What about Freya?" asked Elphaba.

"There's not much we can do," said Glinda, "Something tells me that she's long gone, we'll just have to wait."

"How long do you think she'll be gone?"asked Elphaba.

"I don't know," said Glinda, "I hope she's not gone for long…I don't like the idea of her being out alone for long. I know she can protect herself from others…but I'm worried that she is her own worst enemy."

"Me too," said Elphaba, "I worry about what happened to her though, it must have been awful Glinda."

"We can't worry about that Elphie," said Glinda, "Yes her past has been horrible, but that's what we're here for. She's like you Elphie, she's not going to ask for help even when she does need it."

Elphaba sighed and remembered back to her younger days. She remembered the pain of her parents and family rejecting her. She supposed Glinda was right, she would have done the same thing if she were in Freya's position.

"Elphie, are you okay?" asked Glinda.

"Yes just a little confused with all of the emotions floating around," said Elphaba.

"I understand Elphie. We both need rest, we'll get it worked out though. I promise," said Glinda kissing her.

"Goodnight my sweet," said Elphaba.

"Goodnight Elphie," said Glinda.

Meanwhile Freya was storing through the dark corridors of the castle. She had learned to see in the dark a long time ago and was thankful for the ability now. She didn't know where she was going, only that she had to get away. She kept walking, avoiding all of the monitoring professors, until she reached the doors of the castle. She tried to open the doors but relaxed that they were bound shut by a spell. She glanced around to make sure no one was there before she started to break the spell over the enchanted doors.

Freya extended her hands out in front of herself and placed them on the doors. She began chanting an incantation and a few moments later the doors opened. She walked through the doors and out on the castle grounds hoping that the doors would re-seal themselves, covering her tracks.

She walked down to the stables trying to block out everything. She didn't want to think about any off that. It was the past and that's where it needed to stay. She just wanted it all to stop.

Freya walked into the stables to her horse and said, "You ready for a run?"

The horse stomped it's feet as if excited about finally getting out of its cramped quarters. Freya grabbed a bridle and put it on the horse. She pulled him out of the stall and jumped on it's back.

She leaned up to the horse's head and said, "Take me somewhere…anywhere."

The horse reared back and took off running. Freya didn't care where she was going…just as long as she was away.