Changing the View

By Kaemon

November 6th

Tonight we got a very strange, and for me disturbing, letter of challenge to the Tendo dojo. Now, sure letters of challenge aren't common around here, but I could accept them. What disturbs me this time is it's apparently from some twin martial artists who if they win, which they could never do, demand that they also get both 'martial arts practicing Tendo girls' as their fiancé. Both Tendo girls? That sounded really weird and not right considering Nabiki and Kasumi don't practice at all.

Mom, once she saw the note, immediately knew who it was addressing, and it absolutely disturbed me. The weirdo's who had left the letter had been spying on Akane and me long enough to know what our last names were and what we did!

Of course I was disgusted by this as well. I can't exactly turn down a challenge, it's just not how I work, but if I somehow managed to lose I would wind up in so much more trouble then I could ever want.

I have no doubt in my ability to completely wipe them out in a fight. Even if it was just me fighting I'm sure I could take both of them out.

Mom thinks it's 'a manly thing to do' to try and win someone like this. I personally think it's just stupid and proves they couldn't get a girlfriend otherwise. It has nothing to do with them being 'manly' or not. Frankly if I was really a girl I would find this downright creepy, and even now I find it creepy girl or not.

Ryoga was appalled at the letter, but that's really because it involves Akane having the chance to be forcefully married to some random guy. Obviously he doesn't care a bit about the fact that if we somehow lose I'm the one who suffers the most!

Later that night Ryoga actually came to me and said that he would, if it looked like we needed help, find some way to make us win. That might sound like cheating but my entire way of life is on the line here!

Mom of course is all excited about tomorrow because for some strange reason she enjoys these types of things. Maybe that's why she married the old man. The more I get to know her, the weirder I realize my entire family is. I mean, really, what kind of family decides to split up for over ten years and go to the middle of nowhere, never seeing each other, and signing a death contract along the way. I actually sometimes think that I'm the only one who isn't quite insane, and for me not to be insane is quite an achievement considering the fact I change genders depending on the weather.

Akane had exactly the reaction I thought she would. She freaked out and called the guys perverts and said she would beat them both into the ground. Then after that it started to sink in and she grabbed me and started to shake me back and forth telling me how perverts were trying to force us to marry them. Really once again I'm in the worse situation and she freaks out more. Where is the pity for me?

Either way tomorrow should be interesting. They're set to show up at around noon so I'll probably just mess around till then. It's not like training at this point will do me any good, it would just make me too tired to actually fight when the time comes actually.

How annoying. I wasn't able to access web sites ALL DAY. I mean, IRC worked, Other things worked, but IE and Firefox WOULD NOT bring up a website. It was SOOOOO annoying. Bleh.

Anyway, this chapter just sets up for the next chapter. Look forward to it.