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"Hey, everyone! Welcome to Xiaolin Punk'd-our new reality TV show where we pull pranks on your favorite characters so they have emotional and mental breakdowns on camera." Her smile was evil but her eyes looked like she was going to enjoy the torture of the upcoming victim. "The first one that we will embarrass will be Omi. We all know his ego is what makes his head so large and yellow. He would be the character to try and spray paint his name onto a wall and say that he was 'signing autographs.'" Skye paused for a moment. "That is, if he wasn't suck a suck up and if knew what spray paint and autographs were.

So today we're going to see how many autographs he'll sign when all the other monks, even Dojo, have fans and he has none. Let's find out how 'the greatest Xiaolin warrior ever' will handle getting Punk'd!"

Please know that Master Fung, Rai, Kim, Dojo, and Clay knew that they were being recorded so they actually may have cracked a few jokes.

A hidden camera was capturing every movement of the Xiaolin warriors' training when Master Fung walked slowly out of the temple. Accounting that he was both old and disturbingly calm, he couldn't even manage to run in an emergency. Accept if he was fighting. It is supposed that he had to save up all his energy for that activity though. Hence all of the chores that the others had to do around the house.

"Young monks," he started, very slowly, "I am pregnant."

"With Dojo's child?" Rai asked, disturbed but serious.

"No, I was joking. Sometimes old people like to make jokes. I (barely) see with my elderly eyes that there is smoke rising from the distance. Some people could be in trouble."

"This is my chance to show that I am a superior leader to Raimundo! Come, we must save those innocent civilians," Omi said, his eyes glazing over as he dreamed of his self-portrait. They all hopped on Dojo as they began a new conversation.

"What if they're not innocent? They could be Jack Spicer and the robots that always gets destroyed," suggested Rai.

"Even if that is so, we must save them. As our leader, Raimundo, you must know that all life is sacred," Omi preached.

"Omi, have you gone like Buddhist or something on us?" asked Kimiko, her eyebrows rose so high they disappeared into her dyed blonde hair.

"Nawh, he always was one 'o dem bald preachin' non-Christian monks," Clay drawled.

"Clay, do you know what 'politically correct' is?" Kimiko wondered aloud.

"If it has to do with Bush, partner, I support it."(A/N: I have decided to make Clay a Christian and a Republican. NOT EVERYONE FROM TEXAS IS CHRISTIAN OR REPUBLICAN. I'm not stereotyping.)

"Clay, why would you support a bush? It is only shrubbery," Omi questioned, confused as always.

"No partner, Bush is the president of the U.S.A" Clay explained while Rai, Kimiko, and Dojo laughed. Now Omi was even more confused. If that was even possible.

"Why would a bush be the president of a country? I would make a much better leader then a bush...and Raimundo!" Omi exclaimed. Omi was even more self centered then usual today!

Everyone except a glaring Raimundo, laughed at Omi's outburst. But before anyone had time to explain, they arrived at the scene of the "fire." Guess who set it?

As it appeared, it was a civilian fire, which, of course, made Omi smug. It was a small, rural village and the largest building was the one that was flaming. Apparently the local fire brigade had done a pretty good job rescuing people but someone was shouting to the Xiaolin monks, "Me boy's still inside! He be stuck in the nursery! Can't get 'im out!"

The Xiaolin monks immediately ran into the burning building. As there was no camera inside, all of the people outside were left in suspense. Approximately two minutes later, Rai and the other monks came out with the boy, whose face and clothes were covered with ash.

"Thank ye so much!" The mother's eyes were filled with "tears" as she clutched her boy.

"Just doin' our Xiaolin duty, ma'm," Clay replied with a tip of his hat.

The monks helped put out the rest of the fire. Not much of the building was left but the villagers (oddly) seemed okay with that. Anyone wonder why?

One of the boys (and most of the girls) seemed to recognize Raimundo. Cliques and groups had begun to form as soon as the fire was extinguished. The boy, who seemed to be the leader of the group, pointed and whispered something about Raimundo. The entire pack walked up to Rai.

The leader asked, "Aren't you Raimundo, the brave leader of the Xiaolin warriors?"

At this Rai smiled and he and Kimiko exchanged a glance. Kimiko blushed and looked away. As soon as she did, Rai replied evasively, "Well...I would be nothing without my team." Rai was trying not to sound egotistic. Unlike someone we know.

Kimiko objected to this though. "Rai's just modest. Master Fung did make him the leader, in the last episode."

Omi was glowering, thinking, "Why was no one recognizing me, the greatest Xiaolin warrior ever? Raimundo is definitely not as amazing as I am! This is wacky!" The next part had to be, um, edited for Raimundo fans. Draw your own conclusions.

A young girl walked up to Kimiko. "Aren't you the greatest female Xiaolin warrior yet? I want to be just like you when I grow up."

"She is the only female Xiaolin warrior, seeing as females are inferior to men," Omi cut in, stepping in front of the now smiling Kimiko.

The camera cut to Skye in the Punk'd studio.

"See Omi," Skye started, pissed off, "This is why I want to make you cry! You keep expecting girls to like you right after you diss them. Well, guess what? Your going down!"

And now we go back...

"Tears" welled up in the little girl's eyes before she yelled at Omi, "You're a big meanie!" She ran away as Omi got a slap in the back of the head from Kimiko.

The boy who was still there said to Rai, "This must be why you are the leader. You are capable of showing respect to all people."

Another boy walked up to Clay, saying, "Howdy. I just moved here from Texas . I really like how yer representin' all us Texan folks."

Omi glared at both of the boys. But they were only the first admirers to come. Soon the other monks were surrounded by people who were flattering them. Dojo had admirers. Most of them were little girls going on about "how cute" he was. Only paid actors would do this job!

"Aww, you are the cutest dragon ever!"

"I love this shade of green!"

Dojo's eyes lit up. "It's not easy being green. But this makes it worth it."

The girls giggled, which was too much for Omi. "WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!?"

All the girls turned to stare at Omi. The others were too busy talking to the other monks.

"You're yellow. That's not cool."

"Yeah, yellow is so like last season!" A bleached-blond haired girl dismissed Omi with a wave of her hand and turned back to Dojo.


Now everyone turned to the loud monk, in utter confusion. After a few moments Rai figured out the Omi-ism.

"Oh, I think he means 'fans!"Rai explained to everyone. The crowd nodded their heads in unison. Paid actors here!

"Raimundo is the smartest, cutest, and bravest guy ever!" A fan girl sighed. She obviously had not heard of Albert Einstein...everyone knows he's Fergalicious!

Omi was not the only one who was "dumped in the downs" at this comment. Kimiko looked as though she was about to throw some fire at this girl's overly bleached head. Clay nodded at this statement, agreeing even though he had no idea what he was doing. Not too bright, is he? Except for the fact that he was unintentionally flirting with a cowgirl at the same time. Maybe that was it.

Omi started really freaking out. "WHY WON'T ANYONE RECOGNISE ME!!!?" Omi looked as if he were going to cry any second now. On cue, everyone turned to him except Clay. Clay was staring off behind the crowd at a certain "fan".

"Hey partner! I think there's one a yer admirers!" Clay yelled pointing at your host. Omi jumped over the crowd (he's got mad skillz) to find Skye wearing a T-Shirt reading "Omi's #1 Fan" with a cameraman behind her.

"Greetings new friend, you must be happy to see me!" Omi greeted/bragged; he's always bragging so don't act so surprised. "What's that device he's carrying?"

Skye smiled proudly, "That's a camera; you're being taped."

"You like me that much? How wonderful! See, my fans are the best, just like me."

Raimundo, Clay, Kimiko, and Dojo started cracking up, since they were in on the joke.

"Omi you just got Punk'd!" Skye yelled. The huge crowd started laughing along with the gang. Omi looked even more confused then before; as if that's new.

"What is this Punk'd you are talking about, my number one fan?"

That only caused the laughter to get louder. Skye was hardly able to breathe because she was laughing so hard. "We're gonna be here a while…"

Later after too much explanation to type...

Omi turned to the camera, as instructed, and announced, "I have just gotten a Punk'd. Even though I do not know what this Punk'd is, I will master it! For I am…." Yeah, Omi we got it!

The camera switched back to Skye in the Punk'd studio. "Well, even if Omi doesn't know what Punk'd is, the rest of us had fun doing it. Not that Rai, Kim, Clay, and Dojo will be able to remember it. The only one who will be is Omi. And they'll all think that he's crazy when he talks-sorry, I mean brags- about it." Skye held up the Wushon Geyser in front of the camera. "I'm just getting started."
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