A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Years have past since the defeat of the Disciples of Ragnos and the fall of Jaden Korr. Jaden is now a Dark Jedi and controls an army of dark jedi loyal to him against the jedi. On his star destroyer, the Core, Jaden leads his army, infused by the power of the Valley of the Jedi, and the Scepter, Jaden hones his armies power until he can use it against the jedi academy.

Meanwhile on Courascant, the New Republic fights a diplomatic conflict with Haruun Kal and their leader Zev Quishon. On the planets surface the spiritual government is growing mystical warriors the New Republic sees as a threat. Denying requests from the New Republic to stop the growing program, Zev and his warriors come close to finding allies who embrace their powers. The Resurrected Empire led by Ysanne Isard not only has welcome arms to the mystical warriors but the pocket book for them.

But troubles lie even with the Empire. Empress Isard's Hand, Ki Draz, secretly has plans to kill his master and take over the Empire. He only needs one thing. His force powers restored. Taken by the Emperor, the emperor died before he could restore Ki's powers. The only way to restore his powers is with one man. Jaden Korr.

At the far reaches of the galaxy, Kyle Katarn continues his search for his fallen apprentice. He has gotten word from contacts that Draz also seeks Jaden. Kyle rushes now to Dantooine to try to contact his apprentice and find his location before the wrong people find him…

The Raven's Claw jumped out of hyperspace and into the void of space surrounding the planet of Dantooine. Kyle Katarn sat in the cockpit of the Raven's Claw and looked onto the surface of the planet. Dantooine was the birthplace of his fallen apprentice Jaden Korr. His apprentice has fallen when the dark side over took him on Taspir lll. He and Kyle had gone there to find Kyle's other apprentice Rosh Penin who had fallen to the dark side before. Kyle wasn't there when it happened but when he found Rosh he died in Kyle's arms. Jaden killed Rosh when the dark side took over him. Kyle blamed himself for Jaden's fall. He said he was blind to how far Jaden had slipped to the dark side during his training. Jaden went to Korriban where the dark jedi Tavion was trying to resurrect the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos with Marka Ragnos's scepter. Jaden stopped her but kept the scepter for himself. Kyle confronted his former apprentice but was defeated and Jaden escaped. Ever since Kyle swore he would find his apprentice, destroy the scepter and bring Jaden back to the light.

"Incoming message from Courascant." The droid behind Kyle said. Kyle called the droid C7-48. The droid was a navigation droid that Kyle bought on Corellia. So far he had proven to be a useful asset to the Raven's Claw and Kyle. But most of Kyle's navigation was orchestrated through the force. Though jaden had taught himself to block Kyle's voice out of his head, Kyle followed the strong power in the force Jaden had to find him. Kyle clicked a button and a small holographic figure appeared in front of Kyle. It was Luke Skywalker.

"Kyle," Luke's voice said from the hologram.

"Luke, what is it?" replied Kyle. He hadn't seen Luke for the longest time since his leave of absence from the Academy.

"Any luck finding Jaden?" asked Luke. Kyle knew he already knew that question. But Kyle shook his head.

"No Luke, he's a hard target to track. That might save him from the Empire but bring him farther from me." Kyle explained.

"The Empire? What do they want with him?" asked Luke.

"Empress's hand, Ki Draz plans to use Jaden's power to overthrow the Empress. But I fear once he uses his power he'll kill Jaden." Said Kyle. He had gotten the information about the Empress's hand from one of his Imperial contacts.

"I'm sure Jaden can take care of himself. Listen Kyle, I have some troubling news."

"What is it?"

"The New Republic is considering an invasion of the planet of Haruun Kal. They are growing mystical warriors that pose a threat to the New Republic. If they do that, it will eventually lead to war."

"That is troubling Skywalker. But right now that's the least of my worries. I'm sorry I've got to go. I'm about to touch down on Dantooine."

"Why Dantooine?" asked Luke.

"Jaden was born there. There's got to be some way to connect with him from there. I know it's a long shot but it's our best chance." Kyle explained. Luke understood.

"Okay Kyle, again if you need…"

"Yes, Luke I'll ask."

"Okay, may the force be with you." The holographic image of Luke disappeared and the Raven's claw soared into the atmosphere of Dantooine.

Jaden Korr stood at the bridge of The Core. The Star Destroyer was no longer just a simple Star Destroyer. With Jaden's power, he made it a living connection to the force. The Dark Side of the force flowed through the halls where his followers went about their business. Jaden stole the Star Destroyer from the Imperials above Korriban the day he acquired the scepter. Jaden had no love for the Empire and fought against it as much as he fought against Jedi. Jaden was had brownish sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He no longer wore the tunic the jedi academy made him wear. He now wore a dark tunic with a black robe over it. In his right hand he carried the Scepter of Marka Ragnos. He stole the scepter from Tavion that day on Korriban. It gave him so much power and he liked it. He used the scepter to empower his followers. Similar to what Tavion did with her cultists. But these men and women were dark jedi that were only loyal to Jaden. Jaden didn't count himself as a Sith. He still fought for good and destroyed evil. But instead of the jedi, Jaden and his followers tapped into the dark side and used the force as a weapon. Many real jedi would call him a Sith. Jaden called himself, what many jedi sometimes do, a dark jedi.

"Master." A voice said from behind. Jaden turned and saw his Hand. Her name was Alora Dark. Alora was a jedi sent to destroy the scepter like many jedi before her. When she confronted Jaden, Jaden defeated her easily. When she saw herself defeated she was in awe of the power Jaden wielded. Jaden welcomed her into his brethren. He trained her in his own way of the force. Using the dark side as an asset to obtain her goal. She soon embraced the dark side and became Jaden's apprentice. She received the title of Hand soon after her training began.

"What is it Alora?" said Jaden. Alora wore a similar dark tunic. She had long dark red hair that ran down to her black robe.

"Master, I have a message from a Ki Draz. He wishes to speak to you." Alora reported.

"I shall speak to him in my quarters." Jaden said.

"Master, who is this Ki Draz. I don't trust him." Said Alora.

"He is the Hand of Empress Isard. His business I will soon find out but if he wishes to recruit us he will have tried to communicate with us for no reason." Jaden stepped away from Alora and started to walk toward his quarters. "Keep things in line until I get back Alora." As he walked out of the bridge and towards his quarters he felt a surge of the force unlike the flow through The Core. He immediately tried to block it out but he failed.

"Jaden." Jaden heard a voice whisper quietly. He looked around and saw nobody around him to say that. He soon realized someone was trying to connect with him through the force. He tried once again to block it out but the voice said again, "Jaden." Jaden continued to his quarters. As he stepped into his room the voice got louder. "Jaden!"

"What?" He yelled at nothing.

"Don't you recognize the voice of your old master?" The voice said. It was almost screaming in Jaden's head.

"Kyle?" Jaden said almost disgusted. He walked over to his transmission dock and accessed the transmission from Ki Draz. The voice seemed to disappear for a moment. A holographic image of a man appeared before Jaden.

"Ah, Jaden Korr. You're stunning reputation around the galaxy makes this transmission an honor." Ki said. He had a tone in his voice that annoyed Jaden.

"Cut the flattery Draz. What do you want? If its recruitment with Isard's empire then I'm not interested." Jaden said. He had a lack of patience for Imperials.

"Of course Master Korr. I'll get right to it and say the Empire is weak under the control of Empress Isard." Draz addressed to Jaden.

"And you think it would be stronger under someone else." Jaden assumed.

"Draz is going to use you and then kill you." The voice of Kyle Katarn suddenly yelled in Jaden's head. He winced as the voice caused lots of pain in his head.

"Exactly Master Korr. The empire needs a new leader, a strong leader."

"And you think that is you." Jaden assumed again. Draz chuckled and nodded.

"You are one smart jedi Master Korr. I knew I should have come to you." Draz said. The annoying tone added to the splitting headache.

"So why do you need me Ki?" Jaden said. He was connecting with the force and using it to soothe his headache.

"Well you see I could just go in there and pull a coup right at Isard. But the sight of a lightsaber easily scares Isard. It would just be easier. Unfortunately my ability to use the force was stripped from me by Emperor Palpatine. So I need you to restore my power." Draz explained. Jaden sighed and turned from the hologram.

"And why do you think I could restore your power?" Jaden asked. He knew he could but he wanted to know if Ki knew he could.

"Well because you're Jaden Korr. You wield the Scepter of Ragnos. You've tapped into the Valley of the Jedi. I know you can restore my power." Draz bragged to Jaden about him.

"I said cut the flattery Draz." Jaden said.

"He'll use you and then he'll kill you." The voice screamed again. Jaden cried out in pain.

"Master Korr?" Draz said. Concerned for his only link to the force. Jaden continued to cry out and finally he shouted.

"The force is not to be put in the hands of people as weak as you!" Jaden ended the transmission and rushed over to his mediation room next to his quarters. He sat down and took a deep breath. He infused himself with the force flowing through the ship.

"Jaden!" the voice called over and over again. Jaden concentrated hard with the force and gradually, the voice got quieter.




Finally the voice disappeared and Jaden was in balance with his own force bond. He continued his mediation.

Kyle fell out of connection. He was in the abandoned Korr homestead on the surface of the plains of Dantooine. Jaden's father was a farmer on the plains and sent Jaden with the jedi when they arrived on Dantooine. Kyle had set up meditation in the middle of the main room. He felt the force that raised Jaden when he was a kid flow through the homestead. He tried to reconnect with Jaden but there was a wall that kept Jaden in. Kyle couldn't reach him. But Kyle was in connection long enough to know where Jaden was. He stood up and rushed toward the exit of the homestead. The Raven's Claw was right outside the homestead. He rushed aboard and saw C7-48.

"C7 pull up the navigational charts!" Kyle commanded. The droid was surprised by the sudden command but he quickly pressed some buttons and a holographic image filled the room. Kyle connected with the force and matched a spot on the map of where The Core was. He pointed at the spot.

"There." He said out loud.

"What is there?" C7 asked, His golden eyes glowing.

"That's where The Core, is. Set course for this spot." Kyle said. He used the force to close the charts and he got into the pilot's seat of the Raven's Claw.

"Setting coordinates. Master Kyle. That's near an Imperial owned system… The Ord Mantell system."

"Yes I know." Kyle said with no surprise in his voice. The Raven's Claw hovered into the air and then jetted off into space.

Aboard the Star Destroyer the Lusankya, Ki Draz cursed and threw something. He wasn't sure of what it was but it hit the wall hard. Ki had short orangish hair that was spiked. He wore dark pants and a white shirt. He wore boots as well. He walked over to a table in his quarters. On the table was his orange lightsaber that he kept as hope that he would some day have his force connection restored. Ki missed his connection. He had relied on it so much when he had it and when he lost it he was lost himself. When he had the connection he was a dark jedi under the command of Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine drained the force from Ki when he failed a mission on Endor. The Emperor promised he would restore his powers when the Death Star was complete. But when Darth Vader tossed the emperor down into a reactor shaft Ki's hope sunk. He didn't know whom else to turn to get his connection back. When he heard of Jaden Korr recent rising power in the force he was the first one in a long time that Ki thought could restore his power. Suddenly a beeping sound came from his transmission station. Ki stormed to it and clicked the button.

"What?" he yelled.

"Sir, we traced the transmission and we found that The Core is in the Ord Mantell system." Ki knew they had traced the transmission but he had hoped that Jaden would cooperate. Now he had to think of a plan to trap Jaden and steal his scepter. That would be the only way to restore his power.

"Ready my shuttle. I'm going to Ord Mantell now."