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Kyle followed the woman at a safe distance, every once in a while looking behind him to make sure the mutation he left behind him wasn't following. Kyle saw that the woman was slower than he expected. He must have really wounded her at their last encounter.

Suddenly he sensed something approaching. He turned and saw something coming from the atmosphere and heading towards him. Kyle quickly hid under some rocks. He managed to get a spot he could spy up into the sky to see what was coming down his way.

Little to Kyle's surprise, the ships above him was an Imperial shuttle being escorted by two tie fighters. Kyle knew once Draz's men landed on Ord Mantell he didn't have much time. They had more resources on Ord Mantell and in result were at the advantage. Another aspect was the fact that Kyle was on Ord Mantell, an Imperial owned planet. No doubt if he was found it could be considered an act of espionage on the part of the New Republic and could be an excuse for Empress Isard to break off the peace treaty. So Kyle knew he could not be caught.

Once the shuttle was gone, Kyle popped up from his hiding spot and saw Jaden's apprentice retreating from her hiding spot and continuing her trek. That was Kyle's cue to continue to follow her.

"A jedi? How do you know?" Draz exclaimed to the blue hologram in front of him of the cloaked Empress Isard.

"My Seers have seen a jedi on Ord Mantell. They are never wrong, you should know that Draz. Did you not serve the Emperor as a Seer in the days the force flowed through your veins?" she spoke as if Draz was hiding something from her.

"Yes. What shall you have me do Impress Isard?" The words burned Draz's tongue but he knew that that wouldn't be her title for very long.

"I want this jedi found and killed. We shall then use his presence as a foothold in the Republic. We shall gain political power over them with this." Isard said. She of course was the political representative for the Empire and it was her decision how to deal with the Senate. Draz frowned but bowed his head and said,

"It shall be done Milady." The blue hologram disappeared and Draz sighed as if he was hiding something in his mouth and he just let it go. He stood up and exited his shuttle's private communications quarters. Draz's lightsaber wielding bodyguard stood outside the door with his large staff resting on his armored shoulder. He came to attention as Draz exited the room and the doors slid shut behind him.

"What are your orders Commander?" the voice said from behind the red helmet that concealed his bodyguard's face.

"We must find the jedi on this planet and kill him. I have a good feeling who this jedi might be and if I am correct, he will lead us directly to the wielder of the Scepter of Ragnos." The bodyguard nodded and followed Draz as he headed towards the shuttle ramp onto the planet.

Kyle continued to follow the apprentice till she led him to a cave. Kyle watched as the apprentice entered the cave cautiously watching to see if anybody had followed her. Kyle was hidden enough so she couldn't see him then she entered the cave.

Kyle slowly followed but he stopped at the cave. He felt a darkness shroud the emptiness of the cave. He gripped his lightsaber firmly then he slowly entered the cave.

As Kyle went into the darkness he lost track of the apprentice. She had disappeared into the blackness. Kyle then reached his way into the force and through the force he saw the path. He let himself be engulfed in the force as he followed the corners drawn out by the force.

After a while of following the calling, Kyle came to a light at the end of a tunnel. He cautiously followed it noticing that that was light from a machine or something.

As Kyle came into the light he suddenly realized that he was in an Imperial military base. Jaden and his pawdawan must have discovered the cave. Kyle jumped up into the open and knew where he was. He was in a storage garage under the base an easy location to tunnel to and infiltrate a base without anybody knowing about it. But the tunnel looked as if it was dug through with a machine but Kyle saw no machine at the end of the tunnel.

Kyle then realized that the dark power used in this tunnel were the ones of the Scepter of Ragnos. "Jaden sure is putting that thing to good use," Kyle thought.

Kyle walked to the exit of the garage and started to see bodies of Stormtroopers skewed across the ground. Kyle activated his lightsaber; he knew he had to be close to Jaden.

Kyle walked down a hallway and up some stairs to a large open area where in the middle was a statue of the Empress. But as Kyle entered the room he noticed something was wrong with the statue. He looked up and he noticed the head was cut off the statue.

"Jaden was always the creative one." Kyle muttered to himself. Stormtrooper bodies were all over the floor of the open area.

Suddenly Kyle felt someone in the room with him. He lifted his lightsaber up, ready to defend himself. He looked all around turning his back to the statue for a moment and when he turned back he looked up.

There, perched on the statue, was Jaden. He had a smug smile on his face and he carried the Scepter in one hand, and his deactivated lightsaber in the other.

"Welcome Kyle." Jaden said simply. Kyle quickly went into a defensive stance but when he saw Jaden wasn't going to attack just yet he lowered his blade and said,

"Jaden. I finally found you."

"Why have you come master? Have you come to kill me?"

"No Jaden. I don't want to hurt you, or your friend wherever she is." Kyle said calmly. "I want to help you. Your hunger for power has driven you to the dark side but I know I can save you. This power you have is evil and it's eating you away."

"No master. This power is not evil. Don't you remember you training me? You said yourself; no power is inherently good or evil. It's how you use them and I am using the Scepter of Ragnos for good not evil. Tavion wanted the power to resurrect Marka Ragnos. But why resurrect a Sith Lord with all this power when I can use it for good. Helping people like we tried to do at the Academy." Jaden tried to preach. "I have not pledged myself to the Sith and I never will!"

"Jaden! The dark side of that stupid stick enslaved Tavion. It ultimately consumed her and it will to you. You must destroy it!" Kyle pleaded.

"No master. Tavion was weak. She was too weak to master the powers of the Scepter and now she is dead. I will control the power and with this power. I will control the galaxy and bring peace." Jaden said lifting the Scepter up to get a better look at it. It was almost as if he was mesmerized by it. "Let's do it together Master! Let us work together to root out all evil with this tool of the force and rule the galaxy the way things are suppose to be."

"I'm sorry Jaden. I can't let that thing exist. It is my mission to destroy it. I hoped that I could save you as well, but if I must destroy you to destroy that. I will do what I must." Kyle said lifting up his lightsaber. Jaden laughed and stood up.

"I should have finished you back on Korriban. This time you will not be as lucky." Jaden said. He lifted the Scepter and pushed it into the statue. There was an enormous rumble and Kyle stumbled to his knees. Jaden disappeared as the statue began to collapse.

Kyle coughed out the dust of the statue and quickly got up and looked around for Jaden but all he could see was dust.

Suddenly out of the dust, Jaden sprung out wielding his blue lightsaber. Kyle quickly raised his guard and their lightsabers clashed. The Scepter had disappeared from Jaden's possessions but Kyle still felt its presence. Kyle pushed Jaden back quickly then shot out his hand and force pushed him away from him.

Jaden flipped backwards towards the wall but then reached out with the force and landed on his feet, sliding a few feet then reactivating his lightsaber. Once regaining his correct footing, he charged Kyle and Kyle did the same. They met in the middle and their lightsabers clashed again. Jaden spun around trying to break Kyle's ongoing defense but Kyle was quick and precise in his blocks.

Suddenly Jaden stabbed his lightsaber out and Kyle dodged it and grabbed Jaden and pushed him away from him. Kyle then looked up to where Jaden had put the Scepter. He suddenly saw Jaden's apprentice observing the fight, a few floors up. She was grasping the Scepter and her lightsaber both very firmly.

Kyle was caught a bit off guard when Jaden came back with another attack but he soon recovered and jumped over Jaden, force pushing him into the ground then jumping off the force to the next level

Jaden was left in a crater left by the force push as Kyle continued his climb up till he finally reached the padawan's level. The apprentice was shocked to see Kyle so she wasn't on her guard. She fumbled in trying to equip her lightsaber as Kyle charged her and swung his lightsaber fiercely. The apprentice couldn't use her lightsaber and apparently did know how to use the Scepter either, so she tried to jump back and she tripped over her footing and collapsed to the ground.

Kyle stood above her and pointed his lightsaber at her. "Give me the Scepter!" he commanded but the apprentice refused. Kyle didn't expect her lightsaber to go flying from her belt and ignite in front of his face. Luckily Kyle was able to reach out in the force and stop the saber from cutting his face. Kyle reached out and grasped the hilt of the saber. The apprentice was defenseless.

"Give me the Scepter now!" Kyle barely finished the sentence when he was pushed back suddenly by a powerful void of the force. Kyle flew back slamming into a wall and then collapsing to the floor.

"Commander. We've just picked up unknown life forms entering a military base of ours fifteen minutes ago. We've also lost contact with that base. It might be the jedi." The hologram of an Imperial officer said on Draz's personal communications device. Draz looked to his armored companion and said,

"Good work Captain. Gather your troops and meet me at the base. We'll infiltrate together and kill the jedi with one swipe." Draz said triumphantly. He ended communications and looked at his armored friend again.

"What do you sense?" Draz asked. The armored guard paused for a minute and then said,

"Something within in the walls of the base is blocking my force connection. I cannot see what's inside the base."

"I didn't act for your excuses. We need to hurry before the jedi escapes!"

Kyle awoke and was not able to move. He examined his body and there were no restraints. All the same, he could not move a muscle. He then saw Jaden meditating in front of him. Next to Jaden was the Scepter stabbed into the ground. The room seemed to be another Scepter created cavern but there was something about the room that seemed like it was not made recently, or by Jaden. He could not feel the warmness of the cavern wall he was pressed up against.

Jaden sat in the center of the large room but around him were worn tapestries and statues. Presence of the room reminded him of the Sith Chambers on Korriban in which he had last faced Jaden. At the far end of the room there was an alter.

On this alter there was a pedestal but nothing lay upon it. All that remained was a red glow on the pedestal as if something hot had just been lifted from the pedestal.

Kyle didn't say anything. He just closed his eyes and reached into the force. In the force he could see the bonds that held him.

"You've become stronger in the years we've been apart Kyle. It was strange. When I first begun my apprenticeship under you, I believed you were indestructible." Jaden started to rise from his meditation position and stood in front of Kyle. Kyle saw the familiar handle of his lightsaber in Jaden's hand. All jedi Kyle knew had a slight paranoia of their lightsaber and seeing Jaden with his lightsaber made him a tad nervous.

Kyle didn't worry about Jaden at the moment, he was more engulfed in the force waiting to for the right moment and the strength to release the bonds that held him.

"But with all the power the Scepter of Ragnos has given me, it has really made your power insignificant. And now with my new… artifact, that power will only increase." Jaden continued. He slowly began to get closer to Kyle. The only thing that Kyle heard was when Jaden mentioned his "New Artifact". "The Imperials are on their way. They are on their way to find the Scepter and kill you."

"Jaden!" Kyle said breaking his concentration. "Why are you doing this? If the Imperials find me it will be considered espionage on the part of the New Republic. If that happens the Imperials could have motive to break the peace treaty. War will break out and countless people will die. Stop thinking of yourself and let's get out of here together."

"So why don't I kill you." Jaden said placing the end lightsaber hilt into Kyle's suspended and paralyzed stomach.

"Jaden, I can feel the dark side searing itself within you. You need to walk away from it. You want to help people, let me go and we'll do that at the Jedi Academy, the way things used to be." Kyle almost pleaded with Jaden. Jaden only laughed.

"Things can never go back to the way they were Kyle. You know that better than anyone. The minute my saber cut down Rosh, I put that life behind me. But don't worry my old master, I have no intention of letting the Imperials find you. That's why killing you will have to wait. But I'm giving you a chance Kyle. Leave and don't get in my way. If you try to get in my way again, have no doubt that I will kill you." Jaden threatened. He placed Kyle's lightsaber on his belt and started to walk away. Kyle quickly called out to him,

"You'll have to. I will stop at nothing until you are free from that spawn of evil Jaden. I'm not giving up on you." Jaden stopped for a moment. He did not turn he just stopped.

"Good bye Kyle."

Minutes passed once Jaden had left the cavern. Kyle closed his eyes once again and saw the bonds slowly start to dissolve. They grew dimmer and dimmer until finally they disappeared and Kyle dropped suddenly from his suspended entrapment.

Kyle picked himself up. He felt incomplete without his saber hilt hanging on his belt but he was alive. He rushed out of the cavern. The cavernous halls led to a split. Kyle closed his eyes and let the force guide him. Once he knew the direction he rushed to the right. After passing a corner he saw a light. "We must not have been as deep in the Earth as I thought." Kyle said to himself.

He rushed towards this light almost too fast. As he approached the light he realized almost too late that it was nearly a total drop off. The opening led Kyle to the edge of a large cliff on the surface of Ord Mantell. In front of him was a vast chasm out into a large canyon.

Kyle cursed to himself. Jaden must have been picked up by his apprentice. He knew that that was the only option now since he didn't know what was down the other tunnel. He quickly grabbed the transmitter in which Jaden had left (whether he forgot about it or not, Kyle wasn't sure) and he tried to connect back to the Raven's Claw.

"C7-48, I need to be picked up. Triangulate my location and get me the hell out of here."

"Right away sir." The robotic voice responded. After a few short seconds the voice returned. "Sorry for the inconvenience sir, but I will not be able to retrieve you from that location. I need you to relocate in a place in which I will be able to initiate a proper pickup."

Kyle cursed again. "Right away C7." He cut the communication. "Stupid droid." He put the transmitter away and scoped the cliff side. He would disagree with C7 that it wasn't a good place for the Raven's Claw to pick him up but what did he know, he was just the pilot for close to a decade now.

Suddenly Kyle heard the sound of a lightsaber being ignited. Had Jaden changed his mind? Kyle turned but didn't see Jaden. Far down the tunnel he saw a figure in red armor ignite a purple lightsaber. Kyle with an instant felt the presence of Ki Draz close. Kyle quickly outstretched his hand and a blast of the force traveled down the tunnel crumbling some of the walls, but more importantly pushing the Imperial guard farther down the hall and farther away from Kyle.

As soon as the guard was pushed down the hall, Kyle saw Commander Ki Draz come into his line of sight.

"Jedi!" he shouted. He quickly drew a blaster and a red beam of plasma started to jet its way towards Kyle. Kyle didn't have much room to dodge the bolt without falling into the chasm. But without thinking he sprung from his position and out onto the cliff wall to his left. He felt himself fly through the air with no ground below him until he met the cliff wall. He reached out and grabbed the ledge he believed was stable enough to hold him. Luckily it was and he hung suspended over the chasm.

Back at the opening Draz approached and pointed his blaster once again at Kyle. Bolts started to hit the rock around Kyle and it caused the loose rock around him to shake. Meanwhile, the guards accompanying Draz didn't second-guess themselves as they threw themselves out of the opening and landing on small ledges without losing any balance.

"What the hell kind of soldiers are these guys?" Kyle said to himself. He then started to attempt to climb to a position in which he could get a footing. As he climbed he suddenly sensed one of the guards preparing to leap towards him. Kyle waited until the last moment and then he turned and outstretched his hand. The guard leaping towards him, who was propelling towards Kyle, suddenly jerked back as if something hard hit him in the stomach. This blow sent him pushed back hitting the cliff wall and down into the chasm to his death.

Kyle quickly pulled himself up, dodging a blaster bolt from the almost annoying Draz. He examined the situation now that he was on his feet. There were four more red guards, all with lightsabers ignited and their black slits of eyes were focused directly on Kyle.

"Four on one, would seem like a disadvantage for you four if I didn't have my lightsaber. Now its only a fair fight." Kyle said smugly. He quickly propelled himself up the cliff meeting another foothold. Kyle landed but almost lost his balance.

The first two guards lifted themselves into the air meeting opposite footholds and then darting straight towards Kyle. Kyle waited impatiently and nervously as they were headed straight for him. But with his deep connection with the force, it was almost as if they were in slow motion.

Before the guards reached him, Kyle boosted his legs around in a flip and landed on another foothold. One guard landed perfectly, but the other didn't have enough room to land. He lost his footing and plummeted below. But he stabbed his lightsaber into the cliff and slowed his fall. He was then able to land below them. The first one was quickly met by another guard and all three started to propel towards Kyle once again.

Kyle examined his surrounding and when he saw a large rock he outstretched his hand and called it to him. And using the force as a mace he hurled the rock around in a curve, smashing one of the guards against the wall. The second guard he grabbed in mid air with the force and swung him into the wall and down to his death. With the third guard he jumped and with one foot kicked the outstretched hand equipped with the lightsaber, causing it to fly into the air, and with his second foot he lifted off the head of the guard sending him into a free all.

As both Kyle and the red lightsaber flipped through the air almost symmetrically, Kyle felt the final guard boosting towards him fast. Very quickly, Kyle reached out his hand to grab the hilt of the saber. At the same moment he grabbed a foot on the cliff. And in a swift motion he brought the saber back and the blade met the face of the guard.

The lifeless shell of red armor fell limp and flew under Kyle as he deactivated the lightsaber. Kyle turned to see the body fall quickly till it was a mere speck in the abyss below.

Regaining his footing, Kyle turned to see Draz standing furious on the edge of the cliff at the opening. He had ceased firing. Kyle smiled smugly and looked at the hilt in his hand. He quickly tossed the saber across the gorge where it landed at Draz's feet.

"Better start practicing Commander." Kyle mocked. Without waiting for a response, Kyle launched off the footing and disappeared from Draz's sight.