Its about time I worked on a Naruto fanfic. Please don't comment on my lack of knowledge.

Plot: Naruto begins to get strange dreams, seeing the events of when Kyuubi destroyed innocent lives. Things get worse when he seems to lose respect among his friends. Later on in this story, Naruto discovers that Sasuke has been found, but he'll need to unlock a secret power if he plans to get Sasuke back.

NOTE: This story doesn't follow the plot of Naruto Shippuden, but the time skip did take place. The Rescue Gaara plot took place, but Sakura still doesn't know about the Kyuubi being sealed in Naruto. Sai has joined the team and Orochimaru is still alive.

By the way, this is a Naruto/Hinata fanfic. There's gonna be some hints of Naruto/Sakura, but the most I'll do with them is to have them see eachother as really close friends, or like brother and sister.

The Fire.

The Destruction.

The Blood.

The Pain.

That was all that could be seen. The village was on fire with the villiagers running around in panic, grabbing onto their children, screaming for their lives. The ninjas of the village all surrounded the cause of the destruction. A giant animal stood in the center of the destruction, its four legs crushing the buildings under it. Its dark orange fur blending with the flames of horror. Its long nine tails waved around, destroying buildings that came in contact with them.

The ninjas all jumped around, attacking the giant fox with kunais, shurikens, and seals, but they all seemed to be in vain.

From what the people were screaming, the name of this giant creature was 'Kyuubi'.

Kyuubi roared as the people were in peril and the ninjas protecting the village were not doing any better in saving them. There was nothing they could do, nothing could stop all this.

The Fire.

The Destruction.

The Blood.

The Pain.

Naruto woke up. It was just a dream, but why is he having it? He's been having those dreams for days. Maybe its a sign for something, but what? He looked outside his window, it was morning. As he looked and stared at the sunlight, he had a sense the something wasn't right. Not the dream, he knew fully well that wasn't right, but there was something else. Maybe a warm shower would help clear his mind.

He got into his bathroom, getting out of his clothes and having a towle ready for him. He entered the shower and turned on the water. The warmth of the water soothed him as he closed his eyes and relaxed. It seemed like five minutes and Naruto knew it was enough for him. He got out of the shower and dried himself off. As he was cleaning himself up, he still felt somewhat incomplete. There was something still missing, but he didn't know what. Naruto walked out of the bathroom, with the towel wrapped around his waist. He looked at the clock and that was when it hit him.

"Shit! I'm late." Naruto remembered that he was to meet Kakashi-Sensei, Sakura, and Sai. How could he be late again? Naruto jumped out of bed and ran to get changed into his orange jumpsuit. He once wore a very bright orange one, but ever since his training with Jiraiya, he got himself a new jumpsuit. He's never been late ever since he got back from the two and a half year of training, but ever since he's been having these strange dreams, his lack of focus increased. After getting into his clothes, he ran out of the house and ran bullet speed and towards Tsunade-Hokage's office.

"He's late again." Sakura commented with a small growl. Naruto's habit of being late began to grow recently.

"I wonder what's keeping him back this long." Sai said, "Its been like this for a while."

While Sai, Kakashi, and Tsunade were calmly, and patiently waiting for Naruto, Sakura was getting fustrated by this. Iruka stood next to Tsunade's desk, standing there, like her bodygaurd. Of course, they all had their share of Naruto's behavior, but Sakura was getting fed up with him. It seemed to be good when Naruto returned from his training, he was able to show up on time for training and mission, but he's been showing up late starting a few days ago. for the first few days, Sakura shrugged it off, assuming he was late because of a lack of sleep due to training, but after he started showing up late more often, she began to get fustrated by it. Even at times when they all had a small break from training, Naruto was still late everytime.

Moments later, Naruto burst through the door, panting and sweating. "I'm here." He panted.

"You're also late." Sakura growled, "This is getting really annoying."

"I'm sorry." Naruto said, a little sad. He never liked making Sakura upset, it made him feel bad about himself.

"It doesn't matter." Tsunade said, "He's here."

"No!" Sakura snapped, "It does matter! Naruto's been late for a long time now and you're going easy on him!"

"Sakura, calm down." Kakashi said, "Let's just get on with our assignment."

While he expected Sakura to either do as he said or retaliate, he didn't expect Naruto to be the one that would speak at this moment.

"Listen, I said I was sorry!" Naruto said, with a strong tone of aggression. Where's this aggressive tone coming from? Naruto never talked like this to Sakura, why start now? "Can we just calm down and go one with our assignment?"

"Sorry's not gonna cut it Naruto." Sakura said with anger. Of course, she was surprised to hear Naruto talk back to her like this, but she was upset about how he was talking to her as well.

"You have no right to talk to me like that!" Naruto talked back. This was begining to grow into something ugly. Two members of Team Kakashi were in a heated arguement and it seemed that none was backing out. "You know for a fact that I'm better than you. I'm working my up to become the next Hokage!"

"With the way you are, I don't think you have a chance at being Hokage!" Sakura shot a comment back at him.

"That's enough!" Tsunade rose up from her chair behind the desk. This went too far, and she knew she had to end it before it escalated into a fight. "Your assignment is suspended."

"Wait, you can't do that!" Naruto said. Realizing that this arguement had finally taken its toll, Naruto stopped instantly and looked at the Hokage. "You called us here for an assignment, you can't just take it back." This day wasn't going well for him. His day started off with his strange dream, he arrives late, Sakura unleashes her anger at him, and his assignment gets suspended.

"I just did." Tsunade said firmly, "Naruto, you are to train with Sai and Kakashi instead. And Sakura, you are to report to the medical center for your daily duties."

"This isn't fair!" Sakura yelled. She pointed a finger at Naruto. "You can't punish us all for Naruto's mistake."

"My mistake?" Naruto asked angerly, "You think all this is my fault?! I suppose you think your so perfect and you can't make mistakes."

"At least my mistakes don't cost us a mission." Sakura snapped.

Don't let that girl talk to you like that.

"Kyuubi." Naruto muttered.

You have the power to make them all do what you want. Why not use that power?

"No." He muttered, "You're contained in me for a reason."

You can't keep me in forever.

"Naruto, are you alright?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Naruto replied. Of course, he was lying, but what choice did he have? He couldn't let Sai and Sakura know about his secret with the Kyuubi.

"Face it Naruto." Sakura said, "You may have grown up physically, but you're still as immature as ever. Just as pathetic as before."

She's pushing it. Don't let her say things like that to you.

"Whatever." Naruto muttered, "This is over." He turned away from Sakura and headed out the door.

As they all walked out of the Hokage's office, Iruka noticed that something was wrong with Naruto. "Um, Kakashi." He got his attention. Kakashi turned around and looked at him. "I was wondering. With your permission, I would like to take Naruto with me for the day."

"Well, that will depend on the Hokage." Kakashi replied calmly, as always.

The two looked at the female Hokage for her approval. She sat there, thinking through her options. "Very well. Sai and Kakashi will train together, Sakura will have her daily duties at the medical center, and Naruto will spend the day with Iruka." She looked over to Iruka, "I'm to expect that you are to have Naruto do some training."

"Of course." Iruka responded.

While the others were doing what was assigned to them, Iruka and Naruto were spending their time at the Ichiraku Ramen bar. Of course, they made sure Tsunade didn't know about it. It took some convincing and some money, but Iruka manged to convince others to not tell Tsunade about it.

"How is it?" Iruka asked.

"Its great." Naruto replied with a smiled and several strandes of noodle hanging out of his lips. "It tastes great."

"That's not what I meant." Iruka said, "I know somethings been going on with you and Kyuubi. I want to know if your alright." Naruto then lowered his head in a small sense of depression, "You know you don't have to face it alone."

Naruto placed his chopsticks down and finally brought up the courage to tell him. "Ok. A few days ago, I started to have these strange dreams." Naruto said, "I don't know why I have them, and I don't know what's important about these dreams."

"What happens in this dream?" Iruka asked. This seemed important for him to know. Maybe he should know about this dream.

"Well, everynight its the same." Naruto began. Because dreams were all the same, he remembered every detail of the dream. "I'm in a village, I don't know which one, but the village was on fire. people were running around, scared and dying. Ninjas ran around me attacking me. I didn't know why at first, but then I realized that I was seeing things in the eyes of 'it'."

"The Kyuubi?" Iruka asked, "You're talking about Kyuubi right?"

"Yeah." Naruto answered, "Kyuubi."

"I think its time you know the entire truth of Kyuubi." Iruka said, "Your 16 now, you deserve the truth."

"That truth?" Naruto asked, "What's more for me to know about myself?"

A group of hooded figures stood around a room. There were candles all around and lit. The center of the room had a small basket and inside it was a baby. It was crying and it echoed throughout the room.

"Its done." One of them said, "The seal has been made."

"Do you really think this should be?" Another asked, "The people will resent the child knowing about this."

"Do you suggest we kill the young one?" Another asked, "Kill an innocent life to spare him the rejection?"

"Let's not forget, he is not innocent." The other said, "Unlike what we did with the one that has the seal of Shukaku, this one is different. The seal is simply there to make sure the human stays a human."

"Very well."

They all gathered around the crying child and simply stood there as he continued to cry.

"Do you understand now?" Iruka asked, "Do you understand why you were greatly resented by everyone?"

Naruto was speeachless. He didn't know what to say. Hearing what Iruka had told him left him with nothing to say.

"You're not just the container of Kyuubi, not the cage, the seal, or the host. Your more than just that." Iruka said, "You're Kyuubi's reincarnation."

"What?" Naruto was shocked by this. He lived his life believing that the seal on him was to contain the Kyuubi inside him, but instead it was a seal that kept Naruto a human. "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"You were too young to know the entire truth." Iruka replied, "Remember when Mizuki told you the truth about Kyuubi? You weren't able to handle that amount of truth as it was, but he didn't know the entire story, I did. When I was relieved that he didn't reveal the whole story, I chose to wait until you were at the age to fully understand the real truth of yourself."

"But why wasn't the Kyuubi simply sealed like the others?" Naruto asked, "Why wasn't it sealed like how it was done to Gaara?" This was something Naruto never expected to hear. Not only was he the host of the Kyuubi's power, but he was the Kyuubi in human form.

"From what I was told, the power of the Kyuubi was too strong for a simple seal." Iruka explained.

The Fourth Hokage stood before the large body of the now defeated Kyuubi. He raised his hand and ran it on the Kyuubi's fur. It didn't move, it was indeed weakened.

"Yodaime!" Several ANBU arrived to the site.

He simply turned and faced them, "This is exactly what the Kazakage was refering to. The Kyuubi cannot be killed, only contained."

"Then we shall prepare for the sealing." One of the ANBU responded.

"The Fourth was responsible for changing the Kyuubi into what you are." Iruka said, "While many were told that he died sealing the Kyuubi into you, that was a misguided fact. He gave up his life to reincarnate the Kyuubi into human form."

Naruto didn't answer. He still needed time to take in this information. It was some time before Iruka chose to speak again. "You can go if you want. I'm sure you have alot to think about."

"Thank you." Naruto got up from his seat and proceeded to leave the Ramen bar. Iruka was right, he needed time to think. He needed time to be alone.

Sakura was outside of the medical center. She had just finshed her duties and was able to go home. It was now nighttime and she was exhausted from all the patients she had to treat and all the medicine she had to prepare. Sometimes, she often regretted wanting to be a Medical ninja, but knew it was what she wanted to do. She was on her way home when she saw something catch her eyes. She saw Naruto was sitting on the roof of a house, looking at the moon, or at least that's what she thought he was looking at.

He looks so lonely. She thought. She wanted to go over there and talk with him, but she quickly had second thoughts. What if he's still upset about what happened this morning? Would he still be angry? Perhaps it was best the she leave him alone for now.

While Sakura made the decision to go home instead, Naruto was sitting there, not looking at anything. He was more in a state of thought. Finally realizing the whole truth about himself, he needed all the time he can get to think it all out. He suddenly began to have words enter in his mind.

It's that boy.

Stay away from him.

Don't talk to him, you understand?

He's dangerous.

No one trusts him, neither should you.

"They all hated me, thinking I had the Kyuubi sealed inside me." He said to himself, "What would have happened if they knew the truth?"

He closed his eyes, but when he did, he suddenly saw the face of Kyuubi. This image forced Naruto to open his eyes again. The Kyuubi was beginning to grow. Thought news about him being the reincarnation of Kyuubi made his day more strange than ever. All he could do was hope that this wouldn't continue to affect him throughout the rest of his life. He needed to stay focused if he ever planned to reach the goal of becoming Hokage. Naruto got up and attempted to jump off the roof and land on the ground, but he lost his footing and slipped.

"Oh shit." Naruto fell on his back and began to slide down the roof. He slipped over the edge, but his foot got ahold of a drain pipe. "That was close." He looked down and saw a pair of feet below. They sure weren't hid. He looked up to who it could be. "Oh. Uh, hi."

"H...hi...Na...Naruto-kun..." Hinata was just as shy as ever, but she still smiled. The two were looking at eachother face to face. Hinata blushed as red as a tomato, this being the second time Naruto was this close to her face hanging upside-down. She still remembered very clearly of what she did then. She didn't want to do that again, but something in her head just forced her to do the regretable. She reared her head back and gave a small scream.

"Uh oh." Naruto only looked helpless as he watched Hinata's forehead come closer to his. The impact of both their foreheads colliding forced Naruto to fall and land on his head.

"Naruto!" Hinata quickly kneeled down to Naruto's side. She couldn't belive herself, She did her best to resist doing the same mistake she made last time, but it just backfired. "Naruto?"

Naruto gave no response. Apparently, the impact of his head on the ground dazed him out. Hinata tried to lift him off the ground, and get him back home, but his weight was too much for her to lift.

"Naruto-kun." Hinata was getting worried, she didn't want to leave him here alone, but she wasn't able to lift him up on her own.


"Naruto, get down from there!" Sakura called out.

Naruto was sitting on a tree, resting his eyes while Sakura, Hinata, Neji, and Sai were below.

"Tsunade's not gonna be happy with us being late." Hinata said.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and yawned. "Coming." He got up from the tree, but because of his drowsiness, he lost his footing and slipped off the tree, landing on his head.

"Naruto!" Hinata ran to his side.

"He'll be fine." Sakura said, "This happens all the time." She kneeled next to Naruto's dazed body and gave a firm smack to his cheek.

Naruto slowly regained his conciousness, "What happened?" He looked around him.


"Sorry Naruto-kun." Hinata brought her hand to Naruto's cheek. Closing her eyes, she gave him a firm smack, just like how Sakura did.

"Ow!" Naruto sat up straight from the hit, "I'm gonna kill you Saku..." He looked and saw that it wasn't Sakura that woke him from his daze. "Oh..."

"I'm s-sorry." Hinata looked down, still as shy as before, "I-I d-didn't mean to h-hit you."

Naruto rubbed his cheek, "It's alright." Ow. "Maybe next time this happens, don't slap so hard."

"Y-you're not mad are you?" Hinata asked softly. Having Naruto upset of her was the last thing she wanted.

"Of course not." Naruto smiled, "Sakura does it to me all the time."

Hinata put on a small but sweet smile. She helped Naruto to his feet. Naruto dusted all the dirt off his clothes.

"W-what were you d-doing up there?" Hinata asked.

"Huh?" Naruto looked up to the roof, remembering where he had fallen from, "Oh, I just needed some time alone to think. What about you? What are you doing out here?"

"F-father sent me out to find Neji." Hinata answered, "You d-didn't see him, did you?"

"Last time I remembered, he was with Ten-ten." Naruto said. Remembering that on his way to the rooftop, he saw the two walking together in the streets looking for Rock Lee. They asked Naruto for help on finding him, but with so much to think about at the time, he couldn't. "Maybe he's still with her."

"Oh. T-thank you, Naruto-kun." Hinata gave a small smile, but a hint of pink entered her cheeks.

Naruto looked up to the sky and saw the moon shining high up. "It's getting late for me. I gotta get back home, or else I'll be late for tomorrow again."

"Ok. Good night Naruto-kun." Hinata smiled.

"Night." Naruto smiled back. With that, he walked off, heading back home. Hinata only looked on as her long-time crush walked away from her. Another chance for her to tell him how she felt, another chance for her to spill her heart out, she blew it again.

There's the first chapter. I'll update this in time, but I can't promise that I'll have it done quickly.