His eyes

I am his, my soul is his; I love him

I look into his jade his jade eyes and see myself

My soul is his

No more doubt, no more fear…only love

Music flows through me,

His touch is like fire, the feeling he gives me

Is only of love

His mind is strong as well as his body,

Sharp is his anger and soft his love

His eyes of jade

And of gold in anger,

His face of beauty, though maybe only to me

Shines in the night and in my heart

His lips on mine are of honey

I hunger for him, all of me.

I am his

I am his for all time.

He kills swiftly and stocks his pray

But be kind and he will show his,

His arms can be the arms of death but

They may also be the arms of hope as they are to me.

His eyes, gold and jade look into mine,

Knowing my every thought

In love he holds me and his strong embrace protects me

I am his forever

I am his, he is my soul, my love, I am myself.

I am all alone, forever with love.

In my dark I heard love; I heard music