This is the intro to my new story. I'm still not sure about the pairs I have a few but they may change so there is no guaranty. Here's a little about my story so you don't get confused.

Ok so here we go.

The planets name is Cetus.

There are three groups of people on this world they are the protectors/ Guardians, the evils, and the regulars (everyone and everything else). The protectors live in the sky with there own floating cities made of clouds. In the middle of the city there's an amazing waterfall where you can pass through it to get to another world. Boys wear white rob type shirts and girls wear short dresses. They wear white, light blue, pink, purple, silver, and gold. (That's the only colors they are aloud to wear.) They have white feather wings with (silver for the girls and gold for the boys) tips. The protectors hold the 12 zodiac stones that the evils want.

The evils live under ground in caves. In the middle of there city is a huge glass door when you pass through it you can get to other worlds too. They wear mostly Black, Red, and Green. They all have Black feather wings (with gold red tips for the boys and green tips for the girls). They are mad at the protectors for having the stones and will do anything to have them.

Both of these sides have swords that hold a mystical power that only the holder can control. Also the evils have always been jealous of the Protectors so that's another reason why they fight each other all the time.

On the planet is where all the others, The Regulars, live. It's a lot like our planet only they have more advanced technology that no one really has to work. The protectors and the evils are able to walk on this planet like all the regulars and most of them hide there to get away from there own side. There are only five planets (that each side can have access to) each are controlled by a powerful faerie.

Characters The protectors are

The king – Katsuya –30 years old

The queen- Kyoko-30 years old

The Princess- Tohru-15 years old

Destined to marry the princess and head of the army- Yuki-16 years old

Servant to the king and advisor also a profession in medicine - Hatori-27 years old

Servant to the queen- Ritsu-18 years old

Best friends with Tohru and servants to Tohru – Kagura 15 years old, Momiji 14 years old, and Kisa 13 years old

Their castle is called Crystal Castle

The royals or any one important live on the farthest to the top of this city. Everyone like this lives on white clouds. Except for the king and Queen live on a gold cloud and Tohru and Yuki (since he will marry Tohru) Live on silver clouds. Everyone else is either on pink for girls and blue for boys. If they marry they live on a purple cloud.

The Evils are

The King- Akito-25 years old

The Prince and the army's leader-Kyo-15 years old

Servants to The king- Shigure, Ayame, and Kureno-27 years old

Best friend to Kyo and has a girlfriend Rin- Haru-15 years old

Boyfriend is Haru- Rin-15 years old

Destined to marry Kyo- Uo-15 years old

Servant to Kyo- Hiro-13 years old

Servant to Uo and best friend- Hana-15 years old

Their castle is named Satins devil

This castle is underground and is made out of all black and red. Black is for all the people who are important. Red is for everyone else. In this castle is just a bunch of rooms that anyone can be placed in. If you are important you can pick your room and are in the center around the king. Outside this castle it's dark and gloomy (because it's underground). It's like a giant haunted house.

The planets and the faeries

The wind faerie

Name- Canace

Planet- Balinor

The dark faerie

Name- Ebony

Planet- Nebula

The Earth faerie

Name- Tierra

Planet- Nutare

The Fire faerie

Name- Vesta

Planet- Fira

The Water faerie

Name- Sachiel

Planet- Nari

There will be more of a description as we visit the planet and meet the faerie. Let me know what you think if I get a couple reviews I will start the story if not then it's probably just a retarded idea I had lol! I already started the story and I will have the first chapter up tomorrow if you all like this idea.