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"Tohru are you ready yet? Momiji, and Kisa are waiting for us at the shop." Kagura yelled while knocking on the door. She really couldn't wait to get away from the castle and go shopping on Cetus.

"Yes, I'm almost done, be right out in just a moment." Tohru said while she finished packing up her clothes to change into when they got on to Cetus. She finally opened he door and both Tohru and Kagura made there way to the platform. They had to stay under cover so they dressed up like the secret agents that go and take care of business on the ground.

They made it to the platform unnoticed. They ran one at a time and jumped. Kagura was first, then Tohru. Once they started to feel gravity pull them towards the ground they unleashed their hidden wings. Soon they where side by side gliding to the mystical world below.

Little did they know someone had spotted them and was flying right behind them to watch their every move. He wanted to make sure he was seeing this for himself that their beloved princess was going to Cetus without permission. And he wanted to protect her and make sure she was safe from harm.

Once they passed through the clouds they where able to see a forest and there just so happened to be a clearing right by a lake. "Lets land here, ok Tohru? So we can change." Kagura said

"Ok," Tohru said a little sad that they where almost there because she loved the wind in her face. She knew if she ever got caught she would never get to feel like this again. Once they landed they folded their wings and got dressed. They took their short white dresses off (Tohrus' was lined with Silver and Kaguras' was lined with an off-white color, they where more like short robes) so they could fit in with the regulars as much as possible. Tohru couldn't wait to pick out a dress and a mask for her masquerade ball.

Once they where dressed they threw there clothes behind a tree that they knew they could both remember. It had rice balls (haha) growing from it and it was right next to the lake so it was easy to find. They soon were on their way to meet Kisa and Momiji at the shop. They were going to start looking for items for the masquerade ball.

Once they were out of sight the mysterious person landed. He took off what he had and made it into something that wouldn't make him stand out too much. Soon he was on his way to find his beloved princess and spy on what she was doing. He might be able to use whatever he saw to his advantage.

Tohru and Kagura skipped all the way out of the forest. "Do you feel like someone is watching us?" Tohru asked Kagura. Tohru stopped to look around.

Kagura replied, "I had that feeling awhile ago. I think we are just paranoid since we have never snuck away before."

"Yeah that has to be it. We are just paranoid." Tohru said, not really making herself feel any better.

"Hey look, there's Momiji and Kisa. Let's hurry." Kagura said suddenly becoming really excited.

The shadow followed them when he heard the whole conversation with Kagura and his princess. He decided to back off even more so they wouldn't see him. He didn't want to cause too much drama. He just wanted to protect Tohru and see if he can use this against her in anyway.


Kyo knew he had to go up to Cetus and get everything ready for the ball. Then maybe heck, find a cute girl to go with him. He really hated to go to Cetus but every time he disobeyed Akito he knew there was hell to pay. So he did as he was told, but that didn't mean he couldn't have fun. He thought with an evil smirk on his face.

Kyo decided to go fetch Haru and tell him the good news. (He hasn't told Haru yet that they where going to the ball as under covered evils.) He kind of wanted to see his expression when he told him. It always made Kyo laugh. Haru hated Akito so much and hated doing what he said, but he knew he wouldn't have to deal with him for too long. Soon Kyo will take over. Hopefully soon.

Anyway Kyo started to walk down the hall to Haru's room. As soon as he came upon the huge double doors he knocked and let him self in. When he entered he saw a sight he wished he never saw. Haru was lying down tied up with handcuffs (it's more like a metal bracelet that is connected with a laser that you can change how far apart the bracelets are.) His shirt was off while Rin was on top of him kissing and groping him.

They both suddenly looked up and Rin jumped off of Haru. She had a mad expression on her face. She really wanted to go at it. Haru was ticked off. He hasn't had time with his girlfriend and now Kyo had to ruin it all. He slowly started turn black Haru until Kyo opened his mouth to speak.

"Damn, Haru. Couldn't you at least have the courtesy to put a sign on the door? Ya know, don't come in, I'm doin a horse right now. Or something." Kyo said not sure of what to make of this.

"Kyo, do you want to join us?" Haru said sarcasticly. Rin gave him an "I'm going to kill you if he says yes" look.

"What! Hell no! Eww" Kyo screamed shocked Haru would have even asked something like that. "Please tell me you're kidding."

"I was most definitely kidding around with you," Haru said

"Oh thank God." Kyo said relieved. But anyway, Akito wants us to go to the world above and disguise ourselves so we fit in. Then we will be able to get information and any thing we can gather regarding the protectors." Kyo explained. "We must go sometime today so be ready in twenty min."

"Ok," Haru said as Rin began reluctantly removing his handcuffs.

"I will meet you at the transporter, or should I wait for you and hold your hand so you don't get lost?" Kyo said trying to get back at Haru for what he did to him a few minutes ago.

"Just wait for me so we can go get this over with quickly, but I'm not holding your hand. Unless you like it." Haru said with a smirk

"No!" Kyo yelled with complete disgust. He was wondering how he could say that with no emotion on his face.

(Evil Kyo beware)

Once they got out into the hallway they started off to the transporter. Until they came upon a room that had the most chilling scream coming from in side of it. Haru decided to open the door and see what was going on. He opened it and walked in. There was a protector on a table. His wings were out and he was completely naked. There was blood coming from the side of his mouth and on his body in various places.

The guards that had him in the room were trying to get information out of him. But the protector wasn't going to talk. Everyone could tell. The guards came running to Kyo and bowed. They asked for him to help since he is one of the best that has mastered torturing. Even Kureno ran out of ideas and was begging for him to help. Well not completely out of ideas, but there were a couple things only Kyo and Akito where aloud to do. No one else was able to with out almost killing them selves. That was pulling off the wings one at a time. (The only way it's ok for them to fall off is when they fall off naturally or they will hurt like crazy for a few days. Kureno was in training and learning how to do this with out feeling pain himself. Once he could do this he would for sure be Akito's right hand man. This is the worst kind of torture. Only people without this certain part in there brain are able to do this. Kureno was starting to block this part out he has to work up to it one feather more a day.)

"Kyo please torture this protector. We would all like to see your wondrous ways" Kureno said wanting to see Kyo in action.

"Yes please Kyo. Just for a few minutes then we can leave please" Haru said

"Alright, alright. Geez." Not wanting to see Haru get on his knees and beg. "I will, but only for a few minutes."

Kyo decided to walk over to the naked protector and stretch him out. He started off real easy, picking up a whip and cracking it all over his body. Soon he took out a finger clipper. He sat next to the protector and said, "speak or your fingers will be no more." The protector said nothing, just closed his eyes and waited for the pain. The protector would never say anything that could harm the king or his country above. So when he didn't speak Kyo slowly cut off one of his fingers. All the protector could do was scream. He thought of the promise he made to the king never to tell anything and he would keep his promise till the end.

Soon Kyo cut off another finger and stopped when all the evils just stood there staring at him. So he decided to get real pain in before he had to go. He looked at the wings and plucked one feather off, then another then another. Until about half of his feathers where gone. Almost everyone in the room was gone it was way to much for them to bear only Kyo, Haru, Kureno, and one other guard was left. That one guard looked around and ran out of the room unable to take it any more. The screams coming from the protector's mouth were just too loud and blood curdling also just the sound of each feather being plucked was so nerve racking that it ran them out of the room real quick.

Kyo was really getting into it now and got on top of the protector all the way until he was flat. He looked at the protector's mouth and saw blood trickling down. He took his hand and brushed up against the blood. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked it all off. Soon when the protector yelled at him to get off. He decided to flip the protector over. When he flipped him over he ripped off his wings. All Kyo could do was laugh saying "that's what you get you no good protector," and laughed some more. He loved the sound of the scream that came. It made people nauseous just hearing it. By now Haru and Kureno had left the room.

Kyo then forgot that he had to go talk to Uo and tell her where he was going to see how she would take the news. He walked to her room (Haru Kureno were long gone by then) still with the rush he got from torturing. He knew if he was ever spotted and known at the ball no one would be able to touch him. Oh and he had an idea to steal their precious princess. He was still deciding if he should or not. When he came to Uo's room he saw the doors where shaped like a U and had an O in the center for the door handles. He knocked and when he heard the traditional "come in" he opened the doors and went inside and Haru stayed outside.

"Hey Hun," Kyo said happy to see Uo. He hasn't seen her for a couple days now.

Uo jumped as she turned around. "Hana you can put those away," She said not wanting her soon-to-be-husband to see what she as planning.

"What are those?" Kyo asked casually. Really wondering what Uo was saying. He slowly made his way to her.

"Can you leave us now Hana?" Uo said a little excited about what was going to happen.

"Yes ma'am" Hana said with a hint of sarcasm and left the room.

"So now, do you want to tell me what that is all about?" pointing to the papers she had Hana put away.

"So why did you come to visit me?" she asked, ignoring his question while trying to change the subject.

"Haha, no you're not getting out this one. What are they?" Kyo asked so close he could smell what she ate last.

"Is that a threat, orangey?" She said "but I will tell you anyway. It's birthday plans for your birthday, but it seems like it will have to fall in three days is that ok?"

"What is it, and what are you doing?" He asked acting surprised. He had known something was up for a few days now.

"Well, I planned a hunt for you to go on just something you always liked to do" she explained. "It's only you and Haru, then you will come back for a little party and some one-on-one time with me." She said "Sound good?"

Kyo was holding her by now. "Of course it sounds good." He said "Good thing it's in three days. I have to go to the masquerade ball for the protectors princess." He explained "I have to go get everything I need for it now. I'm sorry hun, but I have to go. Me Haru are going to go get things so we can be ready" He kissed her on the cheek

"Ok but be careful. Don't torture people and get yourself killed," She said a little concerned. She knew he liked to hurt people and she was afraid that one day that same fate may come back to haunt him.

"Ok I will," he said coming back for one more kiss "Bye."

"Bye," she said bidding him farewell.

He exited Uo's room and saw Haru. They decided to finally make their way to the Transporter so they could get their shopping over with.

Once they got to the transporter they boarded it and left to the world above. Once they got to Cetus they made their way to the city where they would find many shops to hunt down what they where looking for.


Back to Tohru

They made their way over to Momiji and Kisa who seemed to have been getting nervous. "Hey Momiji, Kisa" Tohru said. "How are you guys?"

"We're good, but we were getting worried about you Tohru." Kisa said just about attacking Tohru. Momiji was doing the same.

Once everyone settled down Tohru said, "lets get on our way. We have a busy day ahead of us and it's almost done" as she looked at her watch. It was in the shape of two wings holding a heart. Little did they know someone was still following them. They just couldn't feel it because he backed off.

"Let's stop at this store THE ALL ABOUT ME store," Kagura said. "It's suppose to have everything from fancy cloths to things to cook with."

"Ok," everyone, said agreeing with Kagura.


Back to Kyo

Kyo and Haru finally made it into town. Kyo stopped "how about we go in here The ALL ABOUT ME STORE? Maybe we will find what we are looking for and I heard this was a great place to start." Kyo said

"Ok lets go, but lets hurry so I can get back home to Rin" Haru said


Back to Tohru

They all walked in and saw that this store was just HUGE. It was like 20 malls packed together. It had everything you ever could need and want. They started to walk around and finally found the girls and boys fancy clothing. Momiji went and looked at the girls too. They would help him find something later. Momiji took Kisa to look at the little girl's dresses and Kagura and Tohru looked at the teens dresses. Tohru was in awe at what she saw. There was so many dresses to choose from. How was she ever going to find one she liked? It was going to be impossible. (Oh I forgot to mention that the king and queen will never know they got the dresses from Cetus because they have dresses just like these in the clouds too. They just wanted to go to Cetus to look around! )

The person who has been fallowing Tohru has been watching her very closely. He walked into the store she just walked into and grabbed a cart. He put things into it so it looked like he was shopping, but still kept a close eye on Tohru. This was good so in case he got caught he could just say he was shopping.


Back to Kyo

Haru and Kyo both walked into the store. They walked around a little to get familiar with their surroundings. Soon they fell upon an aisle that was all for condoms and naughty things. Kyo had an amazing idea. He grabbed Haru and whispered into his ear. When he was done whispering they grabbed 3 boxes of condoms. They where going to have a little bit of fun before they had to get serious.

They both darted around the store to find a target (singing mission impossible). Once they found someone who seemed to be a really HOTT girl. Once she turned around away from her cart Haru went and placed a box of condoms in her cart then went back to Kyo who was hiding around the aisle corner. They both started watching her once she turned around to put some cloth into her cart she noticed the box. She picked it up, realized what it was and screeched and put it down and tried to act like nothing happened as she ran out of there rather quickly. Haru and Kyo where laughing up a storm so much that soon they where going to pee there pants, so they ran to the bathroom. Once they made it they each went into a different stall so they could relieve their burden of pee.

Soon someone followed them in there and you could tell it was a little boy. He started to sing "I'm sitting on the pot, trying to shove one out lalalalalaaaaa" the boy sang. (I stole this song from my best friend who made it up so no one else can use it haha)

Kyo and Haru both finished and ran out of there so they wouldn't get killed with the stench. They then came upon a gray hair dude and they still had two things of condoms so when he wasn't looking Kyo ran and put it in his cart. Then he ran back to Kyo unnoticed. They sat there waiting for him to look into his cart to see his surprise they left him. But then they noticed he was staring at something. They both turned to see he was starring at. It turned out to be a really, really cute girl with a dash of hotness. Both their mouths dropped and Kyo even started to drool a little bit. Then something amazing happened She started walking towards him. She came up to him and said "excuse me may I get through?"

Kyo finally broke from his trance like state and said "oh yeah sure, but only if you tell me your name" He said cunningly. Haru stomped on his foot a little to remind him that he was to be married. Kyo then looked up and noticed that the gray hair dude was staring at them. Soon he started to walk over to them.

"Oh my name is Tohru and this is Kagura, Kisa and oh dear Momiji is in the bathroom. What's your names?"

"This is Kyo and I'm Haru. Hahaha was he the one singing" Haru asked

"Yeah probably. He likes to sing about what he is doing." Tohru said

"Oh" Haru and Kyo said in unison, glad they gotten the heck out of there when they did.

"But don't worry, he is very nice" Tohru said Then she noticed that a gray hair man was right beside her she gasped "Yuki what are you doing here?"

"Shopping and what are you doing here you know better than to be here Miss Honda." Yuki replied. He was giving Kyo a mean glare. A little stay away she's mine type of thing!

"I know but I really like coming to shop down here and I never get to," Tohru said. Meanwhile Kagura went over to Yuki's cart and gasped when she picked up the boxes of condoms.

"Ummm those aren't mine who put those in there?" Yuki said with a blush and looked over and Tohru was blushing madly too.

"Oh come on don't lie you were shopping for after your wedding with Tohru," Kagura said. Then they all looked over while Kyo and Haru where laughing like idiots. Soon Yuki was there begging for a fight. Kyo and Haru never heard that they where going to be married.

"You wouldn't have a chance against me." Kyo said

"You want to bet?" Yuki said "let's go right here, right now. You're the ones who put those condoms in my cart."

"Haha yeah we did and I think it is hilarious," Haru said staying behind Kyo. "Well I think me and Kyo will be going now we have a lot to still do."

"Yeah run just like the cowards you are." Yuki said as he started to escort Tohru and her friends out of the building.

"Yuki please can I just find a dress and a mask and then we can leave" Tohru said with puppy dog eye's. He really couldn't resist Tohru. Or he made her think that.

"Ok, but only until you find a dress and a mask. Then we are gone," Yuki said.

"Oh thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Tohru said jumping up and down. Soon Momiji came back and they started trying dresses on Tohru while Kisa and Momiji went to go look for a mask.

"Soon Tohru found the most amazing dress until she heard "Pick me Pick me" so Tohru followed the voice and found an even better dress that she thought would be perfect. As she took the dress off the hanger Kyo jumped out at her giving her a heart attack. He put his hand up to cover her mouth.

"I never got done talking to you" Kyo said, "I was wondering if you were going to the ball?" he asked

"Well yeah I will be there that's why I'm picking out a dress so I can go." Tohru said. While Kyo started to feel stupid that he asked that question. " Are you trying to scare people May I ask?"

"Well yeah it's really funny too. We went into the changing rooms and screamed, "WHERE'S THETOILET PAPER AT?" Oh that was so very funny Then we" only to be cut off by Tohru

"Ok I get it," She said " well I have to go and try this dress hopefully I will see you at the ball ok"

"Ok Tohru" He said not wanting to leave but was soon pulled away by Haru. They had to go get the disguise and were expected soon at the back of the store where they will be changed into looking like a protector. All Kyo could think was about Tohru for the rest of the day, even though he hated Protectors. But something was really different about her.


Soon Tohru found the dress she liked (explained later). She really couldn't wait for the ball to hopefully see Kyo. Soon Yuki escorted her and her friends back to the clouds and they all fell asleep from the long day they just had. But Tohru was still awake thinking about Kyo hoping she would see him at the ball.


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