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Chapter 3: Thayet
1. She married Jon. Need I say more?
2. Said husband's "affectionate" nickname is Prince Prick.
3. She is obsessed with her looks. Can you say Narcissus?
4. She's an Alanna wannabe.
5. Her mom committed suicide.
6. She almost did same said act, with same said mother.
7. Her dad is a nut.
8. You can't even pronounce her last name.
9. Did I mention she was crazy enough to marry Jon? Well, yeah, I did, but it
needs to be repeated.
10. She still hasn'sent said husband a dear Jon letter.
11. She must be blind
12. She plays with fans. Um who does that crickets oh yeah, she does.
her even more lame, No?
13. She and Ashlee Simpson would be great friends. They are both diztes of the extremest kind.
14. She wore a dress into battle.
15. Said dress was pink. What self-respecting warrior goes into battle
looking girly?
16. Said dress also cost money. A lot of money.
17. Thus she was helping to bankrupt her country.
18. Her husband's first love was his squire, the crazy Alanna.
19. Her husband never really got over said squire.
20. She has anger-issues.
21. Said anger issues are so bad that she ran out onto a balcony naked to
shoot a bunch of loud monkeys. Damn her for hurting the lovably evil monkeys.


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