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Sleep Well

By Zefie Kirasagi

It was barely past eleven. Aelita slowly pushed open the door to Jeremie's room, hernightshirt rustling as her bare feet padded across the floor to Jeremie's motionless form that was slumped forwards at his desk.

Once again, Jeremie had fallen asleep at his computer due to his own overworking of himself.

Aelita smiled a bit as she picked up a pillow and blanket from Jeremie's bed, walking over to him. The still lit computer screen said, quite plainly in large letters, "Program Complete". There was a large, three-dimensional ship-like object displayed on the screen.

"Looks like you earned your rest, Jeremie." Aelita whispered. She gently lifted the young boy's head up off the keyboard where it lay, then pushed the keyboard aside and slipped the pillow where it had been, lowering Jeremie's head back down onto the soft pillow. As she draped the blanket over him, she let her lips brush the boy's cheek. With that, she walked out of the room and shut the door quietly.

Jeremie smiled a bit in his sleep.



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