Unseen Emotions

Disclaimer: I don't own the Kingdom Hearts characters, but I do own all locations, the storyline, and all original characters (Tasogare(1) and Kurei(2)). No touchie!

Warnings: This is a yaoi. Yay, yaoi. That means there are male:x:male relationships. If you don't like that then don't read. Also, apart from yaoi there's probably going to be a lot of angst, sexual references or actions, cursing, and OOCness. Sorry if that's a bad thing, but I like to deviate a bit. Oh, and I hate Kairi, and she will not be in this story unless I decide to throw her in later as a punching bag for everyone.

Spoilers: This takes place out of the KH storyline; I'm just using the characters. Spoilers could include that Riku is the "blind" figure in "Another Side, Another Story" from the end of the first KH, and also the use of Axel and Roxas and other Organization XIII people from KH2.

Pairings: Axel:x:Riku, (slight) Riku:x:Sora, and Roxas:x:Sora. No, Sora and Roxas are not related, they were strangers when they met.

Plot: Riku and Sora were best friends growing up, Sora had to move away and leave Riku all alone. Riku looses his eyesight in an accident right afterwards. Years later Riku's family moves to a new city. When Riku transfers to his new high school he finds Sora again, along with some friends and a sexy red-head. I'll take it from there!

Chapter One: Alone

Riku ran after the bubbly brunette before him, hopping over a discarded jump rope and blitzball in the hallway as he made his way through his cramped house. The brunette ran out the open front door, laughing as he nearly tripped, then scampered around the bushes by the mailbox and down the neighborhood street. Riku felt a smile cross his lips; he wouldn't let him get there first this time! Straying from the pavement and through a nearby yard he skipped a street and caught up to the boy as they neared their destination. Riku was panting with effort to keep up with the other beside him, eyes glinting with competitive fire as the light shining off of the town's lake came into view past the next row of houses. With a burst of laughter he and his friend tumbled down the hill leading to the lake, and the giant willow tree that stood looming over one side of it.

"I'm gonna beat chu! Haha!" Sora called merrily from beside him, smile covering most of his small face.

"Yeah you wish!" Riku called back, willing his feet to run faster. The two boys zoomed towards the tree, hands reaching out to touch the pale bark as they pushed back curtains of tiny jade leaves. The sound of skin smacking against tree sounded almost simultaneously, Riku and Sora panting hard as they looked at their hands on the willow then to one another.

With a smile Sora pulled away and fell to the ground, fallen willow leaves cushioning his descent. "Ah man, you beat me!"

Riku smirked, crossing his pale arms over his chest, teal eyes shimmering down at the brunette. "So you finally admit it, huh? I finally won."

The boy pouted, azure eyes reflecting his disappointment. "And I thought I had finally found something I was better at than you, too."

Riku's eyes softened, bending his knees so he fell beside his friend, long pale hair falling to tickle Sora's nose. The younger giggled and sat up, looking from Riku up through the leaves of the willow tree. "You know, the way the sun's coming through the leaves…it's kind of like magic…" He looked back to his friend, smiling. "I bet it would be awesome to climb all the way to the top and look at the stars at night."

Riku reached out a hand and ruffled Sora's soft russet spikes affectionately. Sora had always liked astronomy; thoughts of another world, distant planets, stories written among the stars. He had more telescopes in his room that Riku had ever seen anywhere else in his life. "But it's too far up. We've only ever made half way."

Sora pouted again, looking back up at the tree. "Yeah I know, but still. It would be cool sometime."

"Riku!" a voice called from a distance, causing the boy to look past the veil of leaves and to the top of the hill they had descended. A teenager with blonde spiked hair stood there, hand beckoning the summoned to come to him.

Riku looked back to Sora, who was looking at the blonde as well. "It's Cloud, which probably means mom wants me to come home and eat." He stood to his feet, holding out a hand for Sora to take. "You want to come over?"

The brunette took the hand and stood to his feet, then hesitated then shook his head. "No I'm sure my parents will be having dinner soon too." Riku nodded, walked towards the outside world outside of their sanctuary. "But hey," Sora called, Riku turning around to look at him. "There was something I wanted to tell you."

"Riku! Come on!" Cloud called again, looking especially emo standing by himself atop a flowery hill while donned entirely in black. "You're pissing me off!"

"Can you tell me later Sora?" Riku asked, motioning towards the sulking figure in the background.

"Y-yeah." The brunette replied, eyes falling to the leaves around him. "I guess so."

The two boys walked together out into the open and over to Riku's older brother, who eyed the two with an uninterested expression. "Food. House. Now."

Riku nodded, "I'm coming." The blonde raised an eyebrow slightly then walked away, hands in his pockets. The boy turned to his friend, searching Sora's apprehension-filled eyes. "Hey you okay?"

"I'm okay; I just need to tell you something." He returned Riku's gaze, light shimmering in his bright blue eyes.

Riku nodded, looking over his shoulder at Cloud, who was standing a ways off, waiting for him. "Tomorrow morning I'll come by, okay? You can tell me about it then."

Sora nodded, smile returning to his lips. "Okay, Riku. It's a promise."


Riku and Sora parted ways for the night, Riku trailing along beside Cloud as the gloomy, silent teenager walked him home, his iPod's headphones shoved in his ears. They went inside for the night, meeting Naminé on their way in, sitting on the living room floor sketching. Toys were scattered around her as well as crayons, her light pink eyes looking up to her brothers as they neared her.

"Hello Ri-kun. Did you beat Sora?"

Riku nodded to his little sister, sitting down beside her as Cloud left them to go to the kitchen. "Yeah, finally. He pouted for the longest time afterwards."

Naminé laughed softly, white-blonde hair falling down her shoulders and brushing her colorless cheeks. Her pink eyes drifted towards the picture she had been sketching, sadness shifting the light in her eyes. "I'll miss him…"

Riku tilted his head questioningly, "What did you say?"

Naminé looked back up at him, shaking her head. "It's nothing! Let's go eat big brother, mm'k?" She stood to her feet, closing her sketchbook and placing it on the nearby sofa. Riku watched her go, confusion in his eyes, before getting up and following her.


Everything flowed smoothly the rest of the night, through dinner and then to bed, until Riku was awakened by someone knocking on his window late that night. Or rather, early that morning.


Tap tap tap… Riku shifted, sleep clouding his vision as he looked around for the source of the noise. Tap tap tap tap…He sat up slowly from his position lying on his stomach, rubbing his half-open eyes, before settling them on the shadow by his window. His eyes widened as awareness took hold of him, and he swung his legs over the side of his mattress, walking across the small room to the window. He opened it and let Sora inside. The brunette was panting harshly, tears shining in his eyes.

Riku looked his friend over worriedly, questions screaming through his mind. "Sora, wha-?"

The brunette flung his arms around the taller, damp eyes pressing into his throat. "I…I thought I would have enough time to say goodbye to you, I didn't know we were leaving this soon!"

Riku's heart clenched, a horrible feeling taking hold of him. He pushed Sora away a bit, meeting sapphire eyes. "Goodbye? Leaving? Sora, what are you talking about?"

Fresh tears streaked down his reddened cheeks, sob wracking up his throat and through his mouth. "My parents, they've both found work in another city far away from here called Dashilaw(3)." Riku's eyes widened. "I was going to tell you sooner, but it never seemed like the right time. My parents told me we would be leaving sometime in the next few days, but I didn't think they meant this morning, even before the sun is up…"

"Wait, what?" Riku exclaimed, the weight of Sora's words finally sinking in. "You mean you're leaving for another city? You're moving right now?"

Sora nodded, wiping his runny nose. "My dad said we should get a head start while most of the roads are still clear…Dashilaw is a long way away…"

Riku's shoulders slumped, fingers tightening their hold on Sora's arms. "You…you can't leave. Not like this. Sora, you're my best friend…"

"You're my best friend too Riku."

Riku searched his eyes, sorrow giving way to anger. "How could you not have told me sooner! We could have planned to do so many things, gone so many places before you left!"

"I didn't want to admit it!" Sora replied a bit louder than he should have, gritting his teeth. "I didn't want to tell you because I thought that it wouldn't really happen. But if I told you, then for certain…it would have to…"

Sora's bedroom door creaked open, Naminé's pale form peeking into the room. "Riku? Are you alright? I heard something…" On seeing Sora she entered the room and silently closed the door behind her. "So-kun, what's wrong?"

Sora met her eyes, hurt flowing from him. "We're leaving, any minute now, but I had to come say goodbye."

Naminé's eyes widened as well then she sighed and tilted her head slightly. "I wish it wasn't so soon."

"I know."

Riku looked from his sister back to Sora, biting his bottom lip to keep from screaming his frustration to the ceiling. "Damn it…what can we do?"

Sora shook his head sadly. "We can't do anything Riku; I have to go with my parents. They wouldn't let me stay…"

Riku's thoughts of convincing Sora's parents to let him stay with Riku's family abruptly died, defeat showing through his blue-green eyes. "Sora, I can't let you go."

"You never will; we'll find one another again someday." He reached out, capturing said boy's hands in his own. "I won't let you go. I can't accept that."

A horn honking from the street outside Riku's house made Sora flinch. Naminé sighed again, clutching at herself in attempts to withdraw from the sense of dread she was soaking in. Riku glared out the window, imagining the car blown to tiny bits and therefore rendering Sora's departure futile. The only problem was that scenario wasn't going to happen. Riku snapped back into reality as Sora pulled away from him.

"I have to go."

Naminé reached out and hugged the brunette, the two companions sharing goodbyes and pain-filled tears. They parted and Sora reached out to hug Riku, the older boy feeling himself start to cry as he wrapped his arms around the other, inhaling his strawberry shampoo. The horn sounded again and Sora turned away. As he put his first foot out Riku's window the older boy called, "We will find one another again."

Sora looked over his shoulder at his best friend, smile crossing his tear-streaked features. "Yeah, I know we will."

Naminé and Riku stood in silence, both thinking to themselves in the hollow time that followed Sora's departure. Finally Naminé looked up at her brother, trying to smile. "Well, at least we know where he's going. We can write him and call him sometimes."

Riku's head snapped up. "Oh no, I forgot to ask him…"

Panic surged through Naminé's rouge eyes, her head tilting to the side. "But he has our address…"

Riku shook his head. "No, I didn't…"

The petite girl's shoulders drooped a bit, but she smiled nonetheless. "Well, I guess you two will have to rely on fate then to bring you two back together."

"Fate's not good enough!"

Riku grabbed a jacket and thrust his feet into his tennis shoes, running past Naminé and out his door. He entered the kitchen, sped through the living room and down the hall to the front door, opening it quickly and running outside. He couldn't just wait for fate to reunite them again, how had he been so stupid as to not have gotten Sora's new address, or at least given him his!

The streets were empty and dimly lit by tall streetlights, Riku cutting through his neighbor's yard and crossing the first street, then second, not looking back as he made his way to Sora's house. Maybe they had gone back for something; maybe he could still catch them before they left… As the small white and yellow house came into view he screeched to a halt, almost falling on the dew-covered pavement. The house was silent and dark, nothing but a sign in the front yard stating "For Sale" left on the usually cluttered lawn. He took a few steps forward, peering in through the windows from where he stood across the street. The house was barren.

Tears stung Riku's eyes as he turned away. He sadly made his way to the willow tree that he had been to not but a few hours earlier with his best friend who was now nothing more than a memory. His feet took him back across the second street and down the incline leading to the lake, glittering willow leaves brushing his hair and shoulders as he pushed through them half-heartedly. He was all alone. Sure, he had his family, but Sora had been the only real friend he had. Riku was cold and standoffish to strangers but with Sora he could be himself. The bouncy kid had always managed to bring a smile to his face, make him feel like he belonged. Pressing his forehead to the cool, smooth bark Riku let himself cry, something he rarely did at all, and couldn't stand to do around others. Poor Naminé, she had really loved Sora too. The three of them had been constant friends, Sora not caring that the little girl was albino. He didn't seem like he had a care in the world.

Riku looked up through the leaves, the moon washing down through the branches, making pretty patches of silver that danced across the damp grass. Sora had wanted to climb to the top, to see the stars. Riku grabbed the lowest branch he could find, pulling himself up. Sora, how could he make it without Sora? He climbed higher and higher until he reached the half-way mark he and Sora always stopped at, the heart of the tree. There, written in crayon across the trunk, were his and the brunette's names. He smiled and reached out to touch the precious memory, then turned and looked skyward once more. Sora's smiling face, Sora's bubbly laugh, Sora's carefree attitude, Sora's kindness in all he did… Riku peeked his head through the willow leaves at the very top of the tree, looking around at the dark town around him. The lights to his house were on in his bedroom, but other than a few lamp posts the small city was dark. He looked from the streets across the hill and to the lake, the water reflecting the almost full moon and the dazzling stars. The pale haired boy looked up at the brightly glowing orbs, sighing and resting his hands on the branch before him. This was what Sora had wanted to see, this was what Sora wanted. Riku could understand now why the younger had always loved the night sky. It was the most beautiful thing Riku had ever laid eyes on. Suddenly the branch beneath him let out a terrifying snap.


Riku didn't remember falling, but he remembered sensation returning to him after he woke from his fall, something hot and wet covering his right arm and across his face. He tried to sit up but couldn't; he tried to move but it hurt so much to do so. He couldn't see anything, but he could hear footsteps coming, a soft voice calling from a ways away. "Riku, where are you?"

"Naminé," his broken voice called, "Naminé I…"

The footsteps came closer and changed their sound, going from pavement to grass as she began running. "Riku! Oh my god, what happened?" She went down on her knees beside him, reaching out to touch his chest. "Oh Riku…"

"I think…I fell…"

"Shh, don't talk." She reached out and touched her brother's bloody cheek, looking at the damage that had been done. "I've got to go get Cloud; can you stay here a bit longer?"


Naminé stood once more, saying as she ran off, "Don't try to move! I'm serious!"

Riku would have nodded but he didn't want to move, so he settled for laying still and calling, "I won't." He waited a moment nervously, then reached up to touch where Naminé had, feeling the blood across his face. His eyes widened and pain shot through his head and face, so he closed them again, gingerly tracing the long gash across his eyelid, nose, and other eye and cheek. Had he hit a branch as he fell? He couldn't see… Riku smiled sadly, resigning himself to this revelation. If he couldn't see what was he going to do now? How would be live? He could hear shouts from the direction of his house and an ambulance wailing somewhere off in the distance, then Cloud and Naminé's voices as they ran to him. Riku, sighing and tilting his head slightly, let himself fade into unconsciousness, images of Sora engulfing his dreams.


Riku ran his hands over the brail of his book again, rereading the last line. "Even if fate deals you a cruel hand, never give into it, never cease to believe." Riku snorted, closing the book and standing up, fingertips brushing along his desk and bed of his new room. Cruel didn't even begin to cover it.

After falling out of the top of the willow tree the young boy had been rushed to the hospital, and despite all efforts he was diagnosed permanently blind. The doctors had insisted that Riku, being only twelve, could easily learn how to cope with his blindness; learning brail, sharpening his other senses, learning how to do things without his sight. Riku's parents were devastated, but agreed to help their son in any way they could, sending him to therapists and teachers to help him learn to read with his fingers and manage the pain. Cloud and Naminé were there with him the whole way, and after about the first year Riku's twinges had stopped, his scarring was almost completely healed, and he had learned how to read in brail. Naminé, who was in the same grade as Riku, helped him get accustomed to the school again. Cloud took him around town, to the mall and park, to help him learn how to adapt to the places he would want to go to by himself in the future. They passed through three more years, going from middle school to high school, before their parents decided it was a good time to move. Right as Riku was finally feeling confident in himself enough to be independent from his siblings his parents ripped that away from him, thrusting him into a completely different environment. Riku about lost his mind.

Naminé was helping him adjust, teaching him about their new house and the layout of the neighborhood, taking him shopping and such. She had just gotten her license and was looking forward to driving them both to their new school the next week, helping her brother pick out his clothes and combing his long white-blonde hair. Riku was almost seventeen now, and it frustrated him that his baby sister had to take care of him like this, but Naminé insisted that she didn't mind. She knew Riku would adjust quickly and be able to do these things by himself, but she liked to help all she could. Something Riku loved about his sister was the fact that even though he was now blind she didn't treat him like he was about to break, nor did she feel sorry for him or act like he was handicapped. He was stronger emotionally and mentally than anyone else she had ever met, and continued to treat him like he was her big brother. Cloud was the same, still bossing the younger boy around, picking on him, getting into fights with him every now and then. Cloud was a sophomore in college now, and attending a different school. Naminé and Riku would be juniors in their new high school. Riku sighed to himself. Yay…he could hardly wait.


The weekend passed by quickly, and Monday morning began.


Riku's alarm clock woke him up at six in the morning, as it announced before beginning to play the radio station he had set it to. Groggily the teen sat up, reached out a hand to touch his bedside table, and stood to his feet. He felt his way across the room; desk, chair, lamp, wall, reaching his closet and feeling through it absent mindedly. He pulled out a pair of cargo pants and a t-shirt, the brail labels along the hanger telling him it what they were. Moving to his dresser he opened the top drawer and grabbed a pair of boxers, then opened the side door that led to his bathroom. He stripped, took his time washing his long hair and scrubbing his body clean, then rinsed and got out of the shower. Toweling his hair dry he listened for any signs of life in the rest of the house. In the room next to his he could hear Naminé singing to herself. She must be getting dressed, he thought to himself. His sister usually sang to herself when she was getting ready in the mornings, or was extremely happy. A smile crossed his lips as he tossed the towel on his sink and dressed himself. At least she was looking forward to their first day. Riku was practically crawling out of his skin he was so nervous. He was about to go to a new school, with new people, in a place he was unfamiliar with…and expected to function enough to quickly adjust and make friends and good grades and AAARGH!

Combing his long hair he felt his way along his body. The black shirt he was wearing had the nautical star design across it he liked, and these were his second favorite pair of bondage pants, the blue and black ones. Silver chains looped through the pockets and crisscrossed behind his long legs. He left the bathroom and felt along his room with his feet until he found his boots and a pair of socks. Putting them on quickly he clasped a silver crown necklace around his throat; his most prized possession. It had been Sora's, Naminé had found it in her room when they were getting ready to move, and had given it to Riku. Sora…

Ironically when they had moved the also went to Dashilaw, but it was a rather big town. Riku didn't get his hopes too high, for all he knew Sora could have moved again a long time ago. Plus, even if he was somewhere in the same city it was so big that it was possible the two would never see one another. Especially for Riku; it wasn't exactly like he could walk around looking for him. Grabbing a few other accessories off of the dresser; rings, bracelets, and a pair of sharp-looking sunglasses, he finished equipping the rest of his outfit. Shoving his wallet, cellphone, and house keys into his pockets he grabbed his black backpack out of his chair, walking towards the door to his room. He had Naminé help him stuff the bag full of all his school supplies the night before, brail labels highlighting the binds of the books and notebooks for each class. New brail textbooks had been expensive, but his parents hadn't seemed to mind at all. Riku, entering the hallway separating the den and the living room, walked a few feet and reached out to knock on Naminé's door. The girl stopped singing and walked over to open it, smiling at her brother though he couldn't see it.

"Hey Ri-kun. You're looking awful spiffy this morning." She reached out and touched his arm, pulling him gently into the room. Her brother followed her, wondering what she was up to. She led him to the bed, which he sat upon, then ruffled through her drawers until she found what she was looking for. Walking back to him, she said, "You forgot to put an earring in, I found a silver hoop that would look good on you. Can I put it on you?"

Riku nodded, trying not to flinch as Naminé brushed his cheek and slid the small hoop through his earlobe, conscious of how close she was to his eyes. His blindness hadn't really affected his personality at all except for he couldn't stand anyone to touch his face. Not that it hurt or anything, but because it scared him. He knew Naminé wouldn't hurt him, but his mind still remembered the shock when he ran his fingers along that gash, and it haunted him. The petite girl smiled softly at her brother as she pulled her hands away, then reached up to his hairline and hooked her finger under it, pulling it back and forth as she made her way back, then parting the hair around her finger. Nice, she loved zigzag parts, but they had always looked especially good on Riku. He reached up and caught her had as she began to pull it away, smiling at her. "Thanks Naminé."

"No prob!" She replied, then returned to her mirror on the wall and continued to apply her makeup. "I'll be just a sec, I'm finishing up. Then we can get to school early and I can show you around before I have to go."

Riku tensed slightly but didn't say anything, that realization irking him a little. Naminé had second, fourth and fifth hour with him, but the rest of the time he was without her. Would he be able to make it across the school by himself? Maybe Naminé could go with him, help him for like the first…month… Riku tilted his head, eyes rolling behind his dark sunglasses. Yeah, like that would work. He couldn't ask her to do that, not even for the first day. She needed to be accepted just as much as he did, after all, she would have a hard enough time fending for herself as an albino. People tend to fear and mistreat those different from themselves.

The blonde put her hair up in a messy bun with two blue chopsticks and let her bangs fall around her face, accenting her pink eyes and light pale cheeks. She was wearing a baby blue tank top with a blue jean jacket over it, and dark denim hip riders with a white crisscross belt and white flip-flops. Her hoop earrings were bright pink, as were her chunky bracelets and matching ring. Her long fingernails were painted a shimmering pearl that changed colors as she moved. Applying some lip gloss and finishing her pink eye shadow she put away her makeup and turned to her dresser, pulling her own backpack from against the wall. It was white and baby blue, with a few pencils sticking out of the front pocket. Grabbing a bottle of body spray she sprayed it across her hair and waist. It smelled like caramel, her favorite. Ready to go she reached out and touched Riku's shoulder. He stood up, taking her hand, and followed her.

The siblings passed through the silent living room, through another hall past their parent's room, turned a corner and entered the kitchen. Naminé spotted a note on the kitchen table and picked it up, reading it to Riku. "Your father and I have to go to a meeting with our new employers today. We won't be back until late. There's food in the fridge. Have a good day at school. Call Cloud if you need anything…"

"Hn," Riku snorted, "Call Cloud. He's too busy with school as it is. He started as soon as we got here."

"Then let's hope nothing happens so that we need to call him." Naminé replied, tugging her brother along. "Come on; let's make sure to get to school early." She grabbed a few packages of pop tarts, handing Riku one. Feeling the foil wrapped breakfast he stuffed it in one of his overly large pockets for later. He couldn't eat right now, he was so nervous he thought he might get sick if he tried. His sister lead him down the next hall and to the front doors, opening them then locking them behind her as she and Riku stepped onto the front porch. She took his hand again afterwards, leading him to her car parked beside the house. "It's a dark purple Cougar", she had informed him when first obtaining the car, "a brand new one too. Oh Riku I wish you could drive it, you'd like it better than I do, and I love it!" He felt along the smooth body of the car, guiding himself to the passenger side door and letting himself in, sitting down on the plush leather seats. He could hear Naminé sit down beside him, the jingle of her keys as she revved up the engine, the shifting of the ground beneath him though he was sitting still. He loved the feel of riding in a car, he only regretted that he would never be able to drive one as well.

The ride was smooth, Naminé telling him the layout of the town, how the neighborhoods looked, and eventually the first appearance of the high school. It was only a ten minute ride away, and the calm feeling he had while cruising in the Cougar was quickly replaced by the apprehension he had felt earlier. First day of school. Get ready for a wild ride.

Naminé pulled into a parking lot not too far from the front gates, not that many students had arrived an hour early as they had. The sports car turned a few heads as she came to a halt in a spot under the shade of a large oak tree, and she turned off the car, sitting in silence a moment with her brother. She could tell how tense he was and she reached over to touch his leg in a reassuring way. "I'll tell you everything I see, I promise. I'll take you to all your classes before school starts so you'll know where they are, and I have my cell on me in case you need me. It'll be fine Riku, I won't leave your side until I have to, okay?"

Riku let out a long sigh, letting his nerves settle a bit, then nodded. She smiled at him, removing her hand, then got out of the car and looked around at her surroundings. The building was big, much bigger than the one they had left, made from dark red brick. It had a black roof and a flag pole in the front, but what caught her eye was the posters across the front of the entryway. Black and gold lettering splayed across one sign stated "Welcome back to Dashilaw East High students! We hope you have a great year!" There were stars and hearts all over the poster. Naminé about died right then and there. It looked like this school was active, as in full of preps, jocks, and lots of pep rallies. Yippie. Fun fun fun… She let her eyes fall across the steps leading up the slight incline to the front doors where a few small groups of students were sitting. One group looked like a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons nerds, another were a couple making out, then a group of four were sitting engaged in conversation nearest to the flagpole. There was a girl with short black hair who was laughing loudly, a boy with spiky blonde hair and light blue eyes doodling in a notebook, a boy with dark purple hair and electric blue highlights with his bangs just long enough to hide his eyes, and a girl with curly mint-green hair who was trying to read a book. The curly-haired girl seemed to notice someone was watching her and looked over at Naminé, tilting her head slightly in acknowledgement. Naminé returned the jester as Riku reached out to touch her shoulder. She took his hand and began to walk towards the group, Riku's fingers intertwining with her own.

As his sister began to walk forward she described what she was seeing, Riku envisioning it in his mind. "There are oak trees around the front, steps leading up to the school with a flagpole off to the side. The school's big, and made of red brick. There are a few people on the stairs; one of the girls looked over at me. She's with three other people; they look like they're friendly." He smiled slightly, following slightly behind her, tightening his grip on her hand as they began to ascend the stairs. "Maybe we can get them to show us around?"

Riku "hn"ed in response, not really caring either way. Even if these strangers didn't help them they would have enough time to find their classes on their own. Careful not to trip, listening to Naminé's footsteps to time his own, they came to a halt in front of the doors. Naminé was the first to speak.

"Excuse me," she said, the mint-haired girl looking up at her, as well as the blonde boy. The dark haired girl and boy continued talking, laughing at one another happily. "We're new here and I was wondering if you would mind pointing out the direction of our first classes?" She reached into her pocket, pulling out a slip of paper; her class schedule. The girl nodded, reaching and taking the sheet, looking it over quickly.

She looked over at the blonde beside her, showing him the paper. "They're juniors; you want to show them around?"

The boy nodded, closing his notebook as he stood up and picking up his bag, looking over at the giggling girl beside him. "Hey, come with, she's got first class with you."

The dark haired girl turned her attention to the blonde, getting up as well; laptop case pulled onto her shoulder. "Okie dokie! Talk to you later Kurei!" She nudged the emo boy's shoulder, stepping past the blonde and waving to the other girl in her group. "Bye Taso!"

The curly haired girl waved back, rolling her eyes slightly. To Naminé she said, "They'll show you two around." she looked over at Riku, smiling at him as well, "Kurei and I are seniors, but I'm sure we'll have a few classes together. I have Art with you first block."

Naminé nodded her thanks. "My name is Naminé, this is my brother Riku. Thank you very much for your help."

"I'm Tasogare, or Taso." She replied, "Don't worry about it, it's no problem. I'll see you in a bit."

Naminé turned from Taso and Kurei to the blonde boy and dark haired girl waiting for them near the doors. The pale girl tugged her brother slightly and he moved forward with her, shifting the weight of his backpack uneasily. They sounded nice, and the girl Naminé had been talking to smelled like peppermint…but he wasn't quite sure if he liked them yet. Riku had never trusted easy, and just because Naminé felt they were okay didn't mean he had to. Listening to the sound of the doors closing as he walked into crisp air conditioning put his senses on high. Voices echoing down the hallway, the sound of lockers opening and closing, and shoes squeaking across the tiled floor reverberated through the blind boy's ears. He followed his sister in silence as she began a conversation with the others.

"So…you have your first class with me?" the blonde girl asked her dark headed leader. The perky girl looked back with a smile and a nod.

"Uh huh, Art's the coolest. You'll like it a lot I bet. Our teacher's really sweet. Does your brother have Art with us too?"

Riku, listening to the conversation, replied, "I've got English first block."

"Junior English is right next to Art, so we'll show you where it is." The blonde replied, looking back at the boy. "By the way, I'm Roxas." He motioned to the girl beside him. "This idiot is Yuffie."

Naminé laughed softly as Yuffie stuck her tongue out at the boy then looked over at Riku. "You know, someone will probably say something to you about those sunglasses." She looked over at Yuffie again, "Or is there not a dress code here?"

Roxas stopped in front of a row of lockers, opening one and shoving his backpack inside, grabbing a few notebooks and a textbook for his first class. "It depends," he replied, Yuffie opening a locker nearby and copying his movements. "Some teachers won't care, others will. The English teacher's pretty laid back as long as you're not talking or throwing things across the room. As for other teachers, you'll just have to see."

See… Riku shifted away from the others, long white hair falling to hide most of his face. He wished. Roxas passed by him again, walking down the hallway, and Riku realized how much he smelled like vanilla. It was an easy way to recognize people, by their scents, and he jotted it down in his memory. Naminé, looking at her class schedule again, found her and Riku's lockers, opening them and guiding her brother's hand to the brail beneath the number ID. 2424, that was simple enough. He lifted his backpack to hang in one of the corners, unzipping it and retrieving his English and Math books (first and second block), a notebook and a pencil. Naminé was doing the same, taking her Art and Math books out of her backpack and shoving it in the back of her locker. The siblings closed their doors, Naminé grabbing Riku's hand, and met Yuffie and Roxas a little ways down the hall.

Yuffie bounced sideways into a colorful room with artwork covering the walls, Roxas watching her and shaking his head. "Here's your stop Naminé, that room down and across is Riku's." He pointed to an open door, bookcases lining the back wall.

"Thank you," the girl replied, "so we'll see you around?"

Roxas nodded, "I have to go find someone, we have first period Math together. See you later."

"Bye!" Yuffie called enthusiastically as she peeked her head back into the hallway, waving after the boy.

"Bye Roxas, nice to meet you!" Naminé called as well, the blonde walking to the end of the hallway and disappearing around the corner to the right. Turning to her brother she said, "I'll take you over, want me to tell you about the room?"

Yuffie watched in confusion. Show him around the room, was he scared much or what? "It's not that bad you know, Axel and Zexion are in that class first period." She cocked her head. "They were wandering around here earlier; they may already be in their seats. You should go see, you know? They're funny guys if you can handle that sort of thing."

"Thanks." Naminé replied, walking towards the room, "I'll be back in a sec."

Yuffie shrugged, disappearing back into the room once more, the scent of butterscotch fading after her. Riku followed Naminé, clutching his books in his other arm, a nervous feeling washing over him. He tightened his hold on his sister's hand. It would be okay, he would have the next class with her. The smell of old books and chipper voices filled his senses as the two stepped into the room. Riku could hear a group of boys in the back talking to one another loudly, one of them saying, "Hey it's a new girl!"

"Nice, she's not bad at all…"

"Shut up Axel, you need to learn to…"

"What!" the previous voice whined, "She's hot!"

Riku growled, looking over in the direction the voices were coming from. Wishing he could see so he would know who to punch later, Naminé pulled his arm and led him towards the front of the class. "Teacher?" The woman glanced up at the girl from where she was arranging some papers on her desk.

Looking Naminé and Riku over pleasantly she asked, "How may I help you?"

Naminé smiled at her, motioning to her brother. "My brother, he's in your first period class. I wanted to introduce you two, and ask you a favor."

The teacher nodded, "What is it?"

Brushing her hand over Riku's arm she leaned in and whispered, "Is it all right if I tell her?" She knew Riku could be rather sensitive about his blindness, and didn't want to offend him by telling a stranger something so personal without his permission.

Riku hesitated then nodded. "She'll find out anyway, my books are in brail."

Naminé nodded, then stepped away from Riku, and turning to the teacher. "You see, a few years ago…there was an accident." She looked away slightly, "Riku's blind."

The teacher's eyes widened slightly, but there was understanding within them. "So you would like me to look after him until he gets used to class?" Naminé nodded. "That would be no problem at all. I look forward to getting to know all of my students."

Naminé smiled, "Thank you. If anything happens I'm right down the hall, but everything should be okay." She reached over and touched her brother's arm. "Riku knows how to get a hold of me."

Said boy nodded, returned the brief hug Naminé gave him, then listened to her footsteps carry her towards the door. "I'll come get you after class okay? Then we can walk to Math together."

"Okay," Riku replied, "I'll be here." She walked out into the hall and back to her class, leaving the scent of caramel where she had been a few moments ago. The sounds of disappointment could be heard from the back of the room, the group of boys sad to see the new hottie go. Yeah, I'll be here if I haven't gotten in trouble for decking a sexist...

He reached out, fingertips brushing the teacher's desk, then walked a few paces until he feet the tip of one of the student's desks, walking along the row to the back. He took a seat near the group of boys, listening to them talking about television and girls, before the five-minute-til' bell rang and students began pouring into the room. Laughter and high-fives were exchanged between the returning students, a few people whispering comments about the new gothic kid in the back. Finally someone approached him, one of the boys from the group before; the one that had made the "she's hot" comment.

"So buddy, I was wondering, who was that girl you were with earlier?"

His voice was playful and light, the faint smell of cinnamon wafting off of him. "That was my little sister." Riku replied, tilting his head in the direction the other boy's voice had come from.

"Oh, yeah? What's her name?"

Riku's eyebrow twitched. Who did this guy think he was? "Why don't you ask her yourself if you want to know so badly."

Another boy snickered, Axel saying, "Shut up Demyx…" then to Riku, "Hey I was just asking. You two are new, right? What's your name?"

"Riku." Said boy replied, "My sister is Naminé."

"Naminé…" another voice said. "That's a pretty name."

Another bell rang, and Demyx said, "Shit I gotta go; see you next class Axel." He shuffled as he stood from his seat, running out of the class. "Bye Zexion! Bye new kid!"

"It's Riku!" Riku called half-heartedly. Not that he really cared; he didn't even know who these three were. Cinnamon-guy Axel and the other boy, Zexion, chuckled lightly, sitting down beside Riku. The teacher quieted everyone down, took roll, and class began.


This day was going to turn out interesting.

(1)Tasogare is pronounced (ta-so-gah-ray)

(2)Kurei is pronounced (kuhr-ay)

(3)Dashilaw is pronounced (duh-shy-lah)

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